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MEETING OF THE GENERAL CONVENTION. The Baptist General Convention for Foreign Missions will hold their tenth Denial meeting in the meeting-house of the 1st Baptist Church in Baltimore, Lavland, on the last Wednesday (28th) in April next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Tre Rer. Richard Fuller, of Beaufort, S. C., is appointed to preach the sermon; Er Ros. S. W. Lynd, of Cincinnati, O., to be his alternate. Baptist Missionary Rooms,

} January 15, 1811.

According to the 1st article of the By-Laws of the Convention, as 2nd at the triennial meeting of 1838, such individuals and religious bodies

then represented, are entitled to seats in the next Convention, by the contition of $100 annually, or the payment of $300 at one or more payments,

is funds for each seat or representation; but individuals, or religious bodies,

the Baptist denomination, not heretofore members of the Convention, wili be entitled to a seat or representation at the next meeting on the payment srb of $100.






the Lord would open the hearts of his people

to return into bis treasury a part of what he has SLAY. Departure of Missionaries.-- The committed to their charge.” If all—even of Ber. J. T. Jones, of the Siam Mission, and those who feel it their duty to give soine** Jadith Leavitt Jones, late of Meredith thing to the missionary cause, would act with 5,"age. N. H., tonk passage for Bangkok, via equal promptness, and in a like spirit of liberalBrasia, in the ship Dalmatia, Capt. Beal, on ity, there would not soon be a necessity for such se 12:h of January. Mr. Jones, it is known to another mint of our readers, arrived in this country in May !ast, and during his short sojourn among ** les visited many of our literary and theo

Letters and Journals my cal institutions, with the hope of obtaining se or more brethren to accompany him on his tera; and has also made numerous addresses

ARRACAN.-E. L. Abbott, j. March 174 u sany parts of New England and the Middle May 11, 1810, March 26. April 1, May 19. States, with a view to increase the general in. G. S. Comstock, j. Oct. 20, 1839— March 30, berpat in the cause of Foreign Missions. We 1840. April 16. Ė Kincaid, Jan. 1, 20, 1840,

April 11. L. Stilson, March 30. (2.) A'sa'm.tract that his appeals have not been without C. Barker, Nov. 25, 1839. j March 2, 1840– effect; and that their influence will be seen in May 25, July 27. M. Bronson, j. Dec. 20, the increased liberality of our pecuniary cou- 1830—Jan. 25, 1840, April 1, (2.) July 10. N. trinations and the fervency of our prayers; and May 25. 0. T. Cutter, Feb. 28, March 2, May

Brown. j. Jan. 1, 18:0— March' 31, Feb. 15, shal, although no brother has been found ready 26. BURMAH.-D. L. Brayton, Dec. 31, 1839, to return rith him, he may eventually have the Jan. 21, 1810. April 18, May 4, 18. H. Howard,

J. M. Haswell, March 10, pleasure of welcoming some, who have nearly Sec., May, 1846.

April 23. A. Judson, March 31. L. Ingalls, completed their course of preparation, and Jan. 9. j Sept. 24—March 6, 1840, May 11, 12, wbree attention has been directed to the claims F. Muson, j Dec. 3—23, 1839, May 9, 1840, of missions on their personal services by his S. M. Osgood, March 18, April 3, 28. ' E. A.

Sterens, April 1, 3-May 23, June 5. J. H, representations and his example.

Vinton, March 17. J. Wade, May 12. Si-
AM.-R. D. Davenport, Feb. 25, April 11:

W. Dean. j. Nov. 16. 1839Feh. 3,7, j. March Frids – The Treasurer received, a few days 1-April 9, 14. J. Goddard, April 8, Oct. 16. simre, from two esteemed friends in A-, N. CHINA-J. L. Shuck, j. Jan. 1840, May 20,

22, 28, June 23. Mrs. S., June 23, 24. TET, a nole, referring to the appeal of the Board

LOOG00s.-S. Van Husen, March 16. WEST in tbe last number of the Magazine, and ex. AFRICA --I. Clarke, j. Jan. 9-May 19, June pressing their regret at the necessity which oc-1-Aug. 18, Oct. 17.

W. G. Crocker, Sept. casioned it. The note enclosed iwo checks, 4. Oct. 16. FRANCE.-E. Willard, June 27,

Sept. 2, 12, 30, Oct. 2, Nov. 4.

GERMANY. one for 850, and the other for $25, with which J. G. Oncken, July 25, 31, Sept. 23. GREECE. tbe writers offer their "earnest prayers that I-H. T. Lore, Oči. 8, 9, Nov. 14.


