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Sometimes it will be found necessary to use In cases of leucorrhea or vulvitis, occurring other tampons in place of those wet with alcoin youvg girls in which there is no true vagi

hol and carbolic acid, particularly if a detergent pitis or metritis, the local treatment and the influence is required, such as follows: inflammation about the vulva is to be combated.

R. Tannic acid....
Pure glycerin..

This treatment is both local and general. The
parts are to be washed carefully with astringent

It is worthy of notice that in vaginal injec

tiops in cases of leucorrhea it is necessary to extract . After this has been done, the washing employ large quantities of liquid.— Therap.

. may be carried out by weak solutions of bichloride of mercury and by baths and lotions.

Class-Room Notes. In other cases, carbolic acid, in the strength

From the College and Clinical Record. of 5 parts to 1,000 of water, may be employed ;

PROF. HARE gave the class the following forand, finally, in obstinate cases, a solution of

mula for A Good Liniment : nitrate of silver, in the strength of 3 grains to R. Tinc. aconiti..............

.f zij the ounce, may be resorted to. In the intervals

Tinct. opii...

.f 3j Lin. saponis..

.f 3vj between the bathings, the parts are to be sepa- M. rated by lint impregnated with a weak solution For a case of Subacute Bronchitis in a young of carbolic acid, or covered with red precipitate man 18 years of age, Prof. Wilson prescribed ointment. The internal medication consists in the following treatment: the use of cod-liver oil with quinine, or, in R. Ammonii chloridi.... scrofulous children, the use of arsenical prepara

Misturæ glycyrrhizæ comp.

.f 3j

M. Every three hours. And tions. In place of these lotions, leucorrhea may R. Strychninæ sulphat... be treated by powders, such as the following:

In pill three times a day.

Also at night give ipecac as an emetic to get R. Powdered starch...

.......... Jij Subnitrate of bismuth.

rid of the mucous expectoration and thus give Sig.---Mix very thoroughly, and dust the vagina with this him a good night's rest. powder. In cases where good results do not follow the

FOR Urticaria Prof. Henry W. Stelwagon use of starch, powdered acetate of lead or tannin

recommended as a local application the followmay be used, provided care is taken that they ing:

R. Acid, carbolic..

.3ij are pure. Frequently this treatment is useful after the injections above named have been em


Alcoholis. ployed. With this treatment the following pre


pint j scription is given internally:

The systemic treatment should be the reR. Powdered sulphate of iron........

Subcarbonate of iron....


moval of ihe cause. Any disturbance of Powdered red cinchona bark..

digestion must be corrected, if possible, and Pulverized cinnamon.... Ergotine....

the diet should be of a simple character. A small pinch of this powder may be given DR. ORVILLE HORWITZ (Demonstrator of with the principal meals, and is particularly Surgery) recommended the following local treatuseful at the approach of the menstrual epochs. ment for Spermatorrhea. On the first day Prolonged injections, morning and night, of give a deep urethral injection of per cent. of cold water, to which has been added a little carbolic acid; on the second day a per cent. vinegar, may also be advisable.

solution; on the third day a 1 per cent. solution In cases of gonorrheal vaginitis the discharge and on the fourth day a 1 per cent. solution of may be stopped by the following:

sulphate of zinc, and increase the strength of R. Tannic acid.

.....3 vij
the solution daily until it is a

per cent.

solution. Usually the treatment may then be M. Sig.-Make a solution, and by the aid of the speculum introduce two tampons saturated with this solution.

discontinued. If needed, a third tampon may be inserted. In the case of a young man aged 19 years, After twenty-four hours these tampons may who had been subject to attacks of Persisbe removed and cleansing injections used, tent Hiccough for the past three years (the after which other tampons may be employed. attacks lasting two or three weeks) and who Rest in bed is to be strenuously advised. had been treated by the use of bromide of

In other cases a solution made up as follows sodium and chloral, neither of the drugs havwill be equally advantageous :

ing any effect, Prof. Wilson prescribed the R. Carbolic acid...

-grains XV inhalation of nitrite of amyl two or three times Alcohol or cologne......... Water........


a day. Sig.-Mix, and by the aid of the speculum once or twice a day For a case of Hysterical Attacks of Pain in insert tampons, wet in this solution and practice astringent injeo tions,

the hypogastric region, in a young man aged

Acid boric..


...f się



Water ....


