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* Smallhopes came in first, but was disqualified, his owner having omitted to make stakes.

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Doge of Venice.. Hymettus ....... Brutandorf..... Grenadier ...... Pylde Halston .......


Felt ....

1824 1825 1826 1827 1828 1829 1830 1831 1832 1333 1834 1835 1836 1837


King Cole...... 1839 Cardinal Puff .. 1840 Dey of Algiers...... 1841 Cruiskeen .......... 1842 Alice Hawthorn 1843 Millepede ....... 1844 Red Deer....... 1845 Intrepid......... 1846 Corranna........ 1847 St. Lawrence..... 1848 Peep-o'-day Boy ..... 1849 Malton........ 1850 Mounseer ...........

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Independence. Colwick ......... Pick pocket ...... The Cardinal.... Birdlime .... Tamworth .......... General Chassé..

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(As the subjoined meeting will come off a day or iwo after the publication of the GUIDE,

it has not been considered necessary to index the horses engaged in it.) WARWICK AND LEAMINGTON SPRING, 1851. LD CLIFDEN, D. T. CONYNGHAM, R. B. W. RAMSAY, and W. H. WILSON, Esqs., STEWARDS.

Mr CLARK, Judge. Mr MERRY, Clerk of the Course. Mr HIBBURD, Starter. TUESDAY, March 18.-The TRIAL STAKES of 10 sov. each, with 50 sov, added ; three year olds 7st., and four 8st. 9lb. The winner of the Derby, Oaks, or St. Leger, to carry 10lb, extra. Maiden three year olds at the time of starting allowed 3lb., and maiden four year olds 5lb. The winner to pay 10 sov. to the Fund, and 5 sov, to the Starter.

The Mile Course.-18 subs. Ld Caledon's b. c. Aaron Smith, 3 yrs Mr E. Herbert's ch. g. Sir Robert, 4 yrs Mr C. H. Carew's br. c. Bullfinch, 4 yrs

(h. b.) Mr T. Dawson's b. c. Mark Tapley, 4 yrs Mr Higden's b. f. Ianthe, 3 yrs Mr W. Etwall's b. c. Knight of the Thistle, Mr C. Liley's b. c. Bold barry, 3 yrs 3 yrs

Mr T. Lister's b. f. Nancy, 3 yrs Mr Forster's b. c. Musician, 4 yrs

Mr Mare's br. c. Recruit, 3 yrs Mr J. Fowler's br. c. The Reaper, 3 yrs Mr E. Phillips's b. f. Truth, 3 yrs Mr G. Hancock's ch. g. The Pilot, 4 yrs Mr Phillips's b. c. Le Juif, 3 yrs Sir J. Hawley's b. f. Gladiole, 4 yrs

Mr G. R. Scott's br. c. Manchester, 3 yrs - br. c. bro. to Truthteller, 3 yrs Mr Sharratt's br. f. Miss Helen, 3 yrs The WOODCOTE STAKES of 15 sov, each, 5 ft. , for two year olds ; colts 8st. 716., and

fillies 8st. 410.; an allowance of 5lb. only for those got by stallions, or out of mares

which never produced a winner. Five furlongs.-7 subs. Mr Carew's bl. f. The Nun

Mr H. Stebbing's br. f. by Ithuriel-Miss Mr Dennistoun's br. f. The Lively Flea

Norton Mr W. Etwall's ch. f. by Slane-Pelerine | Mr Tomkins's ch. f, by The Ugly BuckSir J. Hawley's br. f. Skulda

Helena (5lb.) Mr Mare's br f. by Lanercost-Lobelia(51b.) | The WILLOUGHBY HANDICAP of 15 sov. each, 10 ft., and 5 only if declared, &c., with 30

added. The winuer to pay 10 sov. to the Fund. Gentlemen riders, but jockeys allowed to ride by carryiug Clb. extra. Two miles.-16 subs., 3 of whom declared. &c.

Age st. lb. La Clifden's br. h. Borneo, by Cotherstone ..