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do., 3d Baptist ch., mon.

con., for Bor. miss., per Donations,

Wm. Barker ir.,


310,96 From Dec, 1, 1840, To Jan. 1, 1841. Providence, Brown University,

mon. con., for Sept., Oct. and

Nov., per Charles S. James, 9,00

319,96 Thomaston, 1st Baptist church,

New York. mon.con., per Rev. L. B. Al

len, with a gold ring, 12,00 Mrs. M. C. Dimmick, per Wm. do. Lincoln Bap. Cent Society,


2,50 Mrs. Deborah Cilley ir., per

Seneca Bap. Association, per Jas. Capt. Bryant,


McLallen treasurer, Portland For. Miss. Soc. of 1st

Canton Baptist church, 7,39
Bap. church, Joseph Hayes

Peach Orchard Baptist ch., 7,00

6 6,75 do. Ist Bap. ch. and soc.,

Elmira Ist mon. coll., N. Ellsworth

Big Flaut treasurer, 40,46

per II. B. Hart,


6,00 Cuinberland For. Miss. Soc., H.

46,14 B. Fernald ir.,

145,00 Montgomery, John Martin, for Camden Bap. Fem. Miss. Soc.,

Åtricav mission,

5.00 Mrs. Rhoda Bass tr., per Capt.

do., Miss Martin, for do. do., 5,00 Norwood,

20,00 Dutchess Association, G. W.
324,77 Houghton treasurer,

Dover, 2d Baptist church, 8,00



One half of col. at Dutch-
Franklin Association, Cyrus Al-
den treasurer,

ess Association in Octo-

9,50 Mrs. Samuel Hall

,50 Colerain Baptist church 4,04

Beekman Baptist church, 5,00

Dorcas Society 3,51


,50 Luther Fisher ,50

1. J. Stoutenburgh, do. David Purrington 3,00

67,12 Bernardston Bap. church, 5,00

New York city, 1st Bap. church
Heath, Mrs. Almira Buck, ,50

Sabbath school, to aid Mrs. Vin-
ton's school, Burmalı,

do. Baptist church 8,50
A friend, per Rev. J. M.

Harmony Association, J. B. Bur-

rows treasurer,


French Creek Association, per
Conway Bap. church,

W. N. Gould,


242,76 Newton, Students in Theo. Seminary, monthly conceri, per Rev.

South Carolina. Benj. Corbeit,

12,87 Long Meadow, Sabbath school,

Beaufort Baptist church, per D. L. Augustus Burt, sup'i,

Thomson, for Burman mission, 120,00

1.50 Wilbraham, Baptist church, 6,00

Mississippi. per Rev. J. R. Bigelow, 7,50 Boston, Miss Hannah Parker, per

Jackson Female Missionary Soci. Miss Mary Webb,


ety, Mrs. O. A. Runnels tr., per do. a member of ist Baptist

Mrs. Sarah M. Holloway,

30,00 Free church,

50,00 Chelmsford Female Jews' Society,

Ohio. Mrs. Sarah Osgood tr., per Miss

Troy, Miami co. Baptist ch., per Mary Webb, for Indian mission, 7,25

Rev. T. Eaton,

10,00 Townsend, Miss Roberson, per

New Carlisle Bap. ch., mon.con.,
Mr. Scott,

per H. G. Prait,

6,06 Scituale, John Collamore, 3,00

16,06 Mrs. Collamore, 3,00 –6,00

lowa Territory. New Bedford, William St. Baptist church, mon. con., per Rev. II.

Mrs. Lydia Cady, for Chiua mis-


1,50 West Wrentbam, per V. J. Bates, 9,50


From a deceased friend, proceeds
Rhode Island.

of a watch, per Rev. G. J.

40,00 Rhode Island Bap. State Conven

New Carlisle, Ohio, from the mislion, V. J. Bales treasurer,

sion box of Mrs. French, de. Warren Bap. Association, col.

ceased, per Rev. E. French, ,94 at an meeting, per James

40,91 Brown,

27,25 Providence, Ist Baptist ch.

and soc., an. sub., per
E.W. Clark,

H. LINCOLN, Treasurer,

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to their instructions. Very few cavil

led, or made any objection to what they JOURNAL OF MR. COMSTOCK.

heard ;-at some villages the people The previous extracts from Mr. C.'s journal,

continued listening and inquiring, till (pages 73, 161, last vol.) extend down to Octo-ed themselves tired.” Ko Thah Oo

ten o'clock at night, and “they preachber 1839, several months after his removal, in (the Mug Christian from Maulmain,) empany with Mr. Stilson, to Ramree. It was has returned to Cheduba, with an old boped ibat the favorable location of this place member of the Akyab church, employed soald be some security against the general un- for the present as an assistant, with a bealthiness of the Arracan climale. This hope supply of books, &c., and we hope bas tas far been confirmed; Messrs. Comstock they may do good there. and Suilson have been permitted to labor unin Several days since there was a great terruptedly, and with encouraging prospects of heathen festival here, which seems to success, to the period of our latest intelligence. have exerted a disastrous influence on Moeng Net, whose name is several times men- the people. Some who professed to tioned in this journal, is one of the chief assist- be inquiring have left us entirely, othants. at whose house meetings are held one or

ers apparently almost convinced of the

truth of the Christian religion, have two evenings in the week.

