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ing in the county of Caroline, which was escheated and joct, for 3

mount of sold as the property of the said Richard Goodall.

sales of a IV. And whereas a tract of land lying in the said tract of land county of Caroline, containing by estimation two hun- in Caroline. dred acres belonging to the said Richard Goodall, is liable to escheat, and it is more just that the same should be vested in the said Parke Goodall than converted to the use of the commonwealth;

V. Be it therefore enacted, That the said tract of Lands in Caland lying in the said county of Caroline, containing roline, liable

to escheat two hundred acres, be the same more or less, belong

as the proing to the said Richard Goodall, shall be, and the same perty of is hereby vested in the said Parke Goodall, his heirs Richard

Goodall, and assigns for ever. Saving to all persons other than

vested in those claiming under the said Samuel Gist and Rich- Parke Good. ard Goodall, all just right, title, and interest which they all. could or might claim to the said estates or any part thereof, had this act never been made.



in originali An act to revest certain lands in

Charles Carter and his heirs.

1. WHEREAS it is represented to this present ge- Charles Car. neral assembly, that in virtue of an act passed in the terrerested year one thousand seven hundred and sixty-six, inti- entailed tuled, “ An act to empower trustees to sell and con- lands, re. vey certain lands, whereof Charles Carter the elder is maining ym. seized as tenant in fee tail, and for other purposes," a former lawa the trustees named in the said act have fulfilled the purposes thereof without selling all the lands they were empowered to do: It is therefore just and proper that the lands so remaining unsold should be revested in the said Charles Carter;

II. Be it therefore enacted, That the said lands so remaining unsold by the trustees in the said recited act mentioned, shall be, and the same are hereby revested in the said Charles Carter, his heirs and assigns from ever.

the arrears


CHAP. XXIX. in original.

An act to enable the court of Bote

tourt to levy certain arrears due the

incumbent of the parish. Court of Bo

1. WHEREAS it is represented to this general astetourt coun- sembly, that the parish of Botetourt is considerably in ty authoris

arrear to the reverend Adam Smyth, incumbent thereed to levy a of: And whereas the commissioners of the tax for Bosum to pay tetourt county (there being no vestry in the parish)

were by an act of the assembly of the state authorized due the rev. Adam Smyth to liquidate, levy and pay all claims against the


rish, but the said commissioners, though they liquidaof Botetourt ted the claim of the incumbent, failed to make proviparish.

sion for paying the same:

II. Be it therefore enacted, That the four first acting magistrates for the county of Botetourt, or any three of thern, shall, on any day at their discretion, within twelve months after the passing of this act, assess on the tithable persons of the said parish, a sum sufficient to pay off all arrears that appear due to the said incumbent by the liquidation of the commissioners aforesaid, with lawful interest on the same till paid, as also six per centum to the sheriff of the county for collecting, who is hereby authorized and required to collect and pay the same to the said Smyth, his heirs or assigns, in six months after the receipt of the assessment, or on failure be liable to judgment on motion in the court of the said county, or the general court, having ten days previous notice of such motion.


[Ch. LXX

in original.] An act to appoint trustees for the towns

of Woodstock, Cobhani, Manchesler, and Blandford.

1. WHEREAS the trustees of the town of Wood- Trustees ap. stock, in the county of Shanandoah, (formerly Freder- pointed for ick) either by death or removal are become extinct; Woodstock, and the rustees' of the town of Cobham, in the county Cobham, of Surry, are so reduced in number as to be incapaci- Manchester, Ytated to act as the law directs; and some of the trustees

& Blandford of the towns of Manchester, and of Blandford in the county of Prince George, being dead, some resigned, and others at a great distance from the said towns; And whereas those in the town and its vicinity are not sufficient to transact the business of their appointments for want of a sufficient number to proceed to business, by which the improvements and regulations of the said towns are inuch obstructed: For remedy whereof,

