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Allowed September 28, 1892.
Amount brought forward
Sept. 21 W. J. Sampson,

For meals in dining car.

sleeper, Elmira to Lansing..

breakfast in dining car..
The above trip was made on business for the State Department and anthorized by

the Governor, to obtain records necessary in complying with concurrent reso

lution No. 2, approved March 5, 1891. 18 to 24 S. D. Bonner,

For West Michigan fair:

railroad fare to Grand Rapids and return.
five days' board...

street car and bus fare 13 to 18 J. L. Alexander,

For attending State Fair:

5 muals.
street car fares

cartage on books to fair groands.
20 to 28 Also:
inclusive For railroad fare to Flint and return..

4 days' board
freight and drayage.

bus fare. 14 to 17 L. E. Backus,

For cartage to State Fair grounds..

2 dinners -

4 boxes to Grand Rapids 18 to 24 A.J. Bradford,

For railroad fare to Grand Rapids and return.

5 days' board
street cars and bus fare, 5 days.
freight and drayage

West Michigan fair.
Chicago & Grand Trunk Railway,

For freight on maps.
26 Charles Elliott,

For freight
Secretary of State,

For postage for October...
National Express Co.,

For express, August 29 to September 26.
Aug. 29

Western Union Telegraph Co.,

For message
American Express Co..
For express, August 31 to September 23

Allowed October 26, 1892.
Oct. 19 Detroit Free Press,

For 500 12 sheet cards, instructions to voters, Italian
Secretary of State,

For postage for November...
Sept. 20 F. M. Montague,

For attending fair at Flint:

railroad fare to Flint and return.
hotel and meals.

back and street car
Oct. J. L. Alexander,
3 to 7 For railroad fare, Hillsdale and return..

6 dars' board

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Annual Report

1 4

Michigan. Board of State Auditors

2 10

hotel, 5 days..
freight and cartage on books.

Amount carried forward


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