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George Milbourne, Rockport. Wisconsin and Iowa, Warner Lewis,

Dubuque, Iowa. Florida,

John Westcott,

St. Augustine. California,

John C. Hays,

San Francisco. Oregon Territory,

Charles K. Gardner, Oregon City. Alabama,

James H. Weakley, Florence. South of Tennessee,

C. A. Bradford, Jackson, Miss. New Mexico,

W. Pelham.
Washington Territory, J. Tilton.
Kanzas and Nebraska, J. Calhoun.

Recorder of Land Titles.
Adolphe Renard, St. Louis, Mo..

Bond. Salary

(Corrected in Office of Indian Affairs, Oct. 10, 1854.]

Superintendency. Superintendent. Salary. Superintendency. Superintendent. Salary.
Northern, F. Huebschmann, $ 2,000 Southern, Thomas S. Drew, $2,000
Central, Alfred Cummins, 2,000 Minnesota, W. A. Gorman, ex officio.

Designation of Agency. Tribes in each Agency.

Name of Agent.
Chickasaw Agency,

Andrew J. Smith, $20,000 $1,500

Douglas H. Cooper, 20,000 1,500 Creek Creeks,

Wm. H. Garrett, 20,000 1,500 Cherokee Cherokees,

George Butler, 20,000 1,500 Upper Platte

Indians, Upper Platte and

John W. Whitfield, 20,000 1,500 Pottawatimie

Pottawatimies and Kanzas, George W. Clarke, | 40,000 1,500 Sac and Fox

and Foxes, Ottawas, Swan Creek, and Black

River Chippewas, Burton A. James, 20,000 1,500 Upper Missouri “

Indians on the Upper Mis-

Alfred J. Vaughan, 5,000 1,500 Winnebago

Winnebagoes and Menomo-

J. E. Fletcher, 20,000 1,500 Chippewa

Chippewas of the Mississip

pi and Lake Superior, David B. Herriman, 20,000 1,500 Mackinac

Indians in Michigan, Henry C. Gilbert, 20,000 1,500 Neosha

Osages, Quapaws, Senecas,

and Shawnees and Senecas, Andrew J. Dorn, 10,000 1,000 Osage River

Weas, Piankeshaws, Kas

kaskias, Peorias,and Mia-

Eli Moore,

10,000 1,000 Kanzas

Shawnées, Delawares, Man

sees, Stockbridges, and Wyandous and Christian Indians,

Benj. F. Robinson, | 10,000 1,000 Great Nemeha “ Kickapoos, Iowas, and Sacs

and Foxes of the Missouri, Danl. Vanderslice, 10,000 1,000 Council Bluffs

Ottoes, Missourias, Omahas,
and Pawnees,

George Hepner, 30,000 1,000 Saint Peters

Sioux of Minnesota, Richd. G. Murphy, | 50,000 1,000 Robert S. Neighbors, George T. Howard, and George W. Hill are Special Agents for Indians in Texas. Their bonds are $5,000 each, and their salary $ 1,700 per annum.


New Mexico. David Merriwether, Governor and ex Officio Superintend. of Indian Affairs. Agents. Salary. Bond. Agents.

Salary. Bond. Christopher Carson, $1,550 $5,000 Lorenzo Labady, $1,550 $5,000 Henry L. Dodge, 1,550 5,000 Saml. H. Montgomery 1,500 10,000 Michael Steck, 1,500 10,000

Utah. Brigham Young, Governor and ex-Officio Superintendent of Indian Affairs. Garland Hurt, Agent,

Salary $ 1,550 Bond $ 20,000 Stephen B. Rose, Sub-agent,


2,000 California. Thos. J. Henley, Superintend. of Ind. Affairs, Salary $ 4,000 Bond $ 100,000

Oregon Territory. Joel Palmer, Superintendent of Ind. Affairs, Salary $2,500 Bond $ 20,000 Samuel H. Culver, Agent,

1,500 5,000 Robert R. Thompson,

1,500 5,000 Josiah L. Parish,


5,000 Wm. J. Martin, of Salem, P. F. Thompson, of Lafayette, and W. W. Raymond, of Astoria, Sub-agents, with a salary each of $ 750.

Washington Territory. Isaac J. Stevens, Governor and ex-Officio Superintendent of Indian Affairs. Aquilla Jones, Agent,

Salary $ 1,500 Bond $ 10,000 R. H. Lansdale,

1,500 10,000 Andrew J. Bolen, Sub-agent,


5,000 William H. Tappen,


5,000 Sub-agents East of Rocky Mountains and North of New Mexico and Texas. Marcus H. Johnson, Sub-agent for Indians in New York,

Salary $ 750 Bond $ 5,000 John V. Suydam,

at Green Bay,


10,000 James W. Washburn, Seminole Sub-agency,




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ARMy Pension-Agents in Office, October, 1854.

