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The FOR M of the Passport which shall be givento Ships and Vessels, in consequence of the twentyfifth Article cs this Treaty.

To all who shall see these presents, Greeting:

BE it known, that leave and permission arc hereby given to

master or commander of the fliip or vessel called of the

burthen of tons, or thereabouts, lying

at present in the port or haven of
bound for and laden with

to depart and proceed with his said ship or vessel on his said voyage, such ship or vessel having been visited, and the said master and commander having made oath before the proper officer, that the said ship or vessel belongs to one or more of the subjects, people, or inhabitants of

and to him or

them only. In witness whereof, we have subscribed

our names to these presents, and affixed the seal

of our arms thereto, and caused the same to be

countersigned by

at this

day of in the year of our Lord


FORM of the Certificate which shall be given Ships or Vessels, in consequence of the twenly-sistb Article of this Treaty.



or officers of the customs of the city or port of

do certify and attest, that on the day of

ia in the year of our Lord

C. D. of personally appeared before us, and declared by solemn oath, that the ship or vessel called of tons or thereabouts, whereof

of is at

present master or commander, does rightfully and properly belong to him or them only: that Ihe is now bound from the city or port of to the port of laden with goods and

merchandizes hereunder particularly described and enumerated, as follows:

In witness whereof we have signed this certificate, and sealed it with the seal ot our office, this day of ia the year of our Lord Christ

FORM of the Sea-Let ter.

MOST Serene, Serene, Most Puissant, Puissant, High, Illustrious, Noble, Honourable, Venerable, Wife and Prudent, Lords, Emperors, Kings, Republics, Princes, Dukes, Earls, Barons, Lords, Burgo-masters, Schepens, Counsellors, as also Judges, Officers, Justiciaries and Regents of all the good cities and places, whether ecclesiastical or secular, who shall see these presents, or hear them read.

WE, Burgo-masters and Regents of the city of make known, that the mas

ter of appearing before us,

has declared upon oath, that the vessel called

of the burthen of about lasts, which he at present navigates, i« of the United Provinces, and that no subjects of

the the enemy have any part or portion therein, directly nor indirectly, so may God Almighty help him. And as we wish to see the said master prosper in his lawful affairs, our prayer is to all the beforementioned, and to each of them separately, where the said master shall arrive with his vessel and cargo, that they may please to receive the said master with goodness, and to treat him in a becoming manner, permitting him, upon the usual toll and expences in passing and repassing, to pass, navigate, and frequent the ports, passes, and territories, to the end to transact his business where and in what manner he shall judge proper: whereof we shall be willingly indebted.

In witness and for cause whereof, we affix hereto the seal of this city.

fln the margin.)

By ordinance of the High and Mighty Lords the States General of the United Netherlands.










The Lords the States General of the United Netherlands and the United States of America, being inclined to establish some uniform principles with relation to prizes made by vessels of war, and commissioned by the two contracting powers, upon their common enemies, and to vessels of the subjects of either party captured by the enemy, and recaptured by vessels of war commissioned by either party, have agreed upon the following articles.


THE vessels of either of the two nations re-captured by the privateers of the other, shall be restored to the first proprietor, if such vessels have not been four-and-twenty hours in the power of the enemy; provided the owner of the vessel recaptured, pay therefor one-third of the value of the vessel, as also of that of the cargo, the cannons and apparel; which third shall be valued by agreement between the parties interested; or, if they cannot agree hcreon among themselves, they shall address

themselves themselves to the officers of the Admiralty of the place where the privateer who has retaken the vessel, mall have conducted her.

ARTICLE II. If the vessel re-captured has been more than twenty-four hours in the power of the enemy, she mail belong entirely to the privateer who has retaken her.


In case a vessel fliall have been re-captured by a vessel of war belonging to the States General of the United Netherlands, or to the United States of America, Ihe shall be restored to the first owner, he paying a thirtieth part of the value of the ship, her cargo; cannons and apparel, if she has been recaptured in the interval of twenty-four hours, and the tenth part if she has been re-captured after the twenty-four hours; which sums shall be distributed, in form of gratifications, to the crews of the vessels which shall have retaken her.

The valuation of the said thirtieth parts, and tenth parts, shall be regulated according to the tenor of the first article of the present Convention. ARTICLE IV.

The restitution of prizes, whether they may have been retaken by vessels of war or by privateers, in the mean time, and until requisite and sufficient proofs can be given of the property of vessels recaptured, shall be admitted in a reasonable time, Under sufficient sureties for the observation of the aforesaid articles.

ARTICLE V. The vessels of war and privateer9 of one and of the other of the two nations shall be reciprocally, both in Europe and in the other parts of the world, admitted into the respective ports of each, with their prizes; which may be unloaded and fold, according to the formalities used in the State where


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