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Sig. Angelo Maio, Editor of these frag- Critic will inspect the volume, without ments, and discoverer of other literary making due allowances for the effects of a documents, also, and to whom perhaps, calamity so destructive and dreadful. the world may be indebted for discover A principal article, so far as we ies much more valuable, has accom- judge, is an Alphabetic Catalogue of tbe panied these publications with prefaces, plants, and other objects of Natural His. has also translated the Greek discourses tory in use in China, so far as observed into Latin, and has added notes historical by Father Incarville, The notices of these and critical, full of various learning-es articles are short; but the scientific names, pecially to the text of Themistius.



and the Chinese appellations, are given in Dr. Fanzago, at Padua, published some the notes. This article is a continuation time ago, a Dissertation on the Virtues of of what has been begun in prior volumes, the purple Digitalis in cases of mental and will be resumed, in following voalienation. His general conclusions we

lumes until complete. shall state for information of the faculty. He thinks this substance particularly useful in cases of mania produced by a Schenic structed of wood, and so light as to be

A cheap steam engine, wholly conBut, in those which are accompanied by a Diathesis Asthenic, or such portable

, has lately been used in some

places mu the neighbourhood of Leipsie, to as are without Diathesis, it is useless, if not draw off the water from peat-mosses and hurtful. As to the mode of its action, the turf beds, and other pits where the water Dr. professes his entire ignorance. is not overwhelming by its abundance, or Antiquities : Roman Measures.

deep beyond reasonable expectation. The There has lately been found, in a newly instrument is of moderate expense; and by discovered temple at Pompeja, a stone, op its size is applicable where larger instruwbich are engraved the linear measures ments cannot be used. It is the invention which the Romans made use of.

of Count Bouquoy, who has published an PRUSSIA.

ample description of it. Some of the same Der Schlussel zur Edda, &c. The Key to construction bave given satisfaction, when the Edda, by E. C. Trautvetter, 8vo. pp used in coal-wines. 163. Berlin. 1815. We have repeatedly noticed the Disposition for tracing North

Antiquiti:s sought for. ern learning through all its turninys and

We learn by reports from Sicily that the windings, that at present animates the learned of the North': this writer has favor- people in some places, especially ai Gir. ed us with au explication of the Edda, genti, the ancient Agrigentum, continue

their excavations and searches after antient According to the principles of Philosophical Chemistry!!

vases; the most beautiful of which, deVon dem Verhaeltniss, &c. Discourse on

corated with paintings, mythological and the connection between the ancient Ger- the major part of them are sold to English

historical, fetch a very great price. In fact, man fictions, and public education, by Ch. travellers, they having the more ready Besselt, Koningsburgh, 1816. We should thiok this gentleman, if he does not extend also learn that the temple of Diana and

command of cash for the purpose. We bis Theory too far, as likely to touch on

that of Concord, have received certain recertain truths, as most who have lately started. It is certain, these fictions were

parations, to prolong their existence; not composed without design : and that under the direction of Sig. Prosti. design concerned the publicat large : possibly the youth of the State, espe Evangelists; old Latin Version. cially,

There has lately been published at BresRUSSIA.

lau an Account of a copy of the four Evan. That the Imperial Society of Naturalists gelists, in the old Latin Version, before of Moscow, should be able to publish the Jerom; with a Specimen of the text, fourth volume of their Memoirs, from the Whether it contains a correct and entire University Press, during the course of the copy we do not know; but, we believe, year 1913, is surely cheering on the behalf of that such a copy would be very acceptable Science, cousidering what that Capital had to Biblical Students. The title is, suffered from the French in the year 1812. Whether the contents of the volume are thecæ Rhedigerianæ, in quo vetus Latina,

De codice quatuor Erangeliorum Biblio. equal in importance to what they would 1 Ante-Hieronymiana versió continetur. Acce, have been, had no enemy ravaged the city, dunt Scripture Codicis specimina. may possibly be doubted; but no candid David Schulz. 2o. 1816.





