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3 O pluck me not away, neither destroy me with the ungodly and wicked doers : which speak friendly to their neighbours, but imagine mifchief in their hearts.

4 Reward them according to their deeds : and according to the wickedness of their own inventions.

5 Recompense them after the work of their hands: pay them that they have deferved.

6 For they regard not in
their mind the works of the
Lord, nor the operation of his
hands: therefore shall he break
them down, and not build

7 Praised be the Lord : for
he hath heard the voice of my
humble petitions.

8 The Lord is my ftrength
and my shield, my heart hath
trusted in him, and I am helped:

my heart dancech for
joy, and in my song will I
praise him.

9 The Lord is my strength:
and he is the [wholsome] de 9 [Safe.] See the
fence of his Anointed.

10 O save thy people, and
give thy blessing unto thine in-

As a Shepherd doth
heritance: feed them to and set

his Flock. them


for ever,

them up

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A Psalm of David, which seems to have been composed

(Says Dr. Ham.) after bis subduing the Heathen Kings, and People mentioned 2 Sam. viii. Bishop Patrick Supposes that God had interposed and assisted David in these Victories, by causing violent Storms of Thinder and Lightning, by which the Enerny was disorder'd and gouted; which; if so, may be the reason of the Psalmists so often mentioning the great efficacy of this Meteor.

Afferte Domino. Pfal. XXIX.

Ring unto the Lord, Oye f Emblems of your


bring young ramst own Power, Ifai. Ix. 7.

unto the Lord : ascribe unto the * Worship; that is, Majefty. See Vocab.

Lord * worship and strength.

2 Give the Lord the honour due unto his Name : worship the Lord with holy worship.

3. It is the Lord that commandeth the waters : it is the glorious God that makėth-the thunder.

4 It is the Lord that ruleth 4 * The Voice of the the sea; the *voice of the Lord Lord;) that is, Theis mighty in operation : * the Thunder.


of the Lord is a glorious voice.

5 The voice of the Lord 5,6 * Libanu's is a Mountain of Syria, and

breaketh the Cedar-trees: yea, as the Thunder rends the Lord breaketh the Cedars the Cedars of Libanus, of * Libanus. fo did the Divine Pow

6 He maketh them also to skip er by the hand of David and his Army, fub- like a calf : * Libanus also, and due the great Princes

* Sirion like a young unicorn.] of that Country, and slew 22000 of their Men, 2 Sam, viii. 5.

6 * Sirion, which is called allo Hermon and Shénir, Deut. iii. 9. was very near to Libanus, and may be supposed to refer to the fame Victory.

5,6 [The Thunder makes the tallest Trees thar are in *Libanks md * Sirion, and even the Mountains themselves to skip like the


young. Creatures that feed upon them : nay, it breaks and tears in-pieces those Trees, as the Power of God has enabled me to de ftroy the Princes of that Country to which these Mountains be..' long.)

7 [The voice of the Lord 7 [The Thunder curs divideth the flames of fire,] the

a way into all Quarters voice of the Lord Thaketh the for the Lightnin

* Cades is the wil. wilderness : yea, the Lord fha- derness sometimes calketh the wilderness of * Cades. led Zin, in the Borders of the Edomites and Moabites, Numb. xxvii. 1, 14. Numb. xxxii; 36. As the Thunder shakes the wilderness, to did David chofe People, 2 Sam. viii. 2. 14. 8 The voice of the Lord

8 t By affrighting maketh the Hinds to bring them. For fear haftens forth young,t and *discovereth the Delivery, Sa.iv.19. the thiek bushes : in his temple

*Discovereth the thick Bushes

Coverts doth every man speak of his wherein the Hinds exhonour.

pect shelter. To discover is here taken in a very particular sense, just as ’ris by our New Translators, Fer. xii. 22. viz. to make any thing cease to be a covering. (The thickest Bushes shall not cover or protect the Hinds from the violence of the Thunder.]

9 The Lord sitteth above the 9 * Water-flood: 1 * water-floud : and the Lord

The Clouds, the Trea

sures of Rain, doc, remaineth a King for ever. hereby are figuratively

The Lord shall give meant the great number strength to his people : the Lord of David's Enemies. shall give his people the blessing

See Ifa. xxviii.2. lix.19, of Peace:



The Sixth Day. Morning Prayer. A Psalm of David at the Dedication of David's House,

after it bad been pallisted by Absalom, 2 Sam. xvi, 21, 25. Ham. Pátr,

Exaltabo te, Domine. Pfal. XXX,
Will magnifie thee, O Lord,

for thou hast set me up: and not made my foes to triymph over me,

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¥Thou hast healed me.] 2 O Lord my God, I cried To be healed in Scrip. unto thee: and *thou hast healfies to be deliver'd from ed me. any Evil, 2 Chron, viii. 14. Jer. xiv. 19.

3. Thou, Lord, haft brought 3,(The state of the my soul out of [hell]: thou haft dead.] See Vocabulary. kept my life from them that go

down to the pit. 4 [That his Mercy 4 Sing praises unto the Lord, and faithfulness may be Oye faints of his : and give duly remembred.)

thanks unto him [for a remem

brance of his holiness.] 3 [The effect of s For his wrath endureth but his Favour, and good the twinkling of an eye, and [in * pleasure, is Life and his *pleasure is life]: heaviness Safery.]

may endure for a night, but joy
cometh in the morning.
:6. And in my prosperity
I said, I shall never be remo-

ved: thou, Lord, of thy goodf Zion, which was a ness hadît made my hill + fo Strong-Hold, 2 Sam.v.7.


7 Thou didft turn thy face from me: and I was troubled.

8 Then cried I unto thee, O Lord : and gat me to my

Lord right humbly. 9 [Whar Service can I do thee when I am 9 [What profit is there in

my dead?7

blood: when I go down to the 10 (shall my Ashes pit ?] be able to declare thy Goodness ? nay, will.

10 [Shall the dust give thanks not thy Promises rather unto thee : or shall it declare. seem to fail, and lose thy truth ? ] their Credit, if I should be defeated by my Ene

II Hear, O Lord, and have mies

, and fall by their mercy upon me: Lord, bę thou hands, contrary to thy my helper, own express word ? ] 12. Thou haft turned my Psal. Ixxxix. 21,22,23. heaviness into joy : thou hast


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A Psalm of David, composed on occasion of bis escape from
Keilah, and flight through the Wilderness of Maon,
Sam. xxiii. as Bishop Patrick.

In te, Domine, speravi. Psal. XXXI.
N thee, O Lord, have I put

my trust: let me never be
put to confusion, deliver me in
thy (righteousness.]

1 (Mercy.] Sec
2 Bow down thine ear to me: Psal. xxiv. s.
make hafte to deliver me.

3 And be thou my strong
rock, and house of defence :
that thou mayest save me.

For thou art my strong
rock and my castle : be thou
also my guide, and lead me
for thy Names sake.

s Draw me out of the net that they have laid privily for me: for thou art my strength.

6 Into thy hands I commend my spirit : for thou haft redeemed me, O Lord, thou God of truth.

7 I have hated them, [that 9 [who have any hold of fuperftitious vanities:] regard to the Idols of and my trust hath been in the the Heathen, to AstroloLord.

gers, Southsayers, dec.]

Ham, Patr. Ainswo,
8 I will be glad, and rejoyce
in thy mercy; for thou haft

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