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We brimmed her tiny apron o'er; you should have

heard her laugh, As each man from his scanty store, shook out a

generous half.

To kiss the little mouth, stooped down a score of

grimy men, Until the sergeant's husky voice said, “'Tention,

squad !”-and then, We gave her escort, till good-night the pretty waif

we bid, And watched her toddle out of sight-or else 'twas

tears that hid

Her tiny form-nor turned about a man, nor spoke

a word Till after a while, afar, hoarse shout upon the wind

we heard ! We sent it back, and cast sad eyes upon the scene

around ; A baby's hand had touched the ties that brothers

once had bound.

That's all – save when the dawn awoke again, the

work of hell, And through the sullen clouds of smoke the

screaming missiles fell; Our general often rubbed his glass, and marveled

much to see Not a single shell that whole day fell in the camp of Battery B.


Spell and pronounce:- grimy, tiny, sullen, hoarse, scanty, apron, gunners, salute, lisped, prancing, and brimmed.

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