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LETTER X. -Westminster Elections—Defeat of Maxwell

Manner in which the Elections are conducted
-Electioneering anecdotes,

47 -XI.- To Dr. Caldwell.--The University of Edin

burgh-Poverty of the Students-Surgeon-
Barbers—Rapid progress of the Medical School
-Drs. Monro-Gregory--Thomson-Home

55 -XII. - To the Same-Edinburgh calculated for study

-Royal Infirmary-Dr. Rutherford--Anatomy

- Resurrectionizing-Graduation—Grinding, 62 -XIII.— To John D.-Scotch Lawyers---Mr. Jeffrey

Statue of Charles II. --Royal deathsMarkets
of Edinburgh,

66 XIV.–State of France-Creation of 59 new Peers

Progress of Liberty—State of Spainof England-of Scotland-Edinburgh Review-Wa-verley Novels--Mrs. Barbauld's division of Novels,

74 -XV.-Edinburgh Theatre-Representation of Rob Roy Kean and Talma compared—Mr. Ali

81 -XVI.--Roslin ---Hawthornden-St. Bernard's Well

Panoramic View of Edinburgh-Hume's Mo-
nument--Allan's Painting of the Press Gang-
Preparations for my Highland walk,

87 -XVII.-Frith of Forth-Stirling Castle-Scotch Vil

lages--Lord Kinnoul's seat-Perth—the Pri-
801--Depôt for French Prisoners,

93 -XVIII.-Scone-Dunkeld-Duke of Athol's grounds

The Braan-Ossian's Hall-Rumbling Bridge, 100 -XIX.—To John D.--Highland dietHovels-Oldbag

--Iustance of Longevity-Mistaken for robbers
-The lying guide-Tummel Bridge--Tay-

mouth Castle-Loch Tay-Callander, 206 -XX.-Stewart's house-Loch Vennachar --The Tro

sachs-Loch Katrine-Goblins'Cave-Ellen's
Isie-Alps of Arrochar,

113 -XXI.-Loch Lomond Ben Lomond-Reveries of a.. Solitary Wanderer,



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ETTER XXII.-General idea of the Highland Scenery
Dunbarton Castle,

126 -XXIII.-Essay on the Manners and Character of the

Highlanders—the Gaelic-Instance of Re-
venge-Confederation into Clans-English
spoken in the Higblands-Melancholy disposi-
tion-Disregard to truth-Law to cbange the
national Dress—Highland Music-The Bag-
pipe-Huts and Houses—Description of a Ho-
vel and Cottage-Naturally a courageous peo-
ple--the Women -a Bathing Scene--Poverty
of the Highlanders--Attachment to their coun-

129 -XXIV. -Highland superstitions—Daoine Shi'-Kelpie

or Water Horse-Urisks-Aristocracy of
Ghosts! -Ossian,

143 -XXV.-Scotch Steam-boats-Glasgow-History-Ma

nufactures-Immorality of the workmen-Ex-
change-Merchants--the Green-Soapsuds
Nympbs-„Hunterian Museum-"Rob Roy"-

Glasgow Bridge-Cathedral-Dr. Chalmers, 149
--XXVI.--Belfast-Antrim-Lough Neagh-Reveries-
Grave-yardGiants' Causeway,

158 --XXVII. - Journey to Dublin-Lord Castlereagh-Dundalk-a Masquerade,

165 --XXVIII.--Historical sketch of Dublin-View from Nel

son's Monument Ecclesiastical Government
-Lord Lieutenant--Newgate--Condemned

169 -XXIX.—To Dr. Caldwell.Trinity College-Dublin

Society House - Swift's Hospital ---Botanic
Gardev-Foundling Hospital,

178 -XXX.-Excursion to the South-Carlow-The Gretna

Green of Ireland-Hovels of the Peasants-
Description of a cabin— Poverty of the labour-
ers—Children of the Irish poor-Rage for mar-
rying-Miss Edgeworth's description of a cot-
tage-Soil and climate of Ireland-Females
Anecdote--Veneration for Priests,





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LETTER XXXI.-Distresses of Ireland-Atrocious conduct

of the British Government-Popery laws
InsurrectionsCatholics and Protestants-
Tithes-Sufferings of the poor-Remaining
disabilities–Irish genius--Irisbmen in the

English Cabinet,
-XXXII. - To John D. - The Dublin Theatre-Anec-

dote of a Sailor-A dinner and soirée-Man-

ners--Miss Molyneux,
-XXXIII.-Bay of Dublin-Vagrants in the Packet-

Storm at Sea-A Wreck-Reveries-Liv-
erpool-Botanic Garden-Prostitutes-In-
decent placards—Nelson's Monument-Dr.

