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court shall be governed by the laws and regulations now in force in the high court of chancery and general court.

III. And whereas it is just that those who receive Tas on suit- the benefit of the before mentioned regulations should

bear the expence thereof. Be it enacted, That upon the commencement of any action or suit in the said court, there shall be paid to the clerk a tax of twenty

shillings, to be by bim accounted for and paid at the How dispo, end of every term, that is to say: The sum of fifty sed of.

pounds to the judge, the sum of twenty shillings to each assistant judge for every day they shall respectively attend, and the sum of thirty-seveo pounds ten shillings quarterly to the attorney of the commonwealth, and the remainder of such tax, if any, to be applied towards defraying the expences of the public buildings, and such clerk shall be entitled to five per centum for

his trouble in collecting and paying the same. Present. IV. And be it further enacted, That the judges of place of ses- the said court shall hold their sessions at Harrodsburg, sion.

in the county of Lincoln, until proper buildings shall be erected at such place as the general assembly shall direct, and in the mean time shall have power to adjourn the said court to such places as they may think

proper;, and shall also have power over the gaoler of the

county in which the courts are held, who shall receive 较:

into his 'custody, all persons committed by the said

court. Governor tô V. And whereas it may not be expedient to promake tem. ceed immediately to the appointment of the judges and poin ments attorney for the said district: Be it therefore enacted, of judges & That the governor, with the advice of the council, attorney: shall make temporary appointments in the mean time;

the persons so appointed to have the same powers, and be entitled to the same salaries, as are by this act given or payable to the attorney and judges to be appointed by the general assembly. Provided always, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent the solicitor general from obtaining judgments in the general court against delinquent sheritis and collectors in the district aforesaid

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**{Chapter LXXXIX,

in original.] An act for further continuing an act cho Boy. for giving further time to obtain p. 169. warrants

upon certificates for preemption rights and returning certain land-office, and for other purposes.

pelo the 1. WHEREAS the powers of the commissioners for adjusting and setting the titles of claimers to unpatent- commission

Powers of ed lands will expire before the business can be finish- ers for ad. ed: Be it therefore enacted, That all the powers here- justing titles tofore given them, except in the district of Kentueky, tinued, and shall continue and be in force antil the first day of time for los June next, and that the like time be allowed for loca cating pse. ting pre-emption warrants in the surveyors offices re-emptiou spectively

extended; II. And whereas suudry persons omitted to have and to have their certificates recorded in the surveyor's office and certificates to enter their settlement rights in his books within the

recorded. time prescribed by law: Be it therefore enacted, That such persous shall be allowed until the first day of May pext to make such entries and record such certificates. III. And whereas great inconveniencies have arisen

Books and

papers of from the register's not having been turnished with a Kentucky copy of the proceedings of the commissioners for the commission district of Kentucky: Be it therefore enacted, That the ens to be de said commissioners shall forthwith deliver to the said

gister. register all the books and papers respecting their said business, which books, or authentic copies of any certificates, shall be sufficient authority to the register to issue pre-emption warrants upon the claimants performing the other requisites in those cases. IV. And whereas in some cases plotts and certifie

Lands saved cates of survey have not been recorded in the survey if duties per. or's office nor returned to the register's office within formed be. the times respectively limited by law, and it is doubt-fore caveata ful whether the lands held under such surveys are not still liable to be caveated: Be it therefore enacted, That where no caveat shall be entered before the said duties respectively shall be performed, such lands shall not thereafter be liable to forfeiture on account of such fail

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warrants to

Tax on liti. ure. Every person instituting a suit before any court gants before of commissioners, shall pay down six shillings in lieu commission

of the ten pounds herealier directed to be paid.

V. And be it further enacted, That specie certifis specie certi- cates, being first audited, or warrants upon the treasuficates or

ry, shall hereafter be receivable in discharge of the be taken for composition money, payable upon certificates of surland. veys on entries made with the surveyors before the ese

tablishment of the commonwealth's land-office, and upon certificales of survey of settlement rights; and that the deputy register of the land-office for the time being, shall be, and he is hereby empowered to receive such composition inoney or certificates, 'together with with the plotts and certificates of survey in the Ken

tucky country. Purthertime

. And be it further enacted, That there shall be to return allowed a term of twelve months from the end of this surveys.

present session of assembly, for returning to the landOttice certificates af survey of land heretofore surveyed, and the register of the land-office is hereby empowered and required to receive the same, notwithstanding the tiine limited for that purpose may have expired.

