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moved on the occasion, that the spirit and Resolved, That G. L. Wardle, esq. be temper by which they were guided in the elected a Burgess of this ancient Corpobringing forward of this measure, and that poration. of their opponents, by whom it was de- Resolved, That the Thanks of this Meetfeated, may be perfectly understood. ing be presented to sir John Dashwood

“ That the Thanks of this Court be given King, Bart. and Thomas Baring, esq. the to Lieut. Col. \Vardle for his meritorious worthy Representatives of this Borough in and patriotic exertions in the House of Parliament, for their independent couduct Commons, by which, gross misconduct in on the late Investigation. the Chief Direction of the Army has been Resolved, That ihe Thanks of this Vieetdetected and exposed, and an example set ing be given to sir S. Romilly, knt. one of from which the inost beneficial conse- the Burgesses of this Borough, for his able sequences may be expected by the loyal defence of our Constitutional Rights on the Subjects of this Realm in a Reform of late important Question, those Abuses which tarnish the lustre and Resolved, That such Votes of Thanks impair the energies of our happy and glo he communicated by the Deputy Town rious Constitution.”

Clerk. Such was the Resolution, and the only Resolution of a public nature with which COUNTY OF MONMOUTII. they were provided; and having scrupu- At a Meeting of the Gentlemen, Clergy, lously avoided in it every thought and and Freeholders of the County of Monevery ex, ression which ihey supposed mouth, convened on April 28, 1809, at could possibly give ottence to any personal the Town Hall in Usli, by the High or party feeling, they hoped to have con- Sheriff of the said County, in pursuance of ciliated the concurrence and support of all a Requisition for that purpose, in order to their Brother- Freemen, and deemed it im- return the Thanks of the County to G. L. possisle that sentiments and wishes so per- Wardle, esq. for his able and patriotic fectly congenial with those of the great conduct in bringing forward and investiBody of the People, could be negatived gating the recent Charges against his Royal at a Great Court of the Borough of Ips- llighness the Duke of York. wich, till they found a Party industriously Resolved, That G. L. Wardle, esq. by his formed there to frustrate altogether, by firm and persevering exertions on that menoise and tumult, the purpose for which it morable Inquiry against a host of talents was convened.

and other great discouragements and diffiMay their opponents longer enjoy the culties, bas deserved well of his country, full ciedit of the victory they gained on and that the Thanks of this Meeting be the occasion. The Portmen, on their part, given to him. are quite content to take to themselves the That the Thanks of the Meeting be also whole obloquy of bringing forward a mea- given to llenry Bankes, esq. for his Amendsure, which they are satisfied must meet ment, which, by being supported by two the approbation of all but the miserable hundred and one Members, produced the tools or dupes of those who thrive on that resignation of the late Commander in System of Corruption and Abuse against Chief, and the Meeting gladly avails itstif which it was leveiled.-H. Seckamp, John of this public opportunity of expressing Spooner, W. B. Clarke, Wm. Hammond, its admiration of, and obligations for, his John Forest, F. F. Seekamp, Fred. Corn- high-spirited and independent conduct on wallis, B. Brame.

the formation of the present Finance Com

mittee, and for his essential services as BOROUGH OF CHIPPING-WYCOMBE. Chairman of the last.

At a Court of Common Council, held in That the Thanks of this Meeting are the Guildhall of the said Borough this 22d also due to the Minority on Mr. Wardle's day of April, 1809, Samuel Manning, esq. Motion, the Minority of Mr. Bankes's Mayor, in the Chair.

