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in London, proved, in the end, on to show itself on the very night of all evil, which I bare lamented inore wy arrival. Our friends, satiscre than any other misfortune of my fied with the victory of the day,

life; or, rather, than all other had retired to their homes, when

misfortunes put together. The the savages, who had been hired by for loss of the election was a mere the Band of Rich Ruffians, sallied

nothing, when compared with the forth, dashed in the windows of de loss of my voice, which was near- the house of MR. SERGEANT, at I ly as complete as if I had been which I was, and made many ich dumb from my birth.

brutal attacks upon individuals, I was thus drawn through all the whom they took unawares in the principal streets, which did not streets, or at public houses. Even

occupy a space of much less than at this early period, they cut s two hours, in a frosty evening, part several persons with knides ; and,

after sun-set. The acclamations there is no doubt in my mind, were so general and so hasty; the that they were furnished with enthusiasm so great ; the words knives by their employers, for the

as well as actions of the mass of express purpose of being used in mind the people so clearly expressive cutting and stabbing. This sup,

of ardent attachment to the cause position may, by some, be of which I was the representa- thought monstrous : but, the facts, tive, that it was not being at all which have since come out, følly

credulous to suppose, that cor- warrant it. I am, my dear James, Seruption, however foul and perse ashamed to relate these things of

vering, would be unable to pro- Englishmen, who have heretofore duce, finally, a successful resist. been famed for fair play; but, I ance against me. However, I must relate them, or not do juss resolved to proceed with caution; tice to my own friends at Covene. but, as my cold and my most un. try, who, though full of honest fortunate hoarseness, wholly dis-zeal, never thought of carrying an

qualified me for a canvass in per- election at the point of the knife. bir son, I was compelled to rely on The knives appear to have been

the reports of others, which were, all of one sort, or nearly so. Slout however, all favourable, and all pen-knives, with sharp points. I

fully warranted by every indica- saw two drunken savages, carter wetion, whereon a judgment might fellows, brandishing each a knife reasonably be formed.

of this sort in the face of the The savage ciolence of our ene- bustings, and threatening torip my mies was no bad sign of the fair. voters up. ness of our prospect. This began From the Tuesday night to the

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evening of the next Monday things, directions to get togeiber stout rascals, remained pretty quiet. On Mon- fiued for the intended acts of violence. day, the sixth of March, Moore on Wednesday morning the election and Ellice arrived in Coveniry; began; and, to the ulter astouisizbut, not as I had arrived, drawn ment and indescribable, terror of Exin by the people, and having no LICE, the poll closed in the afternoot, protection but the general good leaving me at the head of it!

It is, before I go any further, neceswishes. From a very early hour in the morning, great numbers of sary that I bring you better acquaint

ed with my opponents, their connecmen, selected for the

purpose, had

tions and their supporters. MOORE been fed and drenched for the job. has been a member fwr Coventry But, this was not deemed sufficient.

eighteen years.

He had, a little be. The Rich Ruffians themselves fore that, come home from India will turned out on horse-back, arned a great parcel of money, got, of course, with staves, the small end of in the usual way, in which money is which they held in their hands, got in those regions. He had gone having the big end ready to knock out an "understrapping clerk, and down with. Guarded by this had made good use of his time. Covenspecies of Yeomanry Cavalry, the try elections (the first of which he two stupid heroes entered the lost) took most of the bullion from town ; and, as a signal of their bis garb, and left him little but tinsel. arrival, their hired Savages again Nevertheless, the expenditure of his dashed in the windows of Mr. money got him a footing : linked him Sergeant, which liad been men. 'personally with certain Master Silkded after the former former attack.

Weavers, whose friendly ottices he Upon this occasion the hired paid with vulgur faniliarities. There Savages made an attenipt to enter

was a congenia'ity belween the parties the house, but, they, after getting old India Clerk was still a clerk, it

that endeared them to each other. The into the 'passage, were beaten mind, though a Member of Parliaback into the street, and they

ment in name and rank. He boasts discovered as mucli cowardice as of bis greai attention to the interests of ever was discovered in the world, city, and of the Freemen in particular. except by Ellice, at a subsequent That is to say, bis getting little places period of the contest, which I shall for some of tbem, or their sons, under notice in a particular manner by the East India Company (of which he and-hy.

has always continued a something); From Monday evening to the Wed his getting others out of scrapes with nesday morning, all was bustle and pre- the Excise nffice; and, he boasts, I paration on the part of the enemy, who am told, of the vast number of Coven. king firing about the country in all try.inen, for whom he has procured a

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mitigation of punishment, when .cor.- something ludicrous attached to the
demned to death or to some other igno- very charaoter of the party. You
minions or beavy punishment. This, will, perhaps, wonder, why the Rich
though a very pretty occupation for a Men at Coventry should prefer a man
member of parliament, was uo silly like this to a man like mo.
way of going to work to keep his have not yet -seen enough of mankind
ground.; It was a thing that I to be able, at once, to discover the
would have scorned to do ; but, reason. These men, though rich in
perbaps, it was one of the most effica- money, are very poor in mind. The
cious means of securing a seat for life. money has not been able to remore
However, all these little means would the vulgarity of their way of thinking.
have failed without large sums of mo- Such men, conscious that their only
ney : and these MOORE (for the best possession is money, hate talent
of all possible reasons) bas not, of late wherever they find it. Moore is just
years attempted to expend on elections. the sort of man for them. He talks,
Still, large sams being absolutely ne drinks, does every thing in their way:
cessary, it has, of late, been contrived, writes to them “My dear Charles, and
that a man with money shall come in My dear Abraham"; though these aro
with MOORE against every other oppo- men, who, unable to break themselves
nent. And, in the present case and of their early habits, regularly spend
the preceding one, ELLICE has been every evening of their lives in ale-
the man with the money. MOORE is houses, where they smoke and drink
a singularly mean-looking man, with not till midnight. Such men are full
the smallest portion of talent, but with of low cunning; and, they had
a great deal of impudence, and an appa- only to hear me talk for five minutes
really utter insensibility to the feelings to be well convinced, that they would
of shame. But, you will need nothing never get any

