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Age, st. lb. 1

Age st. lb• Old Dan Tucker, by Picaroon

| Seignor oj Hulderness, by SleightRoyal Hart, by Venison

of-Hand St. Rosalia, by St. Francis

Soufflé, by Vol-a-Vent . Sauter la Coupe, by Sleight of

Strongbow, by Touchstone Hand .

Utrecht, by The Provost. . 4 By Sir HERCULES, C.-Empress 3 Valentine, by Slane .

I Zadoc, by Bay Middleton Two-YEAR OLD STAKES of 10 sovs. each, with 50 added; colts 8st. 71b., fillies 8st 3lb.

Winners before starting, 5lb. extra. Half a mile-10 subs. Count Batthyany's b. f. Queen Bee

| Mr Greville's b. f. by Slane-Brington's d. Mr Carew's b. c. Little John

Mr W. Gulliver's ch. f. Lady Blanche
Ld Clifden's b. f. by Bay Middleton, out of Sir J. Hawley's br. f. Skuldii
H. R. H.

Major Pitt's ch. f. Lady in Waiting
Mr Francis's b. f. Dorothea

Mr F. Scott names b. f. by Galipoli, out of Mr forth's br. c. Whirlwind

Gaiety FRIDAY-THE OAKS STAKES of 50 sov. each, h, ft. for three-year old fillies, 8st. 71b.

each ; the second to receive 100 sov out of the stakes. The winner to pay 100 sov. to

wards expenses, &c., and 30 sov. to the Judge. Mile and a half.-132 subs.
The King of the Netherlands na. ch. f. Payment, by Slane, out of Receipt
Mr S. Adams's br. f. The Maid of the Mini, by Muley Moloch, d. by Emilius
Col Anson's ch, f. Christina, by Don John, out of The Princess

b. f. by Don John, out of Lollypop
- br.f. Theorem, by Don John, dam by Dr. Syntax, out of Problem
Mr Bastard's b. f. by Slane, out of Blanchie
Mr Bateman's b. or br. f. by Tearaway, out of Old Stock, by Drone

D of Bedford's b. f. Ariadne, by Minotaur, out of Elizabeth
Mr Bowes's ch. f. Kalonga, by Hetman Platoff, out of Maid of Lune
Mr W. Braithwaite's br. f. Funny, by Auckland, out of Aquatic, by Albemarle
Ld Caledon's b. f. sister to IV anota, by Simoom, out of Cassandra
Mr J. Cassidy's b. f. Whisper, by Cotherstone, out of Conscience
Mr E. R. Clarke's ch.f. The Duchess of Leeds, by Ratcatcher out of Lady Liverpool

- br. f. Lady Jane, by Picaroon, dam by Medoro, out of Mosti Ld Clifden's b. f. Galaxy, by Bay Middleton, out of Plenary

- b. f. Regia, by Bay Middleton, out of H.R.H
br. f. Coticula by Touchstone, out of Latitude
br, f. Sneer (late Pikria), by Bay Middleton, out of Irony
b. f. Glenochty, by Plenipotentiary, out of Glenlui

b. f. Missile, by Bay Middleton, d. (Projectile's d.) by Velocipede
Mr Cooper's b. f. by Melbourne, out of Ninny
Mr R. E, Cooper's br. f. Indiana, by Muley Moloch, out of Pocahontas
Mr Copeland's b. f. Drill, by Touchstone, out of Parade
Capt Delmé's b, or ro. f. Merry May, by Venison, out of Silverlock
Mr J. G. Dixon's br. f. The Abbess, by Lanercost, out of Fellow-Commoner's dam

b. f. Terpsichore, by Epirus, out of Celeste, by Camel
Mr C. Dorrien's b. f. Chaplet, by Cowl, out of Charming Kate
Mr J. S. Douglas's ch. f. Irene, by Epirns, dam by Muley, out of Rosalia
Mr W. Edwards's b. f. Prima Donna, by The Emperor, out of Minaret
Ld Eglinton's b. f. Emeute, by Lanercost, out of Bellona
Mr W. Etwall's ch, f. sister to Bushranger, by Thistlewhipper, out of Australia

- ch. f. Antigone, by Thistlewhipper, out of Ægis
Mr Ewbank's b. f. Wish, by Touchstone, out of Hope
Ld Exeter's b. f. Melita, by Plenipotentiary, out of Toga