Amendment, the Minority on sir T, TurResolved, That the Thanks of this ton's Amendment, and the Minority on Meeting be transmitted to G. L. Wardic, Mr. Perceval's Amendment. esq. for his patriotic conduct in bringing That it is the opinion of this Meeting forward and steadily persevering in an in- a very considerable number of Placemen quiry relative to certain Abuses which and Pensioners who have seats in Parliaappear to have existed in Military Pro- ment, are under the influence of Governmotions tending to the degradation of the ment, and that a temperate Reform in Army:

Parliament is therefore necessary, and that


it is the duty of this County to express its, which have been proved to exist in various wishes to their representatives, ihat they departments of the State have excited in would support a strict investigation into us the deepest regret, and we feel that G, the various abuses of the public expendi- | L. Vardle, esq. M. P. by the manly, temture.

perate and impartial manner in which he That the abuses attacked by Col. Wardle bought forward bis Charges against the and Mr. Bankes form only a part of a cor- late Commander in Chiet, and by the rupt system long acted upon, and that no zeal, firmness, and intrepidity with which permanent good will arise from the late he prosecuted the Inquiry, has faithfully investigation, unless followed up by a ge- discharged his duty to his country, and neral reformation of the public abuses in does in a high degree merit the Thanks of many depariments of the state.

this Meeting.

That the Thanks of this Meeting STCWARTRY OF KIRKCUDBRIGIT. are aiso due to those Members of the

At a General Annual Meeting of the House of Commons who so honourably Commissioners of the Land Tax for the supported col. Wardle during the late arStewartyef Kirkcudbright, April 29,1809. duous and important Investi, ali n. James Jigray M'Culloch, Esq.oi Ardwall, Thit the Chairman do transniit these cho-en Preses.

Resolutions to 6 L. Wardie, esq. The Meeting came to the following unanimous kisuuions :-

Town of LONCASTER. Ist, That the investigation lately made At a numerous and respectaiodo. Veering in the imperial Parliament of Great Bri of he inhabitants of the Town an ileightain into ite conduct of the late Com- bourhood of Doncaster, beld at this sky mander in Chief of the British Army, has at the Town-hall, pursuant to a Requisidiscoverij gross corruption and abuses in tion for that purpose, the Worshyrus the the adıninistration of the military depart- Dlayor in the Chair : ment.

kesolved unanimously,---Ist. That the 24, That the Thanks of the County he grateful Thanks of the Meering berkes given to G. L. Wardle, esq. memburot Pure to G. L. Varili, esq for the laihtui disTiament, for the in lependent spirit wibble of bus duty m, by inwhich he undertools, and the great ability stiruing and prosecuun, an inquiry into and undaunied perseverance with which the conduct of the late Commander in he conducted, an enquiry, the conse- Chief, by which means er unsiances quences of which the Meeiing trust wird have been brought to light loighly mjurious be of perma' ent advantage to the interests to the real interes s of the Cronin, and of the Country And,

subversive of the welfare and prosperity 34, That the Preses do transmit a copy of the people. of these Resolutions to Mr. Wardle; and 20, That the particular Thanks of this that the Clerk cause the same to be adyer- Meering begren 10 sir F. Budett, bart. tised in the London, Edinburgh, and Dum- lord Foskestont, Mr. Whitritad, sir S. fries Newspapers.

Romily, adm. Ma khar, lord Althorpe,

and the rest of the 125 Dembers who supTOWN OF MANCIIESTER. ported Mi, Vardie's curion At a very numerous and respectable 3d, That the Trans of his meeting be Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Towns of given to all those Members of the Ilouse Manchester and Salforri, convened by a or Cummons, who voted in the everal Requisition which was signed by upwards Minorities, on the different Dirisions, of 'iivo Thousand Persuns, for the purpose which wok folce during the late imporof taking into consideration the propriety tant ani pauritic loquiry: of passing a Vote of Thanks to G. L. War- 4th, That the Thanks of this Meeting be die, esq. M. P. and to those Members of given io the two worthy nepre-entatives the House of Conimons who so honourably of this County, Wmn. Wiibertusce, esq. and supported bim during the late arduous and lord vise. Milion, for their honourable and important Investigation, and held at the independent conduct in the abie support Buli's Head lun, in Manchesier, on Wed. they gave lo iba recent Investigation. nesday, the 3d day of May, 1809, Ruberi gibi mat the Tombs it this Meeting be Philips, esq. in the Chair.

g ven to major gen. Ferguson for the hoThe following Resolutions were unani- nourable, mdependent and distinguished mously passed :

discharge of his parliamentary duty on That the gross and corrupt practices the late occasion.