dear Charleses" and more than to bo told, that, for many dear Abrahams" from me. They years last past (until very lately) he could easily foresce, that, if I once bewas a sort of managing clerk to Drury- came a Member for their city, their Lane Play-house! I remember this political consequence was gone for man's name occarring frequently, in ever; and, in proportion to the unfitpolitical circles, during the last twenty ness of a man to meddle with such years; but, always with a sort of matters, you always find him reluctant ridiculo attached to it. He liás als to give up his power of meddling.– ways been called " Peter Moore;" and, These men, as far as I visited them, as is well known, the bare fact of the were, on my first visit to Coventry; Christian name being constantly used very civil to me. They expressed (when speaking of persons in this rank their anxious wish to see me in parliaof life), instead of tie word Mister : ment; but, wished, rot less anxiously, this, bare fact proves that there is that I should get a seat somewhere

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else! I could perceive the real ground |nical, than the power held and of their objection: I could perceive, enforced by these low and base that they trembled for their own future usurpers of the Freemen's rights. consequence :. and, could I have In ELLICE they had a man with brougát myself to play the hypocrite, some money; but, they had a very after the same manner of CARDINAL difficult game to play with him.

MONTALTO : could I have conde- The last election had cost him mary scended to make professions of fu-thousands more than he expected.

ture subserviency to their will, and They had themsclves suóscribed some could I have succeeded in the at- thousands. They were unwilling tempt, they would have been as to subscribe again. They had given clamourous for me as they were him the most solomn assurances, against me. But they saw, that, that this contest would cost him my success would, at once, put an scarcely any thing. They had asend to their political power, and sured him, that I should not get would for ever set at real liberty fifty votes. When he arrived, the the great body of Freemen, who coldaess of his reception by the had so long been their slaves.- people alarmed him: and he was That this was the true ground of ready to be off, if he saw the poll the opposition I had to experience going against him. Ellice is of you will not doubt, for a moment, City origin. The 'Change has been when I tell you, that several of these his theatre. He is a partner in a hiters of the Savages with knives mercantile house; and, by marriage, were Reformers, and even Radicals, is related to Lord Grey, whose sisand that they had actually sub-ter or relation of some sort (the scribed towards the expences of a widow of some naval or military Radical Meeting, held in the neigh- officer) is ELLICE's wife. There is bourhood of the City, last fall!- one of the numerous instances, in These facts present a striking and which the pride of Aristocraty has horrid picture of the selfishness of been bent down to an alliance with this description of persons, and of the 'CHANGE. These alliances, the nothingness of principle and arising out of a desire to get wealth of public duty, when these come on the one side and out of vanity on athwart their enjoyment or pursuit the other, have been one of the of power. Yet they rail against the great causes of that perseverance in Borougbmongers, whom they call upholding the system of banking upon to part with their power; and funding, which system has though the Borough power is full spread such ruin and misery all as lawful, and less odious and tyran-fover this kingdom, and which will,



HARCH 23,'1820. finally, make this once great country lessons to acquire the Bond-Street the most contemptible upon the face crak. In short, imagine a great of the earth.

school-boy of forty, and you have Eluce is a very tall man. More my man fully before your eyes. than six feet high. As big as Mr. Such were my opponents; and, I Hulme about the shoulders and leave you to guess at the fright of breast, but with a frame tapering ELLICE, when, on the first evening downwards. This great, bulky body of the election, he saw me at the is surmounted by a head as dis- head of the poll! It was now, too advantageous in appearance as any the utter confusion of any enemies, that I ever saw in my life. A fore- quite clear, that unless some riolent head falling back on the sides ; and means were resorted to, I should be the angle formed by the line drawn elected. A fourth candidate (Capt. from the bottom of tie car to the Close) had been put forward by point of the nose, and by that pas- the Corporation, with the hope of sing from the point of the nose to getting MOORE out and keeping the crown of the head, is uncom-me out, by causing votes to be monly acute; so that, if the doc- split between CLOSE and Ellice; trine of Gall be not wholly false, but, those who voted for the Capthe animal prevails here in an un- tain, generally voted for me also; so usual degree. The eye, set in a that their scheme was soon found to shallow socket, is large, round, dull, have fui.ed. The rage of our oppoand of downward cast. Very inuch nents, on the Wednesday night, like tliat of the chubby, good-tem- was, therefore, extreme. pered, honest Jew, who sells cakes skulked out of the Booth before the and oranges on board the Steam- close of the poll; and his band of boat, which crosses from New Rich Ruffians had the utmost diffiYork to BROOKLYN. The voice of culty to prevail on himn to remain in ELL!ce is what we may call soft the city another day; and were aband fat. Ble has nothing of the solutly forced to set on foot a subketnness of 'Change Alley about scription to induce him to stay. him. He would scem to have taken At this stage of the affair, it was in


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