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Published by the Author.

1. SOCIAL RELIGION EXEMPLIFIED; in an Account of the First Settlement of Christianity in the City of Caerludd (London), in several Dialogues, written originally by the Rev. Matthias MAURICE. Revised, corrected, and abridged, with occasional Notes, a copious Index, and a Preface containing some Account of the Author. Fifth Edition, 12mo.

2. ANTIP EDOBAPTISM EXAMINED; or, a strict and impartial inquiry into the Nature and Design, Subjects and Mode of Baptism. Including also an Investigation of the Nature of positive Institutions in general, and occasional Strictures on Human Ceremonies in Matters of Religion. 2 vols.

3. An EXPOSITION of the EPISTLE to the HEBREWS; with the preliminary Exercitations. By John Owen, D.D. Revised and abridged, with a full and interesting Life of the Author, a copious Index, &c. Including Two Letters, the one to Dr. Priestly, and the other to Mr. David Levi, respecting this Work. 4 vols. 8vo.

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4. A DISCOURSE on the Influence of Religious Practice upon our Inquiries after Truth.

With an Appendix addressed to the Rev. Mr. Belsham. 8vo.

5. A DISCOURSE on the Christian's Reasons for Glorying in the Cross of Christ'; containing a Vindication of Christian Societies and Ministers who insist on the great Importance of Preaching Christ Crucified. 'Svo.

6. A CIRCULAR LETTER from the Independent Ministers assembled at Nuneaton, August 6, 1793, to the Associated Churches in Warwickshire.

With a POSTSCRIPT addressed to the Independent Associations of Ministers in the other Counties of England and Wales; recommending, among other objects, the send. ing of Missionaries among the Heathen. 12mo.

7. An INTRODUCTORY DISCOURSE on the Nature of an Ordination, delivered at the Ordination of the Rev. Daniel Fleming, at Nuneaton, in Warwick sbire, August 6, 1793. 8vo.

8. A CHARGE addressed to the First Missionaries to the Island of the South Seas, July 28, 1796. 8vo.

9. An ACCOUNT of the Old Yorkshire Academy, and the New Rotherham Academy. 12mo.

10. A CHARGE at the Ordination of the Rev. SAMUEL BRADLEY, on the Duties of a Christian Pastor, and the requisite Qualifications for discharging them aright. Delivered at Doncaster, September 17, 1800. 8vo.

11. The CHRISTIAN PREACHER; or, Discourses on Preaching by several eminent Divines, British and Foreign ; revised and abridged, with an Appendix on the Choice of Books. Second Edition, with Improvements. 12mo.

12. The KINGDOM of CHRIST; or, the Certainty of the Resurrection argued from the Nature of Christ's Mediatorial Kingdom ; a Sermon preached at Nottingham, May 5, 1802, before an Association of Ministers, and printed at their request. 8vo. and 12mo.

13. A COLLECTION of above Six Hundred Hymns, designed as a Supplement to Dr. Watts's Psalms and Hymns. Fourth Edition. 12mo. and 8vo.

14. The PSALMS and HYMNS of Dr. WATTS, containing Twenty additional Hymns by the same Author, to fill up the vacancies of the Old Editions ; a Table of the First Line, not only of every Psalm and Hymn, but also of every Stanza in the Work; a New Arrangement of the whole in a convenient Table prefixed; with improved Indexes of Subjects and of Scriptures. All corrected with great care. 2 vols. 18mo. fine and common.

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15. MUSICAL HINTS, designed to excite the laudable curiosity of Young People in reference to Sacred Music; with a Musical Index to above 250 Tunes, (corresponding with Dr. Miller's two volumes of Tunes, Original and Collected,) adapted to all Dr. Watts’s Psalms and Hymns, and the Supplement, and which may be bound with either of them, or used by itself. 18mo.

16. PREDESTINATION to LIFE; a Sermon preached at Sheffield, April 18, 1804, before an Association of Ministers. To which are added, several Explanatory Notes on the important Subjects of Predestination, the Origin of Moral Evil, &c. alluded to in the Sermon. Second Edition, 8vo.

17. APOSTOLIC ZEAL RECOMMENDED; a Sermon preached in London, at the Eleventh General Meeting of the Missionary Society, May 8, 1805.

18. THOUGHTS on a General and Explicit Union of Congregational Churches; occasioned by an Address from the London Committee to Ministers and Churches of the Congregational Order. 8vo.

19. The WORKS of the Rev. PHILIP DOD. DRIDGE, D.D. complete. Including the Author's Life by Orton; the Preaching Lectures, Letters, &c. never before printed; with Notes Illustrative, Theological, and Philosophical on the Lectures; and an accurate, copious Index. 10 vols. 8vo. royal and demy.

20. NATIONAL REFORM; a Sermon preached at Masborough, near Rotherham, February 8, 1809, the day appointed for a General Fast. 8vo.

21. CHRISTIAN UNANIMITY RECOMMENDED; a Discourse preached before the Annual Meeting of the General Congregational Union, May 18, 1808, Moorfields, London. 8vo.

22. An ESSAY on the Equity of Divine Govern. ment and the Sovereignty of Divine Grace ; wherein, particularly, the Latitudinarian Hypothesis of Indeterminate Redemption, and the Antinomian Notion of the

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