Wm. E. Woodruff, Little Rock, Ark. A. F. Morrison, Indianapolis, Ind.
W. P. Denckla, Fort Gibson, " David Raleigh,

Evansville, Ind. Wm. H. Moore, Huntsville, Ala. Isaac B. Curran, Springfield, Ill. Jas. H. Dearing, Tuscaloosa, “ Isaac Caldwell, Louisville, Ky. James Perrine, Mobile,

Leon Chabert, New Orleans, La. Charles L. Weller, San Francisco, Cal. George F. Emery, Portland, Me. Seth Belden, Hartford, Ct. Wm. C. Anderson, St. Louis, Mo. John McClung, Wilmington, Del. Isaac O. Barnes, Boston, Mass. Arthur M. Reed, Jacksonville, Fa. John S. Gittings, Baltimore, Md. Francis H. Flagg, Tallahassee, D. N. Barrows,

Jackson, Miss. James S. Morel, Savannah, Ga. Ed. N. Fuller,

Portsmouth, N. H. J. W. Chapman, Madison, Ind. Geo. Minot,

Concord, N. H. B. C. Kent,

New Albany, Ind. V. B. Livingston, New York, N. Y.


James M. French, Albany, N. Y. Wm. K. Blair, Jonesboro', Tenn.
J. F. E. Hardy, Ashville, N. C. Isaac Lewis, Knoxville,
James Huske, Fayetteville, N.C. Joel M. Smith, Nashville,
Phil. Dickinson, Trenton, N. J. W.H.H.Bingham, Montpelier, Vt.
Joel C. Green, Cincinnati, Ohio. C. F. Staniford, Burlington, Vt.
E. Hessenmueller, Cleveland, Ohio. M. D. Newman, Richmond, Va.
D. Sturgeon, Philadelphia, Pa. G. S. Thompson, Wheeling, "
John Grayson,
Pittsburg, Pa. Elisha Taylor,

Detroit, Mich. Paris Hill, Providence, R. I. C. H. Larkin, Milwaukee, Wisc. John C. Cochran, Charleston, S. C. P. C. Jeffries, Ottumwa, Iowa. C. C. Abernathy, Pulaski, Tenn. R.W. Ļatham,

Washington, D.C. J. L. H. Tomlin, Jackson, Arch?d McKinlay, Oregon City, O.T.

Navy Pension-Agents in Office, October, 1854.


George F. Emery, Portland, Me. John H. Briscoe, Baltimore, Md.
Nehemiah Moses, Portsmouth, N.H. George Loyall, Norfolk, Va.
Isaac O. Barnes, Boston, Mass. B. D. Heriot, Charleston, S. C.
Paris Hill, Providence, R. I. Walker Anderson, Pensacola, Fl.
Seth Belden, Hartford, Ct. Isaac Caldwell, Louisville, Ky.
Conrad Schwackheimer,N.York,N.Y.Joel C. Green, Cincinnati, O.
P. Dickinson, Trenton, N. J.

Elisha Taylor,

Detroit, Mich. Alfred Day,

Philadelphia, Pa. W. C. Anderson, St. Louis, Mo. John Grayson,

Pittsburg, Pa. Albert G. Allen, Washington, D.C. John McClung, Wilmington, Del. Chas. L. Weller, San Francisco, Cal. SUPERVISING INSPECTORS OF STEAMBOATS, AND THEIR DISTRICTS,

October, 1854.
Salary $1,500 each, and reasonable travelling expenses.
No. of

District. 1. William Burnett, of Boston, Maine to Connecticut, inclusive. 2. Charles W. Copeland, of New York, New York to Delaware Bay and tributaries,

and the Hudson River as far north as Troy. 3. John S. Brown, of Baltimore, Delaware Bay to Cape Sable, Florida. 4. W. E. Muir, of New Orleans, Cape Sable to the Rio Grande ; Mississippi

River to Baton Rouge; California & Oregon. 5. Davis Embree, of St. Louis, The Mississippi above Baton Rouge and its

tributaries, excluding the Ohio, and includ

ing the Missouri River. 6. John Shalcross, of Louisville, The waters of the Ohio River to the Ken

tucky River. 7. Benjamin Crawford, of Pittsburg, Waters of the Ohio above the Kentucky River. 8. Isaac Lewis, of Monroe (Mich.), The waters north and west of Lake Erie, in

cluding the Illinois and Mississippi, abovo

Augustus Walker, of Buffalo, The waters of Lake Erie, Ontario, and the St.

Lawrence to Champlain.

James Guthrie, Secretary of the Treasury, President ex officio.

A. D. Bache,
Wm. B. Shubrick, U. S. N. Joseph Henry.
Samuel F. Dupont, U. S. N.

Secretaries. Jos. G. Totten, U.S. Eng. Corps. Thornton A. Jenkins, U. S. N. James Kearney, U. S. Topog. Eng. E. L. F. Hardcastle, U. S. Top. Eng.


