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ENTERED according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1832, by Mc Carty & Davis, in the

Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania



terest prevails in the New Parliament of England

-Bill for recognizing their Majesties-- Another

violent Contest about the Bill of Abjuration-King
State of the nation immediately after the Revolution William lands in Ireland-King James marches to

-- Account of the new Ministry--The Convention the Boyne-William resolves to give him Battle-
converted into a Parliament- Mutiny in the Army Battle of the Boyne-Death and Character of
--The Coronation, and Abolition of Hearth-money Schomberg-James embarks for France-William
-The Comorone vote a Sum of Money to indemnify enters Dublin and publishes his Declaration--The
the Dutch-William's Efforts in Favor of the Dis. French obtain a Victory over the English and
senters-Act for a Toleration-Violent Disputes Dutch Fleets off Beachy-head-Torrington commit.
about the Bill for a Comprebension- The Commons ted Prisoner to the Tower-Progress of William in
address the King to summon a Convocation of the Ireland-He invests Limerick ; but is obliged to
Clergy-Settlement of the Revenue- The King raise the Siege, and returns to England-Cork and
takes Umbrage at the Proceedings of the Whig Kinsale reduced by the Earl of Marlborough-Lau.
party-Heats and Animosities about the Bill of In- zun and the French Forces quit Ireland-The Duke
demnity recommended by the King-Birth of the of Savoy joins the Confederacy-Prince Waldeck
Duke of Gloucester-Affairs of the Continent--War defeated at Fleurus-The Archduke Joseph elected
declared against France-Proceedings in the Con. King of the Romans-Death of the Duke of Lorrain
vention of Scotland, of which the Duke of Hamil- --Progress of the War against the Turks-- Meeting
ton is chosen President-Letters to the Convention of the Parliament-The Cominons comply with all
from King William and King James-They recog. the King's Demands--Petition of the Tories in the
nize the Authority of King William-They vote City of London-Attempt against the Marquis of
the Crown vacant, and pass an Act of Settlement Caermarthen-The King's Voyage to Homand-lle
in Favor of William and Mary-They appoint Com- assists at a Congress-Returns to England......30
missioners to make a Tender of the Crown to Wil.

liam, who receives it on the Conditions they pro-
pose-Enumeration of their Grievances—The Con. Conspiracy against the Government by Lord Preston
vention is declared a Parliament, and the Duke of and others—The King nils up the vacant Bishop-
Hamilton King's Commissioner-Prelacy abolished rics- Affairs of Scotland--Campaign in Flanders-
in that Kingdom-The Scots dissatisfied with the Progress of the French in Piedmont-Election of a
King's Conduct-Violent Disputes in the Scotch new Pope- The Emperor's Success against the
Parliament—which is adjourned-A Remonstrance Turks-Affairs of Ireland-General Ginckel reduces
presented to the King- The Castle of Edinburgh Athlone-Defeats the Irish at Aghrim-Undertakes
besieged and taken-The Troops of King William the Siege of Limerick-The French and Irish ob.
defeated at Killyerankie-King James cordially re. tain an honorable Capitulation-Twelve Thousand
ceived by the French King-Tyrconnel temporizes Irish Catholics are Transported to France-Meet.
with King William-James arrives in Ireland-Is. ing of the English Parliament - Discontent of the
sues five Proclamations at Dublin-Siege of Lon. Nation-Transactions in Parliament-Disputes
donderry—The Inhabitants defend themselves with concerning the Bill for regulating Trials in Cases
surprising Courage and Perseverance-Cruelty of of High Treason-The English and Dutch Fleets
Rosene, the French General-The Place is relieved worsted by the French in an Engagement off
by Kirke-The Inniskilliners defeat and take Gen- Beachy-head-The King disobliges the Presbyteri.
eral Maccarty-Meeting of the Irish Parliament- ans of Scotland-The Earl of Breadalbane under.
They repeal the Act of Settlement-Pass an Act of takes for the Submission of the Highlanders-Mas.
Attainder against Absentees-James coins base sacre of Glencoe-Preparations for a Descent upon
Money-The Protestants of Ireland cruelly oppress- England-Declaration of King James-Efforts of
ed–The Churches are seized by the Catholics, and his Friends in England-precautions taken by the
they are forbid to assemble on pain of Death-Ad. Queen for the Defence of the Nation-Adiniral
miral Herbert worsted by the French Fleet, in an Russel puts to sea-He obtains a complete Victory
Engagement near Bantry-bay-Divers Sentences over the French fleet off La Hogue-Troops em-
and Ättainders reversed in Parliament-Inquiry barked at St. Helen's for a Descent upon France-
into the Cause of Miscarriages in Ireland - Bills The design laid aside-The troops landed at Ostend
passed in this Session of Parliament....... Page 15 - The French King takes Namur in sight of King

William-The Allies are defeated at Steenkirk -

Extravagant Rejoicings in France on account of
Duke of Schomberg lands with an Army in Ireland- this Victory-Conspiracy against the Life of King
The Inniskilliners obtain a Victory over the Irish William, hatched by the French Ministry-Miscar-
--Schomberg censured for his Inactivity-The riage of a Design upon Dunkirk-The Campaign is
French worsted at Walcourt-Success of the Con. inactive on the Rhine and in Hungary - The Duke
federates in Germany-The Turks defeated at Pa. of Savoy invades Dauphiné-The Duke of Hanover
cochin, Nissa, and Widen-Death of Pope Innocent created an Elector of the Empire...

