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Habitum et tonsuram clericalem. A clerical

. gown and shaving of the head.

Habuit. He had; he possessed.

Habere cognitionem placitorum. To have cognizance of pleas.

Habere facias possessionem. That you cause to have possession.

Habere facias seisinam, That you cause to have the possession.

Habiles ad matrimonium. Fit for marriage.

Hæc est finalis concordia. This is the final agreement.

Hæc quæ nullius in bonis sunt, et olim fuerunt inventoris de jure naturali, jam efficiuntur principis de jure gentium. Those things which are not the property of any person, and heretofore were by the law of nature the finder's, are now made the right of the sovereign by the law of nations.

Hæc sunt instituta quæ Edgarus rex consilio sapientum suorum instituit. These are the institutes which king Edgar, with the advice of his wise counsellors, enacted.

Hæc sunt institutiones, quas rex Edmundus et episcopi sui cum sapientibus suis instituerunt. These are the laws which king Edmund and his bishops, together with his counsellors, ordained.

Hæc sunt judicia, quæ sapientes consilio regis Ethelstani instituerunt. These are the rules which the wise counsellors, by advice of king Ethelstan, instituted.

Hæc verba. These words.

Hæreda de omnibus quidem cognoscit, non tamen de omnibus judicat. The court leet takes cognizance of all matters, but it does not give judgment in all.

Hæredes. Heirs; heiresses.

Hæredes maritentur absque disparagatione. That heirs (or heiresses) be married without disparagement.

Hæredes successoresque, sui cuique liberi, et nullum testamentum : si liberi non sunt, proximus gradus in possessione, fratres, patrui avunculi. The children of every man are his heirs and successors, without testament: if there be no children, the next of kin, as brothers, paternal or maternal uncles, succeed in the possession.

Hæreditas jacens. An estate in abeyance.

Hæreditas nunquam ascendit. An inheritance never ascends.

Hæres factus. An heir made (or appointed.) Hæres natus. An heir born.

Hæres non redimet terram suam sicut faciebat tempore fratris mei, sed legitima, et justa relevatione relevabo eam. An heir shall not redeem his land as he did in my brother's reign, but, by a lawful and just relief, I will relieve it.

Hæreticus est qui dubitat de fide catholica, et qui negligit servare ea, quæ Romana ecclesia statuit, seu servare decreverat. A heretic is one who doubts the catholic faith, and neglects to observe those rules, which the Roman church ordains, or had decreed him to keep.

Hamesecken. Burglary; the robbery of a castle.

Herbagii pasturæ. Of the herbage of a pasture.

Herefordscire. In Lene, &c. consuet ut præpositus manerii veniente domina sua (regina) in maner : presentaret ei xviii oras * denar ut esset ipsa læto animo. Herefordshire. In Lene, &c. by custom, that the provost of the manor, on his mistress (the queen) coming into the manor, present her with eighteen pieces of money that she may be well pleased.

Heretochii. Dukes.
Heriettum. Heriot.

Heriot. The giving of the best beast, or other best good, to the lord of the soil, upon the death of the tenant.

Herus dat, ut servus faciat. The master pays, that the servant may perform his work.

Hic est, qui leges regni cancellat iniquas,
Et mandata piż principis æqua facit.

It is he who expunges the unjust laws of the kingdom, and performs the just commands of a pious king.

Hijs testibus. These being witnesses.

Hijs testibus Johanne Moore, Jacobo Smith, et aliis ad hanc rem convocatis. These witnesses John Moore, James Smith, and others being called together, to witness the execution of this deed.

Hoc audi, homo, quem per manum teneo, 8c. Hear this, O man! whom I hold by the hand, &c.

“ Ora," a Saxon coin, valued at 1s. 4d.

Hoc est. That is.

Hoc paratus est verificare. This he is ready to verify.

Hoc paratus est verificare per recordum. This he is prepared to verify by the record.

Hoc quidem per quam durum est, sed ita lex scripta est. This is indeed very severe, but thus the law is written.

Hoc te uno, quo possum, modo, filia, in libertatem vindico. My daughter, I set you at liberty by this only method which now remains in my power.

Homage auncestral. Homage by ancestry. Homagium. Homage.

Homicidia vulgaria; quæ aut casu, aut etiam sponte committuntur, sed in subitaneo quodam iracundiæ calore et impetu. Common homicides ; those which are committed either by chance, or even of one's own accord, but in some sudden heat and violence of passion.

Homicidium quod nullo vidente, nullo sciente clam perpetratur. Homicide which is secretly perpetrated, no person seeing or knowing it.

Homine replegiando. In replevying (or redeeming) a man.

Homines ligii. Liege men.

Homo mercator vix aut nunquam potest Deo placere ; et ideo nullus christianus debet esse mercator; aut si voluerit esse, projiciatur de ecclesia Dei. A man, as a merchant, can seldom or never please God; and therefore no christian ought to be a merchant; or if he will be such, let him be expelled the church of God.

Honoris causa. For the sake of honour.

Hostes hi sunt qui nobis, aut quibus nos, publice bellum decrevimus: cæteri latrones aut prædones sunt. They are enemies against whom we have publicly declared war: others are looked upon as robbers or spoilers.

Hostis humani generis. An enemy of the human race.

Hotchpot. Property distributive by co-parceny. Hutchet. A postboy's (or huntsman's) horn.

Hutesium et clamor. A horn and shouting; hue and cry

Hypotheca. A gage (or mortgage).

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Ibidem. In the same place..

Ibi esse pænam, ubi et noxa est. That punishment be inflicted, where the offence exists.

Id certum est, quod certum reddi potest. That is certain, which can be made (or rendered)certain.

Idem per idem. The same by the same; like

by like.

Ideo consideratum est quod computet et defendens in miseracordia. Therefore it is considered that he account, and the defendant be in mercy

Ideo mihi restat dubitandum. Therefore I must remain in doubt.

Id est. That is.

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