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SEVEN HUNDRED SURGICAL SUGGESTIONS. pages. Illustrated with 12 Original, FullPRACTICAL BREVITIES IN SURGICAL DIAG- page Chromo-Lithographic Plates and

15 Full-Page Half-Tone Plates of PhoNOSIS AND TREATMENT. By Walter M.

tographs taken from Nature, and numerBrickner, B. S., M. D., Assistant Ad

ous Engravings in the Text. Bound in junct Surgeon, Mount Sinai Hospital,

Etxra Cloth. F. A. Davis Company, New York; Editor-in-Chief American

Publishers, 1914-16 Cherry Street, PhilJournal of Surgery, Eli Moschcowitz, adelphia, Pa., 1909. Price, $4.00, net. A. B., M. D., Assistant Physician, Mount "From little acorns mighty oaks grow," Sinai Hospital Dispensary, New York,

so it may be said of this work on "The

Diseases of Women and Their Treatment and Harold M. Hays, M. A., M. D.

by Electricity." The nucleus of it was Third Series. 153 Pages. Surgery Pub- proved and presented to the profession

twenty years ago, and from that then rather lishing Co., Publishers, 92 William St.,

crude form, if we may so term it, has N. Y. 1909. Price, semi-de-luxe, $1.00; evolved probably the best, most practical full library de luxe, ooze leather, gold up-to-date work on diseases of women and

their treatment by electricity, published. edges, $2.25.

That department of the science of healing This little volume having passed through

to which this work belongs has made great

progress. several or more editions prior to the pres

Advances of this kind have ent, which contains about two hundred

necessitated a complete re-writing of the more of these short, terse epigramatic

more technical portion of the work from

time to time. While, perhaps, in the presparagraphs than the earlier editions, and contains a storehouse, “packed full,” as it

ent edition changes are not so numerous were, of just such veritable facts that

as in some previous ones, yet we find in it should make a lasting impression on the

an entirely new chapter devoted to the mind of the surgeon and general practi- principle of electro-chemical surgery in the tioner, as well. In its present and en

removal of new growths; the treatment of

tubercular adenitis by zinc-mercury ions, larged form it is a gem, both as to contents and as an example of the printer's

and the use of high-frequency, high-potenart.

tial currents in gynecology. Also, in that

portion of the work relating to the treatCONSERVATIVE GYNECOLOGY AND ELECTRO- ment of cancer by zinc-mercury ions, the THERAPEUTICS: A Practical Treatise on

technical details have been brought up-to

date, and the latest forms of instruments the Diseases of Women and Their Treat- depicted. While a few retractions of forment by Electricity. By G. Betton Mas- merly expressed opinions have been made

by the author, however the strong language sey, M. D., Attending Surgeon to the

in previous editions condemning unnecesAmerican Oncologic Hospital, Philadel- sary operations and sacrifices of organs in phia; Fellow and ex-President of the

non-malignant affections have been re

tained, and it is the authors opinion that American Electro-Therapeutic Associa

a great change in relation to this matter has tion; Member of the American Medical of late appeared in mental attitude of pracAssociation, etc. Sixth Edition, Thor

tical physicians on the subject, and even

the older operative surgeons on this speoughly Revised. Royal Octavo. 462 cialty are more conservative than formerly.



A symptom of diabetes, which often ap- immediately relieve the itching and burnpears, even when only a small quantity of ing and will quickly cure. sugar is present, is cramps in the calves of

The free application of carbolic acid to the legs.

carbuncle, will usually give prompt results. An epithelioma may develop in a wart, A 10-or 20-per-cent. solution may be freely or a scar, or a mole.

injected into every sinus. The monobromate of camphor is sug

The application of the peroxide of hygested in acute nasal catarrh.

drogen, full strength, to a suppurative surWhen danger threatens from the use of face, will quickly stop the formation of chloroform or cocaine, use amylnitrite. pus and stimulate healthy granulation.

A chloral solution kept constantly applied The monosulphate of sodium is given to a boil is said to be of advantage.

with excellent results in lead poisoning, to Unna advised lime water, benzoated lard,

hasten the elimination of the lead, and to and lanolin to be applied freely to burns.

retard any toxic influence until the elimi

nation is effected. To relieve a cough, try a teaspoonful of hot water whenever the paroxysm comes

Byron Robinson says that in reno-ure

teral tuberculosis, with severe involvement In fever and chill of phthisis, give al

of the urinary vesicle, infrapubic cystotstonia, especially if night sweats, diarrhea,

omy may relieve pain and comfort the pa

tient. and debility are present. The powdered root of phytolacca, applied

To check an asthmatic paroxysm one of directly to the slough in a carbuncle, will

the most effectual remedies is coffee. It work wonders.

acts better if given very hot and strong and

without sugar and milk. During the period of high temperature in

The constitutional effect of iodide of. the summer, the weaning of a child should be avoided if possible.

potassium may be easily produced by its

use per rectum, a fact which is worth reHalf a dram of boric acid in an ounce of

membering alcohol is good treatment for acne if applied five or six times daily.

In hemorrhage at the climacteric, hydras

tis not only checks the excessive flow which The case of a woman is reported who

we many times have to contend with, but had a uterine polypus, an adenoma of the with other indicated remedies is one of the face, and a mammary cancer.

best helpers we have to tide the patient In the treatment of acute cystitis five over this most trying and critical period drops of the tincture of thuja every three

in a woman's life. hours is a valuable remedy.

Suppositories made extemporaneously Strychnine is an excellent remedy for from pure glycerin soap will overcome conuterine hemorrhage from atonicity or in stipation as readily as a glycerin enemata. inertia. It may be given in advance, if A writer in the Lancet has not failed to such a condition is anticipated.

cure any case of vomiting of pregnancy or A firm bandage of proper width drawn pruritus, by vesication over the fourth and tightly around both breasts and securely

fifth dorsal vertebra. pinned is a better application than adhe

A teaspoonful of fluid extract cascara sive straps for mastitis.

sagrada, taken at the beginning of an atThe application of the tincture of blood- tack of migraine, will ward off the attack root to surfaces poisoned with ivy will in some cases.


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Philadelphia, Pa.

ceaseless daily grind that they often forget to live. It is a good time to take a short vacation. If you will maintain the entente cordiale between the doctor across the way and yourself he will perhaps look after your patients and treat you right. Even though you do not take a vacation and remain at home during these long quiet days, endeavor to do something out of the ordinary. If you do nothing more than read and digest a volume of poems or delve into some new scientific subject for a little while, you will be a broader and more versatile man for so doing. June is the ideal month for the doctor who desires recreation and mental embellishment.

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The idea of direct transfusion is rather May and June are the healthy months old, but it is only in times quite recent of the year. The balmy air and pleasant that the procedure has gained anything sunshine are a compromise between bleak like general recognition. The technique of winter and the enervating heat of midsum- the operation is effected by causing an anmer. Such days help to eradicate gloom astomosis of the arteries of one individual and pessimism from our lives. This may with the venous system of another, the smack of a little preachment, doctor, but former being the donor and the other the you will pardon the suggestion. We want recipient. In exhausted, depleted, and exyou to enjoy these long, beauteous days sanguinated conditions life may be saved while time hangs rather heavily on your by the sufferer being permitted to have the hands. Go to work enjoying yourself and healthy blood of another person pumped having a good time. So many doctors are into his veins. so continually wrapped in their routine of But here we wish to sound a word of work and become so accustomed to the caution. Transfusion cannot be performed

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