XI.-King William becomes unpopular-A good
Number of the Clergy refuse to take the Oaths-

The King grants a Commission for reforming False Information against the Earl of Marlborough,
Church Discipline-Meeting of the Convocation- the Bishop of Rochester, and others-Sources of
Their Session discontinued by repeated Proroga. National Discontent-Dissention between the
tions-Proceedings in the new Parliament–The Queen and the Princess Anne of Denmark-The
Whigs obstruct the Bill of Indemnity-The Com. House of Lords vindicate their Privileges in behalf
mons resume the Inquiry into the Cause of the of their imprisoned Members—The Commons pre
Miscarriages in Ireland-King William irritated sent Addresses to the King and Queen-They ae.
against the Whigs-Plot against the Government quit Admiral Russel, and resolve to advise bis Ma.
by Sir James Montgomery discovered by Bishop jesty, They comply with all the Demands of the
Burnel-Warm Debates in Parliament about the Ministry- The Lords present an Address of Advice
Corporation Bills—The King resolves to finish the to the King-The Disputes between the Lords and
Irish War in Person-General Ludlow arrives in Commons concerning Admiral Russel—The Com.
England, but is obliged to withdraw-Efforts of the mons address the King--They establish the Land
Jacobites in Scotland - The Court interest triumphs tax and other Impositions-Burnet's Pastoral Let.
over all Opposition in that Country- The Tory In: I ter burned by the Hangman-Proceedings of the

Lower House against the Practice of kidnappingi Coin, and the Support of Public Credit--Enormous

Men for the Service--The two Houses address the Impositions-Sir John Fenwick is apprehended-A

King on the Grievances of Ireland-An Account of bill of Attainder being brought into the House

the Place-bill, and that for triennial Parliament against him, produces violent Debates-His De.

The Commons petition his Majesty that he would fence-The Bill paeses-Sir John Fenwick is be.

dissolve the East India Company--Trial of Lord headed--The Earl of Monmouth sent to the Tower

Mohun for Murder-Alterations in the Ministry -Inquiry into Miscarriages by Sea-Negotiations

The King repairs to the Continent, and assembles at Ryswick - The French take Barcelona-Fruitless

the Confederate Army in Flanders-- The French re. Expedition of Admiral Neville to the West Indies

duce Huy-Luxembourg resolves to attack the Al -The Elector of Saxony is chosen King of Poland

lies-who are defeated at Landen-Charleroy is be. -Peter the Czar of Muscovy travels in Disguise

sieged and taken by the Enemy-Campaign on the with his own Ambassadors-Proceedings in the

Rhine-The Duke of Savoy is defeated by Catinat Congress at Ryswick-The Ambassadors of Eng.

in the Plain of Marsaglia-Transactions in Hunga. land, Spain, and Holland, sign the Treaty-A gen.

ry and Catalonia--Naval Affairs-A Fleet of Mer | eral Pacification..............................102

chant-Ships under Convoy of Sir George Rooke, at.
tacked, and partly destroyed by the French Squad-

rone-Wheeler's Expedition to the West Indies-
Benbow bombards St. Maloes-The French King State of Parties-Characters of the Ministers--The
has recourse to the Mediation of Denmark-Severi. Commons reduce the Number of standing Forces to
ty of the Government against the Jacobites-Com Ten Thousand, They establish the Civil List; and
plaisance of the Scottish Parliament-The King re. assign Funds for paying the National Debts-- They
turns to England, makes some Changes in the Min take Cognizance of fraudulent Endorsernents of Er-
istry, and opens the Session of Parliament-Both chequer Bills-A new East India Company consti.
Houses inquire into the Miscarriages by Sea-The tuted by Act of Parliament-Proceedings against a
Commons grant a vast Sum for the Services of the Book written by William Molineux of Dublin, and
ensuing Year-The King rejects the Bill against against certain Smugglers of Alamodes and Lus-
free and impartial Proceedings in Parliament, and trings from France-Society for the Reforination
the Lower House remonstrates on this Subject of Manners-The earl of Portland resigns his Ein-
Establishment of the Bank of England - The East. ployments-The King disowns the Scottish Trading
India Company obtain a new Charter-Bill for a Company-He einbarks for Holland-First Treaty

general Naturalization dropped-Sir Francis Wheel. of Partition-Intrigues of France at the Court of

er perishes in a Storm-The English attempt to Madrid-king William is thwarted by his new Par-

make a Descent in Camaret.bay, but are repulsed liament-He is obliged to send away his Dutch

with Loss--They bombard Dieppe, Havre-de-Grace, Guards—The Commons address the King against

Dunkirk, and Calais-Admiral Russel sails for the the Papists-The Parliament prorog cd-The Sect.

