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Grace Trevelyan; or, Into the Light. By Mrs. Coote, author of “The Sure

Harvest,' - The First Gift,' etc. Illustrated by E. WHYMPER. Crown 8vo.,

gilt edges Grafton Family, The, and other Tales. By G. E. SARGENT. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo.

The leading narrative in this volume describes the history of a family who were

reduced from opulence to comparative poverty by the death of the husband and
father. After many trials, by the Christian patience of the widow, competence
is again attained, together with that blessing which maketh rich, and addeth no


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Granny's Hero. By SALOME HOCKING. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Great Auk's Eggs, The. By DARLEY DALE, author of "The Jersey Boys,' etc.

With Ten Illustrations by CHARLES WHYMPER. Crown 8vo.
A good story for boys, tending to create an interest in and power of observing the

habits of sea-birds.
Great Mistake, A. A Tale of Adventure. By T. S. MILLINGTON. With many

Illustrations. Small quarto
A stirring tale of adventure, full of lively incident, and also of healthy teaching.
Great Salterns, The. By Sarah DOUDNEY. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo., gilt edges.

The scene is laid in an old mansion on the coast of Hampshire. It shows how faith

in Christ can prompt to a life of self-sacrifice and impart cheerfulness under

severe trials.

Barbara's Brothers. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. . .
Child Without a Name, A. Illustrated, Imperial 16mo., gilt edges
Cottage and the Grange, The Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Head of the House, The. A Story of Victory over Passion and Pride. Illus-

trated. Crown 8vo.
Joint Guardians. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Lenore Annandale's Story. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Mistress of Lydgate Priory, The. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Mr. Hatherley's Boys. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Paul Harvard's Campaign. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Two Enthusiasts. Illustrated by E WAYMPER. Crown 8vo..

Uncle Roger; or, A Summer of Surprises. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo..
Griggio's Pilgrimage. By JESSIE F. ARMSTRONG. Illustrated.
Guy Beauchamp's Victory. Illustrated. Crown 8vo...
Gwendoline. By AGNES GIBERNE. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo., gilt edges

A good story for girls, illustrating how earnest effort and independence of character

can result in benefit to others.

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Lampered. A Tale of American Family Life. By Mrs. K. DUNNING. Illust. Cr. 8vo.

A capital story showing how the cares and temptations of life hampered the various

members of a family, and how they were overcome.
Happy Resolve, The. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .
Harrie ; or, Schoolgirl Life in Edinburgh. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Harry Lester's Revenge. By ALICE LANG. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Harry the Sailor. By G. E. SARGENT. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Harry the Whaler. By G. E. SARGENT. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Harry's Perplexity, and what came of it. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Harold's Revenge. By the Author of Soldier Fritz.' Ilustrated. Crown 8vo.

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Head of the House, The. A Story of Victory over Passion and Pride. By E. E.

GREEN. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
The history of a family of brothers and sisters, whose pride and selfishness are

broken down mainly by the influence of a young nephew. It abounds in

interesting scenes. Hedger's Right Arm, The, and other Stories. By the Rev.P. B. POWER. Illust. Cr. 8vo. Helen Maurice; or, the Daughter at Home. Illustrated. Crown 8vo..

A wise as well as an interesting book for girls.

Gipsy Jan. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Roving Robin. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Three Little Fiddlers; or, Love Perfected by Trust. Illustrated. Imp.

Helon of Alexandria, A Tale of Israel in the Time of the Maccabees. With

Preface by Dr. ADOLPH SAPHIR. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .
A vivid picture of Jewish life in the golden age of their later history.
Her Object in Life. By ISABELLA FYVIE Mayo. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo.

The story of a Scotch girl's self-denial exercised on behalf of her brother during

his college course and early manhood.
Heroines of Haarlem, The. Adapted from the French of Madame De Witt. By

H. E. BURCH. With many Illustrations. Crown 8vo., gilt edges .
Hester Lenox: Seeking a Life Motto. By HOWE BENXING. Illustrations.

Crown 8vo..
An American story by a very popular writer. A thoroughly healthy, religious

tale-just the book to put into the hands of thoughtful girls.
Hester's Home. By JanET EDEN. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .
Hid in the Cevennes; or, The Mountain Refuge. By BLANCHE M. MOGGRIDGE.