- ch. f. Ambassadress, by Plenipotentiary, out of Macremma
br. f. Cilla, by Beiram, out of Celia
ch, f. sis. tu Gardenia, by Beiram, out of Datura

b. f. Phlegra, by Phlegon, out of Elegance
Mr G. S. Ford's ro, f. Forlorn Hope, by Charles XII, out of Baleine
Mr H. Freeman's b. f Olivia, by Orlando, out of Stamp
Mr W. Garforth's gr. f. by Lanercost, dam by The Saddler, out of Don John's dam
Ld Glasgow's br. f. by Lanercost, or Retriever, out of Physalis
Mr Gordon's b. f. Turtle, by Venison, out of Folly
Mr Gratwicke's br. f. The Squaw, by Robert de Gorham, out of Mary

br. f. Anspach, by Robert de Gorham, out of Margravine

b. f, Hesse Homburg, by Robert de Gorham, out of Landgravine

- b. f. Henrietta, by Merry Monarch, out of Cestus Mr Greville's br. f. Barcelona, by Don John, out of Industry

Mr Greville's br. f. Ginevra, by Orlando, out of Jamaica

- ch. f. Constance, by Epirus, out of Little Finch

- ch. f. Plush, by Plenipotentiary, out of Velveteen Sir J. Hawley's b. f. Vermuth, by Cotherstone, out of Vat

b. f. Hazy, by Venison, out of Darkness

b.f. Merry Peal, by Slane, out of Vibration
- _ b. f. sister to Miami, by Venison, out of Diversion
Sir J. Hawley's br. f. Aphrodité, by Bay Middleton, out of Venus, by Sir Hercules
Sir G. Heathcote's b. f. by Epirus, out of Dark Susan
Mr Henry's ch. f. Julia, by Epirus, out of Monstrosity

Pussy (late Mignonne) by Lanercost, out of Ma Mie
Mr H. Hill's ch. f. Epira, by Epirus, out of Mickleton Maid
Mr Howard's ch. f, Prestige, by Epirus, out of Retrospect
Mr Humphries's b. f. Laura Middleton, by Bay Middleton, out of L'Hirondelle
Mr T. Hussey's b.f. Rara Avis, by Cowl, out of The Magnet's dam
Mr Jaques's ch. f. Heirloom, by Clarion, out of Galena

- ch. f. Emily Bell, by Emilius, out of Bella
Mr W. Jenkins's ch. f. Fortuna, by Slane, out of the Gipsy Queen, by Dr. Syntax

b. f. Curl, by Epirus, dam (The Jester's dam) by Whisker Mr A. Johnstone's b. f. Maggy, by St. Martin, out of Sweetbriar

b. f. by St. Martin, out of Messalina

ch. f. Marion, by St. Martin, out of Rebecca - br. f, Pinch, by St. Martin, out of Margery

- b. f. Harlequinade, bv St. Martin, ont of Extravaganza Mr Jones's b. f. Ianthe, by Ion, out of Ringworm Mr J. Kingston's ch. f. Delia, by Epirus, or Cotherstone, out of Sophia, by Camel Mr Kirby's b. f. Little Hannah, by Lanercost, d. (1842) by Phænix -- Miss Clifton Mr Lawson's ch. f. Minna (h. b.), by Napier, out of Caurouch's dam Mr Lillie's b. or br. f. Queen Bee, by Tory-boy, out of Miss Frill

-_ b. f. by Tory-boy, out of Mamsel Otz Mr. J. Little's b. f. Colibri, by Cotherstone, out of The Wryneck Mr R. G. Lumley's bl. f. Madame Wharton, by Cardinal Puff, out of Rackety Girl's dam

b. f. Greenfield, by Camel Junior, out of Marcellina, by Akarius Mr Mare's br. f, Pandora, by Pantaloon, out of Lobelia, by Camel

br. f. Scandal, by Touchstone, dam by Discount

- ch. f. Vanity, by Slane, out of Breastgirth Mr Merry's b. f. Maid of the Mountain, by Lanercost, out of Maid of Motherwell's dam Sir C. Monck's b. f. by Lanercost, out of Garland Mr Mostyn's b. f. by Touchstone. out of Princess Alice. by Liverpool Mr A. Nichol's b. f. Beatrice (dead), by Touchstone, out of Queen Bee Mr R. E. Oliver's ch. f. Ischia, by Ithuriel, out of Grace Darling, by Sheet Anchor Ld Orford's b. f. by Arundel, out of Mangosteen

br. f. Alboni, by the Grand Duke, out of Adelgund Mr Osbaldeston's ch. f. by Pantaloon, out of Camp-follower Mr Payne's ch. f. Catalpa, by Epirus, out of Kalmia

