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this column at Three Cents per Word. Oash must accompany each order. Twenty-five words will be Inserted one time for subscribers free. For additional words or for subsequent Insertions, cash, at the rate of three cents per word, required. In estimating, each word, or letter repposenting a word, must be connted, including address. It letters are to be sent in care of this ofice, an extra tee of 25 pants must accompany order, with sufficient stamps to pay for forwarding letters. Instruments, preparations, etc., adverHned here at double the above rates. An adv. intended for a certain isene must reach us not later than the 12th of the month preceding.

The Medical Register says of the MEDICAL WORLD Visiting List: “The great advantage of the List over others with which we are familiar is the fact that the services rendered, with the amounts charged, are entered in writing and figures, and not in symbols. Hence, the book may be presented in court in case of dispute, and will be accepted as book of original entry. It has merits which stand second to the former, such as small bulk, neatness, good paper and print, and ready facility for reference. But the first is the best reason, to our mind, for its use. Physicians' book-keeping is now a complicated, inefficient and awkward procedure, and any means that may be introduced to simplify and render it more accurate are worthy of commendation. Hence, we feel justified in strongly recommending this List to our readers.



Superheated Oxygen Air Inhaled




Send to Dr. Abbott for Circulars describing his Improved Apparatus. It burns oil costing 1 1-2 cents a day, is odorless. Can be used with oxygen and air or air alone. Price, $25.

E. W. ABBOTT, M. D., Concord, N. H. Order one for your patient and for your office.

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M.D., manufacturer of uterine supporters, Grand Rapids, Mich. Address this office.

some money that I want to exchange for å nice cottage and some land, near pleasant village, Western States. Address, Care Dr. W., L04 Grand Avenue, Milwaukee, Wis. Dec.


five miles from Philadelphia, convenient to railroad, good class of people, and collections good. About $2500. per year. Address, "J," care MEDICAL WORLD, Feb.

practice in Indiana. Business enough for lady and gentleman. Doctor, Box 339, Marion, Ind.

radius. No other physician. Less than half cost. Fail. ure of health. Doctor, care Chas. Blanchard, Vineland, N.J.

Brooklyn. Dr. B., 35 Williams Ave., Station E., Brook

a 300 of lyn, N. Y.

tants and Substitutes provided. Serd stamp to Dr. E. N.
Johnson, Norristown, Pa., Lock Box 45.
NY doctor who has $2000. and wishes good practice should

Chatham Street, Lynn, Mass.
FREE.-Large country ride in central New York, to pur-

chaser of horses and drugs. Good pay. No opposition.
Price low. Address, H, care of MEDICAL WORLD.
FOR SALE. — Drug Store, practice free. No opposition.

Flourishing town. northern Wisconsin. Dwelling, store and drugs. $1500., half cash. Address, “Physick," care of THE MEDICAL WORLD.

THE National Medical Exchange, Orrville, Ohio. Stamp
DREGSTORE and Practice for sale, cheap. For particulars
T HALF PRICE, Polk's Medical Directory of the U. S.,

Robert's Practice, American Dispensatory, Da Costa's
Diagnosis, Bartholow's Therapeutics, and other works. Dr.
Haine, West Farmington, Ohio.
WILL pay $150. for $2000. practice. Village of 600, or more.

No real estate or opposition. R. C. Paine, Bethel, Sullivan
Co., N. Y.
"O EXCHANGE-A new Sixteen Cell, $45., Galvano-Faradic

a Platt, M.D., Waterbury, Conn. FOR "OR SALE,- Good house, stable and lot, Western Ohio,

$2000 practice thrown in for price of property. No opposition. Address, "J. K.,” care of MEDICAL WORLD. FOR

Electrn-therapeutic bath. It is in good order, and will prore a good addition to a physician's office. Address, Administrator, Drawer 42, Geneva, N. Y.



af er,
High, dry, sandy and
piney. On the
St. John's River,

Large house, over
25 miles soutb of Palat-
500 feet of piazza, open
fires, excellent water,
every home comfort ;
situated on a hill 75 feet
above the river; con-
venient to steam-boat
landing and railroad
home for people who
are unable to bear the
rigors of a Northern
winter. Conducted by
de trained nurse from
Bellevue Hospital, N.Y.
Best of references. For
particulars, address, un.
36 N. 19th St., Phila-
fil December 15th,


delphia, ka




Dr. Meigs Case's Spinal Apparatus


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Means aff rued. 1. Appropriale exercise under elastic exten sion with no restrictive appliance.

2. Continu d extension made Aendura le hy change in position,

B Silling, standing, or walking.

3. Perfect support, balance and guidance in locomotion Results obtained. I. The abso

D lule and speedy cure, without leforinty, of recent cases of Pott's Disease and Lateral Curvatur.

2 Imediate relief followed by perinauent cure in aute Poti's Divease, either before or after supervention of abscess or paraplegia.

3D fornity lessened, and attending complications lleviated in all chronic curvatures in adults or youth.

4. Normal growth stimulated in children I warfed by dis. ease.

5. Spinal irritation relirved, and ultimate'y. with its causes, removed.

6. Remarkable improvement in the condition of children suffering from defective Innervation, lack of muscular power, or nerrons inco-ordination, with inability to articulate distinctly and to control the use of the limbs.

These claims are not merely theoretical; they have been abundantly established by actual use of the Apparatus.

For full particulars, reports of cases, prices, etc., apply to

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Pomeroy Truss Company, 785 Broadway, New York.

Sole Manufacturers Under United States Patents.

Please mention the MEDICAL WORLD,

PHILLIPS' INSTRUMENT HOUSE , 14 Marietta Street, Atlanta, Ca.



(as per cut.) Dimensions : 12 inches long, 712 inches high, 34 inches wide ; contains 23 3-drachm vials, 26 1-ounce vials, 48 ounce vials ; space for powder papers, instruments etc.; case made of Russia leather, mounted with nickel corner, nickel spring lock, with key, and nickel name plate, mak ing the most substantial, complete and richest looking PHYSICIAN'S CASE ever placed on the market. PRICE,

$8.50 net.





Buggy Cases, Hand Cases, Vial Cases, Obstetric Bags,

Splints, Trusses and Batteries.

Hick's Fever Thermometer, with Indestructible Index

and Certificate, net, Clinical Thermometer, with Certificate, Clinical Thermometer in G, P. Case, Chain and Pin,

Write for Circulars ; it will cost you but the price of a postal card. ou get my prices you will be a Customer.



Cut No. 33 converts by same hinge device as Nos. 36 and 59. Hore bags are showu arched over the respective Buggy-Case iuto which thes convert. Contents: 1 sundries space, 11 1.02. sorew top, 11

6-dr. 11 br. cork stoppers. $2 00

The No. of care indicates the bottles and vials contained. When

ordering, do not allow any dealer to put you of witb, or substitute 1 00 any other case. See thai esch Case-Bag is branded with registered

No, and bears the name of Marshall, with data of patent. 1 25

No. 36, Convertible Case, in Black Leather. When No. 36, Convertible Case, in Russet Loather.

Write for Prices on Same.

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Ledger of Monthly




The Red Cross Badge for Physicians, discussea ana adopted through these columns, is a gold breast-pin, three-fourths of an inch in diameter, bearing a red enamel cross on an olive enamel back.ground with the

letters M. D. in the center of the cross. It is to be worn OTIS'

on the lappel of coat or vest, or the shirt-front or scarf. HYPO - PHOS-PHITES COMP: The price is $2.50, ten cents extra if by registered mail.

The Red Cross Watch Charm Badge is a heavy gola For Consumption. It differs from others in having no syrup. It contains two parts Listerine (Lambert's)

watch charm of same design, price $8.00. one part Glycerine. Try it Bro. M. D.'s ; you will not These are intended only for regularly qualifiea, legal be disappointed. Price $2.00 per bottle. Ex. pre-paid. Send for pamphlet.

practitioners in their respective states, who, in ordering, DR. OTIS, Nevada, Mo. must give date and place of graduation and any other

credentials, as society membership, etc., they may possess. Overdue Accounts, Notes.

and Judgments Discounted Address, 7. 7. Taylor, M. D., 1520 Chestnut St., BAD

against parties in all sections
of the country. Send name

Phila., Pa.
of debtor, his last known resi.
DEBTS dence, amount actually due,

and what expected for claim.

U.S. Gov't claims Discounted

References exchanged.

Box, 300
Washington, D. C.


Renowned Faradic




Address P. 0.


One Physician Only. Galvanic Batteries.

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In every town and city, to
introduce a new apparatus
and improved method of
treating Vatarrh, Throat,
and Lung Affections.
Strictly Professional.

No Competition.
For particulars address,
Moore- McGregor Medication,

Cincinnati, O

Cautery Batteries, Mulli-ampere Meters, Electrodes and




P. 0. Box 671.


A twenty-four page Pamphlet on the “Treatment of Gonorrhea and its Sequelæ” by means of

Soluble Medicated Bougies, Will be sent Free, with sample of the Bougie, on application to any physician mentioning THE MEDIOUS WORLD, and enclosing his business card or letter heading. Address CHARLES L. MITCHELL, M. D.,

1016 Cherry St., Phila. Manufacturer of Soluble Medicated Gelatine Preparations.

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Dr. W. J. Conner's Patent Cane for Carrying Medicine and Instruments. 1886. THE PHYSICIAN'S COMPANION! IT IS ALWAYS AT HAND AND READY! SOMETHING NEW! IT IS PERFECT! I beg leave to offer to the Profession an article indispensable to the practitioner. It is recommended for its simplicity of construction. It virtually does away with the Lunglesome and annoying Hand and Pocket Med cine (ases. The cane is made of i rase, enameled, black, highly polished, with 16 kt. Chased Boiled Gold Head. (See Cut] The head is hollow, and letter A is cap to cover the cavity. The chamber is large enough to carry hypodermie syringe and small instruments sufficient for immediate use. The body of the cane D is a hollow tube in which is inserted a tray which is fastened to the handle. In this tray are sixteen phials for medicine. Letter C represents tray withdrawn out of cane and detached from handle. Bis tray partia ly withdrawn. When closed it is a FINE, NEAT, WALKING CANE of medium size. They are sold to the profession as follows: Chased Gold Head, $20. Sent C. 0. D., or on receipt of money, draft or P. 0. Order. IN USE AND BECOMMENDED BY THE PROFESSION. SOLD THE FIRST YEAR OVER 4,000. For further particulars, address,

W. J. CONNER, M.D., Labette City, Kansas.


Pil. Ext. Mumuli Concentrated.

Heretofore the chief objection to this valuable drug has been the large, and disagreeable dose necessary to produce a decided effect. This we have entirely overcome, in this form of administration. Our Extract of Hops is prepared by an entirely new process, by which all the active tonic, hypnotic and anaphrodisiac properties are retained unimpaired, while the degree of concentration is such that each pill represents about twenty grains of Lupulin, thereby enabling the Physician to exhibit this most efficient drug, in a small and agreeable dose.

Extract Guarana, 2 grs.

Extract Cannabis Indica, 2-5 gr.
Extract Ignatia, %2 gr.

Citrate Caffein, I gr. This pill has been thoroughly tested, and in a majority of cases will give immediate relief in sick and nervous headaches.

Syrup Terebene Aromatic.

Terebene has been thoroughly tested, and found a potent and valuable remedy in all Bronchialand Pulmonary troubles.

In Syrup Terebene Aromatic, its unpleasant taste is completely disguised, without lessening its activity. Each fuid drachm contains 12 drops pure Terebene.

Saline and Chalybeate Tonic Tablets (Flints). Glycerine Suppositories, containing 95 per cent. pure Glycerine, Antiseptic Tablets (Seiler’s), Gelatine Coated Pills and Granules, Tablet Triturates, Hypodermic Tableis, Compressed Tablets and Lozenges, Elixirs, Wines, Syrups, and all Pharmaceutical Preparations.




Lentz's Aseptic Compact Operating Set, No. 10.


We have from time to time made improve ments to this set and are now making a perfect aseptic set, which offers especial facilities for aseptic precautions; the blades are soldered into hollow German-silver handles, nickel plated, are light so as not to be unwieldy and admit of a firm grasp when operating.

The saw is adjusted to the handle on an entirely new principle, being made to separate easily and to facilitate thorough cleansing.

The handle is entirely of metal and fedestrated to overcome unnecessary weight.

Scissors and Forceps having French locks can be separated, and the slide can be easily removed from Artery and Needle Forceps.

Therefore, no opportunity is offered for the lodgment and development of germs.

The entire set is patterned with et pecial reference to facility in cleansing.

The instruments can be sierilized by plac ing them in boiling water, without fear of damaging them. Wood or rubber handles will not admit of this procedure. For price see case A.

The following instruments are put up in either a fine Mahogany or Morocco case, with nickel tuimmings, lined with velvet, and has an extra space for Trephine with handle, and Elevator if desired.

One Amputating Knife (6-in. blade); One Finger Knife, One Hernia Knife; One Sharp Curved Bistoury; Two Scalpels; One Tenotome; One Tepacu. lum; One Pair Scissors, curved or flat; One Saw (9 in. blade);

One Liston's Bone Forceps,
with Spring; One Artery and Needie Forceps, improved; One Esmarch's Flat
Rubber Tourniquet, with Chain: One Hæmostatic Forceps; One Director, with
Aneurism Needle; Two Silver Probes; Silk, Wire, Wax and Needles.
With the Sixteen Instruments Contained in this case, any Ordinary

Operation may be Performed.
Size, 11 inches Long, 4 inches Wide, 2 inches High.

A.-German Silver aseptic Handles on Knives and Saw...

$34 00 B.-Hard Rubber aseptic Handles on Knives and Saw..

29 00 C.-Ebony Handles on Knives and Saw (as shown in illustration).

25 00 Either Set, with Trephine and Elevator in addition .....

4 65 DISCOUNT 25 PER CENT. TO PHYSICIANS. Our Catalogue of 260 pages will be sent on receipt of 10 cts, for postage.

CHARLES LENTZ & SONS, Manufacturers of Surgical and Orthopedic Apparatus


Established 1866.


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