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“ Annum, exclusive of Premises held under Lease for the Duke s Leinjler, and the Buildings thereon."

C. cxi.

Cap. cxlvi. 47 G. 8. 11. 2. An Act for supplying the Town and Parish of Woolwich, in gi.

County of Kent, with Water, and for amending so much of an år of the lall Seffion as relates to the Erection of a Market Hur in the said Town.

(30th June 1808

Cap. cxlvii. 31 G. 3. c. 109. An A&t for repairing the Road from Milford to Staintos, and to répealed.

Merlin's Bridge, and from thence to Cartlet Bridge, and to the
Top of Merlin's Hill, in the County of Pembroki. (a)

[30th June 1808.;

Cap. cxlviii.
An A&t for inclosing Lands in the Borough of Leominjer, in the

County of Hereford, and in the Township of Lujlon, in the Pani
of Eye, in the said County; and for paving, and otherwise impror-
ing the Streets and other publick Places within the Town of
Leominster, in the said County,

[30th June 1808.

Cap. cxlix.
An Act for effectuating an Exchange between the President and

Scholars of Saint John Baplift College, in the Univerfity of
Oxford, and Christopher Hull of Footscray, in the County of Kent,
Esquire. (q. P.)

[30th June 188.]

Cap. cl. An Act to confirm and render valid and effectual a Partition of divers * Lands and Hereditaments in the Counties of Carlow and Kildare, in Ireland, formerly the Eftates of Jeffery Paul Esquire, de. ceased (q. P.)

[30th June 1808.]

Cap. cli.
An Act for vesting Part of the Estates of Paulin Hugget, an Infant,

in Truftees, to be fold, and for applying the Money arising
therefrom in part Discharge of certain Incumbrances charged
thereon. (q.P.)

[30th June 1808.]

Cap. clii.
An Act for inclofing Lands in the Parish of Kirk Smeaton, in the

West Riding of the County of York. (q. P.) [30th June 1808. ]
“ Allotment to His Majesty as Lord of the Honour of Pontefrał,
“ in Right of his Dutchy of Lancaster. Extract of the Award to
“ be transmitted to the Dutchy Court.”
[And for making Compensation for Tithes.]

Cap. cliii.
An A&t for inclofing Lands in the Borough and Parish of Tickey
bury, in the County of Gloucester, and for vesting the After or
Latter Math of a Meadow called Severn Ham, within the said
Borough and Parish, in Trustees for certain Purposes. (q. P.)

[2d July 1808.] [And for making Compensation for Titles.]

Cap. cliv.
An Act for exchanging Part of the settled Estates of the Right '

Honourable Francis Earl of Moira, situate in England, for Part
of the Estates of the Right Honourable Flora Mure, Countess of
Loudouni, his Wife, situated in Scotland, including the Castle of
Loudoun. (9.P.)

[ 2d July 1808.]

Cap. clv.
An Act for vesting an Estate called Killing worth Farm, in the.

County of Northumberland, being an Estate devised by the Will
of Thomas Bonner Esquire, deceased, in Trustees, to be fold, for
the Payment of Legacies, and for laying out the Residue of the
Money in the Purchase of other Estates to be settled to the same
Uses. (q. P.)

[2d July 1808.]

Cap. clvi.
An Act for vesting in Samuel Robert Gauljen, of North Mimms, in

the County of Hertford, Esquire, a Meliuage and Farm, with the · Appurtenances, in North Mimms aforesaid, and for applying the Money to arise thereby in the Purchase of other Estates to be fettled to the same Uses as the Estate fold. (q. P.)

[2d July 1808.]

Cap. clvii. An Act to prevent the Right of Presentation to the Rectory and · Parish Church of Simonburn, in the County of Northumberland, from lapsing for a limited Time.

