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The most interesting SPEECHES and MOTIONS ; accurate Copies of the moft remarkable LETTERS and PAPERS of the most material EVIDENCE, PETITIONS, &c.

laid before and offered to the HOUSE,

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LONDON Printed for J. DEBRETT, (Successor to Mr. ALMON) opposite



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MERICAN Trade Bill altered m by the Lords, page 1 Deficiencies in Taxes, 3 Navy Eftimates, and Debates on the

Navy, 4 Debates concerning Mesi. Powell and

Bembridge, 17, 20, 28, 33 to 58,

100, 200 Motion for Sir Richard Bickerton's

Instructions, 18 Debate on Lord Mahon's Election

Bill, 21, 65, 98, 130, 195 Debate on Mr. Sawbridge's Motion

for shortening the Duration of Par

liament, 23 Notice of a Motion on India Affairs, 28 Debate on the Custom-house Reform

Bill, 58, 99 East-India Business put off, 64, 96 Bill to punish idie People, 65 Lord Newhaven's Question respecting

a Negotiator with America, 65 The Budget. Taxes, 66 to 93 Report of the Taxes, 93 Mr. Pitt's Motion on Reversions and

Patent Places, 99 Mr. Pite's Bill to reform Abuses in the

Treasury, Admiralty, &c. 103, 129,

New Bill of Pains and Penalties against

Sir Thomas Rumbold, 105, III Debate on the Bill to stamp Receipts,

110, 122, 138 to 165 Dębate on the Pay-office Bill, ins Petition against Receipt Tax, 116 Drawback on Rice exported, 118 Importation of Corn into Scotland,

119 Civil Establishment in America voted,

128 Bill to export Brass, 133 Petition from London against the Tax

on Receipts, 134 Committee on the Bill for altering the

Law relating to Property, 154, 201 Debate on the Army Estimates, 165,

194 Report of the Malt Committee to tax

private Breweries, 169; Bill, 190 Petition from Sir Ashton Lever, 174 Petition from the Quakers concerning

Negroes, 176 Drawback on Soap, 196 Mutiny Bill, 196 Pensions to Seamen’s Widows, 198 Message from the King for the Prince

of Wales's Establishment, 199 Debase on, 223, 233



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In the THIRD SESSION of the
Fifteenth Parliament of GREAT-BRITAI”.

. : May 8, A: D, 1983:

. : THE Lords sent down the, amendment made by

1 them in the bill carried up by, the Commons, for opening the intercourse with Ainerica, by repealing such laws as impofed a necessity that ships coming to this country from America, should be furnished with certificates and other documents. In that bill there was a clause which gave to the King and Council a power of making whatever regulations they should deem necessary; but the duration of this power, was limited to fix weeks. The amendment made by their Lordships was, an extension of the duration of this power to the 27th of December, from the day. the bill should pass into a law. . .

The Speaker observed to the House, that as the bill.einpowered the Crown to impose duties, it was, striály: fpeak ing, a Money bill, and therefore the House could not, con sistent with its own orders, fuffer the Lords to make any amendment in it. In order to prove it clearly to be a Money bill, he read a written opinion of one of his predecessors in that chair (the late Speaker Onflow), from which it appear ed that the extension of the powers of a Money bill, by the Lordsy, was contrary to the exclufive privilege of the ComVOL, X.... . B..

i mons,

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