CALCUTTA. INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE Errruct of a Letter from Cuwnpore, March


“ We breakfasted on Tuesday at the

Residency at Lucknow, where the Vizier ECCLFSJASTICAL Affairs.

came, which he does generally on this day, New Church at Trichinopoly.

once a week; the same elegance and abun. The Right Reverend the Bishop of Cal- dance of every thivg in season that could cutta, reached Trichinopoly on the 28111 be procured, was displayed here, as at the Feb. where he was received with all due Vizier's own palace. His Excellency was respect. During his stay at that station, received at the foot of the grand flight of His Lordship cousecrated the new church steps to the old mansion, by the Resident, of St. Mary's; and confirmed upwards of and next of rank, alithe European Gentleone hundred persons.

men attending: when retiring, bis Excel

lency was conducted with the same cereVarriages by Authority of the Church of mony and respect to his carriage, aud otto Scotland.

of roses presented to bis Excellency and The Ecclesiastical establishment of the family. The strictest etiquette being obChurch of England in Iudia, has given out served at the Court of Lucknow upon all that now the Bishop is arrived no marriage but as it ought to be, pleasingly dignified.

occasions, yet not disgustingly ostentatious, is good, that has not a licence from the Afterwards we went to the Dowlut Bishop or his Surrogate: the Scottish Khaunah, on the bank of and on the westEcclesiastical authorities deny the inference, ern side up the river Goomty, passing the

magnificent Emambarah and its nicsque as appears by the following article.

and courts, and then throngh the Roomee On Sunday the 24th March, the Rev. Purwagah. This building has already Dr. Bryce, read the following potice from been described, also its decorations during the Pulpit of St. Andrew's Church, Cal the mohorrum. The present Vizier cutta, aiter Divine Service.

has left the tiree grand silver Taz"The Kirk Session of St. Andrew's Church ziahs in the centre room: All the other debeing met and coustituted, Sederunt the corations are removed- the centre Tazziah Moderator and Elders, the Reverend the as before described, stands over where the Moderator informed the Sessiou that he bad princely Asoph ul Dowlah and his Begum now commenced, under the instructions lie interred, peace be to his generous soul! contained in the Charter of 1814, granted and it is very gratifying to observe this to him and the other Chaplains of the mark of respect to the memory of his ExChurch of Scotland in India, to discharge cellency's uncle, there never having before that part of his clerical functions, which been any oruaments left in the Emambaconsists in giving the sanction of Religion rah after the period of the ten days moto the Civil contract of Marriage accord borrum. ing to the Forms of our National Church. The Dowlut Khannah, originally built The Moderator also stated to the Session, by Asoph ul Dowlah, had great additions that he had dove himself the honour of in made to it, by the late Vizier-There is forming the constituted authorities, that he | an octagon tower with a large dome, called was in future to exercise this right, which | Suliman ka-bruj (soloman's tower) the the Law of the Land has vested in him ; dome and upper part covered with plates and which the obedience he owes to his of copper and gilt, has a rich and grand Ecclesiastical Superiors will not permit appearance. him to waive. The Session approve of the The house built by the late Vizier, is in Moderator's diligence hereavent, and di. | the English style, elegantly furnished after rect that an extract of this minute be read the same nation. Jū it is a fine picture from the Pulpit, on Sunday the 24th inst, by Kettle, of Sujah ul-Dowlah, and anofor the information of the Members of the ther by Zoffany (some say it is a copy) of Church of Scotlaud at this Presidency. celebrated Cock-pit, where Asoph ulThe Session also direct public notice to be Dowlab, Colonel Mordaunt, and all the given, that regular Records for the Regi. European Gentlemen at Lucknow at that stration of Marriages and Baptisms solem- period, are introduced engaged in seeing nized at St. Andrew's Church, are now à Cock-fight. In the upper rooms are sekept, under the Authority and Superinten- veral variegated marble tables, on which dence of the Kirk Session,

stand beautiful clocks, ornamented with (Sigued) JAMES BRYCE, Moderator." Howers, composed of diamonds, pearls and

