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INDEX OF DISEASES. [In this index the diseases are taken alphabetically, and prescriptions embodying the latest and best treatment for sach disease are given. The index will be continued from month to month until the

catalogue of diseases is exhausted. Began in March number, 1886.-L. 1.)

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Kerosene oil, q. s., for head lice.
Ung. hydrargyri, q. s.
B Acid. carbolici,


As body lotion.
B Creasote ...

Hydrarg. ammon.
Ol, chamomili


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Lice, Scabies, etc.
B Styracis preparat

Ol. olivæ.

3 ij
Mix.- For body lice.
R Styracis prep.
Ol. olivæ,.

:3 ij
Sp. rect..

3 ij Mix the storax with the spirit, then add the oil. For body lice.

R Ung. sulphuris iodidi.
For body lice.
R Hydrarg. perchloridi.
Acidi aceteci dil....

For pediculi pubis.
B Hydrarg. oleat. (10 per cent.)... .3 iij
Acidi oleici..

Ætheris acetici,

.3 M.- For pediculi pubis. Ether spray is said to be effectual for pediculi pubis.

BOI, rosmarini..
For head lice.
ß Pulv. pyrethri..

4. S.
B Ung. staphisagriæ..
For body lice.
R Ung. hydrarg. nitrat..

..equal parts. Mix.- For body lice.

R Ung. calomelanos..
For body lice.
B Calcis chloridi


For body lice.
R Manganesi

For body lice.
& Potassii suphocyanidi..

Aq. ad...
As a lotion, with caution.
B Acidi sulphurici.

For body lice.
R Ung. potass. sulphuratæ,

.9. S.
R Naphthol.

.15 parts. Saponis viridis.

50 parts, Pulv. cretæ alb..

10 parts. Akung ..

100 parts. Mix.

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Tar or sulphur baths.
B Soda bicarb..

3 ij
Syr, aurant.

3 j Inf. calum bæ ad ..

. 3 iij One teaspoonful thrice daily for children.

Pulv. glycyrrhiza co. (Prussian), half a drachm night and morning.

Tinct, moschi, 3j, in water, twice daily. For the itching of acute lichen.

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Aq. ad..

R Quiniæ sulphat..

B Podophyllini..
Acid, nitro-muriatici dil..

3 iss

Vinum ipecacuanhæ..
Tinct. cinchon. co...

. 3 iij
Sp. rect....

Tinct. card. co.....

-Z ss

me x on sugar, thrice daily, in torpid liver. Aq. dest. ad...

3 viij Two tablespoonfuls, three times a day, in water.

Ice-bag, over liver, or leeches, in acute congestion,

Calomelanos, gr. iv, in chronic congestion. Ung. calomelanos, ung. picis, ung. hydrarg. nitrat., kää, equal parts, in obstinate lichen of the hands.

Sp. terebinthinæ æth., me xij, ter die, in cirrhosis. R Argenti nitrat..

R Ammonii chloridi

3 ij Ætheris nitrosi

Acid, nit.-muriat. dil,

.311 As a paint.

Aq. dest. ad.


Misce. mine xx ter die ex aqua. The same mixture to Sulphurous baths.

be painted over liver in cirrhosis. Cod-liver oil, quinine, etc., in scrofulous lichen.

R Pil. cambogiæ co. (P. B.) xl
Pil. hydrarg...

Tinct. ferri perchloridi, glycerini, äā, equal parts, as a

Divide into 12 pills. Two, when necessary, in conpaint, for lichen agrius.

stipation with acholia. R Hydrarg. perchloridi..

R Resinæ podophylli..
gr. x

Aq. bullientis..

.gr. xij To be used hot, as a lotion, in chronic eczema.

Ext, hyoscyami.

.gr. XI) Ext. taraxaci.

.gr. xij Ung. zinci nitratis, q. s.

Saponis dur...

Divide into 12 pills, one or two for a dose, in hepatic Thin whiting paste.

torpor. Liver Diseases.

B Hydrarg. cum. creta

.gr. Acidi nitro-muriatici dil., Ziss to each gallon of warm

thrice daily, with water, as a foot-bath. In chronic hepatitis, catarrhal

Acidi nit,-mur, dil..

me v jaundice, etc.

Tinct, nucis vom..

.me v

3 ss Manganesii sulphat., gr. x to gr. xx, with magnes, sul.

thrice daily, in catarrhal jaundice. phat., in soda-water, in hepatic dropsy, jaundice, enlarged liver.

Acidi benzoici, gr. iv, glycerini q. s. as a pill, thrice

daily, in congestive jaundice. Calomelanos, gr. 4, ter die, in chronic hepatia in

R Ammon, benzoatis.

Эі flammation.

Syr, aurantii...

.3 ss R Acidi nitrici dil.

