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Venice, its disadvantageous situation, 179, 180. Convenient for com-

merce, 181. Its trade declining, and why, ibid. Its description,
179, &c. Its pictures done by the best hands, 182. The moisture
of its air, ibid. Its arsenal, 183. Its carnival, with the necessity

and consequences of it, 186, 187.
Venus, her chambers, 236. Her statues at Florence, &c. 313, 314.
Verona, its amphitheatres and other antiquities, 169, 170.
Versoy, a town in Switzerland, to which Ludlow retired, 329, 332.
Vespasian, a medal on the peace he procured the empire, 71, &c.

Another of his medals explained, 93.
Vessel, old Roman, described, 49.
Vestals, whether their hair grew after the tonsure, 310.
Vesuvio described, 240, &c. Much different from Martial's account of

it, 248.
Victory described on a medal, 43, &c. 95. On a coin of Constantine,

45. Joined on a medal with honour, 25.
Ville Neuve in Bern, 329.
Virgil's tomb, 232. Ancient MSS, of him at Florence, 315.
Virgil's Georgics, an essay on them, 445.
Virtue described on a medal, 24.
Ulysses's voyage undetermined by the learned, 148.
Volsinian's town, 300.
Volturno described, 222.

War, the management of the late war censured, 378, 379.
Water-deities represented on medals, 74.
Woollen-manufacture, its importance to Great Britain, 368.


Yvoire, port, for the Duke of Savoy's gallies, 326.

Zurich, an account of it, 340, &c.


3. Swan, Printer,
Angel Street, London.

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