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Pentateuch, A Popular Introduction to the. By the Rev. R. WHELER BUSH, M.A.
Crown 8vo. .

2 6 • The author gives an excellent account of the character and subject matter of the Mosaic record, and the body of the book will be found useful and helpful to many Bible Students.'

Literary Churchman.
Personal Recollections by the Rev. C. B. Tayler. With Memoir and Portrait.
Royal 16mo.

16 Persuasives to Early Piety. By Rev. J. G. PIKE. Imperial 32mo.

1 0 Peter, St., Commentary on. By Archbishop LEIGHTON. 2 vols. 18mo.

4 0 Philemon, Paul's Epistle to. An Exposition for English Readers. By the Rev. A. H. DRYSDALE, M.A. Crown 8vo., red edges

2 6 Philosophy of Prayer, The, and other Essays. By Rev. H. R. REYNOLDS, D.D., of Cheshunt College. Crown 8vo. .

3 6 Philosophy of the Plan of Salvation. A Book for the Times. By an American Citizen. Fcap. 8vo.

1 0 Pictures for Our Pets. Profusely Illustrated. 4to. Each part complete in itself.

I. Home Scenes. II. Birds, Beasts, etc. Fancy covers. 28. each. Com

plete in one vol. Pictures from Bible Lands, drawn with Pen and Pencil. By the Rev. S. G.

GREEN, D.D. Imperial 8vo., handsomely bound, gilt edges, 258. morocco 8 0 Pictures from Holland, drawn with Pen and Pencil, By RICHARD LOVETT, M.A.,

author of • Norwegian Pictures,' etc. With 132 Illustrations, Imperial
8vo., gilt edges, 258. morocco

8 0 The engravings which are more numerous than in most volumes of the series, depict

many of the characteristic features of Dutch architecture, art, scenery, and life.
In the letterpress special attention is paid to Dutch history, the rise and extra-
ordinary development of the Dutch school of painting, and to the natural features

and social customs exhibited by the different provinces.
Pictures from the German Fatherland, drawn with Pen and Pencil. By the Rev.

8. G. GREEN, D.D. Profusely Illustrated. Imperial 8vo., handsomely
bound, gilt edges. 258. morocco .

8 0 Pictures of Animals. By HARRISON WEIR. Coloured Plates ·

5 0 Pictures of Birds, and other Family Pets. By HARRISON WEIR. Coloured Plates 5 0 Pictures of Wild Birds and Animals. By HARRISON WEIR. Coloured Plates . 5 0 PIKE, Rev. J. G. Persuasives to Early Piety. Imperial 32mo.

1 0 Guide for Disciples of the Holy Saviour in the First Steps of their way to Immortality. Crown 8vo.

1 6 Pilgrim's Progress. See BUNYAN. Pioneering in New Guinea. By JAMES CHALMERS, of New Guinea, author of

Work and Adventure in New Guinea.' With a Map, two Portraits, and
Illustrations, engraved by E. WHYMPER. 8vo.

16 0 This volume contains an account of Mr. Chalmers' most important explorations,

including his long visit to the cannibals of the Gulf, and also many sketches of New Guinea life, customs, habits, and beliefs. The book contains much to interest those who are helping Christian missions, those who love true stories of thrilling adventure, and those who wish to know the habits and thoughts of a fine race of savages wholly untouched by Christianity or civilisation until 1872. Mr. Chalmers, acting as interpreter, accompanied the Government Expeditions to proclaim the Protectorate which he describes in the book, and was with Sir Peter Scratchley until a few days before the death of the High Commissioner. The numerous illustrations give the best representation of New Guinea scenes that have ever been published. 'A very instructive volume. Mr. Chalmers has been at work for many years in New Guinea as a missionary, and probably no white man is better known there. ... The book is one that should interest both the student and the ordinary reader. Mr. Whymper's numerous engravings add greatly to its beauty and value.'-Times.

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Plain Paths: Onward and Heavenward. In large type.

With Illustrations.
Crown 8vo..

1 0 Prayers and Promises, Daily, 64mo. Red lines round the pages

0 8 Frayers for a Month. Crown 8vo.

2 6 Precious Truths in Plain Words. In large type. Crown 8vo.

