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Mr J. Osborne's br. c. Little Davie | Mr Thirlby's b. f. by Ithuriel-Lady HarMr W. M. Palmer's br. c. The Greek

riett Mr J. Scott's b. f. Mountain Flower

Mr Wilkin's ch, f. Sarah Ellis A GOLD CUP, value ICO sov., the gift of the Lord of the Manor, added to a Handicap of

20 sov. each, 10 ft., and 5 only it declared, &c. The second to save his stake, and the winner to pay 10 sov. towards expenses. The winner of a Handicap Sweepstakes, after the publication of the weights, of the value of 209 sov., including the winner's stake, 51b., or of any greater value 10lb. extra, but not to be accumulative. Two miles and a distance.-15 subs. Age. st. lb.

Age, st. lb. Abbess of Jervaux, by Gladiator 4

Italian, The, by Touchstone. Achyranthes, by Thirsk..

Lady Évelyn, by Don John . 5 Caurire (h. b.), by David or Arthur 5

Langton, by Lanercost . . Chantrey, by Touchstone.

By LANERCOS'T, bro, to Duxbury Dough, by Tearaway

Russborough, by Tearaway . Durbury, by Lanercost

Sauter-la-Coupe, by Sleight-of Escape, by Lanercost


Hand. Flying Gout, The, by Birdcatcher 5 Wilmont, by The Hydra: :4 THURSDAY.-The NEWTON ST. LEGER of 10 sov, each, with 50 sov, added, for three

year olds, colts 8st. 71b., fillies 8st. 31b. The winner to pay 10 sov. towards the ex

penses of the course. Mile and a-half.- subs. Mr G. Barton's br. c. Newman Noygs | Mr P. Russell's b. c. by King Dan-JohnsLd Caledon's b, f, sister to Wunota Mr E. Herbert's b. c. Worcester Mr Lawson's b. f. Brenda (h. b.)

dam by Alcaston Mr J. Osborne ns br. c. Sea-gull (h. b.) The BOROUGH Cup of 100 sov, in specie, added to a Handicap of 15 sov. each, 10 ft., and

5 only if declared, &c. The second to save his stake. The winner to pay 10 sov. towards the expenses of the course. The winner of any handicap after the publication of the weights, 5lb.; of the Lord of the Manor's Cup, 71b.; or of any other Handicap of the value of 500 sov. clear, 10lb.extra, but not to be accumulative. Mile and a half. subs.

Age. st. 15. | Achyranthes, by Thirsk . . ]

| Dough, by Tearaway Brown Fly, by Bay Middleton aged Heroine, by Gladiator Candlewick, by Prime Warden 4

Russborough, by Teara way Caurire(h.b.), by David or Arthur 5

Mr Lister did not name,

town Lassothechild's br. c. by Tearaway,

Age st. Ib.


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CAKES of 10 131b. One Mr Mare's br. 2. c. The Swede, it of Insur

Marquis of ExerER, Hon. Capt. P. CUST, and Col. PEEL, STRWARDS.

'Mr. MARSHALL Clerk of the Course: Mr. CLARK, Judge. Mr. HIBBURD, Starter. The TRIAL STAKES of 10 sovs. each, with 40'added; three year olds, 6st.; four, 8st.;

five, 8st. 8lb.; six and aged, 8st. 13lb. One mile. Mr Arnold ns. ch. h. Peep-o'-Day Boy, aged | Mr Mare's br. c. Rccruit, 3 yrs Mr Barnes's b. h. Sotterley, 6 yrs Mr Fowler s br. c. The Reaper, 3 yrs Mr Rogers's b. g. by Orlando, out of InsurMr W. King's b. m. Claribel, aged

ance, by Phønix, 3 yrs Mr T. Lister's br. f, Nancy, 3 yrs The First Year of the NORTHAMPTON TRIENNIAL STAKES of 10 sovs., each, with 5 added,

for two year olds, colts 8st. 71b., fillies 8st. 4lb. The second to save his stake, and the

winner to pay 5 sov. towards expenses. T.Y.C.-22 subs. Ld Bateman's b. f. by St. Francis-Prioress Mr Greville's b. c. Frantic Ld Clifden's b. c. Magnes