R. Zinci valerianat.

Extract belladonna... M.

gr. ij gr.1-16

gr. XX

Potassii chlorat...


29 years, Prof. Da Costa prescribes the follow- be used are arsenic, which is excellent; nitroing treatment:

glycerine (1.200, 1-100 gr. three times a day) and the nitrates; preparations of iodine (iodide

of sodium) in cases of lung complications. In pill three times a day. Also every night a Blisters are of no use. It is very important pill of aloin, grain 1-5, aromatic powder q.s.; that the patient's urinary secretions should be and if this is not sufficient to keep his bowels looked after. open daily, he should take one in the morning also. He must also moderate the use of

Prof. HARE said that sugar of milk is a detobacco.

cided diuretic; that in Dropsy (either renal or

cardiac) sugar of milk, ounces j in a pint of Prof. BRINTON said that in the treatment of water, taken during the day, will cause profuse Tetanus we should try to get rid of the exciting diuresis. cause by disinfecting the wound and by anti

Prof. Henry W. STELWAGON gave the folseptic dressings. Keep the patient out of drafts of air, as in his experience they will cause the lowing prescription for an ointment for a case

of Scabies : paroxysms. For the spasms, ether may be

R. Sulphur præcipitat

.gij given and ice may be applied to the spine, Beta naphthol but be careful on account of the depressing

Balsam Peruvian...

Adipis, ad.. effect of the cold. He relies more on chloral and bromide of potassium. Calabar bean has

FOR Acute Aginose Sure Throat Prof. Hare been recommended, but he has never seen any

recommended the use of a gargle, the formula

of which is as follows: good results from its administration. The

R. Extract rhus glabræ fluid..

13ss patient should be supported by vourishing food, Ixxx either by the mouth or by enemata, as the


.13iv longer the patient is kept alive the greater the chance there is of his recovery.

For a case of Hystero-epilepsy in a man aged

45 years, Prof. Wilson prescribed sulfonal, For a mild case of Erythematous Eczema, in five-grain doses, three times a day, and Prof. Henry W. Stelwagon prescribed a lotion directed that the patient's secretions be kept of carbolic acid, dramz ij, to water fluid-ounces j. active. He must not become constipated, and Prof. Hare said that grindelia robusta is one

should be as much as possible in the open air. of the best remedies for the treatment of the In order to prevent the unpleasant head Poison of Rhus Toxicodendron, or poison ivy. symptoms that usually follow the administraThe treatment of Asthma, Prof. Da Costa

tion of large doses of quinine and salicylic acid, divided into three heads. First, that for the

Prof. Hare said that large doses of the broparoxysm: Give a plentiful supply of fresh,

mides may be given at the same time and usupure air and some remedy to relieve the spasm ally will be effective. ---ether (internally, twenty drops) or chloro- For the treatment of Erythema Intertrigo, form or chloral, also, dry cupping the chest Prof. Henry W. Stelwagon recommended the and some slightly nauseating agent which will following lotion as a very good one: promote expectoration. Apomorphia is very R. Pulv. calaminæ..

Pulv, zinci oxid.

đi Bị useful; so are the salts of ammonium. Other

Glycerine... remedies that may be used for the spasm are to

.f3ij Aquæ....

.f3 vilj burn paper that has been saturated with nitrate of potassium (nitre paper), inhalation of steam,

If the case is an obstinate one, attention and strong, hot coffee.

should be paid to the general health. Secondly, remedies to prevent the paroxysm : Smoke etramoniumn. This is undoubteilly ef- Prof. HARE said that pilocarpine is of most fective, and may be smoked in an ordinary good in renal dropsy and is of the least good in pipe or thrown on a hot coal and inhaled. cardiac dropsy. For Acute Suppression of Belladonna is useful; as is also the combina- Urine he recommended the administration of tion of belladonna, camphor and stramonium minute doses of pilocarpine (1.30 to 1.60 of a in the form of cigarettes. Nitrite of amyl may grain'. prevent it, but cannot be depended on.

PROF. HARE said that chlorate of potassium, Thirdly, the treatment to get rid of the disease :

used as a mouth-wash, is the very best remely Change of air; each case is a law to itself.

that can be used for Sto:natitis, and recomColorado and New Mexico are the best climates.

mended the following preparation : The food should be plain and no heavy suppers. R. Potassii chlorat....... The bowels should be kept open and the patient

Tincture myrrhæ......................................m xi should be dressed warmly. Remedies that may

Elixir calisayæ, q. S...............