1 0 Preludes to the Reformation. From Dark to Dawn in Europe. By Canon PENNINGTON. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

2 6 Present Day Tracts on Subjects of Christian Evidence, Doctrine, and Morals. In Nine Volumes. Crown 8vo.

each 2 6 VOL 1. contains

28. Origin of the Hebrew Religion. By Eustace P. 1. Christianity and Miracles at the Present Day. By

Conder, M.A., D.D." the Rev. Principal Cairns, D.D., LL.D.

29. The Philosophy of Mr. Herbert Spencer Examined. 2. The Historical Evidence of the Resurrection of

By the Rer. James Iveracb, M.A. Jesus Christ from the Dead. By the Rev. C. A. 30. Man not a Machine, but a Responsible Free Agent. Row, M.A.

By the Rev. Prebendary Row, M.A. 3. Christ the Central Evidence of Christianity. By Rev. Principal Cairns.

VOL. VI, contains4. Christianity and the Life that now is. By W. G.

31. The Adaptation of the Bible to the Needs and Blackie, D.D., LL.D.

Nature of Man. By the Rev. W. G. Blaikie, 5. The Existence and Character of God. By Prebendary

D.D., LL.D. Row, M.A.

32. The Witness of Ancient Monuments to the Old 6. The Success of Christianity, and Modern Explana

Testament Scriptures. By A. H. Sayce, M.A., tions of it. By the Rev. Principal Cairns, D.D.,

Oxford. LL.D.

33. The Hindu Religion. By J. M. Mitchell, m.A., LL.D. VOL. II. contains

34. Modern Pessimism. By the Rev. J. Radford 7. Christianity and Secularism Compared in their

Thomson, M.A. Influence and Effects. By W. G, Blaikie, D.D. 35. The Divinity of Our Lord in Relation to His

Work of Atonement. By Rev. William 8. Agnosticism ; a Doctrine of Despair. By the Rev.

Artbur. Noah Porter, D.D.

36. The Lord's Supper, an Abiding Witness to the 9. The Antiquity of Man Historically considered. By

Death of Christ. By Sir W. Muir, K.C.S.I., &c. Canon Rawlinson, M.A. 10. The Witness of Palestine to the Bible. By W.G.

VOL. VII. contains Blalkie, D.D.

37. The Christ of the Gospels. By D. H. Meyer. 11. The Early Prevalence of Monotheistic Beliefs. By 38. Ferdinand Christian Baur, and his Theory of the Canon Rawlinson, M.A.

Origin of Christianity and the New Testament 2. The Witness of Man's Moral Nature to Christianity.

Writings. By the Rev. A. B. Bruce, D.D. By the Rev. J. R. Thomson, M.A.

39. Man, Physiologically considered. By Alexander VOL. III. contains

Macalister, M.A., M.D. 13. Age and Origin of Man Geologically considered. 40. Utilitarianism. An Illogical and Irreligious

By S. R. Pattison, Esq., F.G.S., and Dr. Theory of Morals. By the Rev. J. R. Thomson,

Friedrich Pfaff. 14. Rise and Decline of Islam. By Sir William Muir, 41. Historical Illustrations of the New Testament K.C.S.L., D.C.L.

Scripture. By the Rev. G. F. Maclear, D.D. 15. Mosaic Authorship and Credibility of the Pen- 42. Points of Contact between Revelation and Natural tateuch. By Dean of Canterbury.

Science. By Sir J. W. Dawson, F.R.S. 16. Authenticity of the Four Gospels. By Rev. Henry Wace, D.D.

VOL. VIII, contains17. Modern Materialism. By the late Rev. W. F. 43. The Claim of Christ on the Conscience. By Rev Wilkinson, M.A.

Wm. Stevenson, M.A. 18. Christianity and Confucianism Compared in their 44. The Doctrine of the Atonement Historically Teaching of the whole Duty of Man. By James

and Scripturally Examined. By Rev. J. Legge, LL.D.

