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Reported by JOHN AGG, Stenographer to the Convention,





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Mr. STERIGERE, made a motion to correct the journal in some points where he regarded it as not sufficiently explicit : but, after some discus. sion in which the motion was opposed, the question was decided in the negative.

Mr. Bell, of Chester, submitted the following resolution, viz: Resolved, That the use of this Hall be given to Elliot Cresson, Esq. on Monday evening next, for the purpose of delivenng a lecture on the subject of Colonization in Africa.

Mr. Bell, moved that the convention do now proceed to the second reading and consideration of the above resolution.

Mr. DARLINGTON, of Chester, asked for the yeas and nays on this mo. tion, and they were ordered.

The qnestion was then taken and decided in the negative, as fol. lows, viz:

Yeas-Messrs. Banks. Barclay, Barnitz, Bedford, Bell, Brown, of Northampton, Chambers, Clark. of Dauphin, Clarke, of Indianı, Cleavinger, Cochran, Cummin, Cunningham, Curil, Denny, Dickerson, Donagan Donnell, Fleming, Forward, Fuller, Gam. ble, Henderson, of Dauphin, Jenks, Keim, Kennedy, Krebs, 1.yons, M'Cahen Merrill, Miller, Nevin, Payne, Porter. of Northampton, Purviance, Ritter, Rogers, Cerrill, shellito, Taggart, Woodward, Scrgeant. President—42.

Nars-Messrs. Agnew, Barndollar. Bigelow, Bonham, Brown, of Lancaster, Brown, of Philadelphia, Chauncey, Clapp, Clarke of Beaver, Cox, Crain, Crawford, Crom, Darlington, Darrah, Dickey. Dillinger, Farrelly, Foulkrod, Fry, Gearhart, Gilmore, Grenell

, Harris, Hastings, Hayhurst, Hays, Henderson, of Allegheny, Hiester, Hopkin on, Hyde, Ingersoll, Konigmacher, Maclay, Magee, Mann, M'Voweil, M’Sherry, Meredith, Merkel, Montgomery, Myers, Pennypacker, Porter of Lancastor, Reigart, Read, Ritter, Russell, Saeger, Scheetz, Sellers, Smi h of Columbia, simyth, of Centra, Sterigere, Stickel Bturdevant, Thomas, Todd, Weidman, White, Young-b1.

Mr. COCHRAN, from the committee to whom were referred the amendo ments to the constitution as agreed to up third reading, for the

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having the same engrossed, reported the same engrossed accordingly, on the annexed and attached skins of parchinent, numbered from on to six. seen inclusive, and recomniend the adoption of the following resolution, viz :

Resulved. That the names of the President and Secretary of the Convention shall each be endorsed in his own proper hand writing on each of the skins, with their certifi. cates as evidence of the same.

Which was read, and together with the said amendments, laid on the table.

Mr. SCOTT, from the committee appointed to prepare and report a schedule to the amended constitution, made report:

That they have attended 10 thai duty, and submit the subjoined sched. ule to the consideration of the convention.

They also report that the provisions contained in this schedule, express, in addition to former reports, their sentiments on all the resolutions which have been reserred to thein.

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That no inconvenience may arise froin the alrerations and amendments in the constitution of this commonwealth, and in order to carry the samo into complete operation, it is hereby declared and ordained, that

I. All laws of this commonwealth in force at the time when the said alterations and amendments in the said constitution shall take effect, and not inconsistent therewithi, and all rights, actions, claims and contracts, as well of individuals as of hodies corporate, shall continue as if the said alterations and amendinents had not been made.

II. The alterations and amendinenis in the said constitution shall take effect from the first day of January, eighteen hundred and thirtynine.

III. The clauses, sections and artiles of the said constitntion which remain unaltered, shall continue to be construed and have effect as if the said constitution had not been amended.

IV. The general assembly which shall convene in December, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, shall continue ils session as herewfore, notwithstanding the provision in the eleventh section of the first article, and shall at all times be regarded as the first general assembly under the amended constitution.

V. The governor who shall be elected in October, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, shall be inaugerated on the third Tuesday in January, eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, lo which time the executive lerm is hereby extended.

VI. The cominissions of the judges of the supreme court, now in conmission, shall not be affected by the second section of the filin article of she amended constitution. Their successors shall hold according to the tenure therein prescribed.

VII. The commissions of the president judges of the several judicial districts of this commonwealth and of the .- legal associate judges of the first judicial district, now in commission, shall not be affected by the said

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