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78. Pleading the Covenant.

Ps. lxxiv. 20.

O LORD my God, whose sov'reign love

Is still the same, nor e'er can move;
Look to the covenant, and see,
Has not thy love been shown to me?
Remember me, my dearest Friend,
And love me always to the end.
Be with me still, as heretofore,
And help me forward more and more;
My strong, my stubborn will incline
To be obedient still to thine:
O lead me by thy gracious hand,
And guide me safe to Canaan's land.

79. It is finished. John xix. 30.


'TIS finish’d, so the Saviour cried,

And meekly bow'd his head and died. 'Tis finish'd-yes, the race is run, The battle fought, the victory won. 'Tis finish'd-all that heaven decreed, And all the ancient prophets said Is now fulfillid, as was design’d, In me the Saviour of mankind.

'Tis finish'd-heaven is reconcil'd, And all the powers of darkness spoild: Peace, love, and happiness again Return and dwell with sinful men. 'Tis finish'd let the joyful sound Be heard through all the nations round: 'Tis finish'd-let the echo fly Thro' heaven and hell, thro' earth and sky.

80. Eficacious Grace. Ps. xlv. 3–5.

CAMBRIDGE NEW. HAIL! mighty Jesus, how divine

Is thy victorious sword !
The stoutest rebel must resign

At thy commanding word.
Still gird thy sword upon thy thigh,

Ride with majestic sway:
Go forth, sweet Prince, triumphantly,

And make thy foes obey.
And when thy victories are complete;

When all the chosen race
Shall round the throne of glory meet

To sing thy conquering grace;
O may my humble soul be found

Among that favour'd band! And I, with them, thy praise will sound

Throughout Immanuel's land,

81. The pardoning God. Micah vii. 18.


GREAT God of wonders! all thy ways

Are matchless, godlike, and divine; But the fair glories of thy grace,

More godlike and unrivall’d shine: Who is a pardoning God like thee? Or who has grace so rich and free? Crimes of such horror to forgive!

Such guilty daring worms to spare! This is thy grand prerogative,

And none shall in the honour share: Who is a pardoning God like thee? Or who has grace so rich and free? Angels and men, resign your claim

To pity, mercy, love and grace; These glories crown Jehovah's name

With an incomparable blaze: Who is a pardoning God like thee? Or who has grace so rich and free? In wonder lost, with trembling joy,

We take the pardon of our God; Pardon for crimes of deepest dye,

A pardon seal'd with Jesu's blood: Who is a pardoning God like thee? Or who hath grace so rich and free?

O may this strange, this matchless graçe,

This godlike miracle of love,
Fill the wide earth with grateful praise,

And all the angelic choirs above!
Who is a pardoning God like thee?
Or who has grace so rich and free?
82. God ready to forgive ; or Despair

sinful. ULVERSTON. WHAT mean these jealousies and fears,

As if the Lord was loth to save, Or lov'd to see us drench'd in tears,

And sink with sorrow to the grave ?
Does he want 'slaves to grace his throne ?

Or rules he by an iron rod ?
Loves he the deep despairing groan?

Is he a tyrant, or a God?
Not all the sins which we have wrought,

So much his tender bowels grieve, As this unkind injurious thought,

That he's unwilling to forgive. What tho' our crimes are black as night,

Or glowing like the crimson morn; Immanuel's blood will make them white

As snow through the pure æther borne. Lord, 'tis amazing grace we own,

And well may rebel-worms surprize; But was not thy incarnate Son

A most amazing sacrifice?

“ I've found a ransom," saith the Lord,

”No humble penitent shall die:" Lord, we would now believe thy word,

And thy unbounded mercies try! 83. Desiring Communion with God.

MY rising soul, with strong desires,

To perfect happiness aspires,
With steady steps would tread the road
That leads to heav'n, that leads to God.
I thirst to drink unmingled love
From the pure fountain head above:
My dearest Lord, I long to be
Empty'd of sin, and full of thee.
For thee I pant, for thee I burn,
Art thou withdrawn? again return;
Nor let me be the first to say,
Thou wilt not hear when sinners pray.
84. O that I knew where I might
find him ;-Sins and Sorrows laid before
God. Job xxiii. 3, 4.

O THAT I knew the secret place

Where I might find my God;
I'd spread my wants before his face,

pour my woes abroad,

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