Mediterranean, relieves Barcelona, and winters at tish Company make a Settlement on the Isthmus

Cadiz-Campaign in Flanders-The Allies reduce of Darien ; which, however, they are compelled to

Huv-The Prince of Baden passes the Rhine, but is abandon-Remonstrances of the Spanish Court

obliged to repass that River-Operations in Hun. against the Treaty of Partition-The Commons

gary-Progress of the French in Catalonia-State persist in their Resolutions to mortify the King-

of the War in Piedmont-The King returns to Eny. Inquiry into the Expedition of Captain Kidd -A

land-The Parliament meets-The Bill for Trien. Motion made against Burnet, Bishop of Sarum-

nial Parliaments receives the Royal Assent-Death Inquiry into the Irish Forteitures-The Commons

of Archbishop Tillotson and of Queen Mary-Re pass a Bill of Resumption, and a severe Bill agains:

conciliation between the King and the Princess of Papists-The old East. India Company re-establisli.

Denmark...................................... 78 ed-Dangerous Ferment in Scotland-Lord Somers

dismissed from his Employments-Second Treaty


of Partition-Death of the Duke of Gloncester-


-The King sends a Fleet into the Baltic, to the as.

sistance of the Swedes--The second Treaty of Par.

Account of the Lancashire Plot-The Commons in tition generally disagreeable to the European Pow'.

quire into the abuses which had crept into the ers—The French Interest prevails at the Court of

Army-They expel and prosecute some of their own Spain-King William finds Means to allay the

Members for Corruption in the Affair of the East. Heats in Scotland-The King of Spain dies, after

India Company-Examination of Cooke, Acton, having bequeathed his Dominions by Will to the

and others--The Commons impeach the Duke of duke of Anjou-The French King's Apology for ac.

Leeda-The Parliament is prorogued-Session of cepting the Will-The States-general own Philip as

the Scottish Parliament-They inquire into the King of Spain-A new Ministry and a new Parlia.

Massacre of Glencoe-They pass an Act for erect. ment—The Commons unpropitious to the Court-

ing a trading Company to Africa and the Indies The Lords are more condescending-An intercepted

Proceedings in the Parliament of Ireland-Disposi. letter from the earl of Milport to his Brother--Suc-

tion of the Armies in Flanders--King William un. cession of the Crown settled upon the Princess So-

dertakes the siege of Namur--Famous Retreat of phia, Electress Dowager of Hanover, and the Pro.

Prince Vaudemont-Brussels is bombarded by Vil. testant Heirs of her Body- The Dutchess of Savoy

leroy-Progress of the Siege of Namur-Villeroy at. protests against this Act-Ineffectual Negotiation

tempts to relieve it-The Besiegers make a despe. with France-Severe Addresses from both Houses,

rate AssaultThe Place capitulates-Boufflers is in relation to the Partition Treaty-William is

arrested by Order of King William Campaign on obliged to acknowledge the King of Spain-The two

the Rhine, and in Hungary-The duke of Savoy Houses seem to enter into the King's Measures-

takes Casal-Transactions in Catalonia-The Eng. The Commons resolve to wreak their Vengeance

lish Fleet bombards St. Maloes and other places on on the old Ministry-The Earls of Portland and

the Coast of France-Wilmot's Expedition to the Oxford, the Lords Somers and Halifax, are impeach.

West Indies--A new Parliament-They pass the ed-Disputes between the two Houses-- The House

Bill for regulating Trials in Cases of High Treason of Peers acquits the impeached Lords-Petition of

-Resolutions with respect to new Coinage-The Kent-Favorable end of the Session-Progress of

Commons address the King, to recall a Grant he Prince Eugene in Italy-Sketch of the Situation of

had made to the Earl of Portland-- Another against Affairs in Europe--Treaty of Alliance between the

the new Scottish Company-Intrigues of the Jaco. Emperor and the maritime Powers-Death of King

bites-Conspiracy against the life of William-De. James-The French King owns the pretended

sign of an Invasion defeated-The two Houses en. Prince of Wales as King of England-Addresses to

gage in an Association for the Defence of his Ma King William on that Subject-New Parliament

jesty-Establishment of a Land Bank-Trial of the The King's last Speech to both Houses received

Conspirators-The Alies burn the Magazine at with great applause-Great Harmony between the

Givet-Louis the Fourteenth makes Advances to. King and Parliament -The two Houses pass the

wards a Peace with Holland-He detaches the Duke Bill of Abjuration The Lower House justifies the

of Savoy from the Confederacy-Naval Transac. Proceedings of the Commons in the preceding Par.

tions-Proceedings in the Parliaments of Scotland Jiament-Affairs of Ireland-the King recommends

and Ireland-Zeal of the English Commons in their a Union of the two Kingdoms-He falls from his

Affection to the King-Resolutions touching the Horse-His Death-and Character............ 137

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