...f3iij M. Use as a mouth-wash.




.gr. iij 1-6 gr. 1-60 1-6

Tincture nucis vomica..
Tincture belladonnæ......

...m XXV

For a case of Migraine in a woman about part or whole of the glans clitoris cause pro

rty years of age (the attacks having recurred found disturbance, and are among the most once a month at the close of the menstrual flow pronounced of peripheral irritators. They cause ever since her early girlhood and for some time desire for masturbation, which leads to neuraspast, the attacks having also occurred between thenia, and they are responsible for grave reflex the menstrual periods) Prof. Wilson prescribed the following:

9. Preputial adhesions probably form the R. Ergotina... Extract cannabis indicæ.....................

most common single factor of invalidism in Strychinæ sulphat.....

women. The clitoris is an electric button M. In pill, three times a day.

which pressed by adhesion rings up the whole She was also given the following laxative

nervous system. mixture: R. Aloin....

10. The physician who neglects to examine

the female child for preputial adhesion neglects Tincture physostigmatis..

the most important single duty of his pro

....... da m viij Extract cascara sagrada fluid.

fessional life. M. Three times a day. The patient stated that she had been treated

A WILD CHILD.—There is now exhibited in by inhalations of nitrite of amy! and also by Ceylon a specimen of a Jungle-man, imported hypodermic injections of morphia, with very

from China. It stands about two feet in height, little permanent effect.

has a head and face like a monkey, and a body Is Evolution Trying to do away with the

which, except for its diminutive size, appears to Clitoris ?

be similar to that of a human being. Its hands

and feet are perfect. This missing link is reDR. ROBERT T. MORRIS, of New York, read ported to be about three years old. Indian before the American Association of Obstetrics

Medical Record. and Gynecology, a paper upon the above subject and presented photomicrographs and sections of anatomical specimens in support of his proposi

Items of Interest. tion. The summary of his paper was as fol- BELLADONNA will quickly overcome tinnitus lows:

aurium of quinine. 1. The prepuce and the glans clitoris are Cimicifuga is specific to muscular aching, bound together by adhesion, partly or com- muscular soreness or pain from whatever cause. pletely, in about eighty per cent. of all white If fever is present its effects are greatly intenAmerican women.

sified by combining it with aconite. 2. Such preputial adhesions are rare among Capsicum in hot infusion is specific to many negresses, and apparently occur only in a few cases of hiccough. individuals possessing a large admixture of Hyoscyamus is valuable in the delirium of white blood.

fevers, accompanied with wild dreams or hal3. Highly developed domesticated animals lucinations. do not present examples of this degeneration, From five to ten grains of resorcin, well judging from a fair collection of data bearing diluted, will quickly relieve the nausea and upon the subject.

depression of debauch. 4. When preputial adhesions are extensive In spasmodic stricture of the urethra gelthe glans clitoris and the imprisoned mucous semium alone, or combined with hydrangea, if glands remain undeveloped, but they may de- the sharp pain is present, is almost a specific. velop later when the physician has separated Fifteen grains of salycilate of sodium is adhesion.

specific for supraorbital pain, also for acute 5. The failure of the embryonic genital emi- coryza, with distressing head symptoms. nence to properly develop the prepuce and In

any condition of acute blood stasis of a glans clitoris for perfect cleavage probably local character, belladonna acts specifically, means that nature is trying to abolish the clito quickly equalizing the circulation. ris as civilization advances.

Fluid extract of hydrangea, one drop fre6. The degenerative process represented by quently repeated, is specific to sharp cutting preputial adhesions is characteristic of the civi- pains in the urethra in the passage of water. lized type of homo sapiens in which we find Thirty drops of the fluid extract of poligodecaying teeth, early fasling hair and imperfect num punctanum, in hot water four times a day, corneas and eye muscles.

is a specific for amenorrhea from cold. 7. Preputial adhesions which involve small Phytolacca, five drops every two hours, portions of the glans clitoris are of interest sim- works directly in all cases of glandular inflamply as anatomical curiosities.

mation, especially mastitis and orchitis. 8. Preputial adhesions involving a large Helonia dioica, in five-drop doses, is specific to the dragging and bearing-down sensation coating of paraffin is at once dissolved and, as common in many cases of pelvic disorder. it floats upon the water, it can be gathered and

Phosphorus is indicated in hyperemia of the used again.--Condensed Extracts. lungs with dyspnea, especially when there are stitches in the chest, acute, quick pain.