III. ARMY LIST. || 1. WINFIELD Scott, Major-General, (commissioned June 25, 1841,) Gen

eral-in-Chief. Head-quarters at New York. *John E. Wool, Brigadier-General, commissioned June 25, 1841. *David E. Twiggs,

June 30, 1846. Samuel Cooper, Col. and Adj.-Gen.,

July 15, 1852. +Sylvester Churchill, Col. and Inspector-Gen.,

June 25, 1841. J. K. F. Mansfield, Col. and Inspector-Gen.,

May 28, 1853. *Thomas S. Jesup, Brig.-Gen., and Quartermaster-General,

May 8, 1818. *George Gibson, Col. and Commissary-Gen.,

April 18, 1818. Thomas Lawson, Col. and Surgeon-Gen.,

Nov. 30, 1836. Benj. F. Larned, Col. and Paymaster-Gen.,

July 20, 1854. Col. Joseph G. Totten, Chief Engineer,

Dec. 7, 1838. Col. J. J. Abert, Chief Topographical Engineer, July 7, 1838. Col. Henry K. Craig, Chief of Ordnance,

July 10, 1851. Brevet-Major J. F. Lee, Judge Advocate,

Mar. 2, 1849.

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Second Dragoons.
Col. Joseph G. Totten,

Col. William S. Harney, Lieut.-Col. Sylvanus Thayer,

Lieut.-Col. Philip St. G. Cooke, René E. De Russy, Major Marshall S. Howe, Major John L. Smith,

Enoch Steen.
William H. Chase,

Mounted Riflemen.
Richard Delafield,

*Col. Persifor F. Smith,
Cornelius A. Ogden.

#Lieut.-Col. Wm. W. Loring, Topographical Engineers.

Major Geo. B. Crittenden, Col. John J. Abert,

John S. Simonson. Lieut.-Col. James Kearney,

First Artillery. § Major Stephen H. Long,

Col. I. B. Crane,
Hartman Bache,

#Lieut.-Col. J. L. Gardner, s " James D. Graham,

Major Justin Dimick,
William Turnbull.

Allen Lowd.
Ordnance Department.

Second Artillery.
Col. Henry K. Craig,

Col. James Bankhead, Lieut.-Col. Rufus L. Baker,

Lieut.-Col. John Erving,
ŞMajor James W. Ripley,

#Major John Munroe,
John Symington,

Harvey Brown.
William H. Bell,

Third Artillery.
Edward Harding.

Col. William Gates,
First Dragoons.

Lieut.-Col. F. S. Belton,
Col. T. T. Fauntleroy,

Major Charles S. Merchant. #Lieut.-Col. E. V. Sumner,


ŞMajor Benjamin L. Beall,

Fourth Artillery.
G. A. H. Blake.

Col.J. B. Walbach,


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|| We are greatly indebted to the Adjutant-General for correcting this List to Oct. 1854. * Maj.-Gen. by brevet. † Brig.-Gen. by brevet. 1 Col. by brevet. Lieut.-Col. by brevet.


Lieut.-Col. M. M. Payne,

Major George Wright,
Major Giles Porter,

Gabriel J. Rains.
William W. Morris.

Fifth Infantry.
First Infantry.

Col. Gustavus Loomis,

Lieut.-Col. Carlos A. Waite, Col. Joseph Plympton, Lieut.-Col. Henry Bainbridge,

Major Thomas P. Gwynne,

Jos. H. La Motte. Major Edgar S. Hawkins, 6 Thompson Morris.

Sixth Infantry.

Col. Newman S. Clarke,
Second Infantry.

#Lieut.-Col. Francis Lee, Col. E. A. Hitchcock,

§ Major William Hoffman, Lieut.-Col. J. J. Abercrombie,

Albemarle Cady. Major Hannibal Day, § 66 Wm. R. Montgomery.

Seventh Infantry.

Col. Henry Wilson,
Third Infantry.

Lieut.-Col. Pitcairn Morrison, Col. Thomas Staniford,

Major George Andrews, Lieut.-Col. Dixon S. Miles,

Joseph R. Smith.
Major Gouverneur Morris,

Eighth Infantry.
Electus Backus.

Col. John Garland,
Fourth Infantry.

Lieut.-Col. Washington Seawell, Col. William Whistler,

ŞMajor Edmund B. Alexander, Lieut.-Col. B. L. E. Bonneville,

Thomas L. Alexander.




Department of the East. The country east of the Mississippi River; head-quarters at Baltimore, Md. Brevet Brig.-Gen. James Bankhead, Commander.

Department of the West. The country west of the Mississippi River, and east of the Rocky Mountains, except the Departments of Texas and New Mexico; head-quarters at St. Louis, Mo. Brevet Maj.-Gen. David E. Twiggs, Commander.

Department of Texas. The State of Texas, except the country north of the 33d degree of north latitude; head-quarters at Corpus Christi, Texas. Brevet Maj.-Gen. Persifor F. Smith, Commander.

Department of New Mexico. The Territory of New Mexico, except the country west of the 110th degree of west longitude; head-quarters at Santa Fé, New Mexico. Brevet Brig.-Gen. John Garland, Commander.

Department of the Pacific. The country west of the Rocky Mountains, except the Territory of Utah and

the Department of New Mexico; head-quarters at Benicia, California. Brevet Maj.-Gen. John E. Wool, Commander.

The head-quarters of the army are in the city of New York. MajorGeneral Winfield Scott, Commander.

* The former arrangement of Military Geographical Divisions and Departments was abol, ished, and these Military Commands were substituted therefor, by a General Order dated October 31, 1853.

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