Stoughton, D.D.
VOL. IV. contains-

45. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ in its Historical,

Doctrinal, Moral, and Spiritual Aspects. Rev. 19. Christianity : As History, Doctrine, and Life. By

R. McCheyne Edgar, M.A.
Rev. Noah Porter, D.D., LL.D.

46. Buddhism: A Comparison and a Contrast between 20. The Religious Teachings of the Sublime and

Buddbism and Christianity. By Pev. H. R. Beautiful in Nature. By Rev. Canon Raw

Reynolds, D.D. linson, M.A.

47. Auguste Comté, and the Religion of Humanity. 21. Ernest Renan and His Criticism of Christ. By

By Rev. J. R. Thomson, M.A.
Rev. W. G. Elmslie, m.a.

48. The Ecbics of Evolution Examined. Rev. J. 22. Unity of the Character of the Christ of the Gospels

Iverach, M.A.
a proof of its Historical Reality. By Rev.
Prebendary Row, M.A.

VOL. IX. contains23. The Vitality of the Bible. By Rev. W. G.

49. Is the Evolution of Christianity from Mere Natural Blaikie, D.D., LL.D.

Sources Credible? By the Rev. John Cairns, D.D. 24. Evidential Conclusions from the Four Greater

50. The Day of Rust in Relation to the World that Epistles of St. Paul. By the Dean of Chester.

now is and that which is to come. By Sir J. VOL. v. contains

William Dawson, F.R.S.

51. Christianity and Ancient Paganism. By J. Murray 25. The Zend-A vesta and the Religion of the Parsis.

Mitchell, 1.A., LL.D.
By J. Murray Mitchell, M.A., LL.D.

52. Christ and Creation : a Two-sided Quest. By the 26. The Authorship of the Fourth Gospel. By F.

Rev. W. S. Lewis, M.A.
Godet, D.D.

53. The Present Conflict with Unbelief.

A Surrey 27. Present State of the Christian Argument from

and a Forecast. By the Rev. John Kelly. Prophecy. By the Rev. Principal Cairns, D.D., 64. Tbe Evidential Value of the Observance of the

Lord's Day. By the Rev. G. F. Maclear, D.D.



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Present Saviour, A; or, Great Truths for Earnest Times. By the Rev. R. S.
HUTTON, M.A. Crown 8vo.

1 0
Private Thoughts on Religion. By Rev. THOMAS Adams. 16mo., red edges 1 6
Progress of Divine Revelation ; or, the Unfolding Purpose of Scripture. By the
Rev. Dr. STOUGHTON. Crown 8vo.

6 6 Prophecy : its Nature and Evidence. By the Rev. R. A. REDFORD, M.A. Cr. 8vo. 5 0

• Mr. Redford's little manual is a thoughtful and well-balanced essay on a complex and difficult question, which is ever coming to the front. . . The demonstration of the predictive

element as part of a broad developing revelation is very able.'-British Quarterly Review. Protestant Missions in India from their commencement in 1706 to 1882. By

the Rev. M. A. SHERRING, M.A., LL.B. Newly Revised and brought down
to date. By Rev. E. STORROW, formerly of Benares. 4 Maps. Čr. 8vo.. 6 0

1 0

7 0

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5 0

Rabbi Agur's School and its Four Teachers. Illustrated. Royal 16mo.
• Random Truths in Common Things.' Occasional Papers from my Study Chair

By Rev. J. R. Vernon. Illustrated. Imperial 16mo., gilt edges
The Origin of Nations. In Two Parts : I. On Early Civilisations. II. On

Ethnic Affinities. Maps. Crown 8vo. .
The Religions of the Ancient World. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Rawsox, GEORGE.

Songs of Spiritual Thought. 16mo., red edges
Readings for Winter Gatherings, etc. Edited by Canon FLEMING. First Series.

Imperial 16mo. 18. neat cover
Second Series. 18. neat cover

Third Series. 18. neat cover
Readings with the Little Ones. By AGNES GIBERNE. Simple language and in

very large type. Engravings. Small 4to., gilt edges
Realm of the Ice King, The. A Narrative of Arctic Exploration from the

Earliest Times to recent Expeditions. Illustrated. Imp. 16mo., gilt edges
Recent Discoveries on the Temple Hill at Jerusalem. By Rev. J. KING, M.A.