precious stones. In the rear, is a large also given it a glass case, and made a stand building, called the Aynach-connah, erect- about four feet high, of twelve futed loed by Asuph ul-Dowlah, now turned into nic white piliars, within an architrave a store room. On one side is a packa tank and freize with Adams's Palmyrene ornaof water, to the south of which stands anments. Indostanee arcaded building í a barahduree) The Road to Cantonments is very bad, of white marble, the borders of the com- after yon pass the bridge over the Goomty, partments, and the angles of the arches, in. it is a deep, heavy sand. laid with red and yellow cornelians and We went one afternoon' through the black marble. Close to it, to the east, is a grand street of the old City, where there is small mosque with two minerets and pave a prodigious quantity of all kinds of merment, all of white marble; and at some chandise displayed for sale, but in general distance to the north, a house where the the streets are very narrow and very dirty. European Officer on duty over the trea It is the new City, that deserves to be sarv, resides; all these houses are nearly called Lucknow the Fair, which we left, surrounded with flower gardens, these well pleased, with the dignified politeness buildings were erected by Asoph-ul-Dow of the Vizier, and the hospitality, and unJah.

affected urbanity of mauuers at the ReFrom this we went to Barroon still high- sidency. er up the river, a palace built by Cojah

Ye courtesies of life all hail ; Meeir Ellmos, 10 please Asoph-ul-Dowlah.

You give to joy an added charm, Mr. Edmund Burke, it may be remembered,

And woe of half its pangs disarin, in a most eloquent speech of twelve hours, deplored the distress of Meer Cojah Ell

How much in every state he owes mos's wife and nineteen children. Bar

To what kind courtesy bestows, roon is three stories high, with an extensive

To that benign, engaging art, flower garden in the rear, walled on three

Which decorates the human heart, sides, the outside of which has an upper

To every act it gives a grace and lower colonade of doric pillars, which

It adds a smile to every face, accommodates the Vizier's domestics, when

And goodness' self, we hetter see, he visits the palace ; the principal room, in

When dressed by gentle courtesy. which is the largest of any at Lucknow ;

Syntar in search of the Picturesque. except the ludostanee Barah duree at Furreedbussh. The Palace and furniture are in

MADRAS. the English style and superb; there are KING OF KANDY. Madras Feb. 27. two beautiful Florentine mosaick marble and several other variegated marble tables, O'Brien, anchored in the Roads on Wed.

His Majesty's Ship Cornwallis, Captain ou which stand costly clocks, decorated the nesday evening last. On the following same as those at the Dowlut connah. It evening, the captive King of Kandy, with was observed to the Vizier, that if these bis Family, landed on the North Beach, tables and clocks were removed, and placed and early ou the subsequent day, the whole in any of the Rooms at Forreedbuxsh, they proceeded under an escort to Vellore. would have a grand effect, but his Excel. Jency does not choose to displace those or

Hail Storin : damage done. naments, which the late Vizier had been

Private letters from Hyderabad inform pleased to arrange in his various palaces. us of a violent Hail storm, accompanied by

Asoph ul Dowlab built a grand palace, wind, having been experienced in the early or Barah duree, of Chunar stone, a little part of this month at that city and the surway in the city, we saw it in 179, it has rounding Country. The Wail Stones which a beautiful warm bath, the floor mosaicks fell were generally it inches in circumferof coruelians and various other precious A considerable number of Sheep marbles, and agates. It is now repairing, were killed during the Storm. and not to be seen by strangers. We passed our last day with our old

BOMBAY. shipmate, and again saw his beautiful modei: since we first saw it at Barrackpore, ANTIQUITIES : SHEETS OF COPPER INSCRIBED. he has added the embankment of the river

