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C Morse

T Brodhead


N Strong. at its present session, thirty dollars ; 10 N. Strong, for attendance and T 0 Hills, mileage as aforesaid, three dollars; to Thomas 0. Hill, for attendSergeant-at ance and mileage as aforesaid, iwelve dollars ; to the Sergeant-nt.

arms of the House of Representatives for expenses to subpæna said Geologist. witnesses, twenty dullars ; to pay an assistant state geologist, to aid

in preparing the final report of the state geolog'st, three hundred dol. lars; to C. Morse for stationery furnished the legislature, sixty-five dollars and ninety-nine cents ; 10 Thornton F. Brodhead, secretary of the Senate, for extra services during the present session, fifteen dollars.

Sec. 3. There shall be allowed to the member from Michilimackfron Michil- inac, for extra time before the session of the legislature, at the rate

of three dollars per day, to be paid on the certificate of the member.

Sec. 4. That there is hereby appropriated to be paid out of the

general fund, to Thornton F. Brodhead, secretary of the Senate, and T Brodhead and E , Wil- Ezra Williams, clerk of the House of Representatives, for preparliams

ing for publication, making indexes and superintending the publication of the journals and documents of each House respectively, for the present session, one hundred and fifty dollars each; to Thornton F. Brodhead, secretary of the Senate, for recording, preparing for and superintending the publication of the Executive journal of the present session, thirty dollars; 10 Thornton F. Brodhead, secretary of the Senate, for makirg a. fair journal oi the Senate, and Ezra Williams, clerk of the House of Representatives, for making a fair journal of the House during the present session of the legislature, to be deposited in the office of the Secretary of State, the sum of six cents per folio, to be paid on the certificate of the Secretary of State, that the work is performed; to James Covel, jr., the sum of fifty dollars, pay: ble by a warrant drawn upon the internal improvent

fund with interest froin the passage of this act; 10 Thomas Rowland T Rowland for postage of offices and members of the legislature, agreeably to a

joirt resolution of the two houses, such sum as may be due on that account, :o be ascertained and settled by the secretary of the Senate and clerk of the House of Representatives ; the sum of two hundred

dollars for newspapers ordered for the officers and members of the A Kaminsky

House of Representatives, agrecally to a joint resolution ; to A.
Kaminsky, fifty-eight dollars and forty cents, for printing five hun-

J Covel



H E Perry.

& Co.

Morso &

teen dollars, to pay the firemen of the Senate ; to Henry E. Perry, HE Perry.

dred copies of the Governor's message in the German language; the
sum of one hundred and seventeen dollars, to pay the fireman of the
House of Representatives ; also the sum of one hundred and seven-
the sum of forty-six dollars and twenty-five cents, for repairs of tha
Sec. 5. That the following soms be and they are hereby appropria-

C Morsa. ted out of the general fund: To Clauncey Morse, for stationery furnished the supreme court from March tenth to September elevenih, eighteen hundred and forty-three, eleven collars and thirty-seven cen's; to A. S. Williams, for twenty-two copies of the Daily Adver. As tiltiser for members and oficers of the Senate, thirty-eight dollars and ninety-two cents; 10 ilenry E. Perry, for repairs of table, doors and so forth, for Senate, fifteen dollurs and thirty-seven cents ; to G. F. GF Roud Rood & Co., for stationery furnished the Senate of eighteen hundred and forty-five three hundred and fifty-six dollars and eighiy-two cents; to Morse and Burr, for publishing changes of time of holding courts Burr. in eighteen hundred and forty-three and in eighteen hundred and forty-four, six dollars ; to Moses Hawks, for twenty copies of the Alle. M Hawku gan and Barry Record, for the Senate of eighteen hundred and fortyfive, ten dollars; to T. F. Brodhead, secretary of the Senate, for ihe tiends following: For newspapers furnished ufficers and members of the Senale as follows: New Orleans Picayune, two dollars, Boston Post one dollar and thirty-three cenis, New York Herald, two dollars and forty cents, New York Evening Post and Grand River Eagle, iwo dollars and fity cents; 10 A. H. Newbould, for hardware furnished & H Newthe Senate, (this sessio.',) four dollars and twelve cents; to A. S. Kellogg, for stationery furnished the Secretary of State's office, in December, eignicon hundred and forty, five dollars ; to A. C. Smith, AC Smith. for papers

ordered for hiinself for the session, five dollars; to A. S. Bigg, for stationery furnished for the Scrate during ilio present session, seventy-nine dollars and eighty-eight cents; 10 S N. Ganit, for stationery furnished ihe Senaie of eighteen liundred and forty-five, one hundred and ninety-one dollars and listy-seven cents; to John S. Abbott, George G. Bull, Keynolds Gillett, and Loonis Palmer, for Gillet and attendance as witnesses in case of alleged breach of privilege by Alex’r. Davidson, two dollars each; to Blair and Rives, for the Con