Sir J. Hawley's b. c. by Alarm-Haitos b. c. Sickbut

Major Martyn's b. c. Convulsion Mr Cooke's b. f. Freedom

Mr Payne's ch. f. Hirsutu La Eglinton's ch, c. Pelopidas

Mr Potterton's ch. c. Horton Yates - b.c. Themistocles

Mr P. P. Rolt's b.c. George III, Ld Exeter's b. f. by St. Martin-Toga

D of Richmond's b. f. Red Hind ch. c. by St. Martin - Mecca

b. f. Plumstead Mr Ford's ro. f. by Lanercost - Baleine Mr Shelley's b. c. The Stag (wrong nom.)

Ld Spencer's b. c. Croat MrG. W. Fitzwilliam's ch. c. by Ballin- | Mr Watson's br. f. France keele-Petrel

bl. or br. c. Ambrose

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The GREAT NORTHAMPTONSHIRE STAKES of 100 sovs., added to a Handicap Sweepstakes

of 25 sovs. each, 15 ft. and 5 only if declared, &c.; the second horse to receive 25 sovs. out of the stakes, the winner of the Warwick, Liverpool, or Coventry handicaps to carry 5lb. extra. The winner to subscribe to the race in 1852, and to pay 40 SOVS. towards the expenses. Two miles.- 128 subs, 95 of whom declared, &c.

Age. st. 16. Sir J. Hawley's b. h. Vatican, by Venison .

• 5 87 Capt. Rous na, b. m. St. Rosalia, by St. Francis

. 5 8 3 Mr Treen's br. h. Rhesus, by Sleight of-hand

- 8 o Mr P. P. Rolt na. ch. g. Clermont, by Euclid

aged Ld Stanley's b. m. Legerdemain, by Pantaloon

7 11 Mr I. F. Coyle na. br. h. Langton, by Lanercost Mr Duncombe na. ch. g. Clothworker, by The Prime Warden Mr Charlton's ch. m. Kissaway, by Harkaway Mr Padwick na. ch. c Brother to Dough, by Tearaway Mr Etwall's ch. c. Bushranger, by Thistlewhipper Mr Barne na. b. c. Zadoc, by Bay Middleton Mr R. Munton na. b. m. The Cocktail (h. b.), by The Provost Ld Exeter's br. m. Tophana, by Giovanni Col. Peel na. br. c. Mouse, by Mus .

72 Sir R. Pigot's b. g. Mooltan, by Cotherstone Mr Miller na. b. m. Selina, by Longsight .

6 11 Ld F. Fitzroy na. b. g. Joe Sutherland, by Y. Longwaist

6 10 Mr Quartley's b. g. Cottager (h. b.).

- 6 8 Mr H. Langham na. b. c. The Swindl Wintonian Ld Exeter's ch. f. Nutmeg, by Nutwith ud Airlie na. ch. c. Valentine, by Slane

6 1 Mr Gambier na. b. c. The Cutler, by Sheffield

60 Ld Clifden's b. c. Torpin, bv Bay Middleton.

5 12 Sir J. Hawley's ch. c. The Ban, by Don John

5 10 Mr B. Drage na. b. f. Truth, by The Libel . Capt. Vyse na. b. c. Cnæus, by Pompey Mr J. V. Shelley na. b. f. Sister to Legislator (h. b.), by Epirus Sir J. Hawley's br. c. Brother to Truthteller, by Ascot

5 5 Mr Fras. Villiers na. b.c. Harpsichord, by Touchstone

5 5 Mr J. Morris by John o'Gaunt, dam by The Saddle

4 13 Ld Eglinton's ch. g. Pandemus, by Idle Boy .

4 12 Mr J. Stanley na. br. P. Ginevra, by Orlando .

