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· ? Thy words have I hid fervant is occupied in thy sta. within my heart, that I should tutes. pot lin against thee.

1 8 For thy testimonies are 4 Bleffed art thou, O Lord, my delight, and my counselO teach me thy statutes. I lors.

O tea with my lips che judg: | M

durt; o qu

may live word. cake fr

been telling of all the judg. AY foul cleaveth to the ments of thy mouth, TIVI dust; O quicken thou

6 I have had as great de me according to thy word. light in the way of thy testimo. 2 I have acknowledged nies as in all manner of riches. my ways, and thou heard. . I will talk of thy comelt me; o teach me thy ftamandments, and have respect tutes. unto thy ways.

3 Make me to understand : 8 My delight shall be in the way of thy command. thy statutes, and I will not ments, and so fhall I talk of forget thy word.

thy wonderous works.

4 My soul melteth away n Do well unto thy fer- l for very heaviness; comfort

vant, that I may live thou ne according unto thy and keep thy word.

2 Open thou mine eyes, 5 Take from me the way that I may see the wonderous of lying, and cause thou me things of thy law.

to make much of thy law. 3 I am a stranger upon 6 I have chosen the way of earth, 0 hide not thy com truth, and thy judgments mandments from me.

have I laid before me. 4. My soul breaketh out for 7 I have stuck unto thy the very fervent desire, that testimonies; O Lord, conit hath always unto thy judy- found me not. menis.

18 I will run the way of 5 Thou haft rebuked the thy commandments, when proud, and cursed are they thou haft set my heart at lithat do err from thy com. berty.. mandments.

6 O turn from me shame Each me, O Lord, the and rebuke, for I have kept way of thy statutes, and thy testimonies.

| I thall keep it unto the end. 7 Princes also did fit and 2 Give me understanding, speak against me, but thy I and I shall keep thy law; yea,

I shall keep it with my whole 7 And my delight shall be heart.

in thy commandments, which 3 Make me to go in the I have loved. path of thy commandments ; 8 My hands also will I lift for therein is my desire. | up unto thy commandments,

4 Incline my heart unto the which I have loved, and my testimonies, and not to cover- ftudy shall be in thy statutes. ousness.

5 O turn away mine eyes, Think upon thy fervant, left they behold vanity; and as concerning thy word, quicken thou me in thy way. wherein thou haft caused me

6 O stablish thy word in to put my trust. thy servant; that I may fear 2 The same is my comfort thee.

in my trouble ; for thy word 7 Take away the rebuke hath quickened me. that I am afraid of; for thy I 3 The proud have had me juag dents are goods. I judgments are good.

l exceedinginarnion, yet 8 Behold, my delight is in have I not shrinked from thy thy commandments; O quick-law. en me in thy righteousness. 14 For I remembered thine

everlasting judgments, O I ET thy loving mercy Lord, and received comfort. L come also unto me, 0 5 I am horribly afraid for Lord, even thy salvation, ac- the ungodly that forsake thy cording unto thy word.

law. 2 So shall I make answer 6 Thy statutes have been unto my blafphemers; for my songs, in the house of my my trust is in thy word. pilgrimage.

3O take not the word of 7 I have thought upon thy thy truth utterly out of my Name, O Lord, in the nightmouth ; for my hope is in thy season, and have kept thy law. judgments.

1 8 This I had, because I 4 So shall I alway keep thy kept thy conimandments. law, yea, for ever and ever.

5 And I will walk at liber-ITHou art my portion, O ty ; for I seek thy command | Lord; I have promised ments.

to keep thy law. 6 I will speak of thy testi 12 I made my humble pemonies also, even before kings, tition in thy presence with my and will not be ashamed. I whole heart; O be mescitul




unto me according to thy | brawn, but my delight hath word..

been in thy law. 3 I called mine own ways 7 It is good for me that I to remembrance, and turned have been in trouble, that I my feet unto chy teftimonies. may learn thy statutes.

4 I made haste, and pro- 8 The law of thy mouth is longed not the time, to keep dearer unto me than thousands thy commandments.

of gold and lilver. 5 The congregations of the ungodly have robbed me, T'HY hands have made but I have not forgotten thy I me, and fashioned me; Jaw.