Illustrated. Bevelled boards. Imp. 16mo. gilt edges
The story of the persecutions endured by the French Protestant maiden, her

adventures in the mountain refuge, and her ultimate restoration to her loved

ones, combine interest and instruction in an unusual degree. Hilda; or, the Golden Age. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. Hindered and Helped. A Story for Boys. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

The experiences of an American family, full of humour, and showing how some of

the weak points in the characters of boys and girls may be strengthened, and

how the power of the Gospel can transform the heart and life.
His Masters. A Story of School Life Forty Years ago. By the author of Max

Victor,' etc. Illustrated. Imp 16mo. Gilt edges
A lively story of schoolboy life from this well-known writer. It is full of incidents

and scenes well calculated to catch the attention of the young reader. Historical Tales for Young Protestants. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

• Young Protestants' are too often suffered to forget those incidents of endurance,

struggle, and triumph which, rightly understood, will teach the world through
all ages what is the quality of that faith which resists priestcraft, withstands

oppression, and takes its stand on the simple truth of God.
History of Little Peter the ship-boy, The. By WILLIAM H. G. KINGSTON. Illus-

trated. Crown 8vo.
Hive and its Wonders, The. With many Illustrations. Crown 8vo.
Holidays at Newhall. By the author of Boys of Highfield.' Illust. Crown 8vo.
Homely Heroes and Heroines. By ANNA J. BUCKLAND. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Homes Made and Marred. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo.

A book to show the foundations of all real home-happiness, and the rocks upon

which it may be lost. There was no basis of love to God in the heart, and the
fall was rapid and complete. A bright contrast is presented in the picture of
some really happy homes where religion exercised its holy binding influences.



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Honesty the Best Policy, etc. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Hopo Reed's Upper Windows. By Howe BENNING. Illustrated. Gilt edges

A beautiful story by the author of "Quiet Corners.' It shows how powerful an

influence for good upon all around an earnest true-hearted girl may exert.
Hours with Working Women. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .
House at the Corner of Broad Street, The Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
How Annie Bryce cared for "One of the Least.' By the author of 'Harry's

Perplexity. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .
How Jarvis got his House, and Saluting the Colours. By Mrs. PROSSER, author of

• The Oldest Fisherman in the World,' etc. Illustrated
How Little Bessie kept the Wolf from the Door. By Mrs. W. H. COATES.

Illustrated. Crown 8vo..
How Mary Edmonds did what she could, and what came of it after many days.

Hugh Coverdale's Choice. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Hugh Templar's Motto. By Miss DOBRÉE. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Humphrey Pace and his Wife Hannah, and other Stories. By Mrs. PROSSER.

Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Humpty Dumpty's Silver Bells. A Story illustrating the Lord's Prayer. By M. S.

HAYCRAFT. Illustrated by CHARLES FERRIER. Crown 8vo.
A simple tale of child-life in which the incidents are made to illustrate very beauti-

fully the various petitions of the Lord's Prayer.
Hurlock Chase; or, Among the Sussex Ironworks. By G. E. SARGENT. With

Illustrations by G. du Maurier. Imperial 16mo., gilt edges
A story of the ironworks of the Sussex • Weald.' The life of a century ago is

reproduced with great success. Gipsies and smugglers play their part as well
as squires and ironmasters, forgemen and peasants. The story is full of stir and
adventure, and will interest boys especially, while the teaching is full of
Christian, manly tenderness.

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I have found the Way, and other Readings for Bible Classes. By ALICE KING,

author of ‘From Strength to Strength,' etc. Frontispiece. Crown 8vo. Ida Nicolari. By EGLANTON THORNE. Illustrated. Crown 8vo..

A story showing how the stern discipline of life gradually overcomes dislike to and

disregard of the Gospel, arising from mistaken views of the nature of Christianity,

created by the wrong action of professing Christians,
In London Fields. A Story of the Lights and Shadows of a Child's Life. By

EGLANTON THORNE. Engravings. Crown 8vo.
A simple, unpretending story of a child's experiences in the East of London.
It's all Real True. The Story of a Child's Difficulties. By EGLANTON THORNE.

Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
A book of much insight and tenderness. The discovery that the wondrous story of

Divine love is real true,' opens a new world to the eye and heart, as the well

arranged incidents of the story illustrate. Ivor Rees, the Welsh Cowherd. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. Ivy's Armour. By Miss E. S. Pratt. Illustrations. Imperial 16mo..

A tale for girls, showing how temper may be overcome, and how a naturally

imperfect character is trained by Christian influence.

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Jack: the Story of a Pocket Book. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

1 0 Jacob Witherby; or, The Need of Patience. By AGNES GIBERNE, author of • Twilight Talks, etc. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

1 6 Patience under a long series of trials is the chief feature in the leading character

of this story. The many readers familiar with the style of this author will

recognise her usual power and skill. Jane Hudson; or, Exert Yourself. Ilustrated. Crown 8vo. .

1 0 Janet Darney's Story. A Tale of Fisher Life in Chale Bay. By SARAH DOUDNEY, Illustrated. Imp. 16mo., gilt edges.

3 6 A touching, well-told tale of fisher-life, with all its perils, its romance, and its

large human-heartedness ; beautifully illustrated with delicate woodcuts of cliff

and cavern and sea. Jenny's Corners. A Story of Home Life. By Mrs. CLARKE. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo. 16

The Corners' here are angles of character, sometimes uncomfortably projecting.