3 4 10 Ld Warwick's br. g. Leap-year, by Melbourne The OPEN STAKES of 10 sovs. each, with 25 added; three year olds, 9st, ; four, 10st. 5lb.;

five, 10st. 121b.; six and aged, ust. 2lb. The winner to be sold for 150 sovs. if demanded. Once round and a distance. Ld Exeter's ch. f. Nutmeg, 4 yrs

| Mr J. Robinson's ch. g. by Epirus, dam by Mr Knowles's br. m. Vesta, aged'

Hazard (h. b.), 6 yrs Mr Rogers's b. f. Harp, 3 yrs

Mr Wilkins's b. c. Aristos, 3 yrs A MAIDEN PLATE of 50 sovs. ; three year olds, 7st. 3lb.; four, 8st. 71b. ; five, 9st.; six

and aged, 9st. 3lb. Once round. Entrance, 2 sovs., to go to the second horse. Mr R. Barrow's br. c. Abdallah, 4 yrs | Mr Gulliver's cl by Epirus-Blanche of Mr Blomfield's b. f. Simplicity, 3 yrs

Devon, 3 yrs Mr Cowley's ch. c. Heart of Oak, 3 yrs | Mr Sturgeon's ch. g. Valentine, 4 yrs Mr G. Cowley's b.g. Combatant (h. b.), 5 yrs Mr Treadgold's b. f. Liberty, 3 yrs Mr Dawson's br. c. British Boy, 3 yrs Mr Wilson's ch. f. Ella, 3 yrs Mr Price's br. f. sister to Legislator, 4 yrs THURSDAY. The ALTHORP PARK STAKES of 10 sov. each, with 50 added by the Pro

prietors of the Grand Stand, for two year olds, colts 8st. 7lb., and fillies 8st. 3lb.: any

winner before starting to carry 5lb. extra. T.Y.C., about half-a-mile.-27 subs. Mr J. Arnold's b. c. Little Harry

| Mr Des Voeux's b, c, by Don John-Dilbar D of Bedford's b. f. Sophistry

Mr W. Edwards's br. c. The Old Lad Mr Carew's c. Hampton

Ld Exeter's bl. c. Ambrose Ld Chesterfield's ch. c. Ellar

| Mr Gratwicke's b. f. Flirt Mr F, Clarke's b. f. Sabra

Mr Greville's b. f. Chaffinch Mr J. Clark's b. c. Elcot

b. c. Frantic Ld Clifden's b. f. by Bay Middleton Sir J. Hawley's b, c. by Alarm-Haitoe H.R.H.

Mr Hooper ns ch. or ro. f. Dorothea Mr Delamere's b. c. Creeper

Mr Mare's b, f. sister to Hatherton

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Mr Merry's b. f. by Ithuriel-Sorella's dam | Mr Russell's b. or br. c. Prince Rupert
Mr Morris's ch. f. by Hetman Platoff, dam | Mr S. Scott's b, c, Swipes
by Sircingle

Mr R. Watson's br. f. France
M. W. M. Palmer's br. c. The Greek

Mr B. Way's b. f. Miss Conyngham Mr Payne's ch. f. Hirsuta

Mr Whieldon's b. or br. f. Benita D of Richmond's b. f. Plumstead The DELAPRE STAKES of 5 sovs, each, with 25 added; three year olds, 7st., and four,

8st. 10lb. Fillies and geldings allowed 3lb. One mile. La Clifden's b. c. Harpsichord, 3 yrs | Mr Rogers's b. g. by Orlando, out of InsurMr R. Foster's b. c. Musician, 4 yrs

ance, 3 yrs Major Martyn's br. c. The Swede, 4 yrs Mr Wilkins's b. c. Ari Mr Stevens's ch. f. Britannia, 3 yrs

The NORTHAMPTONSHIRE CUP STAKES, by subscription of 10 sovs. each; three year olds, 6st. 91b.; four, 8st. 71b.; five, 9st. ilb.; six and aged, 9st. 41b.; mares and geldings allowed 3lb. The winner to be sold for 500 sovs., if demanded, &c., and to subscribe to the stakes in 1852. Gentlemen taking a nomination, and not starting, to be subject to the payment of 3 sors., which will be given to the second horse. To start at the Spencer Post, and go once round, finishing at the Judge's chair, about two miles and a furlong. D of Buccleugh ns. ch. g. Pandemus, 3 yrs | Ld Spencer ns. br. f. Achryanthes, 4 yrs Ld Exeter's ch. f. Nutmeg, 4 yrs

Ld Southampton ns. br. f. Sunrise, 3 yrs Sir C. Knightley ns. b. f. Modestina, 4 yrs | Hon. Capt Villiers ns. b. h. Borneo, 5 yrs. Mr Meeson's b. m, Doubt, 5 yrs