• 5 11 la Mr T. Parr's ch. g. Clothworker. by The Prime Warden

. 5 1 2 Mr C. H. Carew's br. g. Agis, by Safeguard

• 6 10 12 Mr T. B. Charlton's ch, m. Kissaway, by Harkaway

.5 10 10 Mr C. H. Carew's b. h. Escape, by Lanercost

• 6 10 Capt Haworth's ch. m. The Baroness, by Irish Birdcatcher

• 5 10 Mr T. Dawson's br. h. Reversion, by Inheritor Mr G. R. Scott's b. g. Administrator, by Inheritor. Capt Oake's b. c. Sisyphus, by Slane. L'Lurgan's b. h. Subduer, by Slane. Mr Isaac Day's b. g. Captain Parry, by Slane

.5 9 9 Mr Phillips's br. g. Risk (h. b.), by Melbourne .

• 4 9 9 Mr J. T. Martin's b. g. Upton, (h. b.), by Drayton

· 5 9 g A FREE HANDICAP of 10 sov. each, h. ft., with 25 added. The winner to pay 5 svs. to the Fund. One mile.-12 subs. Age st. lb.

Age st. Ib. Wood/ark, by Venison

3 Swordplayer, by Gladiator Docility, by Defence

Forester (h. b.), by Alpheus Old Fox, by Harkaway

Risk (h. b.), by Melbourne The Pilot (n. b.), by Brar

Unity, by Anti-Repealer. . 3 5 0

Heart of Oak, by Old England Aldgate, by The Prime Warden . 5 6 6 | Brenda (h. b.), by Napier . 3 4 9

• 5 10 aged 10 . 4 100 aged

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The Pilch, by Slane me Warden

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WEDNESDAY.- The Two YEAR OLD STAKES of 10 sov, each, with 50 sov. added. for

two year olds; colts 8st. 71b., and fillies 8st. 4lb. The winner to pay 10 sov, to the

Fund, and 5 suv, to the Starter. Five furlongs. - 14 subs. Mr E. Buckley'sch. f. Tame

1 Mr T. Lister's f. Lizzy Ld Clifden's ř. by Bay Middleton-H.R H. Mr J. Merry's br. c. Saredon Mr C. H. Carew's c. Hampton

Mr E. Phillips's ch. c. by The Libel-Miss Mr W. Etwall's ch. f. by Slane-Pelerine Kitty Cockle Mr Fletcher's b. f. Poetess

Sir C, Rushout's b. c. Ethelwolf Mr Greville's b. f. by Slane - Brington's Mr Richard's br. f. The Grand Duchess dam

Mr Smith's ch. c. Foam Sir J. Hawley's br. f. Skulda

Mr H, Stebbing's ch. f. Quicksight The CASTLE STARES of 15 sov. each, 5 st., for three year olds ; colts 8st. 716., and Gillies

8st. 4lb. Winners of 1001, to carry 3lb., of 2001, 5lb. extra. One mile. Mr Carew's b. c. Souffle

| Mr Mare's br. c. Recruit. Mr W. Etwali's b. c. Knight of the Thistle | Mr Thornhill's b. c. Kremen The GREAT WARWICKSHIRE HANDICAP of 20 sov, each, 10 ft., and only 5 if declared,

&c., with 50 added. The second to receive 20 soy. out of the stakes; the wiuner to pay 15 sov. towards expenses. Two miles.-33 subs., 22 of whom declared, &c.

Age st. lb. Ld Clifden's b. h, Borneo, by Cotherstoue .

. 5 8 Mr T. Parr's ch. g. Clothworker, by The Prime Warden

. 5 8 0 Mr J. Merry's b. m. Miss Ann, by Little Known Mr W. Palmer's br. m. Doubt, by Gladiator , Mr T. Dawson's b. c. Mark Tapley, by The Hydra Mr Osbaldeston's b. h. Minimum, by Laneicost . Mr T. B. Charlton's ch, m. Kissaway, by Hark away Sir J. Hawley's ch. c. Cranberry, by Irish Birdcatcher Mr W. Etwall's ch. c. Bushranger, by Thistlewhipper Mr C. H. Carew's b. h. Escape, by Lanercost . Mr Winch's b. c. Zadoc, by Bay Middleton . Sir J. Hawley's b. m, Gladi ile, by Gladiator .. Mr E. Jones's b. m. Docility, by Defence . Mr Lawson's ch. g. Caurire (h, b.), by David or Arthur

5 6 11 Mr G. Bradell's ch. c. Little George, by Bretby

4 6 11 Mr Payne's ch. f. Ondine, by The Provost .

