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7. Ellipfis of my here as Lam. i. 10. Kenn.

10. Fresh oil.—Orig. green, the finest oil or perfume of the east, the otter of roses, has a greenish cast. Weston. Instead of usa unctus sum, the lxx. and Vulg. here read 95 senectus mea.

13. The righteous are compared to trees planted in the house of God, because of their continual

appearance in it.

14. Fat.-In the original, this expression is analogous to the fat of wheat, an expression which occurs, Pf. lxxxi. 16. and to the pingues paleâ culmi. Virg. Georg. i. 192. Merrick.


2. Edwards thus translates this verse, Thy throne, O Lord, is established like thyself, from everlasting.”


17. So God is said to inhabit eternity, that is, to be eternal.

20. PO-29y. fub Specie ftatuti. Kennicott. A like exprefion παρανομιας νομοθετειτε occurs in an epiftle ascribed to Heraclitus. Merrick.



.בדור ההוא Kennicott and all the verfions read .10

8. This is the voice of Jehovah to which the Jews are exhorted to listen.

Though the Ifraelites had seen God's stupendous works, yet they desponded at every difficulty. Kennicott.

10. .

11. The Land of Promise. See Numb. xiv. 23, 24, and xxxii. 11. The land of promise is called rest in Deut. xii.

9. “ For ye are not as yet come to the rest, and to the inheritance which the Lord your God giveth you."


1. See Lowth Præl. 9.

3. Hare and Kennicott read win 727737, vide Pl. lxxxiii. 15. and cvi. 18.

7. Vide Pf. xcv. 3.
9. Syriac, Kennicott.
10. Kennicott with the Syr. reads 7.999.
I. E. to his name. See Exod. iii. 15.

11. Kennicott with the versions reads 07: orta eft. lxx. QVETEINE. However Abp. Secker thinks yo: a very proper expression, and refers to Arist. Poet. $ 21.


5. This is the ark of the law, see Pf. cxxxii. 7. Lament. ii. 1. i Chron. xxviii. 2.

6. His chief ministers.The superlative in Hebrew is formed by the letter 2.


4. Syr. and Kennicott reads 13727.


2. See 2 Sam. vi. 9. And David was afraid of the Lord that day and said, How shall the ark of the Lord come unto me?

3. Michaelis makes Juy a participle, with whom the Syriac and lxx. agree.

8. Public trials were held in the morning, 2 Sam. XV. 2. Jer. xxi, 12.


3. wys, two MSS. and all the versions, except Syr.

7. And am.—Venema has a most elegant conjec


ture indeed, as Dathius observes, on this passage, for 17979 he would read 173.71 gemo, as Ifai. xxxviii. 14.

Vocabulum 715%, h. I. non passerem fignificare posse, fatis liquet, cum conftet passerem nil minus quam solitarium effe ; fed videtur vocabulum generis fuisse. Vide Bochartum in Hieroz. p. 2. lib. 2. cap. 22. et Dathium in loco. 8. See a similar passage in Isaiah lxv. 15. Jer. xxix. The ancient oath was,

c God do unto me, as he hath done unto such a one, and more also if, &c. See Numb. v. 21, 27. Jer. xxiv. 9. xxv. 18. xxix. 18, 22. xlii. 18. xliv. 8, 12. Isa. Ixv. 15.

10. Nw) defolare, 2 Kings xix. 25. Leigh's Crit. Sacra, and Street.

13. Jeremiah had expressly foretold that the Babylonish captivity should end in the seventieth year. Cap. xxv. II, 12. xxix. 10.

15. Refer to this in Pf. xxii. latter end. 28. of this.

16. The change from the second to the third perfon, which commences with this verse seems to indicate that this latter part was written im. mediately after the return, and before the city was repaired; whereas the former part was written immediately before the return.

The temple was not yet rebuilt ; its rebuilding was not completed until the eighteenth year after the departure from Babylon.

See v.

17. Deftitute.-yny. The root of the words of this form must have the second radical either quiescent or doubled. See any in Schindler.

19. He hath already relieved them from their captivity.

23. In the way.--The journey of my exile. Chald. i. e. by itself.

24. yyyyn SN, all the versions and Kennicott.

28. Chald. and Syr. read yn 1970 which is approved of by Kennicott, Street. Thy children who are now returned to the land of Judea, shall continue in it.

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3. All thy sins.-219, fo all the versions, and feveral MSS. Street.

5. Michaelis translates it tempus matutinum. See Schindler 779, No. 6, which is approved of by Doederlein, Knapp, and Dathius.

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.המקרה before הוא Ellipfis of .2

. Alludit ad morem quo area domus velo aut aulæo obducitur. Shaw Itiner, p. 183. verf. Germ.

3. The waters above the firmament. 4. 4.757 WN. Kennicott. 6. He speaks of the first formation of the world.

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