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P. O. Box 1217, PHILADELPHIA. $1.00 per Annum In Advance.

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“In Medicina Qualitas Prima Est.”


Free to our doctor friends, visiting records, prescription blanks.


R. Salol 2 grs.

Ingluvin 72 gr.
R. Aloin % gr.
Ext. Belladonna 18 gr.

Aloin 1-10 gr. Strych. sulph. 1-100 gr..
Strychnine 1.60 gr. Ipecac 1-16 gr.

Ext. belladonna 1•30 gr.

80 cents per 100.
Dose.-One to two pills.

Therapeutic, cathartic, tonic.—40 cents per 100.

Proto carb. of iron, 3 grs.

• Dose 1 to 3 pills

Wm. R. Warner & Co.'s Ferruginous Pills. For cure of rheumatism and rheumatic gout. Ferri sulph Fe SO4 Ferri carb. Fe C04. Formula: Acidum salicylicum; resina podo

Potass. carb. K2 CO3 Potass. sulph. K2 SO4.

40 cents per 100 phyllum, quinia ; ext. colchicum, ext.

PIL CHALYBEATE Comp. phytolacca, capsicum.

Same as pil chalybeate, with % gr. ext. nux 60 cents per 100.

vomica added to each pill to increase the tonic

effect. Dose 1 to 3 pills. 55 cents per too. WM. R. WARNER & CO'S



Smoothness-alatability-and Digestibility. Superior to all other In Minute attenuation of oil globules.-Perfect Emulsionizing-Miscibility-Permanency-Limpidity




An elegant, portable and effectual remedy in Gout, Rheumatism, Gravel, Stone in the Bladder

Ecsema, Bright's Disease, Etc.
Each tablet contains three grains Citrate of Lithia and affords a convenient method for
administering a definite quantity of soluble Lithia in a pleasant form, besides the advantage
of having fresh water with each dose; presenting a therapeutic value of a higher standard
than the various spring waters which oftentimes contain but an indefinite quantity of the
needed salt. The dose is usually one tablet in a glass of pure water three times daily,
except otherwise directed by the physician in charge.

A Tablet dropped into a tumbler of cold water, will in a few moments, entirely dissolve
with effervescence, producing a sparkling draught. Sent by mail on receipt of price.
1228 Market Street, Philada. 18 Liberty Street, New York. 197 Randolph Street, Ohicago

A Specific in Gestation in Doses
of 10 to 20 grains.





Practical Medicine, New Preparations, Etc.

R. H. ANDREWS, M, D., Editor, P. O. Box 1217, Philadelphia, Pa.





No. 3

THE MEDICAL SUMMARY, in the cold seasons, in fact on the approach

R. H. ANDREWS, M. D., PROPRIETOR. of cold weather they cease entirely. Subscription Price, in the United States and Can. and.

.................................. $1.00 Until something more clearly definite Foreign Countries .................................. 1.25 These rates include postage, and must be paid

comes to light, we shall insist, that excesinvariably in advance. Single copies. Ten Cents. Subscriptions may begin at any time. Subscribers desir

sive solar heart is not an insignificant ing their address changed must give their former, as well as their new, post-office.

factor in the genesis of these troubles. We cannot always supply back numbers. Should a number fail to reach a subscriber, we will supply

We affirm the causative relation and imanother, if notified before the close of the month. Address THE MEDICAL SUMMARY

portance of septic agencies, and of the P. O. BOX 1217.

Philadelphia, Pa.

vegetable and animal micro-organisms; PHILADELPHIA, MAY, 1895.

therefore we trust to the aseptic qualities

of creosote, arsenite of copper, salol, saliCARE OF INFANTS IN THE SUMMER

cylic acid, et al. MONTHS.

Our people should be taught that in

the care of infants, cleanliness is next to A word as to the cause of the prevalence of diarrhæal disorders. Some recent

godliness. writers ascribe the cause to the presence Baby should have its bath daily or twice of microbes in the intestinal tract, assert- daily, a plunge and immersion, from which ing that it is preposterous to refer it to the it comes forth invigorated and shining like heat or any other cause.

a new pin, and laughing and crowing for In all temperate climatės, a high ther- joy. mometric register invariably marks the Healthy children treated thus are not prevalence of such disorders, and usually apt to fall sick, and sick ones must not be as temperature rises or talls, they increase denied the boon that renews life with in activity and virulence.

little trouble and without cost. It will be observed they do not prevail At this season clothing for infants should be light and loose fitting, no part should be In all cases the physician needs to use

nfined, the utmost freedom must be his eyes and ears, and if he have a delicate allowed to the movements of body and

touch and gentle demeanor coupled with a

fair share of love for the little folks, he will limbs.

succeed satisfactorily. As its principal business is to grow and

Diagnosis must rest upon certain facts, get strong, plenty of unbroken sleep should as sudden illness after an accident, or if no be secured for baby ; therefore its sleep- accident is known to have occured, freting apartment must be kept quiet and be

ting and crying, pain, tenderness and

swelling of a limb will direct attention. By supplied with plenty of pure fresh air.

seizing limb with hands and rotating it on Give it plenty of fresh water to drink ;

its axis a little, suspicion of fracture will drink is as necessary as food; this fact may be confirmed. We would discourage other sometimes be overlooked to great discom- attempts to verify presence of crepitus fort and detriment of the little patient,doubt- except in rare cases, where if the child is

nervous and excitable an anæsthetic must less many of the ills it suffers would be

be given. avoided by a due observance of this rule.