The books of our subscription department are so arNux vomica in minute doses is specific to that ranged that names cannot be entered until subscription condition in which there is circumscribed sore

price is received. This arrangement is not in reference spots in the muscular tissue throughout the

to a question of credit, but as to expediency in every

way; it also avoids the delay, extra time, trouble, exbody.

pense and inconvenience which are sure to accompany For a dull, hard, steady pain across the ab- a general credit system in a business having dealings domen, with or without diarrhea, give from five with as many thousands of persons as we do, and exto eight drops of spirits of turpentine every

tending to every part of this great country, and to :

number of other countries. So kindly do not write on a two hours.

postal card, “Please continue my subscription." It Phosphorus in small doses is indicated in the only adds to our work, for we must give you a courteous depression following prostrating fevers, where reply, and the flood of renewals each December keeps there has been involvement of the nervous our office force very busy, and there is no time for this system.

extra work. To make your part easy, you will find Give small doses of the tincture of sticta

our Order Blank, on another page, a great convenience;

also, enclosed combination Order Blank and return enpulmonaria where there is sharp pain in the velope. You can use either or both. Now, as to the shoulder or back of the neck extending upward dollar; your dollar is not much; but it is the many into the head.

thousands of dollars (and yours is one) that enable us to A solution of two (drams of muriate of give you THE WORLD at so insignificant a price. And

as to credit for the dollar, please don't ask it. When ammonia in four ounces of water, applied to the

you do so we must give you a courteous answer, and it parts three or four times a day, will be found only adds to our work when we are already rery busy. an absolute specific for rhus poisoning.

We find that about one in a hundred sends his order Cactus grandiflora will regulate the action of without funds. Please don't let us have any this year

. . heart where irregularity is due to feebleness of

We wish we could publish THE WORLD without money

and without price; we would cheerfully do it, for it is a that organ. It is also specific to palpitation

great pleasure for us to furnish the means of exchange caused by disorders of the stomach.

of thought among the physicians of every part of this Give rhus tox. in small doses where there is great country, and of presenting, in a plain, practical local inflammation of the skin, burning, bright way, the best and newest means of curing disease. This red and tense. Also where there is a small

mutual helping society brings the brotherhood closer

together, and gives to each the help of all. It is to us sharp pulse with sharp pain in the forehead.

a most interesting and useful task; but we cannot do it Chicago Medical Times.]

all ourselves. Only the co-operation of many makes

such a great achievement possible WIThin the present year, the wife of a prominent city official, who gets ten thousand dollars

Delicate Test for Albumen. a year salary, appeared at one of our public in- SPIEGLER suggests the following formula for stitutions, where the poor only are given med- the discovery of albumen in the urine as being ical care, with her child, for whom she sought the most delicate test we possess : gratuitous advice. The applicant answered the

R. Hydrarg. chlor. corrosive......

.8 parts usual questions, which are carefully asked, as

Aq. dest. to her husband's income and occupation, before she obtained a ticket. Of course the questions

The test tube is filled one-third with the were not honestly answered. It was only be

reagent. The urine is filtered and made cause the attending surgeon of the outdoor

strongly acid with acetic acid. It is then department found the case a serious one, re

allowed to flow down the side of the tube, drop quiring hospital care, that the mother, being by drop, until it lies in a layer over the reagent. frightened, confessed that she was able to pay

If albumen is present, a sharp, white ring is if attention could be given at her home.— The Post-Graduate.

seen lying between the two layers of fluid. If it is necessary to test heavy diabetic urine, more

sugar may be added to the reagent, in order to Meat Preservation.

raise its specific gravity. It is necessary to de Das Rothe Kreuz, August, 1892, publishes compose any carbonate that may be present, the following method of preserving meat: in order that it may not form a precipitate with Raw, fresh meat is dipped into melted, inodor- the sublimate. But the precipitate may be recous and tasteless paraffin. The coating it thus ognized by the fact that when shaking the liquid receives hardens at once and can be reinforced the apparently caseous precipitate will disapby repeated dippings. When the meat is de- pear and the fluid become clear.—Coll. & Clin. sired for food, it is placed into hot water. The Record.

Acid tartar..


Sacch. alb...