II. Be it enacted, That Abraham Bird, Jacob Holdman, Abraham Kellar, John Tipton, Philip Hoffman, Jacob Rinkar, George Kellar, Thomas Allen, Henry Fravell, Alexander Hite, John Snapp, and Benjamin Strickler, grotlenien, be, and are hereby appointed trustees to the town of Woodstock aforesaid; and William Brown, Nicholas Faulcon, junior, Jacob Faulcou, William Edwards, John Hartwell Cocke, William Brown, junior, John Watkins, Arthur Sinclair, Richard Cocke, James Kee, and John Hutchings, gentlemen, are hereby in like manner appointed trustees for the said town of Cobham; and Francis Goode, Jacob Rubsamon, Bernard Markham, and John Murchie, gentlemen, be, and are hereby appointed trustees for the said town of Manchester; and that Nathaniel Harrison, Peter Poythress, Robert Gilliam, Thomas Gordon, William Murray, Isaac Hall, John Baird, and Edmund Ruffin, gentlemen, are hereby in like manner appointed trustees for the said town of Blandford: Which said trustees for the said towns respectively to which they are so appointed shall have all the powers and be invested with the same authority, and also in



all things they shall be amenable as the original trustees were, or as if the abovesaid trustees had been originally nominated and appointed in the respective laws for establishing the said towns.

p. 162.)

Ch. XXI.

CHAP. XXXI. in original] (Chan. Rev. An act to amend the act for erecting

a Light House on Cape Henry. New direct

I. WHEREAS an act of assembly passed in the ors, for light house, at

year one thousand seven hundred and seventy-two, for Cape Henry erecting a light-house on cape Henry and appointing appointed. directors for building and finishing the said light-house

as soon as the assembly of Maryland should pass an act for the same purposes: And whereas several of the said directors are since dead, and the surviving ones cannot conveniently meet to make a settlement of the

accounts and adjust the balances due to the several creFormer du• ditors; Be it therefore enacted, That John Hutchings, ties appro. Paul Loyall, Thomas Newton, junior, George Kelly,

William White, and Lemuel Corneck, gentlemen, or any three of them, be, and they are hereby appointed directors, and empowered to adjust the several claims and ascertain the balances, which tney shall certify to his excellency the governor, and upon a warrant thereupon obtained from the auditors, the treasurer is hereby authorized to pay the said sum or sums out of the money which shall arise from duties and tonnage on

shipping imposed by the above recited act. Directors to II. Be it further enacted, That the said directors be, be trustees and they are hereby appointed trustees for the land of the com

heretofore and now deemed and held as common.


Slaves per

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[Ch. Lxxi

in original.) An act concerning Slaves. (Chan. Rev.

p. 162.) 1. WHEREAS great inconveniencies hath arisen Preamble. from persons permitting their slaves to go at large and hire themselves out, under a promise of paying their masters or owners a certain sum of money in lieu of their services: For remedy whereof, Be it enacted, That if any person shall, after the tenth day of August mitted to go next, permit or suffer his or her slave to go at large at large and and hire him or herself out, it shall be lawful for any

hire themperson to apprehend and carry every such slave before selves out,

may be sold a justice of the peace in the county where apprehend- by order of ed, and if it shall appear to the justice that such slave court. comes within the purview of this act, he shall order him or her to the gaol of the county, there to be safely kept until the next court, when, if it shall be made appear to the court that the slave so ordered to gaol hath been permitted or suffered to hire him or herself out, contrary to the meaning of this act, it shall be lawful for the court, and they are hereby required to order the sheriff of the county to sell and dispose of every such slave for ready money, at the next court held for the said county, notice being given by the sheriff at the court-house door at least twenty days before the said sale.

II. And be it further enacted, That twenty five per Allowance centum

upon the amount of the sale of every slave made to county & under this act, shall be applied by the court ordering

such sale, towards lessening the county levy, and the
residue shall be paid by the sheriff, after deducting five
per centum for his trouble and the gaoler's fees, to the
owner of such slave.

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