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Workmen's Compensation Law

of the

State of New York

Reprinted January, 1914

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TITLE, ETC. Chapter 816, Laws of New York, 1913, being “Chapter 67 of The Consolidated Laws," and entitled “Workmen's Compensation Law.” Approved Dec. 16, 1913. Administrative provisions effective January 1, 1914; liability provisions effective July 1, 1914 (Sec. 131). Repeals Chapter 674, Laws of 1910 (Sec. 130); which was declared unconstitutional in Ives vs. South Buffalo Ry. Co., 201 N. Y. 271 (Chapter 352, Laws of 1910, legalizing the adoption of a compensation plan, in a wider range of employments, by agreement, is not repealed),

SYSTEM Compensation with insurance or proof of financial responsibility, compulsory (Secs. 10 and 50). Supervised and to a large extent administered by "State Workmen's Compensation Commission” (Art. 4). All payments to be made through the Commission or an authorized deputy (Sec. 25), subject to heavy penalties for defaults (Sec. 26).

“CONTRACTING OUT” Agreements to waive right to compensation, void (Sec. 32). Agreements for contribution by employees void (Sec. 31).

EMPLOYMENTS COVERED All employments by a private employer in certain hazardous occupations enumerated (Sec. 2), if carried on by the employer for pecuniary gain (Sec. 3 (5); farm labor and domestic service, however, expressly excepted (Sec. 3(4)). (But as to employment in interstate commerce see Sec. 114).

INJURIES COVERED Accidental personal injuries arising out of and in the course of the employment, unless due to intent to injure self or another or to intoxication while on duty (Secs. 10 and 3(7)).

NOTICE OF INJURY AND CLAIM FOR COMPENSATION Written notice containing •prescribed particulars must be served on employer and Commission within 10 days after disability or 30 days after

*The headings of this “Digest" "conform in substance and order with those of the "Digest of Workmen's Compensation and Insurance Laws in the United States" (published under the auspices of the Workmen's Compensation Publicity Bureau, 80. Maiden Lane, New York City)-80 that the former supplements the latter.

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