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Printed by W. and R. Chambers.


PUPILS presented for the Fifth Standard are to be examined by the Inspector in the highest reading-book used in the school.' In the great majority of schools that book will be Standard V. Where, however, a sixth class is formed, the fifth class will be examined in the sixth book. To meet this awkward arrangement, the Sixth and Fifth Standards of this series are made of about the same difficulty. Again, those reading the Sixth Book, and presented for the Sixth Standard, may be examined either in the book they have been reading, or in a newspaper. We have, accordingly, admitted into this volume extracts similar to those which may be found in the best journals. This may be safely said, that, if the Sixth Book be thoroughly mastered, the pupils need not fear the newspaper-test. The pieces in this, as in the preceding books of the Narrative Series,' are fresh and

Scarcely any–if any–will be found in other school reading-books.


Writing from Dictation is to be tested from a newspaper or modern narrative. Accordingly, the teacher, in addition to the exercises which every lesson affords, is provided with special and miscellaneous exercises at the end of the volume, of such a kind as to arm the pupil who has gone through the earlier books against any fair test that may be applied by the Inspector.



READING.—A short ordinary paragraph in a newspaper or other modern narrative.

WRITING.-Another short ordinary paragraph in a newspaper, or other modern narrative, slowly dictated once by a few words at a time.

ARITHMETIC. — A sum in Practice, or Bills of Parcels.

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