Maps, Plans, and Illustrations. Crown 8vo.
Discoveries that are full of interest and surprise, and that go far to confirm the Bible record,
and to make the history of the past live before our eyes. The series is one of the best boons
which the Religious Tract Society has conferred upon us; and not one of the series is more full

of interesting and important information than is this one.'-Literary World.
REDFORD, Rev. R. A., M.A., LL.B., Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics,

New College, London.
The Authority of Scripture. A Re-statement of the Argument. Crown 8vo.

Prophecy: its Nature and Evidence. Crown 8vo.
Reformation, History of the—see HISTORY.
Reformation in France, The. From its Dawn to the Revocation of the Edict of

Nantes. By RICHARD HEATH. Illustrated. Crown 8vo.
Reformed Pastor, The. By RICHARD BAXTER. Edited by Dr. W. BROWN. 12mo.
Religion in Daily Life. By Canon GARBETT, D.D. Crown 8vo.
Religions of the Ancient World. By Canon RAWLINSON, M.A. Illust., crown 8vo.
Religious Topography of England, The. By S. R. PATTISON. Crown 8vo.
Rest from Sorrow; or, The Ministry of Suffering. By W. GUEST, F.G.S. Cr. 8vo.

“Sorrowing hearts need a Barnabas, there they will find him. There is tenderness and beauty, pathos and piety, and these in their robustest and most Scriptural form.'-Sword and Trowel.

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Resurreotion of our Lord Jesus Christ an Historical Fact. With an examination

of Naturalistic Hypothesis. By the Rev. JOHN KENNEDY, D.D. Cr. 8vo. Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul By Dr. DODDRIDGE. Imperial 32mo.

Rock of Ages; or, Scripture Testimony to the Eternal Godhead of the Father, etc.

By E. H. BICKERSTETH, D.D., Bishop of Exeter. 8vo.
Romanism: A Doctrinal and Historical Examination of the Creed of Pope

Pius IV. By R. C. JENKINS, M.A., Hon. Canon of Canterbury. Crown 8vo. • Canon Jenkins is a writer who, on the subject of the Roman controversy, may be regarded as an authority. ... He has laid a great number of ancient writers under contribution to testify against the errors of the modern Church of Rome, and for those who desire a short but accurate

handbook on the subject, we can confidently recommend this volume.'-Literary World.
Romanism in the Light of the Gospel. By Miss E. J. WHATELY. Fcap. 8vo.
Romans, Commentary on the Epistle to the. By Professor HODGE. 12mo.
Ruth, Book of. A Popular Exposition. By Rev. S. Cox, D.D. Cr. 8vo., red edges

Religious Letters. With a Brief Memoir. 18mo.

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6 0

Saint's Everlasting Rest. By RICHARD BAXTER. 18mo. Morocco, 58.
Salvation Sought Found, and Enjoyed. A Book for Inquirers and Young

Christians. Fcap. 8vo.
Saving Faith : what is it? A Scriptural Inquiry and Appeal. By Rev. J. TANNER.

Assyria : its Princes, Priests, and people. Illustrated. Crown 8vo..
Fresh Light from the Ancient Monuments. With Facsimiles from Photographs.

Orown 8vo...
Introduction to the Books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. Crown 8vo.
Soones and Incidents from Old Testament History. By the Rev. F. BOURDILLON,

M.A. Crown 8vo.
Scenes in the Life of St. Paul, and their Religious Lessons. By Dean Howson.

Illustrated. Imperial 8vo., gilt edges
Scottish Pictures, drawn with Pen and Pencil. By S. G. GREEN, D.D. Profusely

Illustrated. New and revised edition. İmperial 8vo., gilt edges. 258.

morocco. .
Scripturo Half-hour at Mothers' Meetings. Imperial 16mo., bevelled boards
Scripture Questions on Old Testament, I.

New Testament, III.
Sea Pictures, drawn with Pen and Pencil. By James MACAULAY, M.A., M.D.

Profusely Illustrated. Imperial 8vo. 258. morocco
Opening this templing volume with the idea of skimming it, we have read it almost from
the first page to the last. It has told us much we never knew before, and it has put in a fresh
and enjoyable form all with which we had fancied ourselves most familiar.'-Times.

