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On motion oi Senator Holdoegel House File No. 1, a bill for an act to repeal section fifty-five (55), chapter two hundred thirty-seven (237), acts of the Thirty-eighth General Assembly (C. C. 2962), relating to township road levy, and to repeal subsection five (5), section thirteen hundred three (1303), supplemental supplement to the code, 1915, as amended by chapter six (6), acts of the Thirty-seventh General Assembly, and as amended by section fifty-four (54), chapter two hundred thirtyseven (237), acts of the Thirty-eighth General Assembly (C. C. 2870), relating to county road building levy, and to amend section fifteen hundred seventy-b two (1570-b2), supplement to ihe code, 1913, as amended by chapter two hundred forty-two (242), acts of the Thirty-eighth General Assembly (C. C. 2982), relating to the road dragging levy, was taken up and considered.

The bill was read for information.

Senator Holdoegel moved that the reading just had be considered the third reading, which motion prevailed.

Senator Holdoegel invoked rule 8.

On the question "Shall the bill pass?" the vote was:

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The bill having received a constitutional majority was declared to have passed the Senate and the title was agreed to.

Senator Holdoegel moved that the vote by which the bill passed the Senate be reconsidered and that the motion to reconsider be laid on the table, which motion prevailed.


Senator Goodwin called up for consideration the following resolution and moved that the Senate concur:

Be It Resolved by the House, the Senate concurring, That the president and secretary of the Senate and speaker and chief clerk of the House are hereby authorized and directed to certify to the auditor of state the names of such officers and employees as have been retained temporarily for the performance of their duties on the first day of the special session, together with the compensation of each at the same rate as provided for the regular session of the Fortieth General Assembly, and the auditor is hereby authorized to draw warrants in favor of such officers and employees in the amounts so certified.

On the question "Shall the Senate concur?” the vote was:

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Senator Gilchrist, from the joint committee on enrolled bills, submitted the following report, and moved its adoption :

MR. PRESIDENT: Your joint committee on enrolled bills respectfully reports that it has examined and finds correctly enrolled: House File No. 1.

F. C. GILCHRIST, Chairman Senate Committee.
C. F. LETTS, Chairman House Committee.

Report adopted


The President of the Senate announced that, as President of the Senate, he had signed in the preserce of the Senate, House File No. 1.

Senator Dutcher moved that no bills be introduced on December 4th except by one of the regular standing committees of the Senate and by a majority vote thereof, which motion prevailed.

Senator Bowman moved that the Senate adjourn, which motion was lost.

Senator Price moved that the officers of the Senate selected at this day's session be temporary only and that temporary employees shall receive no compensation from the time of the recess of the present extra session of the Fortieth General Assembly until reconvening December 4th; that the Senate on its reconvening after the recess make such arrangements as necessary for the compensation of such officers; that the permanent officers of the Senate be nominated and elected at the time of reconvening of the extra session of the Fortieth General Assembly in the same manner as during the regular session of the Fortieth General Assembly.

By unanimous consent the words “and members of the Senate” were inserted after the word "employees” where it first appears in the motion.

Senator Shaff moved that the Senate adjourn.

Senator Price raised the point of order that a motion to adjourn had just been defeated and no business had been transacted since, so this motion was out of order.

The President held the point well taken.
The motion by Senator Price was lost.
On motion of Senator Bowman the Senate adjourned.



The Senate met in regular session pursuant to adjournment, President Hammill presiding.

Prayer was offered by Rev. Robt. W. Thompson, pastor of the First United Presbyterian church of Des Moines.

The roll call revealed the presence of the following senators:

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Leave of absence was granted as follows: Senator McIntosh for the morning, on request of Senator Price.

On motion of Senator Stoddard Rule 33 was suspended for the day.

On motion of Senator Reed the Senate proceeded to permanent organization.



Whereas, The House Concurrent Resolution adopted April 16, 1923, page 1575 of the Senate Journal, directed the committee on retrenchment and reform to provide for the services of the secretary of the Senate and the chief clerk of the House for such time preceding the special session as

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