- ch. f. Glendale, by Cotherstone, out of Glencairne

ch. f. Citadel, bs Epirus, out of Glacis
Col Peel's br. f. Naphtha by Slane, d. (Iodine's d.) by Sir Hercules

b. f. sister to Sesostris, by Slane, out of Palmyra
Sir R. Pigot's br, f. Mexico, by Muley Moloch, out of La Belle Sauvage
D of Richmond's ch. f. Hurry Scurry, by Pantaloon out of Confusionée
Mr J. Rogers's b. or br. f. Jubilee, by Jerry, out of Prosody's dam
Mr. Rolt's br. f. Ingratitude, by Jerry, out of Arethusa, by Elis — Aunt Bliss
Baron Rothschild's b. f. by Kremlin, out of Evening Star
Mr W. Sadler's ro f. by Venison, out of Witticism
Mr Isaac Sadler's b. f. Sepulchre, by Archy, out of Herculaneum
Ld John Scott's b. f. Miserrima, by Pantaloon, out of Phryne
Mr J. Scott's b. f. Frolicsome, by Cotherstone, out of Cyprian

b. f. Louie, by Emilius, or Voltaire, out of Miss Horewood
Mr S. Scott's br, f. by Kremlin, out of Gaiety, by Touchstone
Ld Stanley's ch. f. Iris, by Ithuriel, out of Miss Bowe
Mr W. Stebbing's br. f. Maid of all Work, by Don John, out of Stitch

b. f. Emily, by Melbourne out of Francis, by Dr. Faustus
b. f. Pet Lamb, by Melbourne, out of Louise, by Sir Hercules

br. 1. Trick, by Sleight-of-hand, out of Fleur-de-Lys, by Sheet Anchor
Ld Strathmore's ch. f. Ella, by Gilbert Gurney, out of Seaweed
Mr Thompson's b. f. Gracilla, by Defence, or Galaor, out of Pharmacopæia

Mr Monch. t. vandal, by To Fantaloon. 01, out of Mnal Puff, oate

Mr J. Tilbury's b.f. by Charles XII., out of Mangel-wurzel
Mr Verrall's ch. f. Perfume, by Dulcimer, out of Y. Mignionette
Mr Walker's ch. f. Gay Lass, by Ithuriel, out of Little Bird
Ld Warwick's ch. f. Avia, by Paugh-a-Ballagh, out of Barbarina
Ld Waterford's ch. f. sis. to Ballinkeele, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Perdita

- ch. f. by Corranna, out of Red Rose
Mr Watson's br. f, Mirage, by Cotherstone, out of Treacherous
Mr Watson's bl, f. Touch-me-not, by Touchstone, out of Ladye of Silverkeld Well

-- b. f. Nineveh, by Cotherstone, out of Annette Col Westenra's b. f. Wanton, by Freney, out of Welfare Mr J. Whitworth's bl. f, Breba, by Touchstone, out of Lady Mary

b. f. The Little Fawn, by Venison, out of Lady Sarah, bv Veloci pede Mr Wigram's br. f. by Bay Middleton, dam (Corranna's dam) by Perchance Mr W. Wright's b. f. Miss Flyaway, by Cotherstone, out of Miss Flareaway Mr John Wotton's ch. f. by Valentissimo, out of Jenny Jones, by Sir Hercules Mr W. York's b. f. The Incurable, by The Cure, out of Elphine, by Emilius

- b. f. by The Cure, dam by Plenipotentiary, out of Tontine

1852. WEDNESDAY.The DERBY STAKES of 50 sov. each, h. ft., for three year olds, colt

8st. 71b., fillies 8st. 21b. The second to receive 100 sov. out of the stakey; and the winner to pay 100 sov. towards the expenses of the course, and 50 sov, to the Judge.