TF Brod



S Bags




Blair and

Harris &


JF Ely.

gressional Globe and Appendix, two dollars; to Harris and Heart,

for the Constitution, one dollar and seventy-five cents; to the Attorney Genland Attorney General, and the Counsel associated with him, for the


of the cases for a breach of the privilege of the Senate, fifty dollars each ; to the credit of the sinking fund, two thousand dollars; and the State Treasurer is hereby required to transfer that

amount accordingly ; to J. F. Ely, for printing notice of Adjutant D'Whitfield General, five dollars ; to Daniel Whitfield, for six days services as Bagg and

fireman, six dollars; to Bagg and Harmon, for printing divisions and Harmon.

certificates of members of the legislature, sixty dollars ; also for printing and binding two hundred copies of the legislative manual, fifty-five dollars and thirty-five cents; also, for sundries, forty-three

dollars; the sum of fifty dollars to the fire department of the city of Fire Depart

Detroit, for the use and benefit of said department. There is also

hereby appropriated sixty dollars for the freight and charges on books Freight &e.

transmitted to this state by Alexander Vattemare.

Sec. 6. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved March 24, 1845.


No. 112.

An Act to amend an act to provide for laying out a

State Road from Pontiac to Hillman's Tavern, in the township of Tyrone, county of Livingston.

Sec. 1. That section three of the said act be and the same is here. State rond. by amended by inserting between the words "expended" and "all” in

said section three, the following words, "upon said road.”

Sec, 2. This act shall take effect and be in foree from and after its passage.

Approved March 24, 1845.



No. 113.
An Act to authorize Chad Brown and others to build

a Dam across the St. Joseph River.
Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa-
tives of the State of Michigan, That Chad Brown, Philogene P.
Maillard, Ferdinand Meitzger, Isaac Higbee, and Benjamin H. Ber-
trand, and their heirs and assigns, are hereby authorized and empow-
ered to build a dam across the St. Joseph river, at the village of Ber-
trand, in the county of Berrien,

Sec. 2. The said dam shall not exceed six feet in height above common low water mark, and shall contain a convenient lock for the

Height of passage of all boats, barges, rafts or other water craft that may navi. gate said river, and shall be so constructed as to receive such boats, and other water craft in slack water of sufficient depth below said dam, and to pass them to slack water of sufficient depth above said dam for all the purposes of the navigation of said river at all time. Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of the owners of said dam at all times

Lock. to keep said lock in repair, and to pass any water craft which can be admitted therein through the same, free of toll, and without unneces. sary delay, and any person who shall be unnecessarily detained shall be entitled to recover of the said owners, double the amount for the damages, which he shall prove that he has sustained by such detention, before any court of competent jurisdiction, with costs of suit.

Sec. 4. Any person who shall destroy, or in any wise injure said lock or dam, shall be deemed to have committed a trespass upon the Renaity. owners thereof, and be liable accordingly, and any person who shall wilfully and maliciously destroy or injure the said lock or dam, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction be punishable by fine or imprisonment, in the discretion of the court.

Sec. 5. Nothing herein contained shall authorize the individuals named in the firrt section of this act, their heirs and assigns to enler upon or flow the lands of any other person or persons, without the consent of such person or persons; and the legislature may at any time hereafter, so alter or amend this act as to provide for the further improvement of the navigation of the St. Joseph River.

Approved March 24, 1845.

No. 114.
An Act to provide for the payment of interest on

certain monies belonging to the primary school
fund, and to increase the State Tax.


Section 1. Ec it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa

tires rf ihe State of Michigan, That the Auditor General and State Iniorest.

Treasurer le, and they are hereby authorized and required to compute interest annually, on the first day of May in each year, on the amount of treasury notes or other funds paid in and standing to the credit of the principal of the primary school fund, (the interest on which shall not be otherwise provided for by law,) at the rate of seven per cent per annum, from the first day of May preceding, or froin the respective dates during the preceding year, when any particular suras may liave been so paid in on account of the principal of said fund.

Sec. 2. Upon computing and ascertaining the amount of interest

nccruing and due for the past year, as above provided, they shall Fund to be

credit the primary school interest fund with said amount, by transfer-
ing a like amount from the general fund ; and said monies as trans-
ferred and crediied to the primary school interest fund shall be inclu-
ded with and apportioned for the support of schools as the other school
monies for the respective years.
· Sec. 3. That section 44 of an act eniilled "An act relative to com-
mon or primary schools," approved March 8, 1843, be amended by
striking out of the fifth line thereof the word 'five' and insert 'seven'
in lieu thereof, and by inserting in the third line of said section after
the word "forty-four” the words "and thereafter," and that section one
of an act entitled "An act lo reduce the rate of taxation on real and
personal property," approved February 16, 1842, be, and hereby is
amended by striking out of the sixth line thereof the word "wo,"
and insert two and a half” in lieu thereof.

Sec. 4. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after


its passage.

Approved March 24, 1845.

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