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- $110,511

Double 4 makes 8s. Then 39 far8)331,533 things is 9d. Sqrs. See Problem II.

- page 88. 541,441 dus. =441 88. 9pd. by Inspection. 5. Bring $65, 36 cts. into South-Carolina, &c cur. rency.

3),45, 752

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To reduce Federal Money to Canada and Nora-Scotia

. Currency.

RULE. Divide the isollars, &c. by 4, the quotient wil be pounds, and decimals of a pound.

EXAMPLES. 1. Reduce $741 into Canada and Nova-Scotia cur. Stuicy.

8 cts. 4)741,00

6,183,25=4185 58. 2. Bring $511, 75 cts. into Nuva-scotia currency.

8 rts.

677,93753 577 185. 9d. 3. Bring $2907, 56 cis, into Nova-Scotia currency.

Ans. £726 178. 9jd. 4. Reduce $2114, 50 cts. into Canada currency.

Ans. £ 528 12s. 6d.

RULES, for reducing the currencies of the scveral Unj.

to the par of all the others. See the given currency right hand, till you come under the required currency,

|N. England, New Jersey,

Virginia, Pennsylvania, New-York,
Kentucky, Delaware, 1 and .

and and N. Carolinan

Tennessee. | Maryland.
N. England,

Add one 4th Add one 3de Kentucky,

to the given to the given and


Pennsylvania, Deduct one

Add one fif Delaware, fifth from the

teenth to the and given sum.

given suin. Maryland. New-York, 1 Deduct one Deduct one

and 4th from the 16th from the North-Caro-New-York, New-York. lina. &c.

Multiply the Multiply the Multiply the South-Caroli-given sum by given sum by given sum by

na, and g, and divide 75, and divide 12, and did Georgia. (the product the product vide the prod by 7. by 28.

duct by 7.

Multiply the Canada,' Add one 5th Add one half given suin by

and to the Cana-to the Canada 8, and divide Nova-Scotia. da, &c. sum. the product

by 5. | Multiply the Multiply the | Toʻthe Eng-Engl’h money English sum! Sterling. flish sun add by 5, and di- by 16, and di.. Jone third. vide the pro-vide the prot

duct by &. Iduct by 9. I



teed States, also Canalla, Nova-Scotia, and Sterling, cach iri the left hand colum, and then cast your eye to the and you will have the rule.


| South-Carviina, Canada, arii

Sterling Georgia. Nova-Scotia. Multiply the yit-Dultiply the gi -- Delluct une len suni by :, and en sum by 5, and fourth from the divitie tho pe duci diville the productjgiven sum. bs 9.

inv 6. Multiply the gir

Multiply the viva jen sulli by 28, am! Deiluct one thirdlen surn by s, and diviele the product from ine gre.. livide the proiluce


bu 45.

by 5.

Multiply the yir. Multiply the giv. Multiply to virol en suni by i, amilien semmi by 5, inden som bv 9, aut! blivile the pruiluctkilivide the productivide the product by 1:29.

y 8.

by 16.

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Of the Rules contained in the foregoing Table.


1. Reduce 461. 10s. 6.1. of the currency of New-Hamp. shire, into that of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, &c

ł S. d. See the Rule

4)Ã6 10 6 in the Table.

+11 12 71

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Ans. 634 50. 3. Reduce 125?. 10s. 4d. New-York, &c. currency, te South Carolina currency.

f. s. d. Rule by the Table, 125 10 4 X7,-by 12, &c.

12,878 12 4

Aris 673 4.4 4. Reduce 461. 11s. 8d. New-York and North-Cara lina currency, to sterling or English Money.

46 11 8


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To reduce any of the Jifferent currencies of the seve. ral States into each other, at par; you may consult the preceding Table, which will give you the Rules.

MORE EXAMPLES FOR EXERCISE. 5. Reduce 8 il. 10s. 8d. New-Hampshire, &c. currency, into New-Jersey currency.

Ans. f.105 13s. 40. 6. Reduce 1201. 8s. 3d. Connecticut currency, into New-York currency.

Ans. f.160 11s. Od. 7. Reduce 1901. !0s. Massachusetts currency, into South-Carolina and Gevrgia currency.

Ans. 693 14s. 51d. 8. Reduce 4101. 188. 11d. Rhode Island currency, into Çanaila and Nova Scotia currency

Ans. 6342 9s. id. 9. Reriuce 5241. 85. 4d. Virginia, &c. currency, into Sterling inoney.

ns. £393 6s. 3... 10. Reduce 2141. 9s. 2d. New-jersey, &c. currency, into New-Hampshire, Massachusetts, &c. currency.

Ans. £171 Us. 4d. 11. Recluce 1001. New-lersey, &c. currency, into N. York and North-Carolina currency.

Ans. £106 138. 411. 12. Reduce 1001. Delaware and Maryland currency, into Sterling money.

fus. f1i0. 13. Reduce 1161. 10s. New-York currency, into L'on. necticut currency.

Ans. £87.is6d. 14. Reduce 12. hs. 3d. S. Carolina and Georgia currency, into Connecticut, &c. currency

jus. F144 Os 3:d. 15. Resluce 100l. Canada and Nova Scotia currercy, into Con!iecticut currency.

Ans. £ 120. 16. Reduce 1161. 14s. 9d. Sterling money. io l'une decticut currency.

Ans. 6:155 13s. 11. Reduce 1041. 10s. Canada and Novascotia clire rency, into New-York currency. Ans. t. 167 ts.

18. Reduce 1001. Nova-Scutia currency, inte NewJersex, &c. currency

Ans £150

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