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York and Ohio; the libraries of Boston, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Newark, New York City and Providence; the Society Library of New York City; the University Libraries of Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Wyoming and Yale; and the Historical Societies of Connecticut, Indiana, Long Island, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Wyoming, for information obtained from those institutions or the use of books and documents contained in their collections.

I wish also to acknowledge my obligation to the antiquarians Messrs. Robert Fridenberg, Emil Sauer, Charles Everitt, Edward Eberstadt, Edward Gottschalk, Joseph Sabin, P. Stammer, Oscar Wegelin and Henry O'Leary of New York City, Messrs. Rosenbach of Philadelphia and Messrs. Goodspeed of Boston, for their professional aid over an interval of years, in searching out and securing for me, in America and Europe, the historical illustrative material herein reproduced.

S. D. New York City, October, 1914.

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