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Practical Medicine, New Preparations, Etc.

R. H. ANDREWS, M. D., Editor, P. O. Box 1217, Philadelphia, Pa.





No. 1

THE MEDICAL SUMMARY, canal, and besides these, are numerous R. H. ANDREWS, M. D., PROPRIETOR.

toxic substances evolved from maldigestion Subscription Price, in the United States ane Can. and

..$1.00 and certain complex chemical changes ; Foreign countries

...... 1.25 BrThese rates include postage, and must be paid these all get into the bowels somehow, and Invariably in advance. Single copies. Ten Cents. Subscriptions may begin at any time. Suscribers desir

being retained, some portion is absorbed ing their address changed must give their former, as well as their new, post office. We cannot always supply back numbers. Should a

and conveyed into circulation to engender pun ber fail to reach a subscriber, we will supply another, if notified before the close of the month.

wide-spread mischief, while a long train of Address THE MEDICAL SUMMARY local evils spring up. P. O. BOX 1217.

Philadelphia, Pa.

Nature provides that all such stuff shall PHILADELPHIA, MARCH, 1895.

be conveyed from the body, and to this

end has been equipped with the function CONSTIPATION.

of peristalsis. Chronic torpidity of the To err is human. Either we take too bowels ;-what does it signify? Very much or too little physic. How to reach much every way. Think of the headaches, the happy medium is a problem the solu- vertigos, vomitings, mental confusion, and tion of which is devoutly to be wished. a hundred other ills which flesh is heir to. Persons who permit their bowels to assume The profession is disgusted with the praca state of masterly inactivity without con- tice of firing all sorts of things into the scious impression as to needfulness of their stomach to hit the bowels and make them functions, and those who continually apply go off,-laxatives, pukes and purgatives the spur, under the belief that peristalsis just as if nature had designed these organs is the only office, are equally culpable. to be a laboratory for mixing aloes BarbaExtremes of all kinds are to be deplored densis, massa hydrargyri, gamboge, jalap, and shunned. The ordinary residue from sulphate of magnesia and castor oil. Nature digestion and various secretions are emp- should be duly thankful for the noble uses tied almost continually into the intestinal to which man has devoted her opportunities,

and urge

Let us see if we can lay down rules for increased in the next decade. We want guidance in keeping the bowels properly legislation; we must have legislation ; we regulated.

must address our appeals to the legislative Aim to have bowels moved sufficiently bodies to frame suitable bills, present them at one time and often enough to remove


passage. Such steps should accumulations. As corollaries to fore- be urged by health authorities of state and going :

city. A law of this kind should provide Ist. Never fail to attend to nature's call. for the thorough inspection of all kinds of

2d. Mix with food due proportions of milk and breeding cattle by thoroughly vegetables and fruit stuffs; and

competent and practical persons, and im3d. Take sufficient outdoor exercise to

pose a severe penalty for every infraction produce active circulation and innervation. of its provisions. What state will step to

the front and take the lead in reforming an

evil to benefit mankind ? PURER MILK.

Two evils connected with the milk supply to the public confront us and require THE EYE TREATMENT OF EPILEPSY. remedial measures at our hands. They A perusal of the article contributed to are natural impurity and an artificial stan- the New York Medical Journal, by Prof. dard of strength; the latter adopted by Ambrose Ranney, entitled: “The Eye dairymen to increase their profits by a Treatment of Epilepsy," will richly repay kind of robbery of the purchaser. In all

anyone by disclosing how constant and the cities there have been made efforts to

important is the relation of certain eye correct the latter, with a fair show of suc- defects in the causation of that formidable cess. We are thankful for this. However, malady we call epilepsy. In our opinion the greater evil remains untouched, grows the Doctor proves conclusively, from continually, and even the most indifferent clinical observation and experience, that are beginning to realize its enormity. Di- such disorders classified as esophoria luted milk is robbery, milk teeming with exophoria and hyperphoria, with the the germs of disease is death. Think of resulting nerve strain and eye tire, both pouring down the throat countless disease- from these causes and from the use of ill germs capable of engendering typhoid adapted lenses, in nervous children and fever, diphtheria, and consumption; of how

adults, are frequent causes in the developmuch existing prevalence of these diseases

ment of the disease. So confident are we may be directly traced to this fact; and,

of the truth of the foregoing statement, that finally, admit the further thought that

had we a case of epilepsy it would be many valuable lives are annually sacrificed

subjected to examination, and if need be, by it, and that, too, partially at least, treatment by a competent specialist, for through our heedlessness and ignorance.

even where some such defect is not plainly We are public benefactors; public as well

manifested, there may be, as there often is, as individual health is entrusted to our

a latent trouble of the kind described. We care. Shall we prove disloyal to that

wish every reader would possess himself trust? If the State place no safeguards against this growing evil, it may be

of a copy of the reprint of this valuable counted on as a fact that the mortality paper as its examination will abundantly from consumption alone will be greatly repay for all the trouble.