A better plan is to know by the ordiThe practice of feeding that rules in

nary signs that you are right in opinion, some families and communities, is fraught and dress parts in that way which secures with the greatest danger. But as it is not

most comfort to the little sufferer and least the intention to indite an article on treat

liability to angular deformity.

Certain facts must be remembered, child ment of summer maladies of infants, let it

is not an adult, consequently the bone may suffice in conclusion to hint, that probably

be bent; break not traversing its diameter, the worst thing that can befall, is to have and it may be bent with no fracture. On our little patient fed upon everything sug- this last form of injury the inelegant name gested by everybody who happens to come of green stick has been bestowed. in, and that too against our express prohi

In rickety children several bones may be

broken at the same time; this is a fact bition.

worth bearing in memory. Provide for the little ones plenty of fresh

Still another fact worth remembering, is air, suitable food, (which is difficult), let that in the long bones, break is in line of them drink often, see that they are epiphysial demarcation ; this furnishes a suitably clad, and declare a war of exter

hint to be careful in our manipulation of mination against unsympathizing sympa


The lesson to be learned is to esteem thizers.

nothing trivial, to look upon every case as

of great importance in itself, and therefore FRAOTURES IN CHILDREN.

to give the benefit of ordinary skill and

diligence. The child is the future man, we If not rickety, the bones of children are are the custodians of his future health and soft and elastic, are easily bent without

usefulness, at least to a considerable exbreaking

tent; wherefore no chance should be let In adults the bones most frequently frac- slip, to secure by our treatment the best tured are radius and clavicle, the rule is possible results. different in early childhood, femur and If we observe that everything that is clavicle being most often the seat.

worth doing is worth doing well, we will Pain, loss of function and increased mo- do it at the proper time which is the bility may be wanting or obscure in re- present, and thereby save a deal of anxspect to one or more of them, however, iety, bad feeling, and win the reward of an methods of examination to determine their approving conscience. A safe rule in all presence are quite effective though often cases is never to leave till patient is comfordifficult of application.

table, and job is the very best we can do.


Original Communtcations. under present observation. One is

school teacher thirty-eight years of age, Brief and practical articles, short and pitky reports strumous habit, muscles of left breast and of interesting cases in practice, new methods and new remedies as applicable in the treatment of dis

arm scarred, contracted and atrophied as cases are solicited from the profession for this department.

a result of scrofulous abscesses in childArticles intended for the SUMMARY must be con. hood. Well, about a year ago he contractributed to it exclusively. The Editor is not responsi. ble for the views of any contributors.

ted a cold, began to cough with scanty exWrite only on one side of the paper.

pectoration, more troublesome at night,

erelong there was pain in left breast, phyGOSSIP WITH THE EDITOR.

sical examination showed bronchial mur

murs in upper and inner parts of chest, no BY R. B. MCCALL, M, D.

appreciable dulness. The other is a far

mer's wife, who has a typical history of Dear Esculapius :

hectic, chest pain, bronchial cough and

hemoptysis, a genuine case of phthisis. After a pause in which silence has

Both have been put on McArthur's syrup, brooded over my pen, I have returned to

with unmistakable advantage, in first, it pages of SummARY, inspired with the

may help to an ultimate cure, in second, it the hope that my prolonged absence has

can do no more than add a few golden units not been too deeply felt by SUMMARY'S

to the flowing sands of time, cheat death million readers, however, if you know of

for a little while. any fatal cases among the brethren in

For many years I have had a high opinion consequence thereof, kindly express my

of value of Churchill's hypophosphites as a regrets, say to them that Richard will

general tonic, especially adapted to cases soon be himself again. Business is dull

like foregoing and frost bites are common, that is to say,

Both observation and experience have it is not a gold mine, nor anything like it, (I mean the business not the frost bite),

led me to believe a physician will find it to but if one measure its value by number of

his interest to get a well finished preparabad nights, with mercury sliding toward

tion of the lime and soda hypophosphites,

if afterward other tonics are indicated, zero, by the primitive roads that would delight the heart of Mr. Coxey to pre- they may be easily added. sent to Congress, or by the smiles and In a preparation of hypophosphites, cheer of the good people in whose elo- qualities most needed are a definite food quence the poor doctor ever confides, why value, making it a true tissue builder, then it may be said there is a good deal

and rare palatability that will not offend to interest average mind. Two im- the most fastidious taste. In McArthur's, pressions of my late professional experi- possibly in others, these attributes are ence I will note here, nainely, I have

combined in a most satisfactory manner, fewer cases of consumption and read by its use, strength and weight are infewer journals than usual, fact first can be

creased, and there results a more healthy accounted for mainly by the circumstance

activity of all the various nutritive prothat old consumptives for the most part

on which vital and necessary have dropped off or moved off. But to ac

functions of body depend. There is no count for fact second is difficult, whether friction, no jar from over stimulation, from mental aberration on part of your

no undue excitation of brain and nerve, correspondent, or from some uncatalogued but there is a steady, sure uplift, so gentle, journalistic disorder, deponent sayeth not, patient hardly realizes that he is a medibut however that may be, I have a small

cine taker. budget of odds and ends which I will now I want to refer again to ergot, which I unload.

think is a most excellent remedy in hemThe first thing I will call attention to is optysis, it has done heroic service for me a matter of lung derangement in two and I cannot refrain. It is superb. instances, only for the

purpose of After such experience as mine, you are emphasizing treatment, both cases persuaded that a great discovery has been



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