Bombay, March 16. 1816. Jumaa, the length of the Tajh, the Cha Some months ago a curious relict of Au. Lantrah, and minoresis, the whole length tignity, was turned up from the ground by is 1000 feet, and forty feet high.) This a plonghman, in the Plantation at Bandoop embankment in the original is of red stone, on Saiseite-it.consists of three thick with basso relievos, of vases will flowers; sheets of Copper, yearly eight inches long, end inlaid with white marble. He has by four and a half inches broad: united by


a clumsy ring of the same metal: which The force under the command of Colonel has a raised figure of Paravatty on tlie East has proved equally successful in Oka. back of it. The point of the Plough fixed mundal, the fastnesses and forts of Dhinitself into the ring, and dragged it several geey, Dwarka and Bate having, after some feet before it was discovered. The sheets little demur, surrendered, and the whole of are covered with an impressiou of letters, that territory has been reduced to the subsaid to be pure Sanscrit

, with the Jaim jection of the Guycuwar Goverrment. character: and are thought to be 1170 We trust therefore that the Provinces of years old. When it was first discovered it Cutch, Wagur and Okamundal, which was carefully coucealed from the Proprie: have, for ages, subsisted chiefty by carry. tors of the estate; and the figures that ing on depredations by land and sea on were decyphered on it, were supposed by their peaceable and industrious neighbours, the credulous people into whose hauds it will in future respect the rights of civilized fell, to indicate the amount of a treasure, States, and themselves enjoy the Peace and of 18 lacks of Rupees, hidden under ground. happiness which flow from a well organizAu excavation was in consequence com ed and efficient Government. These bemenced, but after proceeding a few feet neficial views liowever will not be realized, those engaged in it, began to be sensible of and the spirit of depredation will relapse their folly, and desisted from further search into its former channel, and reproduce all It appears to be nothing more than a l'osle, the evils which have for so many years been or Grant of Land; many of wbicli, of a

experienced from its unrestrained indul. similar description have been discovered at

geuce, if the beneficent Power which has ditterent times on this side of ludia; some

produced so much good, be not actively have been sent here from Kaira, and others and vigilantly employed in compelling have been seen at Cochin. Wben the ver

those Petty States to adhere to the system digris which covered the sheets was wash which may be established for their future ed of' with a little tamarind juice, the chil controul-and that its influence will be racters were as distinct as if they had been

so directed, no doubt need be entertained. impressed only yesterday. This in a great measure arises from the manner, in which tion which was observed in the interview

The only ceremony of a novel descrip. they have been preserved from ihe air: which took place between the Rao of Cutch The centre sheet of Copper, is impressed and Colonel East, was a person preceding on both sides, but the exterior sheets, liave His Highne's mounted on Stilts of about letters, only on the interior surface. When

seven feet high. He moved without the the alterations were made on the Esplanade assistance of his hands, which were em at Tanna, on Salsette falling into our

ployed in brandishing a sword and shield, hands;

a stone box, containing several of but simply from the Stilts being fastened these Grants was discovered : One was

to his leys, and displayed in his progress as sent to Calcutta, and a translation of its much dexterity and agility as if he had been contents has been published in the Asiati: marching on his natural stumps. Researches. A Gentlenian familiar with geology, remarked that the nianner in which these plates were ploughed up, iudicated the quantity of Soil, that must have

MAURITIUS. been washed away, by the periodical rains,

Among the most eminent benefactors to before they could be so near to the surface.

A Lawyer on the other hand observed, mankind we must certainly reckon those what a high value landed property must who add to the natural productions of a have borne in those distant ages, to have place; those who communicate means of induced people to draw out such kinds of peaceful commerce, which once establisbed deeds, on so durable a substance.

may last for ages. It is a curious question in Banditti suppressed: Triumphant Entry.

Natural History by what meaus islands have Bo:nbnty, March 20, 1816.

been furnished with certain animals, &c. Our letters from the Northward mention that the detachment under the command incapable of passing by sea, yet yow fonnd of Lieutenant-l'ol, Barclay had ellected abundantly on them. Who knows what the restoration of the Province of Wagur their former liistory has been, and bow far to the Chicb Government, and such of ihe man, bas himself by accident or design confortressess as were not required for the pro-tributed to this elect? Supposing the téction or the Rao's Garrisous, and have liitherto proved the haunts of Bandit i have Mauritius to be deserted during five hunbeen demolished.