6th, That this Meeting, anxious to pre- , sented to John Wharton, ésq. one of the serve unimpaired the purity and blessings Representatives of this Borough, for his of that excellent form of Government, support upon the said Inquiry. which our ancestors have transmitted to us, That the Thanks of this Meeting be also and ardently wishing to see all the consti- presented to W. Wilberforce, esq. and tuted authorities preserved and reverenced Lord Viscount Milton, the Members for in the due exercise of their respective this County, together with the Independent functions, feels it 10 be an indispensible Minority, for their votes and exertions on duty at this eventful moment, when all that occasion. the nations that surround us have paid the That the Chairman be requested to sign forfeit of their corruption in the annihila- | these Resolutions as the act of this Meettion of their Government, to call for a ing, and to transmit copies thereof to G. L. strict, a temperate, but an effectual inquiry Wardle, esq. J. Wharton, esq. W. Wilberinto every species of public abuse, and to force, esq. and Lord Milton. expriuss a hope that hereafter, on similar occasions, the sense of the House of Com

COUNTY OF HUNTINGDON. mons may appear to be less at variance with the sense of the Nation ; and that a

At a Meeting of the Freeholders of the larger body of the representatives of the

said County, held at the Shire Hall in people may be found to defend the con- day, the fifth day of May, 1800, pursuant

Huntingdon, in the said County, on Fristitution, by correcting public abuses, so effectually as to secure to the country


to a Requisition to the High Sheriff for

that honest application and economical expen

purpose : diture of public money,

Resolved unanimously, 1. That it is the 7th, That the Thanks of this Meeting opinion of this Meeting that the late Inbe given to Wm. Wrightson, esq. for the

vestigation by the Honourable House of

Commons into the Conduct of the late independent, moderate, and truly constitutional manner in which he has expressed nite importance to this country, inasmuch

Commander in Chief, is a matter of intihis sentiments on the present occasion. 8th, That the County Members be re

as it has furnished a strong incitement to

that Honourable House to exert themselves quested to transmit to Mr. Wardle the Thanks of this Meeting as expressed in the to defend the Throne and the People from

the destructive effects of Corruption in first Resolution : and that the Chairman be desired to convey the Thanks of this Meet every department of the State.

2. That the Thanks of this Meeting be ing to those gentlemen mentioned in the 2d and 5th Resolutions.

given to G. L. Wardle,esq. for his cou

rage, candour, and perseverance in conTown of BEVERLEY.

ducting the said Investigation. At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the much satisfaction the steps taken by the

3. That this Meeting have seen with Town and Neighbourhood of Beverley, held at the Guildhall, in Beverley, on Wed wisdom of Parliament for the suppression nesday the 3d day of May, 1809, for the of any abuses that may exist in the State

, purpose of considering a Vote of Thanks

and hope and trust they will continue their io G. L. Wardle, esq. for his patriotic exertions until the same shall be effectually

reformed. exertions, in instituting and prosecuting the Inquiry into the conduct of his Royal Highness the late Commander in Chief.

Town of GUILDFORD. Richard Fox, esq. Mayor, in the Chair. At a Meeting of the inhabitants of Guild

Resolved. Unanimously, That this Meet ford, held in the Town-hall, the 25th of ing deeply deploring the too evident ex- April 1809. istence of abuses and other practices of Resolved unanimously, That the Thanks evil tendency in various branches of Pub- of this Meeting be given to G. L Wardle, lic Affairs, do highly approve of the firm esq. for instituting an Inquiry against the and independent spirit evinced by G. L. late Commander in Chiet, which has led Wardle, esq. in instituting and steadily to the discovery of certain abuses highly prosecuting the Inquiry into the conduct injurious to fair and honourable promotion of the late Commander in Chief, and that in the Army, and detrimental to the pubby his patriotic exertions be is deservedly lic service. entitied to and has the Thanks and Grati- Resolved, That the Resolutions and Ad. bude of this Meeting.