become strengthened in their belief in Presching-Return of assistants from Gaudama, and all seem less disposed Cheduba-Effects of a heathen festival. to hear the truth than formerly. The

Mussulman, however, mentioned under October 20, 18:39. Last Wednesday the preceding date, professes to the evening had about half a dozen hearers assistants to be a firm believer in at Moung Net's. On Thursday evening, Christ, and one Mug man has evinced at another place, thirty or forty listened some disposition to embrace the Chriswith soine apparent interest to a few tian religion, but is, as yet, quite ignoreasons why all men should worship rant of its nature. Last Monday evethe eternal God. After meeting, re- ning a dozen or fifteen listened to remained about half an hour to discuss marks on the great sinfulness of man, the subject of the sermon with a Budh- and his consequent need of a Savior. ist. Last evening, the assistants told Thursday evening I preached at the me of a Mussulman, who says that he house of the highest native officer in believes the Christian religion, and this district, to thirty or forty attentive wishes soon to enter it. To-day only hearers. Sabbath congregations are about twenty in all were present at smaller than formerly, few beside conworship, and this evening only two verts, scholars, beggars, &c., attendbesides native Christians and the two ing. In some respects our prospects scholars who live at the house.

seem less encouraging than they were, November 17. The two assistants but we try to walk by faith, not by who went over to Cheduba, after re- sight. The Lord reigns, and he does maining nearly a month, returned. all things well. They distributed their tracts, &c., in Dec. 1. At my meeting at Moung about fifteen days, and represent the Net's last Monday evening, a man stood people as having been very attentive l and listeped some time, and then said




to a woman,“ You hear that, do you? I | about a hundred tracts, we went at will remember it, and go to bis house evening to the head man Moung Oo's to talk farther." I replied, “ Very well, | village, and slept at his house. We come;" and he did come, bringing four preached to his family till after pine or five with him, and spent an hour or o'clock. Rising early we went to Pah two in interesting conversation. He H'non's village, and distributed about was a head man from Cheduba. Thurs- 150 tracts, though we did not find good day evening about fifty Mussulınans and opportunities for preaching, as the idolaters paid good attention to a dis men were out in the fields. We went course on the final judgment. The from here to Sonă Oung's village, principal Mussulman priest, and seve- where we had a discussion before sevral other very respectable men, were eral men, with a man versed in the present ; among others, two Paramot betagat, (sacred books,) concerning the teachers of considerable celebrity, from bible and the betagat. After the another village. After worship, had · kyou-tot' left, the hearers said there some discussion with the priest, the was not much fault to be found with teachers and others, principally on the the bible. The next day we went to forgiveness of sins. They admitted Myot Kyan Sway's village, intending that all men are sinners, but declared to sleep there. After sunset that sin could not be forgiven. After preached about an hour to the head some time spent in illustrating the man, his wife and neighbors, in all truth, answering objections, &c., I said, about ten, who listened very attentive“ You admit that we are all sinners; ly. After going into the house a lamp Gaudama and Mohammed confess that was lighted, and all the family of the they cannot forgive sins; Jesus Christ head man assembled. We read an accan; you are sinners, and wish to be count of some of the miracles, and saved, therefore believe on him who preached the law of salvation by alone can forgive and save you." All Christ, an hour and a half, during were silent, and br. Stilson and I left. which time they listened without The next day the two teachers spent speaking a word. We prayed for some time at the house, in discussing them, at which they were greatly asthe subject of religion generally, the tonished, and after singing a hymn, reforgiveness of sins, however, being the tired to rest. Next day we went to principal topic. To-lay had about Sondă Pway's village, which was near forty hearers, nearly three quarters of the sea. We preached two hours or whom were women. A week ago last more at the head man's house, and evening, we were obliged to exclude many old and young men listened well. Moung Po from the church, as he Here we distributed about 150 tracts, manifested no penitence for his past and then returned to Myot Kyan Sway's sins, and was evidently waxing worse house, where we preached to him and and worse. Alas! that our feeble all the men of his village from sunset church should so soon be reduced by to moonset—this was the sixth day the defection of one of its members. after the new moon). These men lis

tened attentively, without speaking a Moung Net's journal.