6 10 Mr E.J. Irwin ns. b. g. Abd-el-Kader (h. b.), by Ishmael La Guernsey ns. b.f. Modestina, by Clarion .

6 5 Mr Isaac Day's b. g. Captain Parry, by Slane

• 5 6 4 Ld Strathmore's b. f. Sunrise, by Emilius .

. 3 5 4 Mr Hesseltine's ch. f. Unity, by Anti-Repealer

• 3 5 0 Mr Copeland ns. b. f. Colibri, by Cotherstone

. 3 4

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CALENDAR.-Owing to the inaccuracy of the printed lists, C. Wakefield is returned as the rider of winners at Durham, Malton, Newcastle, and of several other horses in the north, instead of his son, F. Wakefield.

Jockey3.---The present address of F. Wakefield is Ilsley (Drewe's).


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8, 8st.

gst Theost-tempore, 57: Maiden Downes,


Idleboy, 6 yrs, 7st 31b .

C. Sharpe o THURSDAY, Feb. 6.- The Trial Stakes of 1811. ; |

Panope, 4 yrs 7st 5lb


Charlton 0 Wilmont, 4 yrs, 7 st 51b.

Wells 0 I mi. and a dis. Nancy, by Pompey, 3 yrs, 6st 101b E. Harrison

Colibri, 3 yrs, 4st iilb

• Aspinallo Post-tempore, 5 yrs, est 121b - Bumby 2

2 to 1 agst Unity, 4 to'l agst Caurire, 5 to i aget Guardsman, 3 yrs, 6st 5lb (carr. 6st71b) Basham S

Panope, o to lagst Doubt, 10 to 1 agst any other. Witchcraft, 4 yrs, 8st 41b .

Stringer 0

Won by two lengths ; half a length between second Calculator, 3 yrs, 6st 131b

Charlton 0

and third ; Panope a good fourth, Wilmont a bad Swift, 5 yrs, 8st 121b (carr. 9s


fifth, 3 min. 12 sec. Louisa, 5 yrs, 8st 9lb

C. Smith

Optional Selling Stakes of 601. ; I mi. Selina, 5 yrs, 9st .

G. Hall 0 Mistake (late Andalusian) by Liverpool, jun. Beaumont Oats (h.b.), 4 yrs, 7st 121b

5 yrs, 9st 21b

Robt. Sherwood 0 Clara, aged 9st 3lb Nutbrown, 4 yrs, 8st 61h

- Dean 0 Larry's The Lad, 4 yrs, 8st. Osborne, jan. 0 Oxford Blue, 4 yrs, 8st llb Osborne 0 Master Downes, aged, 9st 21b

Fowler 0 Heart of Oak, 3 yrs, 6st 5lb - Sabin0 Maid Marian, 6 yrs, est illb

Mr Gaman 0 3 to l agst Nancy, 3 to 1 agst Post-tempore, 5 tol Golden Lady, 4 yrs, 7 st 5lb . C. Shar pe 0 agst Oxford Blue, 5 to lagst The Calculator, 6 to 1 | Alma. 4 vrs, 7st Tilb

• G. Francis agst Heart of Oak, and 8 to lagst The Guardsman 6 to 4 agst Mistake, 3 to l agst Master Downes, Won by several lengths.

and 4 to lagst Clara. Won by a length, Maid FRIDAY.--Handicap Sweepstakes of 481. ; I mi. Marian third, Alma fourth. The winner entered Post-tempore, by Stockport, 5 yrs, 8st 71b Bumby 1 to be sold for 501., was sold for 72 guineas. Swift, 5 yrs, 7 st ilb ..

- Sabin 2 Calculator, 3 yrs, 5st 121b (carr. 6st) Harrison 3

COVENTRY. Oxford Blue, 4 yrs, 7st 5lb

- Osborne 0 Psyche, 4 yrs, 7 st 21b

- Charlton 0 | TUESDAY, March 4.-4 Smrepstakes (Handicap 5 to 4 agst Psyche, 2 to 1 agst Post-tempore, and

of 601.; I mi. 4 fur. 5 to I agst any other. Won by half a length; a

Heart of Oak, by Old England, 3 yrs, neck between the second and third.

5st 4lb

Kendall 1 Hurdle Stakes of 651.; 2 mi.