Aq. dest, ad. . me xlij

.} j Inf, calumbæ..

Thrice daily in congestive jaundice.

..3 viij One-sixth part, three times a day, in hepatic congestion

Ung. hydrarg. iodidi rubr. q. s. to be rubbed over hepand jaundice.

atic region, in malarial congestion, and quinine inter

nally. Sodæ phosphat., gr. x to 3j, in water, before meals, or Vichy water, 9. s., in biliary calculi, deficiency of bile, R Pulv. digitalis chronic congestion.

.gr. į Puly, scillæ.

.gr. ) Carlsbad water, q. s.

Pulv, hydrarg.

Fiat. pil. in hepatic atrophy. B Ammonii chloridi pur.

3 ss

Mist, ferii co.
Aq. menth. pip

3 iij

(P. B.) 3j ter die in " fatty" liver, A dessertspoonful, three times a day, in hepatic con

Purified ox.gall, gr. x, after food, in obstructive jaungestion and want of bile.

dice. R Ext. eunomyni. Syr. aurantii..

3) One teaspoonful, in the early morning, in torpidity of


is quoted, in the Medical Review, as saying

that the human body is made up of the head, Pil. hydrarg., gr. j, every night for two weeks, in func

the thorax and the abdomen. The head contional hepatic derangements.

tains the brains, when there is any. The Vin. ipecacuanha, me iij, ter die, in functional dis- thorax contains the heart and lungs. The ab turbance.

domen contains the bowels, of which there are R Ext, nucis vomicæ,

five : A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes W and Y. Ext. colocynthidis co..

gr. xlviij Divide into 24 pills, one thrice daily, in chronic hepatic congestion.

Dr. W. F. Rochelle, of Jackson, Tenn., writes of The

MEDICAL WORLD Visiting List: “It is the most comOl. olivæ, 3 j, ter die, in torpid liver.

plete and convenient list I have examined."

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.gr. viij

The Current Medical Thought.


Internally, arsenic, iodide of potassium, Cold baths are advocated in France by many aconite, cimicifuga, and turpentine offer the authorities in the treatment of small-pox. They Externally, massage, acupuncture, chloride, if

best means of relief in the ireatment of sciatica. lower the temperature and respiration, and reduce delirium and nervous phenomena, while methyl spray, extension, actual cautery, blisthey modify the severity of the eruption. This ters, and the application of precipitated sulphur treatment may have its uses in exceptional to the whole limb, sprinkled over Aannel and cases; but, in the suppurative stages, warm

covered with oiled silk. Injections of morphia, baths would rather suggest themselves as a more atropia, and sulphuric ether afford but tempoappropriate measure, especially during dessica- rary relief, and sometimes even aggravate the tion, or when septicemia threatens.

pain. Diphtheria.

Herpes Preputiatis. The following is a recent French treatment

This variety of herpes affects either the outer

or inner surface of the prepuce, commencing as of diphtheria : gr, vii of benzoate of soda in water every hour, and gr. one-sixth of sulphide small, red patches, distinct from each other, of calcium in a pill. A ten-per-cent. solution

and covered with transparent vesicles. Itching of benzoate of soda as a throat-spray, every half and smarting attend the eruption. Herpes of hour, day and night. No interference with

the inner surfaces is more irritating and chronic membrane. Tonics and antipyretics as occasion

than in the outer situation. It may be mistaken requires ; and beef extracts, milk, and rare meat from an ulcer, while the former begins from a

for primary syphilis ; but the latter commences as nourishment.

cluster of vesicles. The treatment of external Hyperidrosis.

herpes preputiatis is simple, care being especi

ally taken to avoid irritation by the friction of Half an ounce of tincture of belladonna in

clothing. Oleate of zinc powder is a good apthree ounces of eau-de-Cologne will go far to plication. The internal form is well treated by arrest sweating of the hands, if a teaspoonful be dusting with calomel

, or by calomel ointment, rubbed into the palms two or three times a day.

oleate of mercury with morphia, or carbonate

of zinc ointment. Plummer's pill or the alkaUterine Cough.

line sulphurets should be administered interThe uterus may be considered the physiolog

nally. ical, if not the anatomical, centre of women;

Treatment of the Uric Acid Diathesis. and her very existence is largely dependent on the health or ill-health of this vital organ.

Dr. J. B. Johnson, in Practice, recommends Cough may even find its origin in this distant

for lithuria and the uric acid diathesis, attendorgan, by reflex action, when not directly due ed with symptoms of gout and rheumatism, the to trouble in the respiratory apparatus. It is following : a not infrequent accompaniment of pregnancy,

R Liquor. ammonii acetatiss. .f 3 iss lasting often from the commencement to the

Sodii phosphatis.

