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The knoroledge that a man can use is the only real knowledge; the only knowledge that has le and growth in it and converts itself into practical power. The rest hange like dust about the brain, or dries like raindrops of the stones.--FBOUDÉ.

The Medical World.


No. 1.

the valley because climbing is difficult. Remember that, if you climb but one hill, you have a more perfect view of all the surrounding

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Suppose you want to achieve some new re1530 Chestnut Street,

sults in treatment. The field is wide. Nearly PHILADELPHIA, PA.

the whole science of medicine is in a state of

anxious uncertainty, waiting for the masterVOL. VII. JANUARY, 1889.

mind that shall organize order out of the chaos,

and crystallize into lines of symmetry the valuMove on!

able isolated facts that are now floating around. And now we have set our faces resolutely Some time in the future there will be a real against the storms of another year. The year

science of medicine. See what you can do this just past brought many a conflict against dis year to help it along. Look up that epidemic ease, with diagnosis as the field-glass and treat- that you and all your professional neighbors ment as the weapon. In reviewing it, do you failed on last year. Concentrate yourself on think you have given your patients the advan that one thing until you have found its natural tage of the best light the literature of the pro therapeutic antagonist. fession afforded you? Have you studied

When you have achieved or discovered someenough?

thing, communicate the fact to your neighbor, Make out now the line of your work for the or your local medical society; and when by new year. Let it be your ambition to become united effort you have verified its truth and the most thoroughly read physician in your value, give it in a joint communication to your community. This is certainly a worthy ambi- / favorite medical journal, whatever one that is. tion, since your patients are to reap the benefit To every one who is trying as best he can to of it as well as yourself. You have perhaps be a True Physician we send a cordial New worn your favorite study threadbare. Look Year's Greeting. around and find that which has always been a dread to you-seemed a little bit beyond you.

Diabetic Gangrene Take that up and master it. If you do only The elaborate paper read by Dr. William that which is easy, you will never do much Hunt in the Philadelphia County Medical Sothat is worth doing. Do not always stay in ciety has revived a considerable interest in this subject. We think the subject is a valuable directed his treatment to the kidneys we did not one for the consideration of the physician, not solicit further information. Still, we believe so much on account of the number of cases that if electrical treatment be skillfully directed which he is likely to encounter, as from the toward the liver and the pervous system, esfact that it furnishes a very fine theme for physi- pecially the sympathetic nerve, beneficial reological study and pathological research. sults would be obtained.

1 PA1973

The immediate cause of sugar diabetes has Why should boils, carbuncles and gangrene long been a subject of much inquiry. The first be associated with diabetes? Probably there are and most natural opinion was that it was a dis- two important factors entering into the cause; ease of the kidneys. But when it was found the poverty of the starving tissues, rendering that other secretiors besides the urine, and them unable to resist the invasion of micro-oreven the blood itself, of diabetic persons, was ganisms, and the sugar saturated condition of charged, with sugar, it was acknowledged that the blood, forming an excellent culture-fluid for the kidneys constituted only one of the avenues these micro-organisms. of escape of a pathological substance from the

The development of pulmonary degeneration circulation; that instead of causing the dis- in the course of diabetes seems to admit of the ease they are affected by it, as are, indeed, the same explanation. bladder and urethra, by the constant presence of the irritating substance, sugar. The next citadel of refuge to which theory was driven,

Reading With a Preceptor. and which it now occupies, was that it was the

We fear that this excellent, old-fashioned excessive activity of the liver in performing its

custom is destined to become unpopular, since glycogenic function. The diabetes caused by Prof. Flint's statement that those students who disease or injury involving the floor of the spend the extra year attending lectures pass fourth ventricle of the brain is doubtless due to

the best examination. But the examination is its stimulation of this glycogenic function of

not the grand end and aim of all medical the liver.

study, and a sersible, clear-headed preceptor What habits predispose to diabetes? Dr.

can do much to start a young man on the Hunt says that alcohol crazes; that over-eating right course towards successful medical pracclogs; that it is the latter, much more than the tice. former, that predisposes to diabetes. We think