[4th July 18c8.] • W H EREAS the Rectory and Parilla of Simonburn, in the Rectory of • V County of Northumberland, and Diocese of Durham, is very Simonburn • extensive, and it is expedient that the same should be divided, and extensive. • that several new and distinct Reétories and Parishes should be erected

within and taken out of the same, and should be separated from the • faid Rectory and Parish by known Limits and Boundaries, and • Mould be respectively provided with Parish Churches, Church • Yards, Parsonage Houses, and Glebe Lands, and a fufficient • Maintenance, by Tithes or otherwise, for the Rectors of the same

respectively : And whereas, under and by virtue of an AQ of Par. • liament, made in the Sixteenth Year of the Reign of His prefe:t • Majesty, intituled, An Ad for velling certain Esates now held in 16 G. 3. c. 24. Trust for the Benefit of the Royal Hospital for Seamen at Greenwich,

in the Commissioners and Governors of the said Hofpital, incorporated by His Majesly's Letters Patent, the said Coinmillioners and Go. • vernors are perpetual Patrons of the said Rectory, and the Reverend " James Scott, Doctor in Divinity, is the present Incumbent thereof: • And whereas the said Rectory is of the Annual Value of Three

thousand Pounds or thereabouts; and should the same be divided as • aforesaid, would be of great Benefit to the Parish, and would be • capable of affording ample Provision for several Chaplains in the • Royal Navy, as a Reward for long and meritorious Professional

Services: And whereas the said Commiflioners and Governors are

desirous of carrying into Effect the above-mentioned Purposes re. • specting the said Řectory and Parish of Simonburn ; and in order • thereto it is necessary that the Right of Presentation should, during • a limited Time, be prevented from lapfing : May it therefore pleale Your Majesty that it may be enacted,' and be it enacted by the

King's moft Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent

of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this preRight of Pre- fent Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That sentation fall during the Term of Two Years from the passing of this A&, no not lapfe for

Right of Presentation to the said Rectory and Parish Church of Two Years.

Simonburn, or to the endowed Chapel of Falsone, in the Parish afore.
said, by Lapse or otherwise, shall accrue to the Ordinary, Metro-
politan, or the King's Majesty, or any Person or Persons whatso-
“ Commissioners may nomináte to the Curacy of Fallone during the
“ Incumbency of Mr. Scott, $ 2. Officiating Curates shall be nomi.

“ nated by Commissioners. § 3." A&t not valid IV. Provided always, and be it enacted, That this A& shall not without Cousent be good, valid, or effectual, without the Content of the Archbishop of the Archbi- of York for the Time being, thereto signified by Writing under his ftop of York,

Hand and Seal to the Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain ;
and such Consent, fo signified, shall be binding upon the said Arch-
bifhop and his Successors, and such Writing shall be inrolled ir the
High Court of Chancery.
“ Public Act, $ 5."

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CCOUNTS (Publick),

Clergy, Benefit of
See Officers, Franking.

Clergy (augmented Curacies) ..
Administration of Justice - 151 *_ (Arrears of Crown Rents) 47
America (Treaty) - 6, 21 *-- (building, &c. Churches and

Trade with) - 85 Glebe Houses) . . . 65

*- (Residence) . .
--- North } See Importation.


(modifying Stipends) ·
Annuities, See Loans, Life Annuities. Cloves


Appeals to House of Lords - 151 Coaches, See Hackney Coaches.
Appropriation of Supplies
148 Coals to London

- 95
Armorial Bearings (Tax on) - 55 Coffee and Cocoa - 120, 121, *80
Assessed Taxes, See Taxes.

Colonies, See Importation and
*Auctions -

· Auditors, See Accounts Publick Commissioners (Meetings of) - 133

(of Land Tax, &c.) 1oz
Bail Bonds assigning

of Enquiry, See Officers.
Bank of England Three Millions > Commission of Teinds ..
Advance) .. .

*Compensation to Officers of
. ,
- (Balances, &c.)

3 Exchequer
· 4.

. - 108
* Bank of Ireland (continuing Charter) 103 Continuing Acts • • 116
(Tokens ) - 31 Copper -


Bark (Exportation prohibiting) *29, 33
Barrack Office, See Officers, Franking. • 1 *Corn (Importation and
Bills of Exchange, See Promissoiy Notes | Exportation) . •
Bounty (Fish from Newfoundland) 201 See

See also Spirits, Importation.