To give me understanding, 6 At midnight I will rise to that I may learn thy com. give thanks unto thee, because mandments. of thy righteous judgments. 2 They that fear thee will

7 I am a companion of all be glad when they fee me, bethem that fear thee, and keep cause I have put my trust in thy commandments.

thy word. 8. The earth, O Lord, is '31 know, O Lord, that thy full of thy mercy; O teach judgments are right, and that me thy statutes.

thou of very faichfulness haft

caused me to be troubled. Lord, thou hast dealt gra- ' 4 O let thy merciful kinda

ciously with thy servant, ness be my comfort, accordaccording unto thy word. : ling to thy word unto thy ser

2 O learn me true under- vant. standing and knowledge, for 5 o let thy loving mercies I have believed thy command- come unto me, that I may live; ments.

for thy law is my delight. 3 Before I was troubled, 1 6 Let the proud be conwent wrong; but now have I founded, for they go wickedkept thy word. :

ily about to destroy me; but 4 Thou art good and gra- I will be occupied in thy com. cious; O teach me thy fta- mandments. tutes.

1 7 Let such as fear thee, and 5 The proud have imagined have known thy testimonies, a lie against me; but I will be turned unto me.' keep thy commandments with 8 O let my heart be found my whole heart.

in thy statutes, that I be not 6 Their heart is as fat as falhamed.


A T Y soul hath longed for 4 If my delight had not IV thy falvation, and J been in thy law, I thould have have a good hope because of perished in my trouble. thy word.

1 5. I will never forget thy 2 Mine eyes long fore for commandments; for with thy word ; saying, when them thou hast quickened wilt thou comfort me?, me.

3 For I am become like a 6 I am thine, O save me ; bottle in the smoke; yet do I for I have fought thy comnot forget thy statutes. mandments.

4 How many are the days 17 The ungodly laid wait of thy servant; when wilt thou for me, to destroy me; but I be avenged of them that per- will consider thy testimonies. secute me?

8. I see that all things come 5 The proud have digged to an end; but thy commandpits for me, which are not ment is exceeding broad. after thy law.

6 All thy commandments T Ord, what love have I are true; they perfecute me Ld unto thy law; all the day falny, o be thou my help. long is my study in it.

7 They had almost made an 2 Thou through thy comend of me upon earth; but I mandments haft made me wiser forsook not thy command-than mine enemies'; for they ments.

are ever with me. 8 O quicken me after thy 3 I have more understand. loving-kindness, and so fhall ing than my teachers; for thy I keep the testimonies of thy testimonies are my study. mouth.

4 I am wiser than the aged ; Therzier een thumb

| because I keep thy commandLord, thy word en ments.

dureth for ever in hea 5 I have refrained my feet ven.

from every evil way, that I 2 Thy truth also remaineth i may keep chy word. from one generation to ano. 6 I have not shrunk from ther; thou hast laid the foun. I try judgments; for thou teachdation of the earth, and it a- eft me. bideth.

7 O how sweet are thy 3 They continue this day words unto my throat;, yea, according to thine ordinance; sweeter than ḥoney unto my for all things serve thee, mouth.

H 4 8 Through 8 Through thy command. 1 3 Away from me, ye wickments I get understanding; ed; I will keep the commandtherefore I hate all evilments of my God. ways.

1 4 O stablish me according

to thy word, that I may live, "THY word is a lantern and let me not be disappointed

I unto my feet, and a of my hope. light unto my paths.

5 Hold hou me up, and 2 I have sworn, and am I shall be safe; yea, my destedfastly purposed to keep light shall be ever in thy itathy righteous judgments. tutes.

3 I am troubled above 6 Thou hast trodden down measure ; quicken me, o all them that depart from thy Lord, according to thy statutes; for they imagine but word.

deceit. 4. Let the free will offer- 7 Thou puttest away all the ings of my mouth please thee, ungodly of the earth likedross; O Lord, and teach me thy therefore I love thy testimojudgments.

nies. 5 My soul is alway in iny 8 My Aeth trembleth for hand; yet do I not forget thy fear of thee, and I am afraid law.

of thy judgments. 6 The ungodly have laid a snare for me ; but yet 11 T Deal with the thing that is fwerved not from thy com- | | lawful and right; O give mandments.

me not over unto mine op7 Thy testimonies have I pressors. claimed as mine heritage for 2 Make thou thy fervant ever, and why? they are the to delight in that which 18 very joy of my heart.

good, that the proud do me 8 I have applied my heart no wrong. to fulfil thy statutes alway;! 3 Mine eyes are even unto the end.

way with looking for thy,

health, and for the word of I Hate them that imagine thy righteousness.

evil things; but thy law 4 Ö deal with thy servant do I love.

| according unto thy loving 2 Thou art my defence and mercy, and teach me ty Thield, and my trust is in thy statutes. word.

1 5 I am thy seryant, O grant


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