dress be signed by the Mayor, and preThat the Thanks of this Meeting be presented by him to G. L. Wardle, esq. and

that the same be inserted in the Courier are in an especial manner due to our and County Herald.

worthy Representative, T. W. Coke, esq. An ADDRESS of the Inhabitants of the who divided with the patriotic minority of

Town, assembled on the same day and | 125, in favour of Mr. Wardle's Motion; place.

and for the firm and manly manner in “ To G. L. WARDLE, Esq. M. P. which he delivered his own sentiments, “ Sır; We consider that no foreign and those of the People in general; thereconquest or efforts of genius are so essential by proving himself worthy of the confito the Country as the honest exertions of dence that has been so long reposed in Independent Members of Parliament, to him by the Frecholders of this County, expose, and endeavour to exterminate, cor- 4. That the Thanks of this Meeting be rupt practices.

given to our other Representative, sir J.. “We revere our King and Constitution, H. Astley, bart. for his vote in favour of and complain of no sacrifices that we are sir T. Turton's amendment. called upon for their security and support; 5. That it is the earnest hope of this but when such transactions as have lately Meeting, that the truly patriotic example been exposed are suffered to exist without of Mr. Wardle may stimulate others to notice, how truly thankful must every true exert themselves in their duty to their Conand loyal Briton be that such an independ-stituents, by eradicating Corruption from ent Member as yourself stands forward as every branch of the Government and LeChampion in the cause of Truth.

gislature. “ We most unseignedly give you our cor- 6. That the Majority in the late dividial and grateful thanks, and most sincere-sions in Parliament, acquitting the Comly wish that you may for many years en- mander in Chief of all personal Corrupjoy the heart-felt satisfaction of being tion, and of all Connivance at Corruption, instrumental to the happiness of your own was in direct opposition to the sense of the Countrymen.-J. Martyr, Mayor.” People; and that the necessity is thereby

evinced of adopting some effectual ReCOUNTY OF NORFOLK.

form, in order that the voice of the RepreAt a most numerous and respectable sentatives may become the voice of the Meeting of the Freeholders of the County | People. of Norfolk, held at the Shire-house, on 7. That it is the decided opinion of this Tuesday, the 2d of May, 1809, the fol- Meeting, that no substantial and permalowing Resolutions were moved by the nent good can be derived by the Country hon. George Herbert (who was called to from any change of Ministers, unless acthe Chair in the absence of the High companied by an entire change of system; Sheriff,) seconded by Thomas Beevor, esq. and that the inost certain method of renand adopted without one dissentient voice: dering Parliamentary Reform effectual is,

Resolved, 1. That the Thanks of this to follow the laudable example of WestMeeting be given to G. L. Wardle, esq: minster, by returning, free of expence, for the indefatigable zeal and disinterested such representatives as are worthy of conpatriotism he has evinced in detecting and fidence; and by shortening the duration bringing to light the gross and unparalleled of Parliaments, in order that a frequent Corruption which has long existed in the appeal to the sense of the People may office of the Commander in Chief; and guide the conduct of our Representatives, for the firm and temperate perseverance without increasing their expences. with which in detiance of threats and 8. That the Thanks of this Meeting be difficulties) he carried on the late Investi. given to the gentlemen who signed the gation in Parliament, to his own honour, Requisition. and the advantage of his Country.

9. That those Resolutions be inserted 2. That the Thanks of this Meeting be in the Norwich Papers, the Ipswich and given to all those who cordially assisted Bury Papers, and the London Papers, Mr. Wardle in the arduous task he had The following Resolutions were also undertaken, shewing themselves at orce moved by John Kerrich, esq. seconded by the Friends of the People and the Enemies the hon. George Herbert, and adopted with of Corruption-especially to sir F. Bur- equal unanimity: dett, lord Folkestone, S. Whitbread, esq. 10. That a Subscription be entered into sir S. Romilly, sir T. Turton, J. C. Curwen, by the Freeholders of the County of Noresq. c. W. Wynne, esq. major-general folk, to purchase a piece of Plate, which Fergusson, and adm. Markham.

shall be presented to Mr. Wardle in their 3. That the Thanks of this Meeting Names.