VII. And be it further enacted, That the surveyor Pre-emption

of any county within the district in which the right of warrants may be lo- pre-emption was granted, is bereby authorised and dicated on rected to locate and survey any pre-emption warrant any waste lands;

on any waste and unappropriated lands within the dis. but to lose trict without exchanging the same: Provided, They their force do not have any force of pre-emption, but shall be en of pre-emp. qual and on the same footing with treasury warrants. tion.


[Chapter XC in crigi

bal} An act for calling in and redeeming

certain certificates. I. FOR redeeming and paying all military certifi

Provision cates, either for tobacco or specie, as well as those to be for rodeem issued in virtue of an act intituled, An act for adjust- ing military ing claims for property impressed or taken for public and other

certificates. service;" II. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That;

Additional there shall be paid a tax of one per ceni, for every

hune taxes dred pounds, and so in proportion for a greater or les- Ou lands. s ser sum of the valuation of all lands and lots as the

. same shall have been valued by the commissioners; al- Pultetas so a tax of ten shillings by every free male person above the age of twenty-one years, who shall be a citizen of this commonwealth; and also the like tax of ten

On slaveste shillings upon all slaves above the age of sixteen years, to be paid by the owners thereof, except sạch free persons and slaves as shall be exempted by the respective county courts through age or infirmity; also two shillings for every horse, mare, colt and mule; also three pence per head for all cattle; also five shillings per Cattle. wheel for all coaches, chariots, phaetons, four-wheeled chaises, stage waggons for riding carriages, chairs, and Carriages. two wheeled chaises; also fifteen pounds for every bil

Billiard ta. liard-table, and four pounds for every ordinary license, bles. over and above the taxes imposed by any act or acts Ordinary liof assembly. The court of every county shall, before censes.

Bonds to be the month of November next, take bond of the sheriff, with sufficient security, in the penalty of ten thousand sheriffs, pounds, payable to the treasurer of this commonwealth for the time being, and his successors, for the use of the commonwealth, and conditioned for the true and faithful collecting, paying, and accounting for all taxes in his county hereby imposed; and the said bond shall be recorded in the court of the county where the same is taken, and an attested copy thereof shall be trans- Certified comitted by the respective clerks, without delay, to the py evidence. auditors of public accounts, and admitted as evidence in any suit or proceeding founded thereoo: And the said sheriff shall, from and after the first day of March


taken of

Taxes when next, collect, receive, distrain for, and pay the taxes ed and disa hereby imposed in his said county, under the like rules, trained for. regulations, allowances and penalties as are prescribed

by an act of this present session of assembly intituled, When ac. "An act to amend the act for ascertaining certain tas counted for es and dnties, and for establishing a permanent reve

nue.” Provided nevertheless, that the commissions to Commissions paya

sheriffs for collecting the said taxes, shall be payable ble in kind. in kind. Every person and persons chargeable with

the said taxes, sliall pay the same to the sheriff or colTaxes paya lector, either in Spanish milled dollars, at the rate of ble in gold six shilling each, or in other current silver or gold coin certificates, at a proportionate value, or io military audited certifior treasury cates, or in treasury tobacco notes, which were payable tobacco

to enlisted soldiers, at the rate of twenty shillings per notes payable ta enlist. hundred weight, or in the warrants to be issued by the ce soldiers. auditors of public aecounts in virtue of an act of the

present session of assembly, intituled, “ An act for auditing certain public claims;" and that every person, upon paying ihe said taxes in any manner as before directed, shall be discharged thereof, and may demand and receive of the sheriff or collector, a receipt or discharge accordingly. That whiere any certificate shall have been liquidated by the auditors, and warrants granted upon the treasurer for payment in paper money, which remains unpaid, the same shall be re-audited and depreciation allowed thereon, agreeable to the scale fixed by act of assembly, and certificates issued by the auditors for the sum in specie.

III. Whereas great inconveniences may arise for

want of change between the sheriffs and the people, in Certifcates

the and warrants

of the aforesaid certificates or warrants;

payment to be divid- For remedy whereof, ed by audi.

IV. Be it endcted, That the auditors of public ac

counts are hereby required to grant their certificates or small sums, for conveni. warrants in such sums as will be most agreeable to the persons entitled to receive the same.

Provided they change. are not to be divided in sums less than five pounds, unSheriffs to

less it be to make up the balance of the sums thus to oath, for ac- be divided; and the sheriffs shall account with the treatual sums re- syrer, upon oath, for the actual sums which they received

tors, into

ency of

ceive, whether the same be in specie or in certificates; and the treasurer is hereby required to carry all sums of money paid agreeable to this act, to account of the

account on

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