It is said that public speakers and singers Our Varicocha first his coca sent

have found themselves in better voice after using Endow'd with leaves of wondrous nourishment, Whose juice suck'd in and to the stomach ta'en,

Long hunger and long labor con sustain;

As a remedy for nausea and vomiting from
From which our faint and weary bodies find
More succor, more they cheer the drooping mind, reflex causes, particularly the vomiting of preg-
Than can your Bacchus and your Ceres join'd.
Three leaves supply for six days' march afford;

nancy, the cordial proves extremely efficacious. The quitoita with this provision stor'd

For this purpose it should be taken a few minCan pass the vast and cloudy Andes o'er."


utes before eating, and the dose repeated in an

hour or two afterwards. Gastralgia is frequently Few drugs have as interesting and remark

relieved by this remedy, and nervous headaches able a history as coca erythroxylon. As a source

often disappear under its use. of cocaine alone it deserves a conspicuous niche in the herbarium temple of fame.

It is of service also in cases of asthma, as an

aphrodisiac emmenagogue, antiperiodic, in overThe coca leaf is the great source of comfort and enjoyment to the Peruvian Indian; it is to internally and locally for hemorrhoids. As a

coming drunkenness, in nervous exhaustion, and him what betel is to the Hindu, kava to the

restorative of the circulation in cases of enfeeSouth Sea Islander, and tobacco to the rest of

bled heart it is invaluable. mankind; but its use produces invigorating effects which are not possessed by the other

The experience of physicians has shown that

the cordial may be given in doses of a dessert. Peruvians have used this beloved leaf, and they spoonful to a tablespoonful, repeated as required.

We believe Messrs. Parke, Davis & Co. were still look upon it with a feeling of superstitious

the first to introduce to physicians of this counveneration. In the time of the Incas it was sacrificed to the sun, the Huillac Umu or high- ough study of its eligible and therapeutically

try this interesting drug, and have made a thorpriest chewing the leaf during the ceremony; and before the arrival of the Spaniards it was

efficient administration. used in Mexico instead of money. Coca leaves have secured the general recogni

Malthusianism, or Tired Ovaries. tion in therapeutics which those familiar with their properties have always indicated. Phy- BY J. M. RICHMOND, A.M., M.D., ST. JOSEPH, Mo. sicians have become convinced by personal ob- [Professor of Obstetrics and Genito-Urinary Diseases, Ensworth servation that the marvelous effects attributed

Medical College.] to the drug are only what might naturally be THOMAS R. MALThus, a scientific man of the expected from the action of so powerful an alka- early part of this century, wrote a treatise on loid as that contained in the coca leaves. the limitation of population, which caused a

The cordial of coca presents the drug in a profound impression, not only upon deep thinkpalatable form, commending it especially

to the ers, but upon the common people. The object large class of patients of delicate nervous organ- of his essay was the improvement of society ization. In its preparation the astringent and and increasing the happiness of mankind by bitter constituents of the drug, which would exert restricting births in certain classes, and limitonly a disturbing influence, are rejected, while ing the number of children to the capacity to care is taken to retain unchanged the true active support them, a realization of a happy society principle.

being hindered by the miseries consequent upon The specific uses of such a preparation will the tendency of population to increase faster suggest themselves at once to the physician. than the means of subsistence. Leaving out of There are few cases of neurasthenia in which the question the moral and social evils resulting it will not be found useful. Taken after dinner, from Malthusian practices, the various checks it serves often to facilitate digestion, and even and means of restricting population are fit subconfirmed dyspeptics find their distressing symp- jects for our discussion, inasmuch as many of toms relieved by it. It is of especial value in the measures adopted lead to distinct disease. those case where exhausting mental labor has Malthus himself undoubtedly had pure motives led to morbid depression of spirits. There is no in writing, but the agitation of the subject remedy like it for a fit of the “blues.” It re- created such an impression upon the popular lieves the nervous irritability that follows indul- mind that to-day abortions and measures to gence in excesses of any kind, restoring the prevent conception come within the daily obsercapacity for work and giving renewed energy. vation of the physician, and the gynecologists It thus acts as a sort of antidote to the effect of find many of their worst cases coming from opium, alcohol, tobacco, or coffee, and judicious- attempts to prevent child-bearing. In fact, it lý used may even enable one to overcome the has become so that the most notable of the crymorbid craving for any of these stimulants when ing evils of the day is the effort at restricting they have been used to excess.

population—in which one or both parents pay

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