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NOTWITHSTANDING the diffidence expressed in the foregoing Preface, no sooner was the work completed, but many of its positions were vehemently attacked by zealots of all (even oppofite) denominations, religious as well as civil; by fome with a greater, by others with a lefs degree of acrimony. To such of these animadverters as bave fallen within the author's notice (for be doubts not but some bave escaped it) he owes at least tbis obligation ; that they have occasioned him from time to time to revise his work, in respect to the particulars obječted to; to retract or expunge from it what appeared to be really erroneous; to amend or supply it when inaccurate or defective; to illustrate and explain it when obscure. But, where he thought the objections ill-founded, he hath left and shall leave the book to defend itself: being fully of opinion, that if his principles be false and bis do&rines unwarrantable, no apology from himself can make them right; if founded in truth and reftitude, no cenfure from others can make them wrong.

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concerning the ninth edition.

THE editor judges it indispensible to preserve

the author's text intire. The alterations which will be found therein, since the publication of the last edition, were made by the author himself, as may appear from a corrected copy in his own hand. writing*. What the editor hath chiefly attended to is, to note the alterations made by subsequent acts of parliament. These, together with some few other neceffary observations, in order to prevent confufion, are inserted separate and distinct at the bottom

of the page.


July 20, 1783

* To be seen at Mr. Cadell's in the Strand.


concerning this eleventh edition.

IN N this edition, as in the last, the author's text is

preserved intire. The editor hath added not only the alterations made by acts of parliament subsequent to the publication of the last edition, but also references to the Term Reports, which have been since published. Some manuscript cases in the editor's poffeßion are also noticed in this edition, wherein the authority of some passages in these commentaries hath been denied. These, together with some notes and observations of his own, the editor hath inserted separate and distinct at the bottom of the page. The notes added in the tenth edition, are enclosed in brackets, thus [ ], and marked with Italic references; and those added to the present edition, thus ( ).

Temple, Jan. 12, 1791.

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