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99. The same. Matt. xxiv. 29–31. xxv. 34.

(P. M.) IL O! He cometh ! countless trumpets,

I Blow to raise the sleeping dead; 'Midst ten thousand saints and angels, See their great exalted Head !

Hallelujah, Welcome, welcome, Son of God. 2 Now his merit, by the harpers,

Through th' eternal deep resounds; Now resplendent shine his nail-prints, Every eye shall see his wounds;

They who pierc'd him, Shall, at his appearance, wail. 3 Full of joyful expectation,

Saints behold the Judge appear!
Truth and justice go before him,
Now the joyful sentence hear :

Welcome, welcome, Judge divine.
4“ Come, ye blessed of my Father,

“ Enter into life and joy; .
“ Banish all your fears and sorrows,
“ Endless praise be your employ.'

Welcome, welcome, to the skies.
5 Now, at once, they rise to glory,

Jesus brings them to the King ;
There, with all the hosts of heaven,
They eternal anthems sing:

Boundless glory to the Lamb.

300. The Signs of the Times. (P. M.)
1 I IFT your heads, ye friends of Jesus.

U Partners in his patience here ;
Christ, to all believers precious,
Lord of lords, shall soon appear :

Mark the tokens,
Of his heav'nly kingdom near!
2 Hear all nature's groans proclaiming,

Nature's swift approaching doom !
War, and pestilence, and famine,
Signify the wrath to come :

Cleaves the centre ! Nations rush into the tomb ! 3 Close behind the tribulation,

Of these last tremendous days,
See the flaming revelation;
See the universal blaze!

Earth and heaven,
Melt before the Judge's face.
4 Sun, and moon, are both confounded,

Darken’d into endless night,
When, with angel hosts surrounded,
In his Father's glory bright,

Beams the Saviour,
Shines the everlasting light.
5 See the stars from heaven falling,

Hark on earth the doleful cry,
Men on rocks and mountains calling,
While the frowning Judge draws nigh;

Hide us, hide us,
Rocks and mountains, from his eye!

6 With what bitter exclamation,

Shall his foes his banner see!
By the signals of his passion,
By the marks receiv'd for me ;

All discern him, All, with shouts, cry out, “ 'Tis HE!" 7 Lo, 'tis He, our hearts adore him,

Come for his espous'd below;
Happy spirits fall before him,
O what joy our hearts o'erflow;

Psalms of triumph,
Crowns of glory to bestow.
8 Yes, the prize shall then be given,

We his open face shall see ;
Love, the earnest of our heaven,
Love our full reward shall be :

Love shall crown us
Kings to all eternity!


The last Judgment. (L. M.)

THAT day of wrath, that dreadful day,

1 When heaven and earth shall pass away, What power shall be the sinner's stay? How shall he meet that dreadful day? When shrivelling like a parched scroll, The flaming heavens together roll; When louder yet, and yet more dread, Swells the high trump that wakes the dead! 0! on that day, that awful day, When man to judgment wakes from clay, Be Thou the trembling sinner's stay ; . Though heaven and earth shall pass away!

302. The Books opened. Rev. xx. 12. (L.M

W ETHINKS the last great day is com

VI Methinks I hear the trumpet sound, That shakes the earth, rends every tomb,

And wakes the prisoners under ground. 2 The mighty deep gives up her trust,

Aw'd by the Judge's high command;
Both small and great now quit their dust,
And round the dread tribunal stand.
3 Behold the awful books display'd,

Big with th' important fates of men;
Each deed and word now public made,

As wrote by heaven's unerring pen. 4 To every soul, the books assign,

The joyous or the dread reward :
Sinners in vain lament and pine,

No plea the Judge will here regard.
5 Lord, when these awful leaves unfold,
May life's fair book my soul approve:
There may I read my name enroll’d,
And triumph in redeeming love.


303. Eternity joyful and tremendous. (L. M.) 1 LTERNITY is just at hand;

W And shall I waste my ebbing sand,
And careless view departing day,
And throw iny inch of time away?

2 Eternity, tremendous sound !

To guilty souls a dreadful wound;
But 0! if Christ and heaven be mine,
How sweet the accents ! how divine !
3 Be this my chief, my only care,
My high pursuit, my ardent prayer,
An interest in the Saviour's blood,
My pardon seald, and peace with God.
4 But should my brightest hopes be vain,

The rising doubt, how sharp its pain !
My fears, O gracious God, remove,
Confirm my title to thy love.
5 Search, Lord, O search my inmost heart,

And light, and hope, and joy impart ;
From guilt and error set me free,
And guide me safe to heaven and thee.


The same. (P. M.)

INTERNITY! tremendous word,
V Home-striking point, heart-piercing

Beginning without ending! [sword,
Eternity! without a shore,
Where'er thy fiery billows roar,

What is thy sight portending; -
One glimpse of thine unfathom’d deep,
Would rouse a wretch from sinful sleep.
2 Eternity! how long, how long,
Thou seizest senses, heart, and tongue,

With panic, fear, and terror;
When I revolve thy dreadful chains,

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