Capt Vyse ns. b. g. by Orlando, out of InMr Maunsell ns. br. f. Panope, 4 yrs

surance, 3 yrs Mr A. Stafford ns. b. c. The Gent, 4 yrs

| Mr Wilkins's b. c. Aristos, 3 yrs


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EARL SPENCER'S PLATE of 100 sovs., added to a Handicap Sweepstakes of 15 sovs. each, 5 forfeit, if declared on or before the 15th of March. The winner of any Handicap after the weights appear, to carry 7lb. extra. To start at the Spencer Post and finish at the Winning-chair, about five furlongs--33 subs. Age. st. lb.

Age. st. lb. Turnus, by Taurus . 5 90 Truth, by The Libel

7 0 Mark Tapley, by The Hydra • 4 8 4 Sisyphus, by Slane . . : 70 Woodlark, by Venison .

site, by The Provost

6 12 The Old Fox, by Harkaway

Recruit, by Auckland .

611 Royal Hart, by Venison

tif, by Faugh-a-ballag

6 11 Fuoco, by Talleyrand

7 10 ū2 /22/222/2/2 /2/2/2ưēģ► LLLư –►ătiti? 6 11 The Pilot, by Bran, .

7 10 Torpor, by Bay Middleton • 4 6 11 Sir Robert (h. b.), by Tariff

Constance, by Epirus . Maid Marian, by Venison

Harpsichord, by Touchstone Equiria, by The Squire.

Humphrey, by Cotherstone Aldgate, by The Prime Warden

Beaufort, by John O'Gaunt .
Mouse, by Mus , .

C: \
. 4

7 8 IP

5 Pierre de Touche, by Touchstone Sagacity, by Theon

Leyburne, by Epirus Oxford Blue, by Robin Gray • 4 3 Forlorn Hope, by Charles XII. 3 6 0 Ondine, by The Provost.

Soufflé, by Vol-au-Vent . Docility, by Defence . . 5 p 2 The Incurable, by The Cure 3 Rose Pompon, by I. Birdcatcher 4 qil HANDICAP SWEEPSTAKES of 10 sovs. each, h. ft., with 50 sovs. added. The winner of the Northamptonshire or "Great Warwickshire Stakes to carry 7lb. extra--13 subs. Age. st. lb, 1

Age. st. lb. Borneo, by Cotherstone . . 5 8 10 Royal Hart, by Venison. . 4 7 10 Retail, by Lancastrian .

Abdallah, by The Provost . 4 7 3 Clothworker, by The P. War

Sunrise, by Emilius

. 3 6 9 Mark Tapley, by The Hydra. 4 8 1 Goldfinder, by Faugh-a-Ballagh 3 6 2 Monk, by The Prior 5 . . 4 7 11 Ginevra, by Orlando . . 3 Achyranthes, by Thirsk.

Ella, by Gilbert Gurney. : 3 Tophana, by Giovanni . . 6 7 10

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Earl of ZETLAND, Earl of DURHAM, J. MERRY, Esq., and J. D. SHAFTO, Esq.--STEWARDS,

Mr. RADFORD, Secretary. Mr. RICHARD JOHNSON, Judge, Mr. J. GRAY, Starter. MONDAY, June 23.-The Third vear of the FIRST TRIENNIAL STAKES of 10 sov. each, h

ft.,for four year olds, colts 8st. 7b., fillies 8st. 4lb. ; the second to receive 10 per cent., and the third 5 per cent. out of the stakes. Two miles.-26 subs. *Mr Bowes's b. f. Rybinska

+Mr Merry's br. f. Baroness ch. c. by H. Platoff, out of Total - - ch. f. Duchess Eclipse.

ch. c. Cabman ch. c. Mickleton

Mr J. H. Peart's ch. f. Halcyon Mr W. H. Brook's b. c. Witchcraft Mr S. Reed's br. f. Ludy Wild b. c. Gleam

*Mr J. Scott's ch. c. Shadwell Mr. J. Cookson's ch. f. Sugar-cane (dead)

