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Mrs. Knyrett, wife of Charles At Croydon, Mr. Halfhide, late Knyvett, csq. of Park-lane. of Merton, Calico-printer : and on

In Whitechapel-road, Mr. James the 5th of August, his second son, Turner, timber-morchant.

Mr. Edward Halfhide, of Tooting. 17. Mr. Henry Norbury, second 24. In her 77th year, the lady son of Mr. Philip Norbury, prin. of Samuel Bonham, esq. of Great ter, Brentford.

Warley-place, Essex. 18. Thomas Rodwell, esq. High. Suddenly, of an apoplexy, Wil. gate.

liam Finner, esq. Milbank-street, Aged 69, Robert Page, esq. Westminster. comptroller of the customs at New. At Southampton, major St. Clair, castle upon Tyne.

. barrack-master at Ealing. - 19. Mrs. Parkyns, wife of - 25. In Yorkshire, aged 69, capParkyns, esq. cousin of lord Ran. tain John Mitchell, of the Madras cliffe.

artillery. At Hull, in the prime of his life, Mrs. Booth, wife of Frederick Mr. Wm. Chamberlain, portrait. Booth, esq. New-street, Springpainter, formerly a pupil of Mr. gardens. Opie.

At Edmonton, in his 86th year, At Egham, aged 69, Robert George Tatem, esq. opwards of Pickwoad, esq. deputy of the ward 30 years in the direction of the of Vintry, and treasurer of the East India company. society of patrons of the anniver. 26. Mr. Wood, a Treasury mes. sary of the charity-schools, in Lon, senger. don and the suburbs,

At Botley Hall, Staffordshire, Lady Norcliffe, of Langton, Mrs. Catherine Tollet, relict of the Yorkshire.

· late Charles Tollet, csq. 20. Aged 82, the. rov. Thomas At Hoddesdon, Iver M'Millan, Freeman, rector of St. Martio's, esq, late commander of the Valenvicar of St. Paul's, and 47 years tine lodiaman. minor canon of Canterbury ca. 27. At Worcester, in his 67th thedral.

year, Mr. John Scott. In his 42d year, Richard Har. At Teignmouth, Devon, Charles mer, esq. of Nottinghill, Middlesex. Durnford, esq. barrister-at-law.

21. At Edwardston Hall, Suffolk, 29. In St. John's, Southwark, T. Dawson, esq.

' aged 65, Thomas Allen, esq. At Clifton, Dear Bristol, sir In his 76th year, at Cholsey, Samuel Hayes, of Drumboe castle, Berkshire, William Minshull, esq. Donegal, bart.

of Ashton Clinton, Bucks. 23. Edmund James Moody, esq. 30. At lackwood Park, in his of the navy office, aged 32, eldest 61st year, the right honourable son of Robert Sadlcir Moody, esq. Thoinas, lord Bolton, governor and a commissioner for victualling his vice-admiral of the Isle of Wight. majesty's nary.

In his 58th year, Mr. Joseph Suddenly, in his 60th year, Wil. De Boffe, of Gerrard-street, Soho, liam Gelding, esq. Three Crown. many years an eminent importer of court, in the Borough.

foreign books.

31. At Binfield, Thomas Robins, Aged 91, at Mancoline, Scot

land, Janet Caldwell, widow of At Denham, in his 13th year, Robert Wilson, who, during the Frederick, youngest son of John last six years of her life, was tapped Drummond, esq. banker, Charing. 74 times for the dropsy, and had cross.

2,388 pints of water drawn off. Lately, at Constantinople, Ma. At Warmsworth, near Doncaster, dame Sebastiani, wife of the French aged 85, Mrs. Catharine Aldham, ambassador.

one of the people called Quakers. At Trinidad, captain John Ser. She was the last of the name of a rice, of the ship Jane, of Gree- family who have resided upon the dock,

estate at Warmsworth, and who At the Cape of Good Hope, B. have been owners of it, in a direct Malkin, esq. major in the 21st line, upwards of 800 years. ligbt dragoons.

Suddenly, aged 90, the rer. At Paris, Robert Bray O'Reilly, John Simpson, vicar of Wythburn, esq. formerly manager of the Paz. Cumberland. theon Opera.

Aged 85, at Ford, Northum. At St. Lucia, by a fall from his berlaod, Robert Sanderson, who horse, lieut. colonel Montague was orderly.serjeant to general Thornley, commanding the royal Wolfe, at the memorable attack on West. India Rangers.

Quebec, and the person represented At Prince of Wales Island, Hen- on the plate as supporting the Bria ry Williams Rumsey, M.D. aged 26. tish general after he had received

At Delhi, aged 78, Shah Allum, his mortal wound. the emperor of Indostan, commonly George Attwood, esq. F.R.S. in called the Great Mogul, who was his 620 year, highly distinguished restored to his throne by general for his mathematical acquirements. lord Lake, a short time ago, after John Jackson, esq. author of "A baring had his eyes put out, and Journey over-land from India," and been imprisoned many years, by the several tracts. Marattahs. He was a liaeal descen- In Argyleshire, in his 90th year, dant of Tamerlane : Akbar Shah, sir A. Edmondstone, bart. : bis second son, succeeds to the Mrs. Hodsol, relict of the late F.