Mile and half.-185 subs,
Mr R. B. Allardice's br. f. by Fancy Boy, out of Pelisse, by Spencer
Col Anson's b. c Rolando, by Orlando, out of Gossamer
- b. c. by Orlando, out of The Princess

br. c. Bull's-eye, by Don John, out of Lollypop

ch. c. Greyleg, by Pantaloon, out of Black Bess
Capt Archdall's b. c. by Lanercost, out of Oh Don't
Mr Josiah Arnold's b. c. Little Harry, by Epirus, out of Fraudulent
Mr H. Baker's b. c. Tomato, by Mango, out of Testatrix, by Touchstone
Mr G. Barton's bl. c. The Surveyor, by The Doctor, out of Fairy Queen, by Brutandorf

ch. c. Scipio, by Ben-y-Ghlo, out of The Biddy
Mr P. Bateman's ch. c. Dismay, by Magpie, out of Surprise
Count Batthyany's br. c. The Monk, by Cowl, out of Sophia, by Camel
D of Bedford's ch. c. Hugo, by Weatherbit, out of Esmeralda

b. c. Weathergage, by Weatherbit, out of Taurina
Mr Blake's b. c. Old Rowley by The Merry Monarch, out of Bourra l'omacha
Mr Philip Booth's b. c. Missing, by Envoy, out of Moose Deer
Mr T. Booth's br. c. Treasurer by Verulam, out of Makeless, by St. Martin
Mr Bowes's ch. c. Daniel O'Rourke, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Forget-me-Not

ch. c. by Verulam, out of Wiasma
Mr Bradshaw's b. c. Barbarian, by Simoom, out of Lady Barbara's dam
Mr Bristow's br. c. Fonthill, by Mango, out of Arethusa (Fernhill's dam)
Ld Bruce's br. c. The Knight of the Shire, by Sir Hercules, out of Split-vote
Mr Thos. Bowman's b. c. Nutcracker, by Nutwith, out of Cantata, by Muley
Mr Carew's br. c. The Prophet, by Lanercost, out of Myrrha, by Malek

b. c. Little John, by Scutari, out of Wee Pet
Mr C. H. Carew's c. Hampton, by Slane, out of Charlotte, by L
Mr F. Clark's b. c. Croat, by Cotherstone, out of Polyxena
Mr Jas. Clark's b. c. Elcot, by Venison, dam by defence, out of Nike
Ld Clifden's b. c. Hymettus, by Bay Middleton, out of Bees'-wax

b. c. Hesperus, by Bay Middleton, out of Plenary

b. f. Rosary, by Touchstone, out of Crucifix
- b. c. Magnes, by Touchstone, out of Latitude •
- b. c. Sackbut, by Touchstone, out of Concertina

b. c. Hyacinth, by Bay Middleton, out of Snowdrop

- b. c. Dolland, by Lanercost, out of Gaze Mr Copeland's b. c. The Corporal, by Orlando, out of Parade Mr W. Cuthbert's br. c. Glendinning, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Queen of Tyne's dam

_ b.c. Kingfisher, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Queen of Tyne Mr Stirling Davidson's br. c. Vortex, by Voltaire, out of Martha Lynn Mr Dawson's ch. c. The Varmint, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Parasina

b. c. Tom Pinch, by Perion, out of Windlass Mr T. Dawson na. b. c. Fortis, by Red Deer, out of Marietta



Mr C. Dorrien's bl. c. Chief Burun Nicholson, by The Baron, out of Ally Croaker

b. c. bv Lanercost, out of Flash of Lightning Ld Eglinton's ch. c. Pelopidas, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Bellona

-- b. c. Themistocles, by Fancy Boy, out of Themis

- - bc. Claverhouse, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Blue Bonnet Ld Enfield's b, c, Poodle, by Ion, out of Ma Mie Mr W. Ewbank's b. c. Sir John Franklin, by The Sea, out of Lorimer's dam

b.c. Masham, by Nutwith, dam by Velocipede, out of Sultaness Ld Exeter's ch, c. by St. Martin, out of Mecca

ch. c. Ner, by Beiram, out of Datura

ch. c. Stockwell, by The Baron, out of Pocahontas

- h. c. Lens, by St. Martin, out of Camera Obscura Mr Farrance's br. c. Claverhouse, by Launcelot, out of Gadily

- _ b.c Joe Miller, by Venison, out of Witticism
Mr Fuller's b, c. bv Slane, dam (1838) by Camel, out of Walfruna
Mr J. Gill's ch. c. by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Hecate
Mr Gill's b. c. Bewick, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Flower of the Tees
Ld Glasgow's b, c, by Slane, out of Alarm's dam
Mr Gratwicke's ch. c. Maidstone, by Chatham, out of Mary

b, c. Canterbury, by Chatham, out of The Landgravine
Mr J. R. Greig's ch. c. by Faugh-a-Ballagh, out of Delia, by Dick
Mr Greville's b, c, Gerard, by Alarm, out of Miss Heathcote
Mr Gully's b. c. General Washington, by The Emperor, dam by Wiseacre
Mr Halford's b. c. Peppermint, by Sweetmeat, out of Pantalonade
Mr Hall's b. c. Mangrove, by The Magnet, or Mango, out of Minna Troil, by E
Mr Harrison's br. c. The Major, by The Era, out of Giselle, by Emilius
Mr T. Harrison's b. c. The Old English Oak, by Faugh-a-Ballagh, out of Delaine
Mr S. Hawke's b. c. by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Cinizelli, by Touchstone
Sir J. Hawley's b. c. Bob Major, by Old England, out of Vibration