dred years, by what means could a future


discoverer conjecture, that the silk-worm in the Month of April, they should be hung had found its way to the island ?-Could it up in the cabin of the ship, but the Eggs be native ? —No ;-but, how then?

should on no account be taken out of the

pots or exposed to the air till wanted to be SILK WORMS INTRODUCED.

hatched which the Chassys do here early in the Month of February, at which time

the Mulberry leaves begin to spring out I His Excellency the Governor has been am sorry io say I have not been able to pleased to direct that the following obser- get a man to go to the Mauritius. vations relative to the management of the

I am, &c, Silk Worm, be printed for general infor

(Signed) W. WATTS, mation, as it is hoped that the production

RESIDENT. of silk inay form a valuable accession to Radnagore, 21st July, 1815. the means of augmenting the prosperity of this Colony, It may be necessary to premise that the to submit the following remarks regarding

Sır,--In reply to your letter, I beg leave best annual Radnagore Silk Worm has been the rearing of Silk Worms. introduced into the Mauritius, at the solici. tation of His Excellency, through the pro- for the rearing and batching of Silk Worris

The receptacles or apparatus in iise here l'écting kindness which the Right Honorable Earl Moira has extended to these Coare- Ist. The small Dallah on which the lonies, and that the eggs of these Silk young wornis are hatched, with the leaves Worms have been chiefly entrusted to the of the mulberry chopped very fine and carc of Mr. Chazal, whose late travels in strewed over them, the leaves to be renew. Iudin enabled him to introduce the best ed twice in the 24 hours. They are to be species of Mulberry Trees, and wlio has fed in this manner five days, and then reatready succeeded in hatching the eggs: the leaves being scattered over as before,

moved to the Colae or large Bamboo frame, This Gentlemaii will with the greatest but not chopped. Tho' the mode of deanreadiness supply Silk Worms to such of the Inhabitants as are already possessed of the sing them is a tedious office, it must be proper species of the Mulberry, for their punctually attended to, and done every day, growth and propagation, arid he will give by throwing out their dung and the nula Mulberry slips to such Planters as wish to berry leaves and fibres, and substituting enter into this new branch of cultivation, of the day, but the early part of the fore;

fresh-This may be performed at any time or eggs may be had ou application to Charles Teifair Esq. Private Secretary to

noon is the best tinie.' In the course of His Excellency, at Reduit.

another five days the third change takes The Radanagore Worm will probably place, when they must be thioned and disbe hatched in February or March-it has tributed among the other Coolahs or frames, been furnished by the Honourable East In- and the fourth or last change in five days dia Company's Resident at that Station, more, thinning and distributing them and the Resident has added a most intelli- among the Coolshs cach time in the progent sketch subjoined, of the morte adopted sud cleansing them as described before,

portions mentioned moderneath, feeding there for rearing the worm from its earliest The Worms are to be thinned and stuifiers period till the formation of the cocoon, into fresh Coolans for the sake of allowing and also the mode of winding off the Silk.

An early occasion will be taken of draw them, as they grow large, room for the ing the attention of the Colonists to the purpose of feeding at large, and exercisis: cultivation of the Indian Bamboo Rajah, denselves, which is essential to their for the construction of Houses, and to the health, the leaves must be also pientifully multiplicatiou of the race of the Buffalo, as supplieil, because if stinted in their foot emiuently serviceable for the labours of the they will never thrive afterwariis. Accord fields and roads in these Colonies.

ing to the above statement, it is necessory These objects have been successfully in | Coolahs, it in the first instance there are 4

to thin aod sbitt the Worns into difierent troduced here by the lasts ships from Calcutta.

Coolahıs, on the first change they must by distributed among 8-on the second changa

16.-on the third change $2 -and on the SIR.-I beg to inform you, for the infor- fourth among 6 Coolalis, tile leaves pirutia mation of the Board, that this day disfully supplieron ecuring the day, innionen paiched under charge of Currim (hpres during nigiri, until :fter the fourti: aleges ses, a supply of egys, the production of when they begin toshew signs ortheir beint the large annual cocowi, they were laid about to spil, which is easily perceisali,

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