Acidi salicylici. seventh month; a dry, impulsive, frequent Ferri pyrophoiphat.

Эij cough, not dissimilar to whooping-cough in its Glycerini....

.f zij character, and especially noticeable on passing Elixir aurantii.

..f 3 vi from a cold to a warm atmosphere. A similar Aquam, ad..

.f 3 viij cough often attends menstruation, the meno

M. S. A tablespoonful every three or four hours. pause, metritis, displacements, and tumors. Uterine is not to be confounded with hysterical

Virulence of Syphilis. cough ; its access is more regular, and it alter- Syphilis to-day is a very much milder disease nates with other neurotic manifestations. The than it was formerly, partly on account of the essential cause of uterine cough is in the con- wearing out of the poison and its attenuation dition of the womb, and it has to be carefully from repeated transmissions (as is the case with diagnosed from tuberculosis, which it may at vaccine lymph and eruptive fevers), and partly first seem to simulate. Treatment consists in from specific treatment during a long series of rectifying existing abnormal conditions of the years. Untreated syphilis still shows an exuterus, and in calmative measures, when due to cesssive and expected degree of virulence; but, natural causes, as pregnancy. Bromides are here by giving it battle in one generation, we shear indicated, especially bromide of ammonium, and it of much of its terror in the next. May it perhaps belladonna.

not become eventually “stamped out?"

3 iss 3 iss

A RARE FORM of liver diseasemalignant Observations on the Nature of Small-pox. jaundice—sometimes attacks pregnant women, "Cow.pox is"a modified form of small-por, and is rapidly fatal. It is characterized by a

and, through the medium of vaccination, acts typhoid condition with absence of fever; snd

as a preventive of the severer form of the disden disappearance of urea and uric acid

ease ; the germ which produced it the germ from the urine, with the substitution

of small-pox—having changed in its nature by of tyrosin and leucin; and repeated hem passing through the cow. The vaccinated suborrhages from the nose, stomach or intes

ject is then insusceptible to the severer form of tines, and the appearance of numerous malady for a long time, until, in fact, the tisecchymoses under the skin. Abortion or mis

sues have become changed, and new matter has carriage usually result. Syphilis, intemper- taken their place. This insusceptibility to take ance and grief are supposed predisposing the disease a second time is characteristic of causes. Jaundice is one of the least prominent most zymotic diseases; for sufferers from constisymptoms.

tutional or functional diseases are especially lia. ble to their recurrence,as, for example, obtained

in the case of gout or bronchitis. On the Sycosis.

other hand, copaiba, taken medicinally, freSycosis proper is to be distinguished from

quently produces a rash which may hardly be mentagra or tinea sycosis, and from favus. distinguished from the eruption of a typical True sycosis is not contagious and not parasitic,

case of measles. Yet this rash in no way renwhereas the other mentioned diseases are both.

ders the individual exempt from that disease ; Tinca sycosis is caused by a parasitic fungus,

but it shows the power of a vegetable product to microsporon mentagraphyt, favus, by the

set up an almost identical condition. achorion schonleinii. Sycosis affects the scalp, upper lip and chin, and is due to disordered circulation, local irritation, debility or scrofula.

Hydatids. The treatment includes poultices, lead lotions, Dogs and wolves are infested with the "tania epilation followed by corrosive sublimate lo- ecchinococcus," the embryo of tape-worm, tions, (two grains to the ounce), oleate of which they develope through eating the flesh mercury, ointments of zinc, white precipelate, of sheep, which are always prone to their presor "deachylon,” and the local application of ence. The ova discharged by the dog in the cod-liver oil. Sulphide of calcium and arsenic usual way, are introduced into the human body are recommended internally. The following through the medium of food or water, and set ointment is highly recommended:

up hydatid tumor of the human liver. The B Sulphurus sublim.....

human hydatid thus produced is without sex. 01. cadmi...

ãã Saponis mollis..

3 j.

Guaiacol for Phthisis.
Cretæ præparatæ..

:3 iss.

Guaiacol comes well recommended as a M.S.—To be applied after removal of crusts, etc. remedial agent in the treatment of pulmonary

phthsis. It is advised as a substitute for crea

sote, which has lately been in much favor. For Flatulent Dyspepsia.—Dr. Huchard prescribes : Guaiacol is much more efficacious in alleviatB. Bismuth salicylate,

2 parts.

ing the cough and sputa, and improving the Calcined magnesia

general condition. It is also quite pleasant to Powdered willow charcoal, 3

take, and an admirable adjunct to a dose of codOil of anise,

liver oil. Creasote consists mainly of guaiacou M. Sig. Take a small teaspoonsul of the powder an and creasot; and the former is the more active hour and a half after eating.

agent of the two.



3 i.