How they were rounded off to the great advantage of all parties is instructively

told in this well-written story. Jenny's First Place; or, A Life's Lesson. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

1 0 Jessica's First Prayer. By HESBA STRETTON. Illustrated. Royal 16mo. .

1 0 Joe Harman's Experiences. By G. HEWLETT SARGENT. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. 1 0 John Denton's Friends. By CRONA TEMPLE, author of 'Little Wavie the Foundling,' etc. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

2 0 Part of the scene of this story lies in Peru, part in England. The descriptions are

vivid and the incidents natural. 'In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He

will direct thy paths,' is the motto of the book. John Rixon's Money-box. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

1 0 Johnny McKay; or, The Sovereign. Illustrated

1 6 An old-fashioned story of honesty and trust. Recommended for lads who have to

work their way upwards with patience and self-denial. JOHNSTON, JOSEPH, Dibs. A Story of Young London Life. Illustrated by ALFRED PEARCE. Imp. 16mo.

1 6 Master's Likeness, The. A School Story for Boys. Imp. 16mo.

2 6 Joint Guardians. By E. EVERETT-GREEN, author of The Head of the House,' "The Mistress of Lydgate Priory,' &c. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

5 0 A tale of two families of cousins, whose fathers are joint guardians of a young girl.

Many interesting incidents, not excluding love scenes, occur, and the main teach-
ing of the book is the influence of a consistent Christian life. The tale exhibits

all the power and skill of this popular writer.
Joseph Adams; or, Two Ways of Facing Life By FLORENCE E. BURCH. Illust. Cr. 8vo. 20
Joyce Graham's History; or, Overcoming Evil with Good. By H. A. GOWRING.
Illustrated. .

3 6 A love story in which the deteriorating influence of selfishness and the power of

faith are illustrated in the experiences of the chief characters.



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Karl Krapp's Little Maidens and their Good Gift. By the author of Harry's

Perplexity, and what came of it.' Illustrated. Imp. 16mo., gilt edges . The little maidens' were twin daughters of a German musician, their home was a

quiet English village, their “good gift' was that of music and song. Teaches

that without humility, faithfulness and patience, the highest gifts are in vain. Katie Brightside, and How she made the Best of Everything. By Ruta LAMB.

Hlustrated by ROBERT BARNES. 4to., gilt edges
Katie, the Fisherman's Little Daughter. By Miss E. S. Pratt. Illust. Cr. 8vo.

Ben Froggatt; or, Little Lonesome. Illustrated. Crown &vo. .
Peep through the Keyhole, A. Crown 8vo..

Sunshine at Last. A Tale of London Life. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
King's Servants, The. By HESBA STRETTON. Illustrations. Royal 16mo.
King's Service, The. A Story of the Thirty Years' War. By the author of

• The Spanish Brothers, etc. Illustrated. 16mo., gilt edges
Captain Cook : his Life, Voyages, and Discoveries. Illustrated. Imperial

16mo., gilt edges
Golden Grasshopper, The. A Story of the Days of Sir Thomas Gresham, Kt.

Illustrated. Imperial 16mo., gilt edges
History of Little Peter, the Ship-boy, The. Hlustrated. Crown 8vo.
Two Voyages, The; or, Midnight and Daylight. Illus. Imp. 16mo., gilt edges
Voyage of the Steadfast, The; or, The Young Missionaries in the Pacific.

Mlustrated. Crown 8vo. .
Yacht Voyage Round England, A. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo., gilt edges
Kitty Bright. Illustrated. Crown 8vo..
Knotless Thread, A. By E. L. DOBRÉE. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

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Lady Rose. By CRONA TEMPLE. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

Bernard Kendal's Fortune. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Comfortable Mrs. Crook, and other Sketches. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Emigrant's son, The; or, Two Christmas Eves. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .
Katie Brightside, and How she made the Best of Everything. Illustrated

by R. BARNES. 4to., gilt edges.
Longest Way Round for the shortest, The, etc. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Look on the Sunny Side, etc. Ilustrated. Crown 8vo. .
Luckiest Lad in Libberton, The. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Milly's Mistakes, and what she Learned by them. Ilustrated. Crown 8vo.
Old Cantanker, and What came of the Flower Show. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.,
Taught by Experience. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. .
Thoughtful Joe, and How he Gained his Name. Illustrated by R. BARNES.

4to., gilt edges .
Too Close-fisted, and other Tales. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Langdon Manor: Scenes and Sketches in the History of a Family Bible. By

G. E. SARGENT. With Illustrations. Crown 8vo. .
A• Family Bible’ is here supposed to relate its history; how in the mansion where

it had found a place it was by turns devoutly used and carelessly despised, and
how at last it became the means of a wondrous change in two hearts and lives.

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