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Workmen's Compensation Law

of the

State of Michigan

Revised August, 1915, with Amendments and

Supplementary Acts.

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Digest of the Workmen's Compensation Law.

5 Text of the Workmen's Compensation Law. Text of the law requiring insurance adjusters to procure certificate of authority

29 Text of the law regulating classification of risks, premiumıs, etc..... 30 Text of the law authorizing mutual liability companies to do business.. 31

Digest of the Michigan Workmen's Compen

sation Law*


Act No. 10, Public Acts of 1912 (Extra Session). Approved March 20, 1912.

In effect September 1, 1912 (Pt. VI, $8). As amended by Acts Nos. 50, 79 and 156, Public Acts of 1913, in effect August 13, 1913, and by Act No. 259, Public Acts of 1913, in effect May 7, 1913; as further amended by Senate Bill 268 and House Bill 342, Public Acts of 1915, effective August 23, 1915; and by House Bills 298 and 345, Public Acts of 1915, effective May 7, 1915. Supplemented by House Bill 309 and Senate Bills 281 and 386, Public Acts of 1915, effective August 23, 1915.


Compensation with insurance or proof of financial responsibility, elective ;—but compulsory as to State, counties, etc., without obligation to insure, etc. (Pt. I, $$4, 5, 7, 8; Pt. IV, ŞI). Supervised by Industrial Accident Board (Pt. III).


Employer may elect at any time by filing written declaration of acceptance with Board and posting notice in place of business within 10 days after Board's approval (Pt. I, §6). Employee's acceptance is presumed where employer has accepted, unless written notice of contrary election is given em

oyer at time of hiring or within 30 days after employer's election (Pt. 1, $8).


Employer may rescind his acceptance at the expiration of any yearly period thereafter by filing notice with Board thirty days prior thereto (Pt. I, 36). Subscription to State Accident Fund expires at the end of each yearly period unless annually renewed (Pt. V, $6). Employee's election to reject may be changed at any time by five days' written notice to employer (Pt. I, $8). No provision for changing election to accept.

* The headings of this Digest conform in substance and order with those of the “Digest of Workmen's Compensationn and Insurance Laws in the United States” (compiled by F. Robertson Jones and published by the Workmen's Compensation Publicity Bureau, 80 Maiden Lane, New York City)-so that the former supplements the latter.

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