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TENDER FEET are relieved by bathing them in a gallon of hot water, holding in solution a good handful of common salt. When the water cools, rub the feet and legs in an upward direction, with a rough towel. This is a domestic remedy, but a useful one after long standing or walking. Broken chilblains are well treated by the old fashioned Turner's cerate.

Diminution of urea in the urine is an almost constant symptom of the presence of cancer in some part of the body, though the same obtains more or less in all conditions involving inanition, especially where the liver is diseased.

Verneuil considers that boils, carbuncles and acne are all due to the ravages of the same parasite—the “staphylococcus aureus."

Tape Worm.

dentition may be the trouble. Then inquire Emaciation, debility, hypochondriasis,

into the state of the digestive apparatus, and Aushing, malaise, shifting pains, night sweats,

search for worms or their ova in the dejecfever simulating ague, formication, prurego,

tions. Round worms nearly always induce headache, drowsiness, dimness of vision, dysp- convulsions in children; thread worms less noea, palpitation, globus hystericus, dyspepsia, frequently. Examine also the ears and nose. flatulence, hiccough, pain in the stomach, sink

If the temperature be high, beware of pneuing at the pit of the stomach, loss or excess of monia, broncho-pneumonia, and eruptive appetite, bad taste in the mouth, furred tongue,

fevers. Convulsions are nearly always grave, rolling of the stomach, constipation, alternated especially the first attacks. Hot baths with with diarrhea, dysuria, diabetes insipidus, mustard, or, better still, the hot wet blanketuterine derangements, insomnia, dry cough, pack, cold to the head, an ice bag or ether epilepsy, pruritus ani, itching of the nose,

spray to the cervical spine, emetics or purgadeafness, typhoid symptoms; all these, or any

tive enemata, bromides in appreciable doses, a of them, if not otherwise satisfactorily diag- whiff of chloroform, chloral hydrate (about nosed, may be advisedly examined into as pos

five grains internally, or per rectum); the sixth sible symptoms of tape worm.

part of a grain of morphia, subcutaneously in older and urgent cases, constitute the most

effectual remedies. Belladonna and Some Symptoms of Diabetes.



ing are serviceable when the attack is plainly A chloroform-like odor of the breath, a due to dentition; calomel, gray powder, chamcider-like smell of the urine, a longing for omile, ignatia, when teething is associated with meat, a white stain on the under-linen, a intestinal irritation and diarrhea. The possiscarlet color in the mouth, and a tendency to ble existence of Bright's disease and albumiboils, carbuncles, cataract and pruritus, each

nuria should never be overlooked, whether the and all should direct attention to the possible child has had scarlatina or not; bitartrate of existence of diabetes, when not distinctly re- potash here suggests itself, to help withdrawal ferable to other causes. The presence of sugar of poisonous elements from the blood, together alone does not indicate diabetes any more than with water from the system. Rickets, eardo inordinate thirst or loss of flesh.

disease, and some diseases of the brain are L. Lewis, M.D.

among the various causes of convulsions. Epi

lepsy closely simulates infantile convulsions, Diet of Dyspepsia.

especially those due to Bright's disease and Dujardin-Beaumetz teaches that a meat diet,

brain affections, and needs similar general with milk, beef-tea, wine, and brandy, is suita- treatment during the paroxysm, the bromides ble for dyspepsia caused by lack of gastric being especially favored. Hysterical convuljuice; while a vegetable regimen, with milk,

sions are more readily distinguished. Conbut no wine, is adapted to dyspepsia due to

vulsions have been noticed in children as a over-secretion. Milk, lime-water, and medi

result of the administration of "soothing cinal doses of bicarbonate of soda are advised syrups” and “powders” containing opium. in gastric ulcer.

Louis LEWIS, M. D.

is dead.

Test of Death.

The sum total of disease, as understood toIn case of uncertain death, it is proposed to day, means perverted function with correlated divide the radial artery.

If life is not extinct, changes of nutrition, caused by diminished the blood will run; if otherwise, the individual vitalism. Thus, treatment is in the main sup

porting and sustaining, as contra-distinguished

from the hypotheses and false convictions of a Infantile Convulsions.

passing age.

" Feed a cold and starve a fever" When called to a child in convulsions, it is

was once a medical adage; now it is “ feed best first to eliminate those forms of attack

them both." which may be due to the commencement or decline of febrile diseases. This may be done

Dusting Powder. by ascertaining some history of the case, and "Soapstone," or French chalk, mixed with by the absence of fever signs at the time of ex- equal parts of oxide of zinc, constitutes an amination. Next, the patient should be stripped, admirable application as a dusting powder for to make sure that no pins, tight clothing or bed sores, intertrigo of infants, and similar other external mechanical irritants are present. conditions of the skin. It adheres nicely, The mouth should be carefully explored, for without forming a sticky paste.

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