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Warrior and the philanthro- White, murdered in Salem, 51

pist in contrast, No. üi. Wilna, dead bodies there, No. ii.
Ward on war, -

174 Witnesses for peace, No.
War-ships, their expenses, xxi.,

414-5, 564 ; of different Wirtemburg's loss of popu.
countries, 562-3; one de- lation,

scribed by Sumner, 556; Wolfe,account of objections
brothels, No. iv., 162, 372, 383 to Christianity from wars
Washington on War, No. of Christians, • 390, 496

iii.; his administration, its Women, claims of peace on,
war expenses, 573 ; his 361-72; influence of war-
use of the peace princi- dresses on, 363 ; warriors
ple with Payne,

348 in France, 364 ; encour-
Waterloo, baitle of, 170 ; age war, 364–6 ; degrad-
wounded there, No. ii.

ed by war, 388; abused
Watson, bishop, on war, in sieges and assaults,
No. ii.,


their duty to
Wellington on war, No. iii., peace,

conduct after the battle of Woolwich arsenal,

Waterloo, 568; views of Wycliffe on war,

war, 357, as unsuitable for

a conscientious Christian, 579 Xerxes’army, 171, 582; men
Webster, Rev. J. C., state- lost by, No. iv.,

ments on flogging in navy, 66
West Point academy, its Yarmouth, battle of, 170

moral influence, 381; cost, 494
Wesley, John, on war, 173 Ziska, John, allusion to, 573


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