Original Communications. treatment the shaggy headed old professor

with slight smile and curl of the lip, deBrief and practical articles short and pithy reports

clared that “a death was a comparative of interesting cases in practice, new methods and new remedies as applicable in the treatment of dis

rare event.” It mattered not to him what cases are solicited from the

profession for this depart- his professional brethren called the fever, Articles intended for the SUMMARY must be con. he said, he treated them all alike and with tributed to it exclusively. The Editor is not responsible for the views of any contributors.

the same, uniform happy result. How Write only on one side of the paper.

well I remember his words and several “LOOKING BACKWARD.”

scores of cases profited by his teachings in REMINISCENCES OF FIFTY YEARS IN my practice in the falls of '47 and '48. THE PRACTICE OF MEDICINE.

Those who have a copy of his practice

to-day and follow his teachings are BY ABRAM LIVEZEY, A.M., M. D., YARDLEY, PA. truly fortunate. Can any one be more (Conclusion.)

successful with antipyrine, acetanilid and a

dozen more new fever remedies to-day? I Looking backward fifty years, from a

judge not. medical standpoint, I must honestly say

Prof. T. D. Mitchell made short work of that I do not see the great advance for

the ordinary fall "bilious, remittent" good in the practice of medicine as many fevers, by advising his favorite emetoof my brethren do. True, the little bleed. cathartic-calomel and jalap, or calomel ing lancet, “that minute instrument of and ipecac, five grains each and repeat mighty mischief” has been almost wholly every half, one or two hours till free laid aside, and very properly too, me judice, emesis and catharsis resulted, or if needs but with it the cupping apparatus has also be, follow with a dose of senna and salts if departed, to the great disadvantage of the the purgation was not satisfactory. This sick. There are truly certain principles in generally brought about a remission with the practice of medicine that cannot be perspiration; if not, a few doses spiritus sacrificed or ignored to whims, notions or

mindereri were sufficient to prepare the prejudices, and at the same time be con- patient for quinine,—ten grains mixed sistent with truth, sound reason, and intel- with five of ginger and divided into four ligence.

equal parts, one to be given every half The local abstraction of blood in acute hour. He adds, "The moment I saw there pleuritis, pneumonia, sciatica, lumbago, in- was an evident abatement, there was reflammation of the large joints, congestion mission enough to warrant the use of this of head, etc., etc., must ever remain sound antiperiodic powder. My theory and my practice.

practice and the issue all harmonized most But it is said, or may be said, that fevers perfectly and I never in my whole medical are better treated now than forty to fifty history have witnessed as perfect a triu nph years ago and with less deaths. This I of medicine over disease as I saw for admit only thus far: That the practitioners weeks and months in this procedure in the of ttat day were mainly Rushites and were treatment of bilious remittents." forty years behind the teachings of the The practice forty to fifty years ago was time, at least of Profs. Dunglison and to continue purgatives to clean the tongue, Mitchell in the Jefferson Medical College, etc., while day by day the patient's and Prof. T. D. Mitchell of the Phila. strength was waning, and soon tympany Coll. of Med. and Surg. (McClintock's),- followed, with all the symptoms of the tyDr. Dunglison eschewing all harsh treat- phoid condition. ment, even calomel, at the Almshouse, and I still use Prof. M.'s emeto-cathartic of depending upon good nursing, proper feed- calomel and ipecac, but aconite or gelseming, sponging the surface when steadily ium instead of the spiritus mindereri to obhot and dry, removing the foul secretions tain moisture of the skin, and a remission from the alimentary canal, one day perhaps and then the quinine—sometimes a few with a dose of castor oil, the next day by a fractional doses of calomel, soda and ipecac large enema, etc., and under this simple or the pil hepatic have to be used and the

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