single word. Some said after we had 15. Last week two of the assistants done preaching, “If this law is true, took a tour of four days into the villa- we have trusted in vain to Gaudama, ges south of this, and as Moung Nets and idols, and offerings.' Rising early, journal of the tour may be interesting we proceeded, atier prayer, homeward, at home, I have translated it.

preaching to those we met by the way.” Monday. At Thalı Young village, Yesterday fifteen or twenty mnen found ten or more men and women came to the house from Konding, and who listened attentively to the truth. manifested some interest in an explaGoing from there, a short time before nation of the way of salvation by Christ. we arrived at the head an Thah Pyu's This morning, I preached

a small village, we found about thirty men and congregation, but little

thun women eating their rice in a cleared twenty, from the words, “ Believe on spot in the for: 'st. While we preach- the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shait ed they listenerl, and made no objection be saved.” to what they heard. We prayed be- Communion and day of fastingArrival fore them, at which they were astoniished. After preaching more than an

of missionaries-More hearers. hour, we proceeded to Thah Pyn's Jan. 12, 1810. Last Sunday was our village, and after having distributed communion season, and we found it



interesting. Monday was observed by J and much of the time during the day the church as a day of fasting and it is up to 95° and 97°, in the coolest prayer. This morning, I preached to part of the house. My two native asfifty or more, from the words “ One sistants are every thing I can wish. thing is needful.” Toward evening a They labor hard, and really try to win man from a village two or three miles souls to Christ. distant, called and said he heard me preach in the morning, and wished me

InquirersHindrances to the progress of to give him the book I preached, that

the Gospel-Native church. he might take it home and read it.

We have three hopeful inquirers. Feb. 25. Removed from br. Stilson's One is Moung Loon, a man about 45 to the house I have had built at the years old. He came in from the counopposite end of the town. We have try after medical aid, and the first time recently been inade to rejoice by the he heard the gospel, it made a deep arrival of brethren Kincaid and Ab- impression on his mind. Every day bott with their families.* May the he comes and listens, and appears to Lord bless their coming to the salva- have correct views of God and the tion of many souls.

way of life through Christ. I have no March 9. We had been in our new evidence, however, that he has yet felt house but three or four days before the the renovating power of the Holy people began to come in great numbers, Spirit, but his mind is rapidly passing and listen to the truth, and take tracts. from the delusions of heathenism to For the last ten days I should think the clear light of the gospel. Another the number of visiters at the house inquirer, is Moung Yau That, a young daily, bas averaged at least 100. Most man 17 or 18 years old-liis father and of them are from villages in the inte mother were baptized more than 20 rior, and many are attracted to the years ago near Chittagong, and are the house by seeing natives sitting on the only consistent Christians in this litverandah. Several of our visiters bave tle church. He appears to be truly come frequently, and a few listen well. awakened to a sense of his lost condiOn the two last Sabbaths, br. Kincaid tion as a sinner. Ma Pong, a young has preached to congregations of more

woman 19 years old, is the wife of than a hundred, and in the town bas Moung Na Gau,—she listens with eahad from sixty to one hundred hearers gerness to the gospel, and gives us enat evening preaching. The assistants couragement to hope that she is not who accompany br. K. say they never

far from the kingdom of Heaven. found a more interesting and encour- There are three or four other peraging place. There is some prospect sons who manifest more than usual that one, and perhaps more, will soon

interest in listening to the instructions apply for baptism.

of the word of God, but as yet they appear stupidly indifferent about the

state of their own souls. LETTER OF MR. KINCAID, DATED

Between my own labors and those YAB, MAY 4, 1840.

of the two assistants, from one to two I wrote you in the early part of last hundred persons hear the gospel daily. month, which was but a few days after Many dispute with an ingenuity and our arrival in this place. Since that earnestness which might well put to time I have been blessed with a tolera- shame idle and ease-loving ministers ble degree of health, and have pur- of Christ. It is often truly affecting to sued a regular course of missionary see the deep workings of the spirit, work; preaching three times on the and the anxiety, in mustering arguSabbath in my own house, and four ments to sustain that religion which times during the week in three dif- they and their fathers have revered, ferent places in the town. My assem- and around which have centered ali blies vary from 22 or 23 to more than their fondest recollections and their 100 hearers. Few come to the house, most cherished hopes. All false relithough every day from five or six to gions will walk together in fellow20. To these I give religious instruc- ship, but the uncompromising claims tion. The heat is very great; the of the gospel, when they do not comthermometer rarely falling below 900, pel respect and attention, awaken the

most bitter opposition. The heathen * For an account of this visit, see Mr. K.'s because, like civil institutions, they re

are accustomed to respect all religions, letter in our last number.

See Mr. K.'s letter, p. 32, last number. guard them as adapted to the various


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