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fund for redeeming certain certificates and auditors warrants, and retain the same until appropriated by the general assembly,



Xci in oriAn act to continue and amend the act

ginal.] for reviving several pablic warehouses for the inspection of tobacco.

J. WHEREAS the act of assembly passed in the

Acts con year one thousand seven hundred and seventy-eight, cerning the intituled, "An act for reviving several public ware- inspection of houses for the inspection of tobacco," which was con- tobacce, fur

ther contin tinued and amended by several subsequent acts, will ued. expire at the next session of assembly, and it is expedient and necessary that the same should be farther continued and amended:

II. Be it therefore enacted, That the act intituled, * An act for reviving several public ware-houses for the inspection of tobacco,” shall continue and be in force, from and after the expiration thereof, for and during the term of six months, and from thence until the end of the next session of assembly, and no longer.

IV. And whereas, by the several tobacco laws, now in force, the inspectors are not made liable for the tobacco by them inspected, by reason whereof, great fosses are sustained by the proprietors thereof: For remedy whereof,

IV. Be it enacted, That the inspectors shall be an- liable for to swerable for all tobacco by them inspected, except bacco lost, where the same may be destroyed either by fire, floods except by or the enemy.

fire, floods, V. And be it further enacted, That there shall be or the entpaid to the proprietors of each ware-house, for all to Storage et bacco lying therein more than twelve months, at the tobacco by rate of three pence per month for each hogshead, to be ing in wide paid by the shipper thereof at the time of shipping the than twelve same: That a tax or duty of six shillings per hogs- months head for each hogshead of inspected tobacco, shall beexportduty,

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paid by the person or persons demanding the same froin the several inspectors of this commonwealth, into the hands of such inspector, before the same shall be delivered, whether the said tobacco is to be exported from this commonwealth by land or by water, which is

hereby declared to be the only duty payable on tobacInspectors co at the exportation thereof. And for the faithful acto give bond counting for and paying the said tax or duty to be reto account ceived by the respective inspectors as aforesaid, they for duty.

and each of them, shall, on or before the tenth day of August next, or at the next succeeding court to be held for their county, enter into bond with approved security, payable to the governor and his successors, for the time being, in the penalty of at least double the Sum which each county court may estimate the tax or duty to, for which they the said inspectors will hereby become answerable: And for the true and faithful accounting for and paying into the treasury of this commonwealth, all sums of money to be by them received or collected by virtue of the said tax or duty, they and each of them, shall once in every three months, or oftner if necessity requires it, setile their accounts for the collection aforesaid, with the auditors of public

accounts, and pay the money which may appear to Commis- be due into the public treasury; for which trouble, the gions. said inspectors, and each of them, shall be entitled to

a commission of iwo per centum upon all and every sum or sums of money to be by them collected in virtue of the said tax or duty aforesaid, to be deducted oat

of such collection and allowed in the settlement of their Clerks to accounts. And the clerks of the respective county

courts before whom such bond is given, shall immedibonds to so

ately thereafter transmit such bond to the solicitor gen: pal. eral; and if any inspector or inspectors shall fail to ac

count for and pay into the treasury the monies by them to be received within the time hereby limited, the said

solicitor may, and he is hereby authorized to move in Remedy the county court where such delinquent inspector or ingainst in

spectors may reside, or in the general court, for judgpectors, by

ment against such delinquent inspector or inspectors, wotion.

upon giving ten days previous notice of such motion. Rents of Vl. And be it further enacted, That the monies Warehouses, arising for rents at any ware-house where the same destroyed or hath been destroyed or burnt by the enemy and rebuilt, enemy ap- or to be rebuilt at the public expence, shall be applied


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{Chapx It

CHAP. LIL in original.)

An act to amend an act entituled An {Chan. Rer. p. 169.)

act to regulate the inspection of flour and for other purposes.

1. WHEREAS inconveniencies may arise from alPreamble.

lowing the millers or manufacturers of wheat at their discretion to put into each barrel any indefinite quantity of flour, not less than one hundred and uinety six pounds nor more than two hundred and four pounds; and in order that the exporters of four from this state may be enabled to go to market with the same conve

niency as the exporter from any of our sister states: Contents of Be it eracted by the General Assembly, That every barrels of barrel of four for exportation shall contain one hun, floir..

dred and ninety six pounds, and no more. Flour paid II. And be it further enacted, That all four that may for taxes to be paid for taxes shall be inspected at Warwick, in the be inspected county of Chesterfield, or some one of the public in

spections already established, or to be established, as greeable to the direction of an act “ For ascertaining certain taxes and dụties, and for establisbing a perma. nent revenue,” under the same regulations as are provided in the aforesaid act for regulating the inspection of flour, and that each barrel shall contam one hundred and ninety six pounds, and no more.

III. And whereas by an act of this session intituled Flour and An act to repeal so much of a former act as suspeuds hemp tenthe issuing of executions upon certain judgments until de ed o ex: December one thousand seven hundred and eighty be inspected three, it is enacted, that executions may be discharged among other commutable articles in merchantable inspected hemp and flour: Be it therefore enacted, That all bemp and our tendered in payinent of any debt or execution, shall be first inspected at the aforesaid pubJic inspections, and that the receipts of the inspectors for hemp or flour may be paid agreeable to the tenor of the said act, and no other. Provided always, That no inspectors receipt for floor shall be offered in payment when the flour has been inspected more than three months. IV. And be it further enacted, That the governor


for flour and and council shall be empowered to rent other ware- hemp may houses at the heads of navigation, if the public ware- be rented. houses are not sufficient to hold all the

flour and hemp to be inspected as aforesaid.

V. And be it further enacted, That there shall be Fees for paid upon the delivery of the private hemp or flour, by rents. the person holding the receipts for the same, three sbil. lings for every ton of hemp per month, and four pence for every barrel of four per month, for every month that the same may lie in the warehouse, to be applied towards paying the rent of such warehouses as the governor may hire; and that the inspectors of hemp shall For inspecbe allowed five shilings per ton for inspecting the same, tion of hemp to be paid by the person depositing the same at the warehouse.

VI. And be it further enacted, That if any person whatsoever shall forge or counterfeit, alter or erase,

Death to the stamp or receipt of any inspector of flour or hemp, receipts for or tender in payment any such forged or counterfeited, hemp or altered or erased receipt, knowing it to be such, and flour. shal thereof be convicted, he or they shall be adjudged a felon, and suffer death as in case of felony, without the benefit of clergy.

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