& Cotton Manufacture
(Flax, Hemp, and Linen) 23

Cotton Wool (Exportation
See also Sugar.

prohibiting) . *29, 34
Brazils, See Importation, Postage.

Duty on Exportation 35

Council, Orders in
British Ships .

26, *28, 37, 71
Brunswick, Duchess -

*Court Houses, &c. - 113

Court of Session (Stock)
Burial of Persons wrecked


Cape of Good Hope


Capias ad Refpondendum

58 Crown, See King, Clergy.
Carriages (Tax on ) , .. 5 Crown Lands

• 73
Certificates, See Permits.

Curacies, See Clergy.
Chatham Lines

· 101 Curriers
Churches, See Clergy.

Customs (Duties on Exportation) 26,


*28, 35, 71
Cinque Ports, (Boatmen, &c. in) 130 (Bonds)


3, Corks





*Customs (Duties, Continuance) - 80 Grenada and St. Vincent Merchants 13
*- - ( Fees and Holidays) - Hackney Coaches
*__- and Excise (Regulation) - 62 Hair Powder (Tax on)
See also Officers.

Hares (shooting) -
Danish Prize Ship

147 Hearths, See Fire Hearths.
Dead Bodies (wrecked, interring) Hemp (Bounty)

Dean Forest

72 | Herring Fithery, See Fisheries.

123 * Holidays (Customs and Excise) 56
Defence of the Realm (Fines, & 107 Hops ( Bags and Pockets marking) 134
See also Militia.

Horses (Tax on) - *42,5
* Derry Bishop)

- 77 House of Lords (Appeals to) - 151
Ditillery (Regulating) 10, *81 Houses (inhabited, Tax on ) , 5;
Diftillation from Corn prohibited 118 Jesuits' Bark, See Bark,
Dogs (Tax on)

*42, 55 Importation
Drawbacks, See Spirits.

(from Portuguese Territories) 11,199
*Dublin, Police - - 140

- (Naval Timber) ... 19
*Eaft India Trade

- Oil and Blubber and Salt
Edinburgh (College of Juflice, &c.) 146

*Exchequer (Compensation to

(Silks and Velvets)
Officers) - . - 108

Salt into Quebec)
Exchequer Bills (issuing, &c.) : 1

(Flax, Hemp, and Linea)
(American Commissioners) 21

(Hides, &c.) .
See also Loans.

Goods from Hoftile
*Excise (Licences, repealing) :

Ports) .
* --and Customs (Regulation). 62 *Importation and Exportation (Com
Expiring Laws •

1061 and Provisions)
Exportation (Duties on) 26, *28, 35, 71

- Colonial
-- (Tobacco pipe Clay) 22 (Coffee, Sugar, and Corn) - 69
(Wool to Ireland) - 44

(in small Vessels) - 126

India Ports) .
See also Importation.

See also Exportation, Warehousing.

Incumbents, See Clergy.
*Fees (Customs, abolishing) .

Indemnity (Orders in Council)
Felony within Clergy


m (Offices, &c.)
*Fire Hearths (Tax on)

. . 10


' . 136
Fisheries -
(Greenland and Newfoun lland)

Indictments and Informatio's

(Process on )

(Pilchards, Bounty! -

*Infirmaries .

Innkeepers (Soldiers)
(British White Herring)
- (Southern Whale) .

Judges (Annuities to) -

(in Courts of Seffion)
Fisheries (Oysters)
Flax (Bounty)

Justice, (Adminiitration of) - 151
Forfeitures (remitting)

*King (Quieting Poslesions against) 47
Franking Letters - 90 Grant of Reverfionary Offices
Game, See Hares.


--- (Land Revenue Improving) 15



--- (Licences from)
*Gaols - .

113 Lake, Lord (Annuity) .
*Glebes and Glebe Houses

65 | Lancaster (Duchy Lands)
Good Hope, Cape of

105 Land Revenue, See King:
*Grand Juries

113 Larceny (from the Perfon

Grants in Reverfion . 50 Leather Manufacturers '


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