•In selecting a subject of such wide and varied scope, Dr. Macaulay undertook a task of truly
formidable dimensions, and he has executed it with the skill and mastory which might have

been expected of so experienced a littérateur.'- Academy, Secret of a Happy Life, The. An Exposition of the Beatitudes. By G. W. CONDER

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Short Biographies for the People. With Portraits. Small 4to. Three Volumes, each

Sketches of the lives and influence of great men, written by competent scholars.

The volumes are suitable for Family Reading, Sunday Schools, Congregational

Libraries, and Young Men's Associations.
VOL. 1. Martin Luther-John Calvin-William - Richard Baxter-Dr. Bugenbagen

Farel-Philip Melanchthon-Robert Rollock Sir David Brewster-William Carey.
- John Wycliffe -- Anselm, Archbishop of VOL. III. Sir Philip Sidney, the Christian
Canterbury. -John Wesley-Albert Durer- Knight--William Wilberforce-Charles
Samuel Johnson, LL.D.-John Knox-John Wesley- The Earl of Shaftesbury, KG.

-John Chrysostom-John Howard

Robert Morrison, D.D., F.R.S. - - King
VOL. 11, Lord Lawrence-James Clerk Maxwell, Alfred Adonirani Judson, D.D.--Francis

F.R.S.-Paul Rabaut-Augustine, Bishop of Bacon, the Herald of Modern Science-
Hippo - Erasmus of Rotterdam Hugh George Whitefield-John Bacon, R.A.,

Latimer-William Cowper--William Tyndale Sculptor.
Small Rain on the Tender Herb. 6d. roan.

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Songs of Spiritual Thought. By GEORGE Rawson. 16mo.

Red lines round pages
Soul's Life, The; Its Commencement, Progress, and Maturity. By Canon GARBETT.

Crown 8vo..
Southern India, In. A Visit to some of the chief Mission Stations in the Madras

Presidency. By Mrs. MURRAY MITCHELL. Map, and Illustrations.

Crown 8vo..
Bowing the seed. A Plea for the Religious Tract Society. By the Rev. J. O.

DYKES, D.D. Crown 8vo., in cover, 2d.
Spanish Reformers, The: their Memories and Dwelling-places. By John STOUGHTON,

D.D. Ilustrations. 4to., gilt edges
The lives and deaths of some of those noble Spanish Reformers were as heroic as anything in
the annals of the chivalry of the Crusades. Dr. Stoughton, as might be expected, throws himself
into the spirit of his subjects, though it is difficult to treat them picturesquely in the narrow
limits he has allowed himself. And the views of Spanish ecclesiastical architecture, with the
commanding sites or the rich decorations of many of the buildings, are very decidedly above the

Spirit of Life, The; or, Scripture Testimony to the Divine Person and Work of the

Holy Spirit. By E. H. BICKERSTETH, D.D., Bishop of Exeter. 8vo.

The Alternatives of Faith and Unbelief. Fcap. 8vo., red edges
Symbols of Christ.

Crown 8vo.
The Evening of Our Lord's Ministry. Being Preludes to • Voices from

Calvary' and · From Calvary to Olivet.' Crown 8vo., red edges
Voices from Calvary. A Series of Homilies. Crown 8vo., red edges.

From Calvary to Olivet. A Course of Homilies. Crown 8vo., red edges .
Progress of Divine Revelation; or, The Unfolding Purpose of Scripture.

Crown 8vo.
Historical Theology. Being a Sketch of Doctrinal Progress from the Apostolic

Era to the Reformation. Crown 8vo.
The Spanish Reformers: their Memories and Dwelling-places. Illustrated.

4to., gilt edges.
Footprints of the Italian Reformers. Illustrated. 4to., gilt edges.
Homes and Haunts of Luther. New and revised edition. Illustrated. Smal!

4to., gilt edges.
Lights of the World, The; or, Illustrations of Character drawn from the

Records of Christian Life. Crown 8vo.
Our English Bible: its Translators and Translations With Engravings.

Imperial 16mo. imitation half binding .
Worthies of Science. Crown 8vo.
Stray Leaves from Cousin Mabel's Sketch-book; or, Tolerance and Intolerance.

By Miss E. JANE WHATELY. fcap. 8vo. .

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