11. That the Gentlemen who signed service to the Interests and Welfare of the the Requisition to the High Sheriff' for this Country. Meeting be requested to act as a Commitee for the application of the Funds

COUNTY OF HERTFORD. arising from the Subscriptions, and that At a Meeting of the Gentlemen, Cleros, they be authorised to present the Plate to and Freeholders of the Couniy of Hertford, Mr. Wardie, in any way, and with any held at the Shirc Hall, at lieriford, in the inscription they may dcem explanatory same county, on the 13th of May, 180), of the intention of the donors.

convened by the High Sheriff, in conse12. That the Subscription do finally quence of a Requisition addressed to him close in the coming Summer Assize Week, for the purpose of expressing their stase and the purposes for which it was entered of the conduct of their representatives in into be then proceeded upon by the Com- Parliament with respect to the Charges mittee with all convenient dispatch. against his Royal Ilighness the late Com

13. That the Bunkers in Norfok and mander in Chief, and their sentiments Suff lk, and Messrs. Barclays, 'Tritton and ppon the corrupt practices which have Bevan, Lombard-street, be requested to been brought to light by the evidence receive any subscription, not exceeding which has been given in the House of Two Guineas.


upon the investigation of those

Charges,– The High Sheriff in the Chair: Borough or BOSTON.

Resolved, That the Parliamentary inAt a numerous and respectable Meet- vestigation into the Conduct of the late ing of the Inhabitants of this Bornugh, Commander in Chief, and the result of convened by adv. rti ement, at the White Other Parliamentary Inquiries, have fully Hart Inn, this day, May 9, 180), for the satisfied this Meeting of the existence of purpose of considering of the propriety great abuses in several departments of the of voting an Address of Thanks to G. L Executive Government of the country. Wardle, esq. for his recent conduct in That G. L. Wardle, e q. by his unexParliament,

am led intrepidity, integrity, and ability Abraham Sheath, esq. in the Chair: in originating and persevering in that inThe following Resolutions were carried quiry, unsupported by party interests, and with only one dissenting voice: opposed by power, has faithfully dis

Resolved, 1. That the Thanks of this charged his duty as an honest Member Mieeting be given to G. L. Wardie, esq. I of Parliament, rendered an important for his maniy and independent Conduct service to his country, and merited the in Parliament during the recent Investi- warmest thanks and approbation of this gation of the Charges brought against the Meeting. Commander in Chief, and thereby ex- That the hon. Thomas Brand and sir posing various Abuses in the Military John Saunders Sebright, bart. the RepreDepartment in the State.

sentatives in Parliament for this county,, 2. That the Thanks of this Meeting be by the disposition they have manifested given to the Patriotic Minority of 125, to inquire into and check abuses and corwho supported Colonel Wardie, in his ruption, by the support they uniformly arduous undertaking in the House of Com- gave to the appointment of an efficient, mons; shewing themselves at once the Finance Committee, and particularly by Friends of the People, and the Enemies the active support they gave to Mr. Warof Corruption.

dle's motion, and to the rendering ettec3. That the Thanks of this Meeting are tive the Inquiry, have, in a bigh degre, due to W. A. Madocks, esq. one of the Re- merited the approvation and confidence presentatives of this Borough, and to the of their constituents, con that it is the hon. C. A. Pelhain, one of the Represen earnest bore of this Meeting that they tatives of this County, for their Votes on will persevere in inquiring into every this important Question.

abuse till the public confidence in the 4. That it is the opinion of this Meet- adininistration of national affairs is fully ing, that it will be highly expedient that restored. the strictest inquiries into the several That the Tharks of thi: Nicejng be giDepartments of the Sta e be still farther ven to sir F. Bur:eit, ta til aecenied prosecuted by the House of Commons; Jir. Wardle's motion; to vril Folkestone, being fully convinced that no change of and S. Whitbread, 28). who tremiuingly Ministers, unless accompanied by an en- promoted the inquiv, and is loid Jolin tire change of system, can be of essential | Townshend, Joseph Halsey, esq. and Sa

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