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6 What thanks I owe thee, and what love!

A boundless, endless store
Shall echo through the realms above,

When time shall be no more.




(L. B. 464.]

L. M.

COME, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Honour the means ordain'd by thee;
Make good our apostolic boast,

And own thy glorious ministry.
2 We now thy promised presence claim:

Sent to disciple all mankind;
Sent to baptize into thy name,

We now thy promised presence find. 3 Father, in these reveal thy Son;

In these, for whom we seek thy face,
The hidden mystery make known,

The hidden, pure baptizing grace. 4 Jesus, with us thou always art:

Effectuate now the sacred sign:
The gift unspeakable impart,

And bless the ordinance divine.
5 Eternal Spirit, descend from high,

Baptizer of our spirits thou:
The sacramental seal apply,

And witness with the water now. 6. O that the souls baptized herein,

May now thy truth and mercy feel:
May rise and wash away their sin:
Come, Holy Ghost, their pardon seal!


[L. B. 465.] 8 lines 7 & 6. FATHER, Son, and Holy Ghost,

In solemn power come down!
Present with thy heavenly host,

Thy ordinance to crown:
See a sinful worm of earth;
Bless to him the cleansing flood;
Plunge him, by a second birth,

Into the depths of God.
2 Let the promised inward grace

Accompany the sign:
On his new-born soul impress

The character divine:
Father, all thy love reveal!
Jesus, all thy name impart!
Holy Ghost, renew and dwell

For ever in his heart!


6 lines 8. God of eternal truth and love, Vouchsafe the promised aid we claim; Thy own great ordinance approve; The child baptized into thy name, Partaker of thy nature make,

And give him all thy image back. 2 Father, if such thy sov’reign will,

If Jesus did the rite enjoin,
Annex the hallowing Spirit's seal,
And let the grace attend the sign:
The seed of endless life impart;

Take for thy own this infant's heart. 3 Answer on him thy wisdom's end,

In present and eternal good;
Whate'er thou didst for man intend,
Whate'er thou hast on man bestow'd,
Now to this favour'd child be given,
Pardon, and holiness, and heaven.

4 In presence of thy heavenly host,

Thyself we faithfully require :
Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
By blood, by water, and by fire,
And fill up all thy human shrine,
And seal our souls for ever thine.


L. M. LORD Jesus! is thy table spread? And does thy cup with love o'erflow? Thither be all thy children led,

And let them all thy bounty know. 2 Hail, sacred feast! which Jesus makes,

Rich banquet of his flesh and blood;
Thrice happy he who here partakes

This sacred stream, that heavenly food. 3 Lord, let thy table honour'd be,

And furnish'd well with joyful guests:
May every soul salvation see,

Who here its sacred pledges tastes. 4 Let crowds approach with hearts sincere,

And round thy holy altar bend;
And, having felt thy presence here,

Let not the joy or profit end.
5 Revive thy dying churches, Lord;

Bid all our drooping spirits live;
More of that energy afford
A Saviour's blood alone can give.

[L. B. 527.] C. M.
COME, Holy Ghost, set to thy seal,

Thy inward witness give;
To all our waiting souls reveal

The death by which we live.
2 Give us to hear the piercing sound

Which told his mortal pain,

Tore up the graves, and shook the ground,

And rent the rocks in twain.

3 Repeat the Saviour's dying cry,

heart so loud, That every heart may now reply,

This was the Son of God!

In every


(L. B. 528.1

2 lines 6 & 4-7.

COME to the Supper, come!

Sinners, there still is room! Every soul may be his guest: Jesus gives the general word; Share the monumental feast,

Eat the supper of your Lord. 2 In this authentic sign,

Behold the stamp divine;
Christ revives his sufferings here,
Still exposes them to view;
See the Crucified appear;
Now believe he died for you.


[L. B. 529.]

L. M.

Jesus is gone above the skies,
Where our weak senses reach him not;
And carnal objects court our eyes,

'To drive the Saviour from our thought. 2 He knows what wandering hearts we have,

Apt to forget his lovely face;
And to refresh our minds, he gave

These kind memorials of his grace. 3 Let sinful sweets be all forgot,

And earth grow less in our esteem:
Christ and his love fill every thought,
And faith and hope be fix'd on him.


[L. B. 530.) 4 lines 7.
JESUS, redeeming Deity!
Can we help remembering thee-
Thee, whose blood for us did flow,

Thee, who diedst to save thy foe? 2 Thee, the Saviour of mankind,

Gladly now we call to mind;
Thankfully thy grace improve,

Take the tokens of thy love.
3 This for thy dear sake we do;

Here thy painful passion show,
Till thou dost to judgment come,

Till thy arms receive us home.
4 Then we walk in means no more;

There the sacred use is o'er;
There we see thee face to face;
Saved eternally by grace.


[L. B. 531.] 8 lines 7 & 6. LAMB of God, whose dying love

We thus recall to mind,
Send the answer from above,

And let us mercy find:
Think on us who think on thee,
And every struggling soul release:
O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in peace.
2 Let thy blood, by faith applied,

The sinner's pardon seal;
Speak us freely justified,

And all our sickness heal:
By thy passion on the tree,
Let all our griefs and troubles cease;
O remember Calvary,
And bid us go



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