-XXXIV.-English Stage-coach-Staffordsbire-Tren-

tam-Stony Stratford-Banks of the Avon
-Shakspeare's Birth-place-His writings
Racine--Shakspeare's plays not to be repre-
sented. Parallel between Scotch and En-

glish scenery,
-XXXV.-The American in London-Display of vice

and misery-Ennui of fasbion-West End
of the Town Squares-Dress of a Dandy-
Reflections on splendid Hotels-Contrast be-
tween the rich and poor-Fate of modest

merit-Literary Banditti,
-XXXVI.- To Dr. Caldwell.—London Hospitals Early

visits-Dresserships--Pupils-College of
Physicians—-Hunter's Museum--Bethlem
Hospital-Venereal Hospital-Maisons de
Santé-Prospects of success in Baltimore,

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ETTER XXXVII.--Richmond-Strawberry Hill-Horace

Walpole-Deptford-Greenwich Hospital--
View from the Observatory--Rural lise in
England Irving's misrepresentations-
American peasantry-England and the Unit-
ed States compared,

45 -XXXVIII.- Are the English an intelligent people--Dif

fusion of learning—Variety of writers-Tra-
vellersWapt of taste for the Fine Arts-
University of Oxford- The Royal visit-St.

Mary's College-Happiness of early life, 55 -XXXIX.-To John D.-Smithfield Reform Meeting

Hunt—the Ragged Orator-Singular politi-
cal debate--Mathews AT HOME---Miss
O'Neill-Persian Ambassador-Fair Cir.

66 -XL.Bathm-Smollett's satirical observationem

York Springs—Pump Room-King's Bath
-Swindlers-Physicians at Bath-Balti-
more doctors,

73 -XLI.-Concourse at London Fashionable season

the QueenConduct of Courtiers-Threat-
ened impeachment of the Queen-Atrocious
villainy of her enemies- State of France-
Splendid Revolution of Spain,

80 -XLII.Gothic Structures-Westminster Abbey

George JI.'s Funeral_Tower of London-
Persons executed within its precincts The
Armouries-St. Paul's Church_View from
the Dome-Lord Nelson and Lady Hamil-

86 -XLIII. Seduction Public women of London-The Magdalen,

98 -XLIV._Manners of Sovereigns Instances of their

enormities--Court Cringing-Immorality of
the House of Brunswick-George I. and II.
-Reign of George III.-Profligacy of his
Court—The Royal Family-Corrupt practi-

106 ces of the British Government,

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LETTER XLV.-A Day in London--Street population-Shop

keepers—Dinner Parties—Evening PartyNight-Tea Gardens--Cellars-Drunkards -Robberies Suicide-Beggars,

114 -XLVI.--Periodical works-North American Review

-Ministerial writers--Newspapers-Puffs
-Fashionable Literature-Circulating Li.

--XLVII.--House of Commons-Reporters-Taxes-

The King and the President of the United
States- Ministers-Taxes laid on the Poor
-No liberty in the British Parliament-In-
fluence of corruption on the House of Com-

134 -XLVIII.--High and Low Classes Happiness of the

French Peasantry_Bartholomew Fair

-XLIX.Old Bailey-Capital Punishments Dread of

Death no preventive of Crimes-London
Police-Prison Discipline,

151 --L.-Women-their Influence on Society-Paral.

lel between English and French LadiesSocietyOld Maids and Gossips—Drums and Routs Love Marriages,

159 -LI.-The Theatre-Eulogy of the Drama-Rise

and Progress of the English Stage-Fluctua-
tions of Dramatic Genius-Splendid Illumi-
nation of the Theatres-Bebaviour of the
Audience Melo drama—Kean-Young-
Miss O'Neill-Immorality of the English
Comedy-Comic Actors--Munden-Ellis-
ton-Jones—Liston--Dowton-Ch. Kem-
ble-Miss Kelly-Miss Foote-Miss Ste-
phensCrowd at the Doors Mathews'

Country Cousins,
-LII. The Coronation,


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