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ftance, before he wore to stand towards A charge of misconduct and negle&t of duty

at of auty them again, leaving the Vice-Admiral of

h against the Hon. Admiral AUGUSTUS the R

the Blue engaged with the enemy, and KEPPEL, 09 the 27th and 28th of July exposed to be cut off. 1778, is divers instances as under men. 3. Thai, after the Vice-Admiral of the tioned.

Blue had passed the last of the enemy's 1. That on the morning of the 27th ships, and immediately wore, and laid his of July 1778, having a fleet of thirty own ship's head towards the enemy afhips of the line, under his command, gain, being then in their wake, and at and being then in the presence of a French a little distance only, and expecting the leet, of the like number of ships of the Admiral to advance with all the ships to ise, the said Adm. Keppel did not make renew the fight, the Admiral did not ad. the necessary preparations for fight'; did vance for that purpose, but shortened mit put his fleet into a line of battle, or fail, hauled down the signal for battle; isto any order, proper either for recei, nor did he at that time, or at any other ting or attacking an enemy of such force; time whilst standing towards the enemy, bat, on the contrary, although his fleet call the ships together in order to renew vas already dispersed and in disorder, he, the attack, as he might have done; par: by making the Gignal for several ships of ticularly the Vice Admiral of the Red the Vice-Admiral of the Blue's division and his division, which had received the to chase to windward, increased the dif- least damage, had been the longest out urta of that part of his fleet, and the of action, were ready and fit to renew big were in consequence more scattered it, were then to windward, and could than they had been before ; and whilst in have bore down and fetched any part of ttia disorder, he advanced to the enemy, the French fleet if the signal for battle and made the fignal for battle.

had not been hauled down; or if the That the above conduct was the more said Adm. Keppel had availed himself of accountable, as the enemy's fleet was the fignal appointed by the 31st article of not then in disorder, nor beaten, nor fly. the fighting - instructions, by which he ing, but found in a regular line of battle might have ordered those to lead, who

on that tack which approached the Bri. are to lead with their ttarboard tack on - to fleet, all their motions indicating board by a wind, which figoal was ap1 plainly a design to give battle, and they plicable to the occasion for renewing the

edged down and attacked it whilft in dif. engagement with advantage, after the Ctr. By this un-officer-like conduct, French Heet had been beaten, their line

facral engagement was not brought broken, and in disorder. In these inc; but the other flag-r-fficers and cap- ftances, he did not do the utmost in his power taigs were left to engage, without order to take, smuk, burn, or desiroy the French of regularity; from whence great confu- fleei, that had attacked the British fleet. fon cofued : some of his ships were pre- 4. That, instead of advancing to refented getting into action at all, other's new the engagement, as in the preceding were not near enough to the enemy, and articles is alledged, and as he might and lane from the confusion fired into others ought to have done, the Admiral wore, of the King's ships, and did them confi- and made fail directly from the enemy; derable damage, and the Vice-Admiral and thus he led the whole British fleet d the Blue was left alone to engage finge away from them ; which gave them the 17, and unsupported. In these instances, opportunity to rally unmoleiled, and to

the faid Adm. Keppel negligently per- form again into a line of battle, and to formed the duty imposed on bim.

Rand after the British feet. This was z. That, after the van and centre din disgraceful to the British flag ; for it Titions of the British fieet pafled the rear had the appearance of a fight, and gave of the enemy, the Admiral did not im- the French Admiral a pretence to claim Dediately tack and double upon the e- the victory, and to publish to the world, temy with those two divisions, and con- that the British fieei ran away, and that tinue the battle; nor did he collect thein he pursued it with the feet of France, together at that time, and keep fo near and offered it battle. the enemy, as to be in readiness to re- S. That, or the morning of the 28th Mer the battle as soon as it might he of July 1778, when it was perceived that Koper: but, on the contrary, he food only three of ihe French Beet remained 2973 besond the enemy to a great di- near the British in llie fi: 1.100 the whole

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