Lob. c. Songster, by Touchstone, out of Cavatina --- br. c. bv Old England, out of Science

-- b. c. Hautboy, by Old England, out of Lady Strut
-- b. c. by Alarm, out of Haitoe

b. f. by Touchstone, out of Cheshire Witch Sir G. Heathcote's br. c. by Lanercost, out of Zenobia

br. c. by Lanercost, out of Japan, by Amato - br. c. by Lanercost, out of Nannette Mr R. Hebblethwaite's b. c. The Aristocrat, by Ithuriel, d. by Medoro, out of Mosti Mr S. Herhert's b. c. brother to Deicoon, by Sir Hercules, out of Zebra ----- b. c. by Sir Hercules, out of Odessa

- br. c. by Sir Hercules, out of Miss Letty

ch. c. by Sir Hercules, out of Empress, by Emilius Mr Hesseltine's b. c The Governor, by The Squire, out of Tabitha Bramble

- b.c. Tramp, by Liverpool, out of Gipsv, by Sir Hercules
Mr G. Higgins's b. c. Sir William Harpur, by Gilbert Gurney, out of New Year's Day
Mr H. Hill's b. c. John of Leyden, by Alarm, out of Polka, by Emilius
Mr Hodgson na. b. c. Northman, by Lanercost, or Irish Birdcatcher, out of Colocynth
Mr C. H. Holloway's br. c. Richard Primmer, by Venison, d. by St. Nicholas
Mr Howard's b. c. Geleon, by Ion, out of Jenny Jumps
Mr Howard's br. f. Alhambra, by Cotherstone, out of Sequidilla
Mr T, Hussey's b, or br. c. Sir John Barleycorn, by Ishmael, or The Baron, out of

Mr Irwin's b. c. The Duke of Leinster, by Tearaway, out of Anna Maria
Mr Jaques's ch. c. Odd Fellow, by Ithuriel, out of Burletta

b. c. Snarler, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Bella
Mr A. Johnstone's br. c. Garibaldi, by Gladiator, out of Revival, by Pantaloon
--- br. c. by Verulam, out of Jennala (wrong nom.)

ch. c. St. Alban, by Verulam, out of Morsel, by Mulatto - b.c. Caran, by Verulam, out ot Abigail

ch. c. by Verulam, out of The Hind, by Actæon

b. c. Hierarchy, by Charles XII., out of Remember, by Jerry - - br. c. The Old Lad, by Annandale, out of Wagtail, bv Whisker Mr Kirby's b. c. The Grand Duke, by Lanercost, dam by Phoenix, out of Miss Clifton Mr E. Littledale's bl.c. Lucio, by Faugh-a-Ballagh, out of Fantastic, by Touchstone Mr G. J. Lloyd's b. c. Young Hammond, by Ithuriel, out of Easter, by Brutandorf Captain Lowther's b. c. Chopkins, by The Nob, out of Corinna

Mr J. Lucas na. b. or br. c. Prince Rupert, by Galipoli, out of Remorse
Mr Mare's b. c. by Venison, out of Breastgirth
Mr C. Marson na. br. c. by Theon, out of Rebecca, hy Comus
Major Martyn's b. c. Cunvulsion, by Alarm, out of Elf
Mr Meiklam's b. c. Cleveland, by Fancy-bov, out of Modesty
Mr Merry's b. c. Saredun, by Verulam, out of Ridotto

-. 'b. c. Garibaldi, by Moss Trooper, out of Madame St. Clair
Sir W. Milner's ch. c. The Golden Age, by The Era, out of Osberton's dam
MrG. Morton's br. c. by Fancy-boy, out of ch, m. by Valparaiso, out of Helen Mar
Mr J. Murphy's b. c. by The Ugly Buck, out of sister to Johnny

