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Bioding. Not Prioo. Extra. Attfields Chemistry..

Cloth $275 Beck's Surgical Asepsis

.Cloth 1 25 Bigelow's Plain Talks Electricity

.Cloth 1 00 Bradford-Lovett's Othoepedic Surgery.

Cloth 6 00 Cleveland's Lexicon..

Leather 750., Cloth 50 Dunglison's Medical Dictionary.

Cloth 5 95 48 do. do. do.

. Sheep 6 80 48 Gould's Pocket Dictionary

Leather 1 00 do. do. do. (Thumb Index).

Leather 1 25 do. Med. Stud. Dictionary..

Cloth 3 25 do. do. do. do. (Thumb Index) A Mor.

4 00 Gower's Nervous System, (Vol. 1).

Cloth 3 00 Gray's Anatomy, Black Plates

Cloth 5 10 43 do. do. do. do.

Sheep 5 95 44 do. do, Colored do.

Sheep 6 80 46 Hamilton's Medical Jurisprudence.

Cloth 275 Heisler's Embryology Observations.

.Cloth 3 50 Howe's Fractures and Dislocations. Sheep $3.00, Cloth 2 25 Hudson's Thoracic Diseases.

Cloth 1 50 Keating & Coe Gynaecology

Cloth 6 00 Keyes' Syphilis..

Cloth 1 00 King's Dispensatory


9 00 do. Obstetrics (Wintermute Revised)

Sheep 5 50 Landois' Physiology, (2 vols.)

Cloth 7 00 Lloyd's Chemistry.

Cloth 2 33 13 do. do.

. Sheep 2 76

15 Locke's Materia Medica.

Cloth 2 12 16 Manton's Embryology.

Cloth 1 25 Martin's Minor Surgery

Cloth 1 00 Merrell's Digest Materia Medica..

Cloth 4 00 Noyes Ophthalmology.

.Cloth 5 50 Page's Microscopy

.Cloth 1 50 Piersol's Histology

Cloth 3 50 Purdy's Urinalysis.

Cloth 2 50 Robinson's Latin Grammar of Med. and Pharmacy.. Cloth 1 75 Rohe's Hygiene

Clothi 3 00 Roosa on Diseases of the Ear

.Cloth 4 67 27 Scudder's Diseases of Children

Sheep $4.00, Cloth 3 25 do. Practice of Medicine

.Sheep $6.00, Cloth 5 25 do. Principles of Medicine. .Sheep $3.50, Cloth 2 75 Specific Medication.

Cloth 2 50 do. do. Diagnosis

Cloth 2 00 do. Materia Medica

Sheep $5.00, Cloth 4 25 do. Medicated Inhalations.

.Cloth 1 00 do. Diseases of Women

Sheep $3.50, Cloth 2 75 do. Venereal Diseases

Sheep $1.00, Cloth 3 25 Smith's Operative Surgery.

Cloth 4 00 Steele's Popular Physics.

Cloth 1 00 Sternberg's Bacteriology.

Cloth 5 50 Thomas' Dictionary

.Cloth 2 55 do. do.

Sheep 2 98 35 Van Harlingen's Dermatology

Cloth 2 75 Warren's Surgical Observations,

.Cloth 3 50 Watkin's Compendium of Practice.

Cloth 2 50 Webster's Dynamical Therapeutics.

Sheep 6 00 Wintermute's (King; Obstetrics..

Sheep 5 50
All of the above books are listed at strictly net prices.
No books will be charged at these prices nor mailed except additional postage as

indicated be sent with the remittance.

Medical Publisher. 3035 Lucas Avenue,

St. Louis, Mo.


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A New Treatment for Hydrocele; Oxidizing

Power of Animal Charcoal; Hay Fever-
Zinc Valerianate; The Proper Time to Ad.
minister Medicines; Substitution.. .... 561-566

The Difficulties in Serum Therapy
Modern Medicine

Death of Dr. James Anton and a Tribute to

his Memory. By Alexander Wilder, M.D.,
Newark, N. J

Purpura Hemorrhagica. By H. H, Helbing,
M.D., St Louis....

Foreign Bodies in the Ear. By W. P. Biles,
M.D., Mt. Vernon, Ill....

The Essentials of Modern Materia Medica

and Eclectic Therapeutics. By Prof. John

W. Fyfe, M.D., Saugatuck, Conn. ..... 546
Does the Baby's Crying Induce Health. By

W. P. Biles, M.D., Mt. Vernon, Ill..... 555
American Public Health Association.


Appendicitis; Stirpiculture; The Electro-

Therapeutic Guide; The Right Side of the
Car; Twelfth Annual Report of the State
Board of Health and Vital Statistics of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; Hamo-
therapy; Notes on Medical Jurisprudence;
An Epitome of the History of Medicine:
Elements of Latin ......



Personal Mention; What“ Liberty" Means;

1 Registration of Eclectic Physicians in

Ohio; Registration of Non-Graduates in
Mlinois; Publisher's Proposition for 1898,



Mullein Oil: Deafness, Earache, Painful
Urination, Enuresis and Coughs...

Operative Treatment of Inguinal Hernia.. 561
Pain in Diseases of Women.



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Groves-certainly one of the greatest minds that ever adorced the medical profession-gives in his lectures on the mortality which La Grippe produced in its visitation to Dublin in his life time, by giving the number of burial permits which were obtained in two winters. We hear much of the mortality of that affection now, but if we will take the pains to examine statistics like the above from Groves, we shall find that epidemics in the last few years have been attended with no such mortality as it was in Groves' time. In several of iis visitations to London the mortality has been very large indeed; and we attribute the change in favor of the present greater amount of recoveries to the improvement in the treatment of this time and the one generally employed then. Blood-letting and severe purgation was then frequently, in fact, constantly resorted to, and this caused many deaths. In the treatment of La Grippe it is now commonly thought to be the best course only to employ those remedies which tranquilize the system. By giving the patient an agent which will at once overcome the headache and the pains which generally are very severe in all parts of the body, we find that Salfene is now quite popular. This remedy is a general anti-neuralgic and anodyne, and it does not produce cardiac disturbance or depression, and at the same time it leaves no unpleasant aftereffects, as is the case with many drugs of an anodyne character. Salfene is best given in tablet form. The tablets are put in 5 grs. weigbt. At the incipiency of an attack of La Grippe, the patient should be given a 5-grain tablet, and one every two or three hours thereafter, until the patient bas ceased to bave pains and headaches and goes to sleep. There exists no indication for other drugs beyond Salfene in uncomplicated cases of La Grippe, and this course persisted for sixteen to twentyfour hours rarely fails to bring about a cessation of the attack.


Highest Therapeutical Value.

Dioviburnia has stood the critical test of the most exacting Physicians for years and has been pronounced of the highest therapeutical value. Can always be relied upon in all functional disorders of the Uterus and Appendages, whether Acute, Sub-Acute or Chronic.

DOSE:-1 teaspoon to tablespoonful in hot water 3 or more times a day. Prescribe original package (3 viii) to avoid substitution.


ST. LOUIS, MO., U. S. A.



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(Formula on Package.)

The Sexual Tonic and Stimulant.

Afródyn owes its tonic and invigorating properties, among other things, to the South American shrub, Moyra-Puama, which we import direct.

Put Up Only in Tablets.
Write for literature descriptive of Moyra-Puama from French, Portuguese and
Spanish medical Journals.


ST. LOUIS, MO., U. S. A.

Imperial Granum.-At the Fourth Annual Meeting of the American Medical Publishers' Association, held in St. George Hall, Philadelphia, on May 31st, the following resolution was introduced and adopted :

WHEREAS, The Imperial Granum Company has announced the withdrawal of all its advertising patronage from the lay press, and signified its intention of using medical mediums only in the future; therefore be it

Resolved, That the American Medical Publishers' Associaton, in session at Philadelphia, hereby endorses and commends this action of the Imperial Granum Company; and further, recommends this course to other manufacturers who desire the support and co-operation of the medical profession.

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In Atlalarial Fevers

Antipyretic and finalgesic

Moosic, Pa. remedies used in his case. where there is great prostration. I shall use it freely. nervine just the thing for the children and nervous and delicate persons, the help of another bottle I got for him. I consider it a very nice and efficient fore the first bottle was used, and he has almost entirely gotten over it with and worse all the time. I put him on Celerina, and had marked benefit beings and everything that could be done for his benefit, he still grew thinner

Had him to the sea shore, change of surroundthe shock of his brother's death, and seemed to derive no benefit from any Nervous Prostration.—My son, aged 12, had been growing nervous over


thus differing from other Coal-tar


products. It has been used in the relief of rheumatism and neuralgic pains, and in the treatment of the sequelæ
of alcoholic excess. AMMONOL is also prepared in the form of salicylate, bromide, and lithiate. The pres.
ence of Ammonia, in a more or less free state, gives it additional properties as an expectorant, diuretic, and
corrective of hyperacidity.-London Lancet.

The Stimulant

is one of the derivatives of Coal-tar, and differs from the numerous similar products in that it contains Ammonia in active

as a result of this, AMMONOL possesses marked stimulating and expectorant properties. The well-known
cardiac depression induced by other Antipyretics has frequently prohibited their use in otherwise suitable cases. The
introduction of a similar drug, possessed of stimulating properties, is an event of much importance. AMMONOL
possesses marked anti-neuralgic properties, and it is claimed to be especially useful in cases of dysmenorrhoea. --The.

Medical Magazine, London.
Ammonol maybe

Send for Ammonel
oblained from all

Excerpta a 48 page Leading Druggists

pamphlet. NEW YORK U.S.A.


The Simmonol Chemical C!

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