Bacton, 4 yrs, 7st 5.b

. Weerer 9 Hazy, 8 yrs, 4st 11lb

. Hughes 3 Quadruped, aged, 10st 3lb W. Taylor walked over

Modestina, 4 yrs, 6st 101b

• Wells 4 The Mease, aged, 7st


Even on Heart of Oak, and 4 to 1 ngat The Mease. WEDNESDAY, Feb. 26. Champion Handicap Won by a length and a half; Hazy a bad third. Hurdle Stakes of 951. ; 2 mi.

Free Handicap Hurdle Stake of 1051.; 2 mi. Cogia, by Cotherstone (h. b.), 5 yrs

The General, by Irish Birdcatcher, aged, Ost 101b

W. Archer The Seignor of Holderness, 4 yrs, 9st 81b

10st 61b Tasker 2 |

- Frisby 1

Half-and half, aged, 10st 121b Little Queen, 5 yrs, 10st l0lb S. Darling, jun. 3

Sly, jun. 2 Valiant, aged, 10st 101b

J. Debeau 01. Kuor of tolderness

Se gnor of Holderness, 4 yrs, 9st 8lb W. Archer 3

Thrift o Empress of Russia, 6 yrs, 9st 8lb

Tasker 0

Venice, 6 yrs, 9st 81b Patrick, 5 yrs, 9st 61b .

- Livesey 01

Even on Half-and-half, 2 to I agst The General, 2 to lagst Seignor of Holderness, 5 to 2 ag-t Co.

and 2 to 1 agst S. of Holderness. Won by half a gia, and 6 to l asst Patrick. Won by half a length: length; a bad third ; Venice did not pass the post. Little Queen beaten a length from the Seignor;

Selling Stakes of 501.; I mi. Patrick an indifferent fourth. Run in 4 min. 3 sec. Hazy, by Venison, 8 yrs, 5st Tilb - Wells i Liverpool Spring Cup (Handicap) of 2801. ; Passion flower, 6 yrs, 8st Tilb .

Mase 2 I mi. 6 fur.

Peter the Great, 8 yrs, 6st blb Hammond 3 Unity, by Anti-Repealer, 8 yrs, 5st 9lb T. Dodd i The Mease, aged, 8st 11lb

W. Sharpe 0 Doubt, 5 yrs, 8st 716 • C. Marlow 2 | Bro. to Eldon, 5 yrs, 78t 181b

Kendall 0 The Baroness, 5 yrs, 78t 91b - Doyle 8 Sampler, 4 yrs, 7st lulb

Heavens 0 Caurire, 5 yrs, 7st 91b

Hiett 0 Emma, 3 yrs, 6rt 3lb - . Hughes 0 Little George, 4 yrs, 78t9lb

Dawson 0 7 to 4 agst Emma, 7 to 2 agst Hazy, 4 to 1 agst Conveyor, 4 yrs, 7st 91b

Osborne, jun. 0 Passion flower, and 7 to 1 agst Bro. to Eldon. Won Latitat, 6 yrs, 7 st 71b

G. Francis 0 by a length; a length between second and third.

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emprot age 5


W RUFF is now enabled to supply parties in the country
• with the Betting on the principal events


On Moderate Terms. Applications addressed to W. RUFF, 33, Doughty-street, London, will receive immediate attention,


ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH COMPANY. ESSAGES are forwarded to all parts of the Kingdom from the following Stations in London :

448, West Strand
Euston Station, Euston-square.
Eastern Counties Terminus, Shoreditch.
South Western Terminus, Waterloo Station.

Rate of charges for 20 Words :
id. per Mile for the . . . . . . 1st 50 Miles.

2nd , · Id. for any distance beyond 100 Miles." N. B.-No charge less than 28. 6d., or higher than 108. per 20 words.

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Charge for Messengers 18. per Mile. Special and Express Messengers,

horse or cab hire, according to time and distance.

Message Orders for Carriages, Post Horses, Beds, and Refreshments,

for the accommodation of Travellers, at 2s. 6d. each.

Further particulars may be obtained upon application at the Company's
Offices in London, and at the various Telegraph Stations throughout the
All communications are to be addressed to

J. S. FOURDRINIER, Secretary,
Central Station, Founders Court, Lothbury.

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