_ ch. c. bro. to Russborough, by Tearaway, out of Cruiskeen
Mr F. P. Newton's b. c. Ocean Monarch, by The Sea, out of Young Marion
Mr Newton's bl. c. Harry Bluff, by The Sea, out of Lady Gay Spanker
Mr A. Nichol's br. c. Norham, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Bee's-wing
Mr S. O'Meagher's b. or br. c. Galtimore, by Simoom, out of Osprey
Mr G. Ongley's br, c, by Gilbert Gurney, out of Fama, by Dr. Syntax
Ld Orford's br. c. Alcoran, by Theon, out of Adelgund

b. c. by Arundel, out of Bay Dorothy
Mr. Osbaldeston's b. c. by Touchstone, out of Queen of Beauty
- - b, c, by Touchstone, out of Fugleman's dam

b. c. by Hetman Platoft dam (1841) by Camel - Lady Elizabeth, by Lottery Mr W. Overman, jun.'s br. c. St. Andrew, by Drayton, out of Speed, by Lottery Ld Palmerston's b. c. Buckthorn, by Venison out of Zeila, by Emilius Mr Payne's br. c. W ingenund, by Lanercost, out of Valentine Mr T. H. Pedley's ch. c. Wideawake, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Ætheria Col Peel's br. c. The Nabob, by the Nob, out of Hester

b. c. Livermere, by Slane, out of Palmyra - - b. c. Lapidist, by Touchstone, out of lo

b. c. by Venison, out of Queen Anne

ch. c. by Orlando, out of Malibran Sir R. Pigot's b. c. Fiius, by Venison, vut of Birthday, by Pantaloon

- ch. c. Father Thames, by Faugh-a-Ballagh, dam by Bran, out of Active Mr H. B. Powell's b or br. c. The Free-trader, by The Sea, out of Miss Cobden D of Richmond's b. c. Houlakin, by Lanercost, out of Reel

br. c. Harbinger, by Touchstone, out of Cuckoo

br. c. Home-brewed, by Chatham, out of Sherbet
Mr T. Robinson's b. c. by Venison, out of Glee
Mr Rogers's br. c. Theodine, by Theon, out of Prosody's dam
Mr Rolt's b. c. George III., by Venison, out of Arethusa, by Elis

ch. c. Horton Yates, by Epirus, out of The Lady of Pen-y-daren
Baron Rothschild's ch. c. by Phlegon, out of Marinella, by Soothsayer
Mr Rothwell's br. c. Emeri-stone, by Touchstone. out of Gulhane
Sir C. Rushout's b. c. by Faugh-a-ballagh, out of Niobe, Ly Defence (h
Mr St. George's b. c. by Harkaway, out of Whim
LI J. Scott's b. c. brother tu Elthiron by Pantaloon, out of Phryne
Mr J. Scott's ch. c. Phantom, by Irish Birucatcher, out of Ariel, by Liverpool

-_- br. c. Don Carlos, by Don John, out of Valentina
Mr J. Singleton, jun., na. br. c. Lazarus, by Lanercost, out of Sally Snobs
Mr W. Stebbing's b. c. Young Hawthorn, by Lanercost, out of Alice Hawthorn

ch. c. Alfred the Great (late Fortunio), by Orlando, out of Dominus

ch. c. Ovando, by Orlando, out of Switch _

b. c. Serrano, by Orlando, out of Ninny --- br. c. by Fancy Boy, out of Miss Gilmour Mr H. Stebbing's br. c. Anchises, by Fancy Boy, d (1341) by Physician, -- Little Bird Mr Steer's e. The Bird of Prey, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Semiseria Mr Stephenson s b. c. Caracara, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Yarico

b. c. Fancy Bird, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Fancy Ld Strathmore's br. c. Showman, by Launcelot, out of Specimen

b. c. Chim ey Sweep, by Touchstone, out of May Mr H. J. Thompson's b. c. Gujeerat, by Galaor, out of Pharniacopæia Mr. Tılston's b. c. Lord of the Manor, by Auckland, out of Cecilia Mr Waller's b. c. Orelio, by Orlando, out of his Regalia's dam Mr Watson's ch. c. Child of the Mist, by Touchstone, out of The Ladye o f Silverkeld Wel

- bl. c. Ambrose, by Touchstone, out of Annette, by Priam Mr Watt's b. or br. c. San Benito, by Lanercost, out of Ohio

- - b. or br. c. Don Issachar, by Launcelot, out of Barba (1845 ), by Lanercost, out of Cara

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