–– ch. c. Pitsford Ld Eglinton's b. f. Probity

+- - ns. b. c. The Prior of Lanercost b. c. Mavors

Mr R. D. Shafto's ch. f. The Hurdy-gurdy - ch.c. The Knight of Avenel

Girl Mr C. Headlam's br. c. Podasokas

Mr Snewing's b. c. St. George Mr A. Johnstone's b. c. by Voltaire, out of Mr Stephenson's b. f. Whim Executrix

| *Mr Wentworth's ch. f. Ithania -- br. c. The Welshman

+Mr Wrather's gr. f. Miss Da Mr Meiklam's b.c. The Italian This Stake was won in 1949 by Ithania by a length, Shadwell second, St. Martin c. third ;

Rybinska fell; only these four (*) started. Won in 1850 by the Prior of Lanercost by a head, Baroness second; the starters are denoted

by an obelisk (t). The Tyne STAKES of 10 sovs. each, for two year olds, colts 8st 71b, fillies &st. 41b.

Half a mile.-11 subs.
Mr Bowes's b. f. by H. Platoff-M. of Lune | Mr. Pedley's ch. c. Stratagem
Mr W. H. Brook's br. c. The Brahmin

ch.-c. Wide-awake Ld Eglinton's ch. c. Pelopidas

- na, b, c. Corney b. c. The Sheltie

Mr J. Scott's b, f. Songstress b. f. Veracity

Ld Zetland's br, f. Lady-bird Sir C. Monck's b. or br. f. by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Cast-steel

1.-Second year of the SECOND TRIENNIAL STAKES of 10 sovs. each, l. ft.. for three year olds, colts 8st. 71b., fillies 8st. 4lb. ; the second to save his stake, Two

miles.-17 subs. Mr W. Baxter's br. c. The Roman

Sir C. Monck's br. f. by Galanthus, out of Mr Bowes's ch. c. Ipsus

Castaway ch. f. Epira

MrJ. H. Peart's b. c. by Velocipede, out of - ch. f. Kalonga

Albatross Ld Eglinton's b. c. Bonnie Dundee

-- b. f. (dead) by Bay Middleton, out b. f. Emeute

of Margaret Ld Glasgow's b. c. by Don John, out of Mr J. Scott's b. f. Frolicsome Miss Whip

- b. c. Presto - 1o. f. by Lanercost, or Retriever, *Mr G. Wentworth's ch. c. Azeth out of Physalis

Mr Bowes's Mowerina, covered by Prize. Mr A. Johnstone's ch. f. Marion

fighter-wrong nomination. br, f. by Charles XII. - Executrix

Won in 1850 by Azeth, beating Presto by a head; only two ran.' The TYRO STAKES of 10 sov, each, p. p., with 50 added, for two year olds, colts 8st. 71b.,

fillies st. 4lb.; a winner of 100 sov, before starting to carry 2lb. extra. The second to

save his stake, and the Judge to receive 5gs. out of the stakes. T.Y.C.-ll subs. Mr H. Baker's br, or b. c. Tomato

| Mr Merry's b, c, Garibaldi Mr G. Barton's bl. c. The Surveyor

| Mr Shepherd's ch. c. King of Trumps Ld Eglinton's br. c. Shagram

Mr H, Stebbing's bl. c. Sir Charles Napier b. c. Themistocles

Mr J. Watson's ch. f. Agnes, Wickfield Mr S. Hawke's ch, c. Paddy Bird

Mr Wright's bl. f. Bird-on-the-wing Mr T, Lister's b. f. Lizzy The NORTHUMBERLAND PLATE of 200 sovs., added to a Handicap Stakes of 25 sovs. each,

10 ft., and only 5 if declared by a day to be named when the weights are published. The second to receive 50 soys. out of the stakes, and the third to save his stake. Two

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Mark Tapley. by The Hydra

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miles. The winner to pay 25 sovs. towards expenses. A winner of a Handicap (subsequent to the declaration of the weights) of 200 sovs., or upwards, to carry 6lb. extra; of two of that value, 9lb. extra ; the winner of the Derby or Chester Cup, 9lb.; of the Oaks, 6lb, extra. No horse to carry more than 9lb. extra Weights to be declared on the 14th of March. Two miles.--70 subs. Age, st. lb.

Age. st. lb. Abdallah, by The Provost

Lizars, by The Doctor. dchyranthes, by Thirsk.

Louis Napoleon, by Lanercost. 3 Alp, by The Provost

Maid of Masham, by Don John 6 Backbiter, by Gladiator or Don

Maid of Team Valley, The, by

Velocipede .
Baroness, by Don John :
Baroness, The, by Verulam

Maley, by Longsight . .
Bee-hunter, by Gladiator

Marý Nöbbler, by Talleyrand , aged Bonnie Dundee, by Lanercost

Melody, by Melbourne. Caurire (h. b.),' by David or

Mickleton, by Epirus . Arthur.

Miserrima, by Pantaloon Champion, by Gladiator :

Miss Ann, by The Little Known 5 Chantrey, by Touchstone

Mouse, by Mus. Chief Justice, by The Hydra

Mulgrave, by Sleight-of-Hand . Clincher, by Turcoman

Musician, by Lanercost . . Cnæus, by Pompey

Neasham, by Hetman Platoff. 3 Cocktril, The (h. b.), by The

Newman Noggs, by Lanercost Provost.

Newminster, by Touchstone Cutler, The, by Sheffield .

Pandemus, by Idle Boy. England's Glory, by Clarion or

Peasant Girl, by The Major Emilius.

Pitsfurd, by Epirus Elthiron, by Pantaloon

Priör of Lanercost, by Lanercost Gulliver, by Touchstone

Presto, by Sleight-of-Hand Haricot, by Mango or Lanercost

Prudery, by Lanercost. Heroine, by Gladiator .

Raby, by The Doctor Italian, The, by Touchstone

Russborough, by Tearaway Jack Leeming, by Voltaire

Scarborough, by Ratan : Jenny Lind, by Charles XII.

Seaman, by The Sea Joe Sutherland, by Y. Longwaist

Snowstorm, by Lanercost John Dory, by Alpheus

Sweep, The, by The Saddler By John 'o'ĞAUNT-C., dam by

Testator, by Inheritor . The Saddler .

Tightwaist, by Y. Longwaist Knight of Avenel, The, by 'The

Uriel, by Touchstone . Doctor.

Vanguard, by Touchstone

By VENISON, c. - Venus bert Gurney

Vivandiere, by Voltaire. Knook Knoll, by Sir Hercules

By VOLTAIRE, C.-Executrix. 4 Lady Eden, by Auckland

York-you're-wanted, by Jeremy Lady Evelyn, by Don John . 5

Diddler. Little Fawn, The, by Venison. 3 WEDNESDAY.-The NORTH DERBY of 10 sov, each, p. P., with 100 added, for three

vear olds, colts 8st, 71b., fillies 8st 2lb.; the winner of any stake before starting, value 500 sov., to carry blb extra ; the second to receive 50 sov, out of the stakes; and the

winner to pay 10 gs. to the Judge. Once round.-21 subs. Mr J. S. Davidson's br. c. Jack Leeming | Mr Merry's b. c. Physician - br. f. Vivandiere

Mr Meiklam's br. c. by Lanercost, d. by Vol Mr Dawson's b. f. Tightwaist

taire-Lightning's dam Ld Eglinton's b. c. Onæus

Mr A. Nichol's b. c. Newminster
b. c. Hippolytus

Mr J, Osborne's bl. c. The Black Doctor
Mr W. Ewbank's ch. c. England's Glory Mr Parker's b. c. The Calculator
Mr Harrison's ch. f. Trickstress

Mr Phillip's b, c, Le Juif (late La Juive) Mr E. J. Irwin's b. c. Thunderbolt

Mr H. Stebbing's h, or br. c. The Cutler Capt Liddell's b. f. Truth

Mr Watson's b, or bl. f. Nydia (late Con- b. f. Louisa

fession) Mr Job Marson's hr. f. Nancy

Mr Wentworth's ch. c. Azeth Mr Merry's b. c. Louis Napoleon First year of the THIRD TRIENNIAL PRODUCE STAKES of 10 sov. each, b. ft., for two year

olds, colts 8st. 71b., fillies 8st. 4lb. ; the second to receive 10 per cent., and the third 5 per cent, out of the stakes. Half a mile.--12 subs.

O WA UT Arence wat w

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Knight of Gwynnė, The, by Gil

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