Where can he learn so well the practical that in this he has in view only the effects of a

professional duties of the sick room? Where “ spree," over-looking the effects of a long con

can he be so thoroughly initiated into the tinued use of moderate quantities of alcohol. mysteries of diagnosis? Where, in fact, can Habits which exhaust or depress the nervous sys- he see so well the practical side of a physician's tem are ranked among the predisposing factors; lise as while riding with a preceptor, whether among which sexual excess is prominent. We much reading be done or not? We hope never question how much of this is cause, and how to see this custom given up. However, we much coincident. Many facts are elicited from a should prefer to see it follow rather than presick man that would never have been known, cede a course of college study. It is an excelif he had not happened to take sick.

lent way of employing the vacation between What measures are likely to prove curative terms, and we should like to see young men in diabetes? One by one, as in all incurable come out of college with their diploma modest diseases, the hosts of specifics have all failed. enough to feel that they need a year or two of Martireau's diabetic drink, giving a combina- apprenticeship to some experienced practition of cartonate of lithium and arseniate of so- tioner. dium is still on trial. We were once told by an electrical specialist that he could cure diabetes

What Visiting List will you use during 1889? Why mellitus, but when he began telling us that he not try our system of physician's bookkeeping?



Preliminary Training.

Organic Headache. Did it ever occur to you as forcibly as it does Intense persistent headache and pain at one now, when you are reviewing your own past fixed point or at one side of the head ; repeated life, how important it is that the boy who is cerebral vomiting; convulsive movements with destined to the study of medicine should begin or without paralysis ; affections of the sight and his scientific training as young as possible. We other organs of sense; and disturbance of hardly have time to become really skillful intellect, without very appreciable deterioration till we are called upon to hand in our commis of the general bədily health; these symptoms, sion to the Great Healer. What a pity that a combined, point almɔst conclusively to the exreally good physician cannot become immortal, istence of a tumor on or in the brain. Organor transfer his skill to his successor !

ic headaches are distinguished from the less Let us see. Before one begins his own prac- serious varieties by the continuance of the pain, tice, he should have had one or two years' prac- and its localization, with occasional paroxysms tice with an older physician; but before that of agony, caused by incroachment of an he should have taken a thorough medical col- increasing tumor on adjacent sensory nerves. lege course. Before he entered medical college, Functional headaches are less persistent and he should have been well trained in zoology, severe. When the pain is referred to the forebiology and comparative anatomy. This, of head, it is frequently due to abdominal affections; course, was preceded by physics, chemistry and when at the top of the head, the brain is probotany. So, you see, the boy must begin bably disturbed; and pain at the back part young, so that these sciences, with their facts is often, too, attributable to circulating disand valuable mental training, can lead him order and anemia. The free administrafrom one step to another, until he becomes the tion of iodide of potassium or sodium is frescientific, trained physician.

quently very beneficial in ogranic headache,

whether it be of syhpilitic origin or not, and Now we hear some one remind us that we | iodides seem especially useful in cerebral tumors, have left out the dead languages. Yes, and we and in meningitis. Subcutaneous injections wish we could leave them out altogether in the of morphia relieve the agonizing pain, but necessary preliminary training for a physician; should not be pushed to the point of insensibut, unfortunately, we cannot. They are neces- bility. Great caution is always necessary. sary to enable the student to crack the useless Rheumatic, neuralgic, congestive, uremic, shells of petrified pedantry that have been de and other headaches are more easily diagnosed, posited around the kernels of truth. We heart and are much more amenable to prompt and ily wish that the whole science of medicine suitable remedies. had not a single Latin or Greek word in it. True science would be better off for it.


Usually, when we yawn or gape, it is beIn a short summary of the treatment of gonorrhea last month, we neglected to mention

cause we are sleepy or weary. The nervous imthe benefit derived from the application of oint- pulses that govern our movements of respira

tion are enfeebled; there is a lull in our pulment of cocaine, morphine and atropine, with Lanoline as a base, under the prepuce. Any and hand the business over to the involuntary

monary circulation ; we get tired of breathing, one who will try this will be pleased with it as

nervous system (for breathing is a voluntary as an aid in the treatment of these cases.

well as an involuntary act). The involuntary

nerves at once mechanically set to work to fill The excruciating pain of uterine cancer is up the gap caused by our involuntary pause ; a sometimes wonderfully relieved by the administration of quinine. This was asserted by Ver- long, deep inspiration and expiration ensue; the neuil many years ago, and has since been re- respiratory muscles of the face join in; the repeatedly confirmed.

mouth is opened wide, under the directions of

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