, Hodsoll, esq. of the Strand, banker. In his 84th year, Mr. Thomas In Edgware-road, the rev. T. Miller, nearly half a century a Jones, fellow of Trinity College, bookseller, &c. in Halesworth, Cambridge. Suffolk.

Aug. 1. The right honourable The right rev. Dr. James Haw. Ralph Payne, baron Lavington, of kios, bishop of Raphoe, Ireland. Lavington in Ireland, K.B. captain.

At Penzance, Wm. Clarges, esq. general and governor in chief of his B.A. fellow of All souls, Oxon, and majesty's Leeward Islands, in the only brother of sir Thomas Clarges, 69th year of his age. He was a bart.

nobleman much endeared in private At Muirkirk, Scotland, John life, and in his public capacity Patterson, a shepherd, aged upwards esteemed and revered. His family of 131 years.

were originally from Devonshire;



but soon after the civil wars, and age, Mr. John Walker, author of immediately. upon the issue of the a Pronouncing Dictionary of the fatal battle of Worcester, ned to English language, and of several the West Indies, where most of other works, of acknowledged them since remained. At a very excellence, on grammar and eloearly age his lordship discovered cution. those shining talents which elevated Mr. John Mirehouse, of Mire him in life. After making the tour Sike, in Loweswater, Cumberland, of Europe, on the general cleetion in his 1020 year. A provincial of members of parliament in 1768, jourual informs us, that, on Octo. bis lordship became the representaber 19th, 1805, which was the tive for the borough of Shaftesbury, anniversary of his birth, and the and served in the successive par. completion of his century, this per. liaments of 1774, and 1780, for son received a very numerous party Camelford and Plympton. In 1772 of his neighbours ("ó all his juniors') his lordship received the honour of seated in a new oak chair, and the order of the Bath, and died cloathed in a new coat, which, he senior knight of the order. In pleasantly observed, might, with 1774 he was appointed captain care taken, serve his life.time. He general and governor in chief of the possessed in an eminent degree all Leeward Islands, and continued in his faculties, sight excepted. llis that station until 1775, when his memory seemed perfect to the last; lordship returned to England, and for he occasionally spoke with the was appointed clerk of the board' same accuracy of recent transactions of Green Cloth, in which depart. (a singular circumstance!) as he had ment he remained during the exis. been accustomed to do in relating tence of it. In October 1795, his occurrences of former times, which lordship was advanced to the peerage he had either witnessed himself, or of the kingdom of Ireland, and heard detailed by contemporaries at created barou Lavington ; which a period so remote as that of at title, in consequence of his lordship's least ninety years. The deceased dying without heirs, is now extinct.. was married in the 21st year of his In 1795 his lordship was again age, and was the father of five sons elected a member of the British par. and one daughter. He was of a liament for the borough of Wood. remarkably cheerful disposition ; stock ; and in 1801 was again ap- and, during the course of so long a pointed captain-general of the Lee life, it is not kuown that he ever ward Islands, and sworo a member had the least disagreement with his of his majesty's most honourable neighbours or acquaintance. His privy council. -- Lord Lavington funeral was attended by an immense married mademoiselle Francoise concourse of people, all emulous of Lambertine, baroness de Kolbel, shewing their respect to the memory of a noble Saxon family, daughter of one whom they had individually of Frederick Maximilian baron de esteemed while living, and whose Kolbel, a general in the imperial death, though “ in full time," deservice.

prived their vicinity of so venerable · At his apartments, in Tottenham, an ornament; and also for the es. court.road, in the 76th year of his ample of one who had " kept inno.


cency, and taken heed unto, the George, and Frederic; the ba. thing that is right; such as (alone) roness de Ville, lady Musgrave, sball bring a man peace at the last." countess of Mountnorres, and lady His family furnishes such an in- Kilmaine. Lady Waterpark, in stance of longevity as is scarcely to early life, was one of the most cele. be met with. His father and mother brated leaders of fashion in Dublin, were born withio a month of each The second fancy ball given in that other. The former died at the age, city was by her ladyship, who ap. of 95, leaving a widow of the same peared as the Enchantress Fatima, ige, who attained her 100th year. with her four daughters as atten. He had three sisters, each of whom dant Sylphs. For some years she died in her 82d year ; and a fourth devoted herself to painting, in which sister, Mrs. Margaret Longmire, she was an adept, as well as in widow, of Trush bank, in Lowes. every other elegant fashionable ac. water, died on Tuesday, July 14th, complishment, but since sir Henry's in her 93d year.

death has lived very retired; he 3. The marquis of Granby, son died 3d of August, 1804, and that and heir to the duke and duchess day three years her ladyship follow. of Rutland, at their graces' house, ed him. The present lord Waterin Lower Grosven'or-street, at the park is married to miss Cooper, age of two months. His coffin and has eleven children. weighed a hundred and a half. The 6. At Bishopsbourne, Lincolo. inside was lead, next oak, and the shire, the rev. Henry Montague outside mahogany, covered with Davis, A.M. rector of that parish, crimson velvet, and richly orna. and vicar of Fynsford, Kent. cented with clasps, coronets, che. 8. At the Retreat, near Danbury, rubin, and handles of solid silver. Essex, Thomas Michael Nowell,

In King.street, Rotherhithe, Mr. esq. John Scarth,

9. In Great Ormond-street. Sa. At St. Andrew's, Alexander quel Pole, esq. Frazer, merchant, and late post. Aged 87, Angus Fletcher, esq. master of St. Andrew's, in his 84th of Duaos. year.

At Calwick, John Port, esq. of In her 70th year, at her house Ham, Staffordshire, aged 71. in York-place, Sarah Cavendish, 10. William Norris, csq. of Habaroness of Waterpark, relict of lifax, Yorkshire, aged 74 years. the late right honourable sir Ilenry In his 67th year, Edward Dixon, Cavendish, bart. Her ladyship esq. of Horsely house, near Dudley, was beiress and only child of the banker, and late high sheriff of the Late Mr. Bradshaw, of Cork, whose county of Worcester. estates and name descended to the 11. Elizabeth Bickett, of Nor. honourable Augustus Cavendish thumberland , street, Newcastle, Bradshaw, her ladyship’s second aged 103. She enjoyed good health 100. Her ladyship has left eight till within six months of her death. children, four sons and four 12. At Derry-hill Farm, King's daughters : sir Richard Cavendish, County, Ireland, the right hon. 1ow baron Waterpark, Augustus, lady Rossmore.

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of a paralytic stroke, aged 68, attained her 70th year. When she James Carter, esq. of Addlestone, married the late duke, (Sept. 6, near Chertsey.

1766), she was dowager countess of 13. At Hackney, Daniel Fisher, Waldegrare, and the most beautiful D. D.

woman of her day. It being con15, The right honourable ba, trary to etiquette for one of the roness Howard de Walden and royal family to marry a British sub. Bray brooke, in her 60th year. ject, the duchess was not received

Mrs. R. Powell, of the Haymar. at court. The immediate occasion ket Theatre. She played the pre- of the duchess's death was an effusion ceding evening in both comedy and of water into the carity of the farce (Errors Excepted and The chest. Her highness had been in. Critic), ánd with more than usual capable of much exertion lately, but vivacity. She was the widow of did not complain of serious indis. Mr. Powell, of Covent-garden position until Wednesday lastShe Theatre, who died Oct. 21, 1798, was the daughter of sir Edward almost as suddenly, after per- Walpole. Her highness has left forming in Lovers' Vows. She was issue the present duke of Gloucester, also sister to Mrs. Ward, late of and princess Sophia. Covent-garden Theatre.

William Allen, esq. of the seal 18. At Gosport, Matthew office, Temple. Woodd, esq. i

At St. Albans, in her 82d year, 19. At Brighton, Richard John. Mrs. Baskerfield, widow of the son, esq. of the civil service of the late alderman and father of that honourable East India company. borough.

Mr. John Gordon, copper-plate 24. Maurice Mears, esq. a mi. printer, Berkeley-street, St. John's. gistrate for the county of Monte square.

gomeryshire. At Killester House, near Dub. 25. At Tunbridge Wells, the lin, sir William Gleadow New. hon. Mrs. Beresford, wife of the comen, bart. principal of oncof the archbishop of Tuam. oldest banking-houses in Ireland, Mrs. Sealy, wife of Mr. Joha and many years M.P. for the county Sealy, of Lambeth, aged 54. of Longford.

Mr. Reynal, of Newcastle-place, At Kensington Gravel.pits, lieu. Clerkenwell, many years principal tenant-colonel Parkhill, of the 34th supervisor at the stamp-office. regintent.

At Southfleet, Kent, in his 21st 28. At one o'clock in tho mor. ycar, Peter Rashleigh, esq. of 0. ning, at her house' at Brompton, riel college, Oxford. the duchess of Gloucester. Her 26. Suddenly, while serving in highness complained, about twelve his shop, Mr. Stinson, liquor.

o'clock, of a violent pain in her dealer, in Newgate-street. - stomach, and desired to be left 27. At Camberwell, in his 720

alone ; but her attendants visiting year, Mr. Isaac Auber. her a short time afterwards, she 28. In her 59th year, Mrs. Leo seemed very faint and low, and soon Dora Thomas, lady of John Thomas, expired without a groan. She had €84. of Great Baddow, Essex. She


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