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their lips,they shall be takenin for such as fear thee, that
their pride : and why ? their they may triumph because
preaching is of curling and of the truth.


Therefore were thy be 13 Consume them in thy loved delivered: help me with wrath ; consume them, that thy right hand, and hear me.tri they may perish, and know 6 God hath spoken in his that it is God that ruleth in holiness, I will rejoice and · Jacob, and unto the ends of divide Sichem, and mete out the world.

the valley of Succoth. ! :$ 14 Andin the evening they 7 Gilead is mine, and Mawill return, grin like a dog, naffes is mine ; Ephraim allai and will go about the city. is the strength of my head>

15 They will run bere and Judah is my law-giver ; !: Adi there for meat, and grudge if .8 Moab is my walh-pot ; they be not satisfied. over Edom will I cast out my

16 As for me, I will fing of shoe ; Philistia, be thou gladi thy power, and will praise thy of me. inercy betimes in the morn-,


Who will lead me into ing ; for thou hast been my thé strong city? who will defence and refuge in the day bring me into Edom?? Hib of my trouble.

10 Haft not thou cast us 17 Unto thee, O my out, o God? wilt not thou, strength, will I ling; for thou, O God, go out with our hosts? O God, art my refuge, and 11 O be thou 'our frelp in my merciful God.

trouble ; for vain is the help Plalm 1x. Deus repuliffi nos.

12 Through God will we God, thou hast cast us do great acts; for it is he that

out, and scattered us shall tread down our enemies. abroad, thou hast also been displeased : 0 turn thee unto Psalm lxi. Exaudi, Deus. us again.

EAR my crying, o 2 Thou hast moved the

God, give earunto land, and divided it : heal the my prayer. fores thereof, for it shaketh, : 2 From the ends of the 3

Thou hast showed thy earth will I call upon thee, people heavy things; thou when nry heart is in heaviness. haft given us a drink of dead 3 set me up upon the ly wine,

rock that is higher than ); Thou hast given a token for thou hast been my hope,

of man.

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H God




and a Itrong stower for mel will exalt; their delight is in against the enemy. i lies ; they give good words

I will dwell in thy tabere with their mouth, but curfe nacle for ever, and my trust with their heart. shall be under the covering ? 5 Nevertheless, my soul of thy wings.

wait thou still upon God; for --5. For thou, O Lord, hast my hope is in him. heard my desires, and hast 6 He truly is my strength, given an heritage unto those and my salvation; he is my dethat fear thy Name. I fence, so that I shall not fall.

-6. Thou shalt grant the 77 In God is my health and King a long life, that his my glory, the rock of my years may endure throughout might; and in God is my trust. all generations. 11 1.8 put your trust in him

He shall dwell before alway, ye people ; pour out God for ever : O prepare thy your hearts before him; for losing mercy and faithfulness, God is our hope. that they may preserve him. 9 As for the children of

78 Sowill I always fing praise men, they are but vanity; the unto thy Name, that I may children of inen are deceitful daily perform my vows. upon the weights; they are

altogether lighter than vanity

itself. The Twelfth Day, afi

10. O trust not in wrong MORNING PRAYER.

and robbery; give not yours" Pfalm lxii. Nome Deo?

selves unto vanity : if riches Y soul truly waiteth increase, set not your heart

still upon God; for of upon them. him eomieth my falvation. 11 God spake once, and

22 He verily is my strength twice I have also heard the and may falvation; he is my fame, that power belongèth defence, so that I shall not unto God ;

12 And that thou, Lord, 6:3 How long will ye ima- art merciful ; for thou regine mischief against every wardest every man according mah ?o ye thall be Nain all the to his work. fort of you'; yea, as a tot tering walt Thall ye be, and like Psalın lxul. Deus, Deus meus. a broken hedge. ?

early I to put him out whom God 2° My soul thirfteth for 365

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greatly fall.

4 Their device is only how O God, thou art my God;


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thee , my desh also longeth Pfalm Ixiv. Exqudi, Deus. after thee, in a barren and EAR my voice, O God, dry land where no water is. in my prayer; preserve

3 Thus have I looked for my life from fear of the enemy. thee in holiness, that I might 2 Hide me from the gas behold thy power and glo- thering together of the fror. ту ;

ward, and from the insurrec4 For thy loving-kindness tion of wicked doers; is better than the life itself: 3. Who have whet their my lips shall praise thee. tongue like a sword, and shoot

5 As long as I live will I out their arrows, even bitter magnify thee in this manner, words, and lift up my hands in thy 14 That they may privily Name.

shoot at him that is perfect 6 My soul shall be satisfied, suddenly do they hit him, and even as it were with marrow fear not.

) and fatness, when' my mouth 5 They encourage themof praiseth thee with joyful selves in mischief, and comlips.

mune among themselves, how 7 Have I not remembered they may lay snares; and fay thee in my bed, and thought that no man shall see them upon thee when I was wa 6 They imagine wicked

ness, and practise it ; that 8 Because thou hast been they keep secret among themmy helper ; therefore under selves, every man in the deep the shadow of thy wings will of his heart. I rejoice.

7 But God shall suddenly 9 My soul hangeth upon shoot at them with a fwift thee; thy right hand hath arrow, that they hall be upholden me.

wounded. 10 Thefe also that seek the

8 Yea, their own tongues hurt of my foul, they shall shall make them fall; infogo under the earth.

much that whoso feeth them, 11 Let them fall upon the shall laugh them to scorn. edge of the sword, that they 9 And all men that fee its may be a portion for foxes. fhall say, This hath God dones i

12 But the King shall re- for they fhall perceive that it) joice in God; all they also is bis work. that swear by him shall be 10 The righteous fhall re- ; commended ; for the mouth joice in the Lord, and put his of them that speak lies thall trust in him; and all they that be stopped.

are true of heart shall be glad.



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EVENING PRAYER. 14 10 The river of God is full - Psalm lxv. -Te decet bymnus, of water: thou preparest their

HOU, O God, art corn, for fo thou providest

praised in Sion; and for the earth. unto thee shall the vow be 11 Thou watereft her furperformed in Jerusalem. rows; thou sendeft rain into

2 Thou that hearest the the little vallies thereof; thou prayer, unto thee shall all makest it soft with the drops flesh come.

of rain, and blefleft the in3 My misdeeds prevail a- crease of it. gainst me : O be thou mer 12 Thou crownest the year ciful unto our sins. · with thy goodness; and 'thy

4 Blessed is the man whom clouds drop fatness. thou choosest, and receivest 13 They shall drop upon unto thee: he shall dwell in the dwellings of the wilderthy court, and shall be fatis. ness; and the little hills thall fied with the pleasures of thy rejoice on every lide. house, even of thy holy temple. 14 The folds shall be full

5 Thou shalt show us won- of sheep: the vallies also shall derful things in thy righte- stand so thick with corn, that oufness, O God of our salva- they shall laugh and sing. tion, thou that art the hope of all the ends of the earth,

Psalm lxvi. Jubilate Deo. and of them that remain in Be joyful in God, all ye the broad sea. : 6 Who in his strength set- the honour of his Name ; teth faft the mountains, and make his praise to be glorious. is girded about with power. 2 Say unto God, o how

7 Who stillest the raging wonderful art thou in thy of the sea, and the noise of his works ; through the greatness waves, and the madness of of thy power shall thine enethe people.

mies be found liars unto thee. 8: They also that dwell in


For all the world shall the uttermost parts of the worship thee, sing of thee, earth shall be afraid at thy and praise thy Name. tokens, thou that makest the 4 O come hither, and beout-goings of the morning hold the works of God, how and evening to praise thee. wonderful he is in his doing

9 Thou visitest the earth, toward the children of men! and bleffest it ; thou makeft 5

He turned the sea into it very plenteous.

dry land, so that they went


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through the water on foot; 11:26 If I incline unto wickthere did we rejoice thereof. edness with mine fears, the 2106 He ruleth with his power Lord will not hear me s for ever; his eyes behold the 1.17 But God hath heard me, people: and such as will not and considered the voice of believe, shall not be able to my prayer.

15:15 exalt themselves. i!'

18 Praised be God, who 70 praise our God, ye hath not cast out my prayer, people, and make the voice nor turned his mercy from me. of his praise to be heard ; 9 Psalm lxvii. Deus mifereatur.

8 Who holdeth our soul in ODbe merciful unto us, life, and suffereth not our feet

, thow us to flip. !

Use the light of his countenance, C9 For thou, O God, haft and be merciful unto us; ... proved us; thou also haft tri- . :2. That thy way may be ed us, like as filver is tried... known upon earth, thiy saving

10 Thou broughtest usinto health among all nations. A the fnare, and laidít trouble 3 Let the people praise upon our loins.

thee, O God; yea, let all the 11 Thou sufferedst men to people praise thee. . S.163 ride over our heads; we went 4 O let the nations rejoice through fire and water, and and be glad ; for thou shalt thou broughtest us out into judge the folk righteoufly, and a wealthy place. : .... govern the nations upon earth. 2:12 I will go into thine 5 Let the people praise thee, house with: burnt-offerings, O God ; let all the people and will pay sthee my vows praise thee. '. which I promised with my 6 Then shall the earth lips, and spake with my bring forth her increase ; and mouth, when I was in trouble. God, even our own God, :

13 I will offer unto thee shall give us his bleffing. fat burnt-facrifices, with the 7 God shall blefs us; and incense of rams; I will offer all the ends of the world shall bullocks and goats.

fear him. 1400 come hither, and hearken, alt ye that fear God,

The Thirteenth Day, and I will tell you what he bath done for my soul.

SA MORNING PRAYER. 15 I called unto him with Plalm lxviii. Exurgat Deus my mouth